Arsenal have the chemistry and unity, but do they have the belief?

What good is chemistry and unitedness if we don’t win?

Under Unai Emery we clearly lacked passion and chemistry but under Mikel Arteta that is very much apparent. All well and good if we win, but when we lose not so much…

Speaking out to the Arsenal website after the 1-0 loss to City Mikel Arteta has praised the boys for their team spirit, stating:

“I’m very encouraged because I see the progress every day. I see how united they come in, I see the chemistry that they are creating them, how much belief they have in what we are trying to do.”

Of course the way our boys have come together with regards to being united with chemistry, playing as one team, playing for each other during games and training, and showing how they all get on with positive smiles and laughs. In contrast to the Emery days, this is all well and good, as we wouldn’t want there to be bad blood – we saw what happened during the famous Xhaka incident towards the end of last year, it was all doom and gloom – but if we do not pull out wins and get the three points to move forward during the season, then just how far will the united chemistry get us on the pitch?

We need a balance of chemistry, unity and a belief and tactical knowledge to be able to perform well and win every game. Easier said than done we know that, but given that we have the first part, surely the belief and tactical knowledge shouldn’t take too long.

If we go into every game as if we are at Wembley and are playing for a cup then maybe the results will be more positive but let’s keep up this team spirit and togetherness, add to it the winning mentality in each game and then and only then will we be real contenders! Gooners?

Shenel Osman


  1. It says a lot about our progress under Mikel Arteta that Saturday’s game at Manchester City will be remembered more for saves by Ederson than Bernd Leno

  2. Not much chemistry in attack, especially on the flanks between wingers and fullbacks.

    Not much unity in pressing. It’s rather disjointed at times.

    We do have better chemistry and unity in defending

  3. Its true that Ederson made more saves than Lenno, but our forwards could have pressed better and many of our players came out of 50-50 tackles. The ploy of making Willian as false no.9 and benching Laca is mysterious enough and I also feel Saka was played out of position and inspite of that the lad performed excellently. Laca presses more than anyone and holds up the ball for Auba to cut in. Ceballos was great and even Louis could have made a goal contribution but sadly I expected more from Willian and Pepe. We cant continue like this and Arteta should bring out the best from each player and for that first he should play right players in right positions. We have got Europe next and than a tough assignement at home with Leicester. Hope we are well prepared for both.

  4. In my opinion, I do not see any chemistry in the team as far as our front three is concerned, we are so disjointed it is painful to watch.

    We can’t conveniently/effectively string passes together, no combination plays, no link up between the midfield and attack. The little chemistry we have is overloading the left side of attack, we don’t play expansive football and it is not just because we played City, it has always been like that.
    Pep has been sabotaging himself in the CL for sometime now because of trying to be too smart, I fear Arteta might have the same problem. For now, nobody gives us what Laca gives us in the team but we benched him to play Willian as false nine, if you wanna bench Laca why not play Auba in the middle,(eventhough Auba would completely disappear but still better than playing Willian as false 9) Saka on the left, is it that difficult?

    Leicester have lost their last two games at HOME, they are coming to the Emirates next, I can’t wait to see us huff and puff against them all in the name of trying not to concede.
    FFS, play 4-2-3-1 Xhaka and Partey pivot, try Ceballos in the Ozil role, be on the FRONT FOOT, play with confidence and ATTACK!!!

    1. Gooner boy, I totally endorse your final paragraph and have been calling for this formation since Partey signed for us.

  5. Actually the fact is “We could see the gap is still big”. We allowed them to play their attacking football and tried to defend for the whole 90 mins. Tactically they were too good as well. It remembered me that once Arteta used to be the deputy of Pep. For me still its a big task to finish the season as one of the top four teams. If Everton and Aston Villa can have this consistency, then they may finish above us.

  6. Aslong as we play 3-4-3 our attack will always lack, so far We need a change in formation and if watch closely in the second half the game was there for us to take it to Mancity but Arteta refused to take the bold step. Our players have got everything they needed now Confidence, belief, chemistry, game plan, tactics e.t.c but was left now is expression of there talent, now they know and other teams knows that playing Arsenal is a 200mint focus game but lack of expression and taking risk is what is given teams chances against us because they know we won’t move out of the basic Arts of playing and take the game by the scoff of the neck.

  7. Signed and approved by Elvis.

    I have said this before and I’ll keep on saying it. Arsenal lack courage, confidence and determination.

    Courage would allow us to change things up in case our game plan doesn’t work in the first 10 minutes.

    Confidence would allow us to express ourselves even when we playing against strong teams.

    Determination would help us push for the win against all odds.

    In conclusion, even if a player is not skilled or gifted, they can make up for it by having courage, confidence, determination and also being hardworking.

  8. What Arsenal needs now is the BELIEF
    IN THEMSELVES.How can they when Pepe does not in the least believe in himself.
    The winning memontum in Arsenal is already dropping from a few misplaced choices and timing. Please wake up again . You are on the right path

  9. I see the self entitled moaning minnies are out on force on this thread. I think they are nuts ! No perspective, no proper evaluation of the massive improvement since MA came. Only moan, moan, moan because the naughty manager did not do what they all want. Ah diddums!

    They obviously all know far more about football than our dreadful manager. I wonder how long before they demand his head. Some already want him out and I fear for their sanity. I really do!

    Well what a tragedy for them! However will they survive all these this regular and huge mistakes from our “appalling know nothing manager”!

    1. I concur John. The moaning regarding formation is driving me nuts. People seem to have a short memory. Under Emery and the later years of Wenger we were leaking goals consistently. Arteta has in a large part rectified that. As like Klopp, this is a 4-5 year plan, sought out the defence first and then work on attack. We are getting there under Arteta.

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