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Are we wrong in being hasty? by Big Gun

I have just read Peter Hill-Wood’s statement about Arsenal’s ‘ignorant’ fans, and by the time you read this it will most likely be the day after. After taking a step back a looking at the bigger picture (and doing some research of course) it seems that Hill-Wood’s comments concerning the AOB’s is quite accurate in terms of numbers. Fans calling for Wenger’s head are in the minority and I am referring to the ones who want him sacked ASAP. I am not sure if he is also referring to those who realize sacking him now wouldn’t be wise, but want him to retire sooner than later.

Regardless, I think we need to look at two things as to why there are a minority of fans ‘jumping up and down’ and why Hill-Wood made those comments. First of all, we live in a day and age where almost everything is online, including public opinion. It has become less and less isolated and far easier to do anything really with quicker results being a mere ‘action’ away. With the click of the button, we can achieve things instantly, like online shopping for example. Instead of getting in the car, driving to the store sometimes miles away, walking around the shop looking for the item, purchasing it and driving all the way home taking a few hours in the process, we can literally hop on our PC’s or tablets and in much less time (minutes) we can achieve the same things, even more. If it is digital, it is instant. Otherwise delivery is also extremely quick depending on the availability of the product, whilst your local store might not have at all. Almost everything has become digitized ultimately to make our lives easier and as the saying goes, time is money.

The problem is when this instant satisfaction flows over into other aspects of our lives, like football. For me personally, if I want something metaphorically speaking, I go out and get it, whether it be a goal or desire, either way I will work as hard as it takes and do what is necessary (above board) to get what I want.. For me, that is my definition of success.

The frustrating part is when the football club we associate ourselves with, does not seem to have this drive and desire and ultimately I believe this is why many of us are asking questions with little patience left. Understandably, we went through a transitional phase during the construction of the stadium where finances were tight and we just could not afford the types of players we were used to seeing at Arsenal. On top of it, all those top players we did have, ended up leaving, making matters worse for the club. So the lack of success in terms of trophies was justified for a few years. Achieving top four in those circumstances I personally feel was a success and I don’t think many would argue with that. But that was then, and this is now. We are out of the woods financially speaking, and after all those years of support and undying loyalty (I’m aware some of us were supporting long before Wenger), we expect the tides to change and Arsenal using her new found financial muscle to start dominating the scene, which let’s be honest has not really happened, the FA cup being the only compensation.

I really believe that the fans Hill-Wood is referring to, are those fans who are not from London, but rather are fans from abroad living in the same areas supporting different football clubs (predominantly Man United, Chelsea and Liverpool.) I personally do not live in England, but my whole life I have had to deal with Man United supporters each and every day. Right now, there are 12 United and 9 Liverpool and 3 Chelsea supporters in my office. I am the only Gooner. We are all passionate about football, but sometimes the tension can get a bit much and conversations turn into spats of nastiness.

Being Gooners, we have been deprived of major success for the better part of a decade whilst we have watched Chelsea, Man United and City rake in the trophies year after year, we have had to sit by and be content for top 4 whilst the fans of these other clubs belittle and laugh at us. So now that we finally have that financial backbone to compete again, we expect results, but are not seeing them on the pitch and this is why the fans are getting restless. Flaws from years back that have not been properly addressed. Peter Hill-Wood needs to understand that Arsenal is not a mickey mouse club anymore like it once was, it has a huge demographic of fans that must essentially be viewed as customers. We buy merchandise online, I personally pay my DSTV fees primarily so I can watch the games. It is not only that, but the emotional side of it too that goes noticed a lot of the time.

The bottom line is, Arsene Wenger needs to start to deliver, he has no more excuses. I understand that Chelsea and City have bottomless pits of cash to throw around but it is not like Arsenal are poor. We have an amazing history, a prestige and class matched by no other club. We are based in London. All the right ingredients for success and I really hope Wenger can turn things around for the better because it would be an absolute shame that a manager that has accomplished so much for this club, might end up tarnishing his legacy and being remembered as a ‘Specialist in Failure’ rather than ‘Le Prof’ or ‘The Invincible One.’

Big Gun

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      1. he might be busy giving a seminar on spiritual healing to buddhist monks in nepal.
        us gooners are a unique bunch

      2. Again an AKB saying that a minority of fans want Wenger to go which is completely untrue.
        Perhaps those who want him out right now, at this point in the season, are in a minority but any recent polls I have seen say that a majority of fans want change.

        (68% Wenger out)

        (60% Wenger out)

        (74.8% Wenger out)

        (87% Wenger out)

        Where are you getting your figures from???

        1. if you read carefully im sure he mentions “Fans calling for Wenger’s head are in the minority and I am referring to the ones who want him sacked ASAP.”
          he goes on to say ” I am not sure if he is also referring to those who realize sacking him now wouldn’t be wise, but want him to retire sooner than later.”

  1. Nice article. Me too from the other part of the world. In my country, MU and pool fans are the majority. Now city and Chelsea fans are getting more so as a arsenal fan is not that joyful nowadays.

    1. Always been the underdog, especially in the 80’s . Didn’t bothered me at all. But how cool was to say back then that you support a team called Arsenal. To me it was. And it was very, very cool.

      1. Well everyone demand differently. Just like the a school kid want to score high and the other want just a pass grade will do.

        1. I don’t know about if comparison is right. These days the schools are not what used to be anymore. The exams are made to be taken and not to bring the best in you. Back then passing itself was a fierce competition. And the rich ones always had the money to continue studies to top, top schools regardless what they did in the high school. A bit like Premier League today. Have the money, have the shinny trophy. Doesn’t matter if it’s bought as long as it’s there. Glory days of the middle class are long gone.

      2. @Budd we was called the BORING Arsenal in the 80’s it really was boring the score line was always 1-0 or 0-0 until AW come to the club and he changed the way of play we become sex’y Arsenal and it was great i remember wherever i went i saw kids with Arsenal kits on,
        some of my Tottenham supporter friends even let their kids support Arsenal,we need to get back up there again before its too late before Chelsea, City, and as usual United win the harts of next generation of kids.

        i don’t care what Peter Hill-Wood or any one says Football is a competitive sport and belie me i totally understand how business runs but for the life of me i cant understand why we are sitting on a huge cash reserves when we have all known that we needed to strengthen the team and knowingly we just failed, and that’s where we are all pissed off with AW why don’t you just buy whats required ????????????

        1. Yes. But you are contradicting yourself here. Chelsea are boring to watch just like Arsenal in the 80’s yet they win them shinny trophies. I don’t think you should be afraid of the fact that new generation of kids will lose hearts for Arsenal. As far as I know even Beckham sent his kids to Arsenal. Yes, should we stayed at Highbury and not starting the brand revolution in 2004/05/06 we may have lost some edge but like that, I am not really concerned. Why do you think the Spuds want a new home? There’s no grow in business while staying home with the parents. Playing sexy is nice but it is enough to have someone destroying this play (Mourinho) and everything goes down the drain. Crowd enjoy mostly bringing down giants and not making them. To the crowd killing beautiful beasts like Barcelona, Bayern, Madrid, Citeh and even Arsenal is what gives audience numbers. People have no patience to watch something being built. We are getting spoiled every day and getting used with everything coming right down to our feet. Look at them British players. In the 80s Tony Adams came straight from the pub to break Ian Rush legs, today there are buses bringing kids from home to the training ground and cancel the training if god forbid is raining. In the 80s scouts were checking the playgrounds and not the academies. I am sorry if I sound negative but this is how it was and I do acknowledge the fact that the current model is the one we should follow.

          1. @Bud what do you mean by follow current model ?? hope you don’t mean having huge cash reserves in the bank and not spending where its necessary??

            Chelsea are not boring any more and they are getting stronger and stronger and HATE to admit sexier and sexier on the pitch,

            1. The current model as in branding. I don’t understand from where you people take the numbers. Check the public statements on the official site to see that we don’t keep money in the bank. We have a small reserve for calamities but that’s normal because no bank would give us money without real collateral. We don’t have sugga daddyo which can sell his oil wells or half Siberia in order to fill the club holes. Again, I say to you people throwing statements like “huge reserves”, “pile of cash” etc : go check the club balance. Is available on the official site.
              I don’t know what Chelsea you watch but if you think that they are sexy then City has to be drop dead gorgeous.

              1. look Budd i can go through the accounts with you but no point because i have done so many times on this site, i have a working understanding about accounts and yes i also get my figures from annual returns, lets just agree to disagree,

                regarding sexy yes your right City play sexy football and as i said so do Chelsea this season, i cant say the same for United or us, even Tottenham, Everton, Liverpool look below average this season.

                1. OK, then if you do take data from the official statements (see page 4) you will notice that we have Increased the cash (207 mils) in 2014 from 153 mil in 2013. However, the debt is still 240 mil which mean we are still in debt with 32 million. Not a big amount for an enterprise like Arsenal but we are still in RED.
                  Please, next time when you lot is yelling BUY BUY BUY, take a look at the financial statement. We are still in red although we can borrow on collateral.
                  Oh, BTW, the wages went up 12 mil per year from 154 mil to 166 mil. That has to acount for something. What do you think? One more thing, the profit for the year was 4.7 mils before tax. Just saying …

                2. Yes we owe the banks around 230 million it’s a long term loan we pay back around 25 million a year, this season 2014/15 we ar going to turn ower around 330+million
                  And our outgoing is going to be around 220 million or less, this season and the next 5 seasons we will be malikng around 110 million profit a year, we had 170million in the bank in April which was confirmed by the club we have spent some money on players 70+ million leaves you with 100 million in the bank then in June we recived 3 new sponsership deal worth around 130 million ( wether or not it was paid lump sump or spread across the season to lower profit margin that I haven’t looked at) all in all we can spend ready cash ower 200 milion if we realy want we can spend double and more of that sum and we still be within the FFP rules becouse they look at accounts 3 years acumalation

                3. How can you spend 200 million when you did not close the books for 2014/15 (where approx. 166 mils are only wages). You talk projected revenue not real revenue. Sponsorship deals were already included in the books and also the player cost (this year in red)

                4. LOL dude OK your right.. PLS think why are we the fourth of fifth richest club in the world and the clubs above and under us how much are they spending and look at their aging stadium.

                5. Not richest, valuables. It is an estimate of how much money one club would make should it sell all assets and adding the remaining balance. You can say richest but this is just a snapshot. For example you may sell Ozil with 40 mils today but maybe tomorrow would be 25 or 75 mils. Is more like a market valuation.

  2. The problem is that our board aims to make top 4 every season and into the last 16 of the CL because that is what the sponsors require in order to advertise their brand across the world….If the sponsors are happy then the board is happy……but everybody seems to forget about the happiness of the fans in this whole equation….The players seem to appreciate the fans but the board doesn’t think we matter…as for Hill-Wood he should not be using derogatory words to describe fans who are making their feelings known by holding I up a banner..its their opinion and they have a right to be heard as much as any AKB. .. After all they pay hard earned money for the most expensive tickets in the world, plus travel and accommodation for away games

  3. There is only one thing separating AOB and AKB fans. The first ones are realistic they know what’s going on,the others are scared of change and the truth that we are not moving forward. It’s painful but I don’t have to lie to myself anymore.

    1. Well, people like you like to divide fans in these two categories. I don’t believe AOBs are that realistic as AKBs are afraid. To me, it’s a non issue. It has some entertaining value, I admit.

      1. For me it’s not really entertainment. Watching your team struggling every week and the manager who sits on the bench picking in his nose waiting for miracle to happen it’s not funny.

  4. Hill wood is another deluded old fool who we need to get rid of,the board needs some fresh young blood with a passion for football not for making money or making excuses for Wenger.

  5. After 2 wins againt week opposition Mr Wegner is telling me we can still challenge for the title because it is only 13 games played and we creating something special.. Diaby isn’t injury prone, Wellbeck is next Pele, Giroud missing piece, Monreal
    Is very good CB,Sanogo is class. Sweet Lord Help me.

  6. Off topic…..
    Big Gun…..where is your son….Small Gun I have not being seen his comments this days…? Just curious… u know.

    1. @admin
      Please ban user arselonia and his picture. Since when do known mass murderers and fascist leaders have place in everyday life? I guess having hitler in arsenal colors might also be ok?

      Musollini killed and enlsaved hundreds of thousand in africa and europe and yet hes welcome to…and i dont even wanna know what kind of mind is using his photo to represent himself…in times like this im ashamed to be arsenal fan

  7. I think Wenger has lost the plot……..

    “People always remember who won [the league] but our fight has been very tight for long periods in the last eight or nine years” – Wenger…eh he
    ……is that what we want…..we want to win it.

    1. @admin
      Please ban user arselonia and his picture. Since when do known mass murderers and fascist leaders have place in everyday life? I guess having hitler in arsenal colors might also be ok?

      Musollini killed and enlsaved hundreds of thousand in africa and europe and yet hes welcome to…and i dont even wanna know what kind of mind is using his photo to represent himself…in times like this im ashamed to be arsenal fan

      1. I am sorry Archangel, but I cannot ban someone unless he is abusive or racist etc. Most people wouldn’t even know who his avatar represents unless you tell them!

        1. Seriously?!

          So if i put a hitler avatar on youll be ok with that?! So promoting faschism is alowed and actually promoted on

          I dont want to be a part of or write for the site with atributes like that. You made your choice bob/pat and so did i!

          Ps-the word faschism was invented because/for the man on arselonia photo in case you dont know

          Pps-how the hell can you say hes not racist?! Opinions are not only shared in shape of words in this case picture speaks a thousand words!!

            1. @Archangel it would be interesting to know why arselonia has chosen that picture of a dictator perhaps you should ask him i’m curious to know.

          1. I am sorry that you feel like that, but us British believe in free speech. We even have Muslims marching through our towns with banners saying “Kill the infidels”. They are allowed their opinion.

            So you want me to ban a reader? Who is being the “Dictator” here?

  8. Hillwood doesn’t realise how quick the scale is tilting. The numbers are changing by the day. Should we lose tonight, another 10% will swing the other way. Wenger is the master of his own undoing. He will drag Hillwood with him. Than we’ll see who the ignorant ones are. Hey Big gun good one mate.

  9. Maybe you should ask him why he has that pic? Maybe he’s just comparing Wenger to Hitler you know both stubborn dictators. LOL! They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

  10. Wenger said,
    “We have fought many times for the title. People always remember who won it but the fight has been very tight for long periods in the last eight or nine years.”

    Amazing, I mean who is he telling this stuff ? You know we were around for the past eight or nine years , we didn’t just dropped from the sky today.We know what Arsenal has been competing for the past eight/nine years. the whole world knows.And you are telling us that Arsenal has been competing for the title for the last eight years?That is a lie and a big disrespect for the fans.

  11. This condescending nature of the management (from the owner to the manager) towards the fans is what is really getting to me.
    Does anyone remember the Wenger interview where he says we concede too many goals? The interviewer then asks him whether that means the Arsenal fans were right in asking for defensive reinforcements in the summer. His response was that clubs who bought defenders have also conceded goals. He completely deflected the question so that he didn’t have to admit the ‘less-intelligent’ fans were right and he was wrong.
    Also see his attack on Paul Merson (who is always very respectful towards Wenger) for pointing out basic tactical errors.

  12. Wenger out! everybodys entilted to an opinion mr hill-wood fair play to you for sticking by wenger because hes still making a profit what business would sack sombody if there making a profit …every arsenal fan shud listen to alex finn interview about arsene&arsenal its very worring to hear which way the club we all love is being run….sombody come back and tell me wenger shud stil be there after listening to this wake up gooners

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