Arsenal have the money – and we are in the market. Really?

Arsene Wenger has made it clear that the Financial Fair Play is now dead in the water and EUFA simply cannot stop the moneybags clubs spending what they like in the transfer market. Witness how much clubs like Man City, Man United and Liverpool have spent lately.

Arsenal have begun to generate (and build up) their own cash reserves but, according to Wenger, there are simply no players good enough to buy available right now. “We continue to run our business with the resources we create.” Le Prof said. “We can always recreate the resources and they can put a hundred or two hundred on top. It is always like that.

“Maybe it will change here one day. I’ve said to you all the time it is not a shortage of money. At the moment it is a handicap to us because we have the resources, just a shortage of players.”

A shortage of players is an interesting idea which I honestly find hard to believe, as I saw today that Premier League clubs have already spent over 700 million in this transfer window, and that is not counting the money from other big leagues in Europe. So have all those other clubs been spending their money on fresh air?

Yet again after today’s game, Wenger was again asked if there was any possibility of any incoming players, and he gave his stock response. “We are open and we are in the transfer market. If we find an exceptional player in any sector, we will do it. At the moment I don’t know if something will happen or not.”

I am finding it harder and harder to believe that Wenger has any intention of spending any money at all. He is still clinging to the idea that either Walcott or Giroud will prove that they can score goals, but in fact our team has only scored ONE goal in the opening four matches (thanks to Olivier).Do we really have enough firepower NOT to buy a striker?

Oh yeah Welbeck will be back soon…..

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  1. Honestly i would be glad if we could get edison cavani, he is a striker that could make a huge difference to our season!

    1. I do not think Cavani is realistic – Arsenal want to do the deal, Cavani seem to want to push for the move. Paris SG is the stumbling block – they do not need money (Paris SG is like a luxury toy to their owner) so even we bid 100M for Cavani they can just easily reject it – they had warned all the big clubs not to unsettle for their top players or they will do the same by offering huge salary to our stars
      I like some rumours that we are looking at Icardi – he may not yet be world class but young and proven goal scoring records. He is fan favorite so it will be very hard to lure him away from Inter. But Inter is in the process of re-building a whole squad so they do need some money (the sale of Kovacic to Real) and Arsenal got money. This is more likely to happen than Cavani rumour

      1. Icardi is not the answer…..

        we need someone that scores goals with immediate effect…..

        Icardi would require time to settle down and adapt…..

        1. What? Why is he any different to other players. Top scorer in Serie A, scored against the big teams and a lot of decisive goals for Inter.

          1. But not many serie a strikers go to the prem and score boatloads of goals. I think cavani would be the better option than icardi, they’d probably cost around the same. Or maybe we should take a chance on lacazette

            1. Haha you mean the best striker the Serie A has seen for quite some time? That striker?? Or are you taking his form in the French league as the measuring factor?

        2. how about N.Fekir?
          anyway,the only player we can get as for now is Draxler..I don’t see why we had to wait till its so late..tell me,what team would want to sell their strikers at this minute.would arsenal sell any of their player at this time?its a no. I give up on any WC CF.Maybe yes for a DM.but a cf, its hard coz its so late..maybe Gotze is also available(false 9)!

    2. Honestly, the way I feel right now, if the window shuts with us getting no good striker and a DM, with all due respect, the only thing that will ease my anger and frustration would be a punch to Wenger’s wooden nose and an instant apology to him. This doesn’t sound right, but his actions so far have never been right also.

      I feel very bad that the man is really taking the basics for granted. Up till now, we have singed no one. Theo should be sold by January if he won’t accept playing on the flanks; by the way I think he’s lost that place to Chamberlain. And Giroud????? Oh, Giroud!!! I hope Welbeck steps up his game when he returns.

      1. What do you mean ‘not accept playing on the flanks?’
        Do you honestly believe he’s said to Wenger ‘not going to play unless it’s striker boss..’
        Love how quickly fans opinions change.. It’s literally on a match by match basis.
        Last two games of last season. 4 goals. Blaaaah drop Giroud. Walcott, walcott, walcott!!
        118 minutes without a goal this season. ‘Sell him!!!..’ Erghh it’s really laughable..
        The Newcastle game was about as entertaining as watching grass grow. But seriously… We never left first gear. Newcastle sat deep. Managed one shot. I’ll repeat, one shot and we were in absolute control, playing keepings off in the middle of the park.
        Fans accuse Wenger of being tactically inept, wanting to play the beautiful game at all costs and not adapting to situations. But when we play a boring game, for a pretty effortless three points, it’s ‘we should have scored more!!’
        Honestly if that was Mourinho fans and pundits would be calling it a ‘master-stroke,’ ‘genius’ and doing ‘anything for the win.’ But with us it’s ‘oh it was an own goal’ as though it counts for something less and ‘our attack is impotent’ when we really were content with not playing attacking football and really, it wasn’t needed.

        1. Everybody knows how insistent Walcott has been on playing as a striker. I personally think one of the reasons he stalled on signing a new contract was that he wanted to be guaranteed more playing time as a striker, he thinks that’s his best position and he’s always nagged about it. Can you see??? Wenger now tries to play him there often these days. He’s not bad but certainly not good enough for Arsenal in that particular position.

          1. I’ll repeat… 118 minutes.
            A game where it was mostly just him in the box with a lot of company and we were content with tippy-tappying around midfield really isn’t enough for me to say he definitely shouldn’t play there. He managed to get himself in scoring positions a handful of times and he’s proven to be a better finisher than he displayed yesterday. A bit of confidence in his finishing and he can score. No doubt.
            I mean honestly… People call for a ‘mobile’ striker. But then a potential Theo experiment get’s shut down after pretty much just over one game there.

              1. f**K it: he has 4 more chances at cf. watford, bournemouth and 2 more. if it doesnt work out, he should put his head down and concentrate on getting better as a RW.

          1. I agree!!!! The way we won last night was simply unacceptable. Three points? More like schmee doints.

      2. And honestly… Welbeck scored 4 goals last season. Giroud scored 14 in 21 starts. 2 goals every 3 starts…. Combined with his assists a goal contribution every 108 minutes in the league.
        It’s amazing how fans want the clearly less effective player to step up instead of our most efficient striker to find form. The almost blind hatred borders on ridiculous sometimes.

        1. even the most ardent OG hater (but an arsenal fan) wouldnt mind if he found form. i would love it. i REALLY hope he finds form SOON. but i dont think he’ll become a RVP-type dribbler, poacher who makes his own chances and skips past goalies. that 90th min versus krul: he needed to go around the goalie; not shoot it FFS.

          1. OG will score 90% on headers, tap ins like the own goal yesterday. A few from shots. Our problem is we do not cross.

    3. CAVANI

      Not only do PSG not need the money, but with Ibra injured, they have no other recognised striker.


      Real have realised they are not the same team without him.


      One hit wonder? Uselss in Emirates cup!

      What world class strikers are available??

  2. Still hope some signing before window shut but,its look like mission impossible. Anyway good job fo

    1. good job for wenger , staff, board . For making us believing you will do some great buying!! At the end of windows i am admit it was not easy job to hold their 200m cash so bad , since pressure to spend it from fans shareholder pundit ex player , etc. great job that i think we should appreciate it. And dont worry about goal conversion, welbeck back soon, and our young star joe campbell is step up to the first squad now. Cheer guys

  3. I honestly don’t know why it is so difficult for Wenger to buy us a world class striker and a dm I mean, is Arsenal fc own just by one man? Why are we not tryna reason out at least for once & realize the fact that Arsenal is the second richest club in England worth over billion of $s the last time I checked for God sake. Why are we always on the same s**t different days? Fans spent tons of money to buy tickets or pay cable bill every year some of us lives faraway from England but yet i alway buy plane tickets travel 8 to 9 hrs from the U.S at least 3 or 4 times per year pay hotel fees just for me to watch my beloved Arsenal but always end up being disappointed because f***ing Wenger will never make us happy it hurts u know! but guess what this is Wenger final year in Emirate as Arsenal soccer coach cuz we really f****g tired with same bull s**t every day.

    1. i would have loved jackson martinez but atletico moved so fast on him . they made AFC transfer window staff look unprofessional. and what would have been wrong to get a backup/alternative to coq? schneiderlin or wanyama. wenger just sucks a*s at making deals in TW. no wonder he wants it to shut .

  4. It’s a joke the way wenger drags out the bull ?
    Throughout the whole transfer window,
    then in the end he will say we didn’t have time to do it ?

    We all know that Welbeck will be like a new signing ??

    I would have appreciate if the old mr magoo would have come out at the start and said that he is not going to sign anyone else after cech, instead of the bull ? excuses

  5. What makes things worse is that he says that he won’t be pushed into panic buying,
    But that’s exactly what he does ?
    Don’t be surprised when he buys afew second hand bench warmers in the final hours ?

    1. If it’s anything like that Ozil fella i’ll be furious…. He absolutely panicked and went out and brought in a proven performer on every possible stage. One of the leading chance creators in Europe. Nearly tripled our transfer record as well. It’s like, he’s such a penny-pincher!! Why didn’t he buy someone a day earlier so it wasn’t a panic buy.
      Wenger makes me sooooooo angry sometimes!!!

      1. I know @josh37.
        These people don’t understand what it takes to be an AKB. I feel your pain bro.
        We worship you Wenger.
        From your dearest AKB’s.
        AKB josh37 and AKB K-ool.

        1. Ohh… K-ool. So glad you’re here!!
          You must be rightly furious with that win last night as I am. If it aint 3-0 I seriously don’t even get why we bother showing up!! Three points is irrelevant unless we look good while getting them!! Unless we lose… Then it’s a different story.. Obviously!
          Were you as mad as I was at Giroud?? I mean seriously… 20 minutes of play, 3 chances didn’t convert any of them!! I say we sell him for a bag of crisps and buy one of the clearly better strikers in the league who are scoring for fun. Like Costa, Aguero, Rooney, Kane, Benteke… They create more chances for themselves than Giroud, and though they have equal or less goals their conversion rate is somehow heaps better. I know that statement makes zero sense but he’s a lamp post!!

          1. I know bro I know (I don’t…I don’t..scratches head). It was just an accident!?
            I don’t know what game you saw but I saw Giroud score in the 93rd minute and I believe he can lead us to the EPL title (not). Giroud is better than Aguero, Rooney, Kane, Benteke, Lukaku, Costa etc.
            Remember, I, AKB K-ool and my fellow AKB, AKB josh37 broke this news first. 😀

            1. I know right!! Those 93rd minute goals when you’re 1-0 up win titles 🙂
              I agree. I just keep looking at those strikers these past few games and going. ‘wowee, I wish we had all their goals coming in for us’ 😉

  6. Good excuses from mr. Manager, but when there’s chance to land france wc striker . he keep making things going so complicated enough till the deal failed. look at our world class player expression!!
    ozil face cant hide it every time before kick off because all burden on him !! in his second season now seeing sanchez face from full of confidence and focus, now its seem like no spirit, stressed, confused , lost some drop of confident . Should i tell you the reason why? Or you already figure it?? Hahah. I just hope our remaining player didnt do what rvp does.

    1. I love these sorts of comments as if there’s only two of our players on the pitch…..
      It literally changes player to player. If Mertesacker, Theo, Giroud or Coquelin doesn’t perform it’s because they’re trash or not good enough. And a bad game is reflective of their capabilities as a player.
      But if Sanchez and Ozil are struggling for form as they both have at times, it’s ‘stress’ or ‘too much of a burden,’ ‘lacking confidence.’
      Yes they’re both immensely talented players, world-class even. But they still have a job to do. They’re professional athletes and our top earners at the club, they’re both supposed to be difference makers on the pitch.

  7. Arsenal do have the money, and I can see us only targeting one expensive player each season if we can get one. However, people I’m sure have noticed the large recruitment going on in the under 21s and below, the last time I seen a youth recruitment drive like these past two seasons is the lead up into our stadium move and beyond. Allot of very talented youngsters have arrived so I believe its safe to say we are going to carry on with the master plan of the last ten years. This isn’t a bad thing though, as in the past we were always said to be very close to something special. If we produce nearly as well this time round we will have the money to bring in some extra quality, also the youngsters in our team right now aren’t really young anymore, football terms. They will have bags of experience and unlike ten years ago they won’t all be leaving us. Hopefully good times ahead.

  8. Wenger is a deceiver and only, and I mean only care about his own situation at the club and own image.
    We cannot ask the fans to boycott the games because they won’t have the “balls” to step up, if is clear…
    Arsenal fans have been taken for a drive and for mugs for years, bug still we have record sell in shirts and people are still coming in mass to the Emirates (to watch that shite) despite constant increase prices…
    If you ask me, why would Wengef and the board change their attitude and objectives. All is good!
    This club will never win the league again as long as we do not hire a coach (Wenger is not), as for the CL, let’s not even bother, we are not a top club.
    Enjoy the season, but all the same again.
    I have cancelled my season ticket 6 years ago and it was the best move I have ever done regarding the club and myself. I don’t buy the shirt every season because I am not a mug.
    This guy receives £8millions/year… If you think he is worth it, you must be f*cking deluded and pathetically hopeless… And it is sad, because nothing will change until that fool leaves.
    Another massive mistake was to allow Kroenke to become majoritarian shareholders. A good piece of business may be, but a mistake sport wise (all his franchises can deliver results).
    He will sell his parts in the club at some point because it is ridiculous and hopefully a true sportsman will collect and make us Barcelona like…

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