Wenger demands fast start from Arsenal in ‘fierce’ EPL season

Arsene Wenger is well aware that the competition for the Premier League trophy will be very strong in the coming season, but simply wants to make sure that Arsenal end up as the winners (don’t we all). Le Prof also knows that a bright start is very important, and with the pre-season going well so far, we will have to make sure we are sharp for the crucial first three matches.

Le Prof said: “There are plenty of clubs with big ambition. At the moment there are many big managers and many big clubs. It raises the ambition and the hope everywhere, but only one will win it. We just have to make sure it is us. The competition will be very fierce, especially with Leicester winning it last year. Nobody expected that so some smaller clubs could hope to be in the fight for it too. They can say that the bigger clubs will drop points against each other, so it will be more open than ever but also more interesting. We’ve got a difficult start against Liverpool, then it’s Leicester straight away, then to Watford. In the first three games we have to make sure that we are ready.”

Considering that the Gunners will be without Olivier Giroud, Laurent Koscielny and Mesut Ozil for the Liverpool clash, not to mention Per Mertesacker too, we will have to hope that some of our fringe players are fit and ready to cover for our top men. I would love tosee Akpom extend his scoring run against Man City and Liverpool, and maybe he could keep Giroud on the bench!



  1. I demand fast start to retire ARSENE!!! so frustrations, everybody do the purchases except us, we need the striker the winger and defender!!! Arsene dont care.

  2. I’m struggling to see why Koscielny is omitted yet Ramsey Xhaka and Alexis aren’t. Ramsey played only two less games, it was in the space of a week. Alexis went all the way to the final, and got a swollen foot. Kos at CB isn’t gonna use the same amount of exertion. Especially considering Alexis and Ramsey’s type of game.

    1. Dude… We have our second and third choice CB’s out for extended periods of time!!
      Can you imagine if Koscielny started against Liverpool and picked up an injury!? No thanks… It’s a long season and with our CB shortage Koscielny is now hands down our most important player.
      You answered your own question… ‘it was the space of a week.’

  3. QUOTE:::::

    [ Arsene Wenger: “We still look up front. We still look at the back. We’re on alert day & night. When
    opportunity comes, you have to
    catch it” ]

    he demands a FAST start for Arsenal……yet he’s the SLOWEST (apparently the last) to get his house in order


  4. Wenger demands??

    Wenger to the players is like Yoda asking Luke to lift the x-wing out of the swamp

    Giroud: Oh, no! We’ll never win the PL now!
    Wenger: So certain, are you? Always with you, what cannot be done. Hear you nothing that I say?
    Giroud: Master, scoring once in a while is one thing, but 25 goals plus is… totally different!
    Wenger: No! No different! Only different in your mind. You must unlearn what you have learned.
    Giroud: All right, I’ll give it a try.
    Wenger: No! Try not. Do… or do not. There is no try.

    Liverpool and Leicester won’t be a walk in the park
    By not having a top striker and cb Wenger can “demand” all he wants but i will be happilly surprised if we come out with 6 points

    Ozil, Cazorla, Theo, Alexis, Cech have all said that they expect new signings
    And not only will we trophyless next summer but we may be Ozil-less, Alexis-less and Bellerin-less without more signings

    If Wenger isn’t getting a winger or Mustafi then at the very least get Lacazette and competent CB

    Give our team the ability to fight for the title

    1. Ornstein – (the most reliable twitter ITK, borderline mouthpiece for Arsenal’s transfer dealings)
      Has come out to say we’re going in for Mustafi hard. Chelsea aren’t in the race and we supposedly now have a clear run at a player from a team who desperately need to balance their books…
      It’s one signing I’d bet on happening as it both makes sense financially (ticks all the boxes Wenger stated he looks for in a transfer) and is the kind of opportunistic signing Wenger seems to love. The Ornacle has spoken….

  5. BBC’s David Ornstein on Twitter, “#AFC interested in signing Valencia defender Mustafi. No bid yet + others inc #CFC keen. Also want a striker but not pursuing Mahrez/Draxler

    There you have it!

    1. The Ornacle!!!! Gotta love that man, his face says ‘Business..’
      That tweet was from a while back, his most recent one was ‘stepping up pursuit of Mustafi, and Gabriel out for 6-8 weeks’

  6. The day Wenger goes along with that cone head Gazidis the better. I simply cannot stand being fed any more BS about transfers. Apparently you have to find the right players!? Well go and ******* find them then. You’ve had all summer. The season starts next week and we don’t even have one recognised striker…… Well played Arsenal ??

    1. You touched on something there. Gazidas is these days singing from the same hymn sheet as Wenger, or trying to. He’ll have plenty of go to phrases for over the next decade. Overmars is being chased these days as a head of player recruitment, I wouldn’t mind seeing him given a shot. Players aren’t going to relate to Gazidas, he can’t talk shop, he comes across too business like, and has a dealing with a bank manager feel about him.

  7. Also don’t understand why Ozil can’t play 60mins in at least in one of our first 3 games-

    Likewise Giroud. For all his critics right now- we don’t have anyone better, and not like his game is based on speed

    1. Because we have cover in his position with the wizard Cazorla?? Why fans are so impatient with rushing players back I really, really don’t get!! It’s a long season. Ozil’s the best 10 in the world but he’ll do no good at all if he’s on the injury table!

  8. A fast start.
    With a discontent preparation for it.
    We have liverpool and leicester to start with.
    (not really sure wenger knows about this)
    And to make a fast start against requires no loose ends but weare already loise at both ends.
    Worrysome times

  9. the problem with wenger is he only demands, moans, criticizes and gives sermons but never does anything himself

  10. Deluded Wenger….waiting for right players from where????Why cant this man change!!!Some fans here thinkd AKPOM will rise against great teams…lets wait for a trash from liverpool and you will see Wenger going for his right-panic buy playes……Am sick of this MAN,I wish i could see him face to face….does anyone here have Wenger Email??Some of my friends told me they are stoping to support Arsenal until Wenger leaves,but honestly i cant,i love this Arsenal…do they even see what we are posting here?

  11. Get this old fart out right now! This is all staged and practiced in the board room before giving the spill to the fans. Typical yankee business approach. Desperately need a manager who will not listen to this money minded f** yankee bosses. Get Laudrup – He never listens to the boss…

    1. @pubgooner
      All the English bosses who once owned EPL teams have went the “yankee” route and sold their shares in English clubs. All because they couldn’t be a$%&d with trying to keep them afloat. And the ones that do have British owners, where exactly are they on the table year and and year out?
      Get real dude. Every manager listens to the owners, or he doesn’t have a job. Who’s Laudrup managing at the moment? Exactly….

  12. Wenger doesn’t even follow what he says

    Wenger said in press conference yesterday (after the match) that with price of a player there are 4 ingredients to getting a new signing
    1 Quality/Talent of player
    2. Age of player
    3. How much will the player improve the team?
    4. Resale value

    Wenger then said if all ingredients are checked price is no problem

    I could see how Vardy checked all the boxes (maybe except 4)
    Higuain def will have low resale value

    I think Lacazette, Mahrez and Draxler tick all the boxes
    1. All talented quality players
    2. All 25 or younger
    3. Def improve the team
    4. Should have good resale value but if they play well you wouldn’t want to sell them anyway or at least until their 30’s

    I think Mkitharyan ticked all the boxes too and was a good price. Thats why Mourinho got him
    1. Talented 2. 27 3. Improve the team 4. Resale value and Only £26 million

  13. Well looks like Liverpool are ready. We will find out how well Wenger planned his start in one weeks time. Per-season means nothing, the schedule has been out for a long time, no excuses to be accepted. All teams have the same circumstances and same challenges; All teams have needs to be addressed, all teams have a limited budget (some more limited than others) and all teams have the same time frame to try to do their business in.

    Next weekend we will find out who is ready and who is not.

  14. Why is wenger speaking so much i wonder, commenting on other clubs business when we are actually miles away from concluding ours.

    Speaking about the criteria he is using to select our next signings, if by the criteria used we should had completed our signings long ago.

    The only thing i can say is wenger is stalling, waiting for clubs such as madrid, to break off some crumbs our way and this will not happen until the last week of the window, which i think he did last season and failed badly, the names mention in the media is just to keep us as fans wishing that something will happen soon.


  15. am so angry right now. we should have dove all the transfer and be ready for the season, instead we have signed only xkaha don’t even mention the others comparing to what our competitors have done.

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