Arsenal have to beat Newcastle United or the consequences could be devastating

Arsenal will return to action on Sunday when they take on Newcastle United in the Premier League.

This winter break was needed by Arsenal perhaps more than any other team in the Premier League, and the Gunners were smart to have used most of it as a training camp.

Mikel Arteta has now spent more time with his players and he would have known what most of them are capable of and maybe his best starting eleven as well.

Newcastle represents an opportunity for Arsenal to show how they wish to attack the rest of the season and anything short of a win for them could affect their morale.

They will return from Dubai full of confidence and they need a win to encourage them that their effort in the training camp wasn’t in vain.

Newcastle didn’t get the chance to travel and get some fresh air because of their FA Cup replay and that means the Magpies should be there for the taking.

Steve Bruce’s side is level on points with Arsenal and they will come into this game unbeaten in their last five games just like Arsenal.

I don’t expect Newcastle to be an easy side to beat, however, they represent teams that Arsenal has to beat in this second half of the season if they are serious about ending this season well.

A loss and the impact could be devastating, it would undo all the good work from the training camp and put Mikel Arteta under some serious pressure.

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  1. Truth says:

    With all due respect, this seems like a bit of a sensationalistic article.

    Most reasonable fans did not expect miracles from Arteta and knew he inherited a deeply flawed squad with a low morale. The only true reasonable mandate for Arteta should be to keep us from relegation and to improve our play.

    Early signs are that Arteta has made a positive impact. A loss to Newcastle is not going to put him on the hot seat. This club will need years to bounce back from the last several disastrous years.

    We have no budget to speak of and we won’t be able to buy proven winners this summer despite being in desperate need of some quality players. We will need to unearth some hidden gems from little known leagues like the Eredivisie
    or the French Ligue 2. That is not going to put you back in the top 4 in one year.

    Having said that, IMO it is clear that Arteta is the man to bring us back. He seems willing to work with a severe budget constraint and I think he has the vision and know-how to improve both individual players as well as team play.

    So let’s not panic and speak about must-win games but instead focus on continued improvement of play. Eventually, the results will follow.

    This season is a write-off and this gives Arteta time to prepare for next season and get a good look at his squad.

    1. jon fox says:

      Truth, True and correct perspective and welcome to read. How I dislike the silly language in this article like “devastating. ” A defeat would be no more than a disapointment and a slight setback to our hopes and perhaps our expectations but not worse than that.

  2. S.J says:

    Arteta needs to get the starting 11 right based on merit.

    Attack – Martinelli, Aubameyang, Saka.

    Midfield – Xhaka, Torreira, Willock.

    Defence – Bellerin, Luiz, Mustafi, A. M-Niles.

    1. Damm says:

      Judging by this your line up, please don’t go into coaching😂

  3. Reggie says:

    If we cant beat Newcastle at home, then we are in serious trouble. Newcastles team was assembled on a tenth of our budget and are fighters but not that great a team. It should be an easy win and that is being realistic. If we are not winning games like this with our squad we are goners.

  4. jon fox says:

    “Devastating”? DEVASTATING? Do me a favour, you OTT LANGUAGE MISUSER! We are 10th and likley to be no higher than 8th or no lower than 15th. No euro qual , no CL qual and the clubwill not die. So to use “devastating” is silly nonsensical misuse of our great English language. In truth it would be a disappointment or a setback but no worse than that. Hype equals dishonesty!

  5. Mogunna says:

    It is already devastating all season long and were on the edge last season, losing all targets!

    Word is indeed dramatic for that; read more of deep frustration in a passionnate writer; it is a disaster for us to be equal points with 13th spot, 1 from 14th and 7 from 19 spot!

    So, yes indeed, loe or draw would only bring us deeper each week, and will threrfore be relegated if we keep point avarrage we on since season start, worst since Emery left in term of points; Arteta didn’t change this.

    But Everton Ancelotti bove us now did it, coming from way behind as Southampton we equal points with us.

    The issue we have is team formation, last cup game highlights it so well; one winning flying formation in first half and a losing one nearly costing us a draw in second half.

    Same players on pitch but different formation! Arteta took it from here he messed up and went on same econd haf formation for Burnley! Unreal!

  6. Mogunna says:

    With proper formation, we have players to hurt any teams! Matter of formation!

    Our DNA is not to defend but contol and attack, which makes it very difficult fit opponent, obliged to defend and not able to attack then!

    We play with 2DMs, making it 6 players defending, our game becomes that! As soon as we only use one DM, it balances and allows us to play our game;

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