Arsenal have to keep Luis Suarez quiet!

Personally I can think of 11 reasons for Arsenal fans to worry ahead of tomorrow’s match against Barcelona, but Arsene Wenger has pinpointed the man that he famously tried to buy a few years ago, Luis Suarez. Le Prof believes that Suarez is the glue that holds the team together, and he admitted that he used to feel regret that the Uruguayan goal machine didn’t come to play with the Gunners.

“I used to think ‘what if I signed Luis Suarez’ before, but not now,” Wenger said. “He gives camaraderie to a team. He did it at Liverpool and he did it playing with Edinson Cavani and Diego Forlan for Uruguay, and did it well.

“Suarez is the kind of guy who manages to create that spirit in teams. Apart from the individual talent the three have, they also have a good understanding, cohesion and great solidarity.

“I have seen that Lionel Messi gave the ball to Suarez from a penalty, because he wanted him to be the best goal-scorer.

“When you see someone like Messi – who had the opportunity to score his 300th goal – do that, it means there’s really something there.

“Individually, all their players are difficult to stop. We have to find a way to do it collectively. We have to analyse what we do and do it well and together. We have to keep Suarez quiet on Tuesday night.”

You could say that Suarez helped us to get Alexis Sanchez indirectly, by making sure him and Neymar kept the Chilean out of the starting line-up, but that is as far as I would go in praise of Suarez. Sure he’s a great goalscorer but who knows who he will bite next?

I’m sure Koscielny or Mertesacker will quickly remind him that Premier League players are not like those soft Spanish defenders!

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    1. When we had the chance to lure him from liverfools, the clever one added £1 from his pocket, now he’s just praising how he raises spirits in the team he plays n so on..

  1. head to head record vs barcelona:

    won 1 (counts as 3 cos they had iniesta and xavi)
    draw 2
    loss 4 (doesnt count as each of those games ref was poor, weather was bad and grass was cut at a poor angle)

    on the head to head all in all- WE ARE FAVOURITES!!

  2. Yes, most of our players will back off until our own third where a chipped ball over the top will go past our midfield and defence. You have players like Ox and Walcott who just back off and let Barcelona pass with ease.

    I would play the hardest working starting 11 possible.
    Sanchez, Welbeck and Joel will be my front three.
    Ramsey Coquelin and Ozil will be in midfield.

    1. Bro i’m sticking with you there. those front three won’t only work hard, they’ll disturb barca’s defence too…then bring in theo-Giroud later on when Alba,pique,vamerlean,alves must’ve gotten tired from defending agaisnt those three

      1. Alexis and Joel are the best at getting back and helping back in defence. I also happen to think they are far more creative going forwards too, but that falls on deaf ears. As for Welbs, he has only just come back from injury, but Giroud needs competition up front. Would I risk it in this game I’m not sure.

  3. Front line: Naymar – Suarez – Messi .. That is one of the best front lines in a long time. While I want us to beat them, my heart and head knows that we can really match them over 2 legs surely?

  4. Barca is an excellent
    prep game for Arsenal
    as a lead up to Man U
    on Sunday.
    Utd play Shrewsbury then Midtjylland Thurs
    so have just 2 full days to recover whereas Arsenal have 4.
    Leicester will be spewing about this.
    By the time Man U play Leicester
    Utd will be out of Europa so will be a lot fresher.
    All good for the Arse 🙂
    But wait what if Man U are forced to a replay by Shrewsbury
    and/or get knocked out by Midtjylland its good bye Mr Fun Girl.
    Van Gaal exit could bring in Wengers best buddy Mourinho!!!
    So we should be cheering for Man U…. till Sunday anyway 🙂

  5. Yes we have to keep him quiet. Domestically he has 25 goals in La liga this season. Arsenals top four league scorers Giroud (12), Sanchez (6) and either one of Ramsey and Ozil (4 each) all add up to 26 to beat him.

  6. Suarez could have been an arsenal player if wenger had put an extra 5 mill on that 40 mill and one pound offer just imagine

    1. @irish gunner
      If you think that LFC were going to sell their “deadliest” player to a rival EPL team, then you are as deluded as everyone else who repeats that BS…

      1. They would have sold him if we offered £45M I’m sure. At that time most people were seeing Suarez as a liability especially after that biting incidence with Ivanovic…

  7. Wenger’s pre match notes for Barcelona:

    Pre match press conference – must mention the words mentality, cohesion, and consistency
    Post match press conference, irrespective of the result – must mention the words mentality, cohesion, and consistency
    Must start Ramsey in whatever position
    Don’t create any specific tactics to stifle Barcelona
    Must make first sub in the 68th minute

    1. don’t forget another key word – focus. and some words from the players will be – to bounce back in the next match

  8. We will need a good working arrangement between defense and midfield they got to be very strong the battle will be in the midfield the Arsenal will need to be compact and precise work together and move together fast pin barca back with a fast group push we have to be strong and defend well but we will need to be loud come on Arsenal

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