Arsenal have two BIG reasons not to slack off in Premier League

Funnily enough, the team that Arsenal will be taking on next in the Premier League gives the Gunners one of the two big reasons for not slacking off in the remaining seven Premier League games. Southampton, who the Gunners take on at the Emirates stadium this weekend, may be having an awful league campaign that sees them currently sitting in the relegation zone, but they are one of the four clubs still in with a chance of winning the FA cup.

And if the Saints did go on to lift the famous old cup that Arsenal have had so much success with in recent years, then it would mean that the side who finish sixth would not get a Europa League spot for next season. Unless Arsenal win the Europa League this year that would leave us without those lucrative and exciting midweek games and although some people think that would help us in the league, it is not really what the club wants.

However, with Chelsea playing pretty badly and the Stamford Bridge club seemingly suffering from all sorts of internal trouble, there is a real chance that Arsenal could make up the gap of five points with a strong finish to the EPL.

The other big reason for Arsenal to ensure that we perform well in the remaining league games is the confidence and form that comes with a good run and how that could improve the chances of us winning the Europa League, so while he may want to rest the best players for the Thursday night games I think that Wenger should give almost as much focus to the league games, starting with the Saints this weekend.

Plus, how good would it be for us top leapfrog the Chelsea chavs before the end of the season?




  1. Jaydawg says:

    Wenger doesn’t rotate often and if so only 3 changes lol. So no need to worry, just the injury liist growing as he loves to play a player in the red.

    Anywho I will be watching tomorrow COYG!

  2. Chiza says:

    the last time i checked i thought we played man city in an embarassing carabao cup final defeat..that guarantees us europa league because man city are champions of england

    1. Clive Hopkins says:

      Runner up in Carabao cup doesn’t get you into the Europa League. The place transfers to the next-best league position. Read the rules instead of assuming.

    2. GB says:

      I’ve just checked the rules which are extremely complicated but it appears that we do not qualify with City as champions. Their place in Europa League goes to the next non qualifying team based on league position which could still be us if Burnley finish 6th and us 7th…… I think!

      1. Clive Hopkins says:

        Not complicated. You just explained it.

  3. Mikekobi says:

    I can’t believe I’m praying for burnley to loss so they won’t catch up with us. This is sad

  4. gotanidea says:

    If that’s the case, the fittest players must play against Southampton. I think most of our main players are still tired because of the short gap between the matches

    Wanna see Maitland-Niles, Iwobi and Nelson play again

  5. Ngaaa says:

    Just rest Laca to avoid injury, and unleash him in the Europa

  6. Innit says:

    We are guaranteed Europa League football next season. We made it to the League Cup final and even though we lost, the winner also will lift the PL trophy so we go through instead (i think)

    1. Sue says:

      It says whoever wins the carabao cup goes into Europa league but seeing as City will be in the champions league, the Europa spot will then go to the highest placed team that hasn’t qualified for Europe

      1. GB says:

        That’s the way I read it Sue, which could still be us if we finish 7th, but nothing to do with us losing Carabao cup. It’s very complicated and perhaps someone else (admin?) can confirm for us please?

        1. Sue says:

          God I hope we win later! Burnley are too close for comfort!

          1. Innit says:

            Oh. I was completely wrong lol
            Thanks Sue for correcting me

          2. Sue says:

            Only because I googled it Innit!!! ?

  7. Me says:

    Over the last few seasons I don’t think Arsenal have deserved to be playing European Football.
    They have, if we are being honest been bloody awful and a couple of wins in the Europa League (that many on this forum have written off as being a joke tournament in the past) is just papering over the cracks.
    My fear is that if we do actually win it and he remains in post the same mistakes will be made and we will be here the same time next year having this same discussion.
    Wenger does not learn – he is incapable of taking criticism and incapable of learning from his mistakes. He is seemingly incapable of analysing the team and identifying what is needed to improve.
    So I would not be particularly upset if we failed to win the EL – it would be a shame but we are talking about something much more important here – the future of Arsenal FC

  8. Innit says:

    Let’s just win Europa League so we don’t need to worry about qualifying for it and get back to Champions League lol

    I know it’s easier said than done and Atletico are the favourites but we are only 3 leg matches away from making the final and anything is possible.

    BTW Im gutted by Mkhitaryan injury. If its knee ligament damage, his season is over. I hope its less serious. He has been excellent for us so far

    1. Me says:

      And go out in the last sixteen like we did for god knows how many years?
      Is that an achievement?
      Would you not want a manager who had the tactical sense to be in place so we might actually win it?
      Every year is a repeat of the year before with Arsenal.
      The same weaknesses, the same mistakes.
      I would happily sacrifice the CL so we could building something special at the club.
      And actually challenge for the CL instead of just making up the numbers…

  9. Chiza says:

    Wenger gave us top four for so many years not because he is a fantastic manager but we were far better than so many teams in the league,but the coming of Guardiola,Klopp,Conte and pochettino has exposed the bare ass of Wenger.Please Arsenal fans come hold me tight because i feel like crying for our legend.

  10. Me says:

    I am saying I would not be that unhappy if we failed to win the Europa League.
    I can see a bigger picture with the current manager gone.
    Of Arsenal building something special.
    Challenging for the big trophies.
    Not languishing 33 points behind the leaders while fans dither whether the current manager should stay or go.
    For me there is absolutely no debate whether he should stay or go….

  11. Nothing changed says:

    If we don’t win the EL, which is likely, it would be best IMO not to play EL next season but only PL.

    Let, hopefully, a new manager, whichever manager is in charge focus on the PL only without the distraction of European football. It is a massive benefit to only play in the PL.

    So for me, it is CL or nothing.

    1. jim smith says:

      Arsenal need to play in europe, whether CL or EL, the latter keeps us in practice playing the extra fixtures.

    2. Neil says:

      There is absolutely no guarantee we can win PL just because we are not playing in Europe. Man City Man Utd Liverpool Chelsea and Tottenham all have good squads…
      Let’s not be blinkered to think we will automatically win just because we might have a new manager

      So we must ensure we play in one of the European competitions otherwise very difficult to keep or attract good players.

  12. Jay Dee says:

    What we are not thinking about is if we want to sign good players- with Wenger or the new manager(hoping but have a feeling this wont happen)- we need some European football. Winning EL is the best, and im not sure even that would get Wenger fired so we may as well try use that to bring good players in. But best scenario is this

    1. Win Europa
    2. Finish 5th ahead of Chelsea
    3. Get rid of Wenger
    4. Bring in aggressive coach who signs two world class CB first, with world class defensive organisation
    5. Fans buy season tickets and support 2018/19 season with all we got…

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