Arsenal have two of Top-Ten-Rated Midfielders in Europe

Fantasy football game have taken a look at the stats and have revealed Europe’s ten most creative players so far this season. All midfielders.

West Ham’s Dimitri Payet leads Oulala’s list. The 28-year-old has provided 35 key passes in the Premier League this season, the most from any player in Europe. With an average of 3.9 per game, the Frenchman has averaged a key pass every 23 minutes!

Payet is ranked the best Premier League player on Oulala this season with an average of 39 points per game and the second best player overall behind only Barcelona’s Neymar.

Mesut Özil of Arsenal is Europe’s second most creative player. The German has tallied a total of 31 key passes in the Premier League this season. Özil’s team-mates have taken advantage, turning these into 6 assists. The 27-year-old is joint top of Europe’s assist charts alongside Manchester City’s David Silva.

Oulala have Özil ranked the eleventh best midfielder in the Premier League this season with an average of 22 points per game.

Arsenal have a second player in Europe’s top ten most creative players, as Santi Cazorla takes sixth spot in Oulala’s top 10. The Spaniard has made 27 key passes this season at an average of 3 per game. Cazorla also boasts the most successful passes in the Premier League with an average of 74 per game, leading both Chelsea’s Cesc Fabregas (63) and David Silva (61).

Surprisingly, Chelsea’s heavily criticized Eden Hazard makes seventh spot in Oulala’s most creative players. The Belgian has made 26 key passes in the Premier League this season. At an average of 2.9 per game, the 24-year-old is in-fact more productive than he was last season. Hazard averaged 2.4 key passes per game during his Player of the Year campaign.

The last Premier League player to feature in Europe’s top ten is Dušan Tadić of Southampton. The Serbian has made 24 key passes in the Premier League this season, resulting in 2 assists.

The Premier League and Ligue 1 are both represented by five players in Oulala’s list.

Have England and France produced the most creative and entertaining football this season? Or is Spain still top dog?

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  1. I may get thumbed down. But I genuinely believe Santi is the best midfielder in the league.
    His creativity stats are simply crazy considering he plays as a DLP and pretty much ever other name on this list is either an attacker or attacking midfielder it makes it all the more impressive.
    Dictates the play, is far better defensively than any player he usually draws comparisons to (cesc, silva, mata, ozil)
    He’s just one of the most intelligent, gifted players I’ve ever seen. And his work-rate has been simply phenomenal this year as well since dropping deeper.

    1. I think he’s the best CM in the league but ozil is the better player. When ozil doesn’t play we are lost and berift of ideas. Cazorla is a wonderful footballer I think cazorla ozil and silva are the best creative midfielders in the league

    2. Made a good point. Work rate of santi is increased, same goes to Walcott, ozil(improving) n Bellerin – this guy runs up n down whole match with such pace..simply awesome. Finally our players are learning from Alexis!! Alexis isn’t just abt dribbling n goal scoring, but his workrate is phenomenal. He added another dimension to arsenal team. Whole team work rate has increased simply bcoz of him..
      Great to have such a player..!!

  2. Cazorla is so underrated.. He does so much but he hardly ever gets the over the top praise.. All he gets is, drop him, sell him at the end if the season blah blah.

    He frustrate me sometimes too but i have always said he is our best midfielder.

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