Arsenal have TWO weeks to seal transfer of Barca star

There was a lot of talk and speculation about Arsenal and what Arsene Wenger needs to do in the summer transfer window to give the Gunners the right quality and strength in depth to push on again and claim the Premier League title at the end of next season.

The smart money seemed to be right down the spine of the side, with a keeper, a centre back, a central midfielder and a centre forward our most likely transfer targets. But the boss also suggested that he would only go for a player if they became available at the right price.

So the news reported by The Independent about the availability and cheapness of the young Barcelona and Spain international defender Marc Bartra should have the Frenchman reaching for the phone and his chequebook. Bartra´s agent has revealed that his client has a release clause of just 12 million euros because of his lack of games in the season just gone.

He said, “His release clause has fallen to €12m after failing to make a certain number of appearances, but that’s only until July 1, when it goes back up to €30m.

“Marc is very happy at Barcelona, but if there was real interest from clubs where he could get more space then we’ll listen and make our own decisions.”

The paper also claims that there has already been an enquiry from our north London rivals Tottenham but I am sure that Arsenal would be a bigger draw for the 24-year old. He came through the academy system at Barcelona and although he might not be happy with his recent lack of games, I think that he would only leave the Nou Camp for another club that was guaranteed Champions League football and at least a chance of winning major titles.

Wenger has two weeks to find out if Bartra fancies becoming a Gunner but do you think he will even try?

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  1. Marc Bartra, not for me!
    Young talent and exciting prospect, but not the player Arsenal need to sign to go to the next step. One definitely for the future, but Arsenal should be concentrating on experience.

    1. we have the better Barcelona right back graduate in bellerin.
      considering our strength n depth in right back this article is completely pointless.

      if anyone needs him its liverpool who dont have a right back

      1. We have had our share of young talent that has not proven themselves

        if we are to be a big club we need to buy players that are “DOING IT NOW” no mater of the age or price that’s the only way

        that’s how our competitors are ‘doing it” who are wining big trophies and new generation of world suporters

      2. Bellerin was Right Wing for Barca, it was Wenger who moved him into the RB pos.
        Funny when you hear the Barca fans cry blue bloody murder and how Bellerin would of been perfect to replace Alves… yet he wouldn’t have if he stayed at Barca XD

        We dont need him and just wanted to point out about Bellerins pos as I find it rather funny how the Barca fans have reacted ^.^

    2. We don’t need a defender, we need to upgrade 3areas gk/DM/striker. Everyone knows that. Henry said Martinez would shine for us and that we should go for him. We really should go for him asap.listen to the king. Cech deal seems to be going in the right direction if PSG back off with their huge offers. I’m starting to lose it already and were not even in July yet. Damn

  2. i want to see the treble this year so get in there and sign whoever u want at whatever the cost…spending = =
    “Aussie gunner for life and the next”

    1. If only you were the major shareholder in the club, we would be challenging for champions league. We need that kind of attitude right now in our management. Sign whoever we need to win titles. Cech/Vidal/cavani that would do for me.

  3. Spending money isn’t the answer, Liverpool & Tottenham showed that this year with the ridiculous amount of money they spent, on rubbish. We need to buy big with experience. Quality is the main thing here. Don’t just add bit part players like Bartra would be.

    1. Nick Jennings both Tottenham and Liverpool tried to buy a whole team with the sale of one player, i totally agree with you quality is everything so we must spend big to attract that talent.

    2. We need to spend but of course spend wisely. Now if we can get let’s say cech/kondogbia/Martinez it would be simply outstanding for us. Sometimes you need to spend on big players if you are to be at the best.

  4. Since when is 12 million Euros considered “cheap” for a squad player? He’s 24 years old, meaning he’s not exactly “young” any more. If we bring him on, all he’s going to do is stall the development of Chambers and Gabriel. Let’s concetrate the cash this year on those 1 or 2 or 3 true quality players we need to take us to the next level rather than fritter it away on depth. We already have depth!

  5. If available we should sign him.He can play both CB AND RB and for €12m it’s a bargain.

    1. If Barca thought Batra was so good, why did he play LESS last year than the year before? Why did they feel the need to go out and buy Mathieu & Vermaelen to replace Carlos Puyol last summer? I suggest it’s because they realize they couldn’t rely on Batra.

  6. Piers Morgan wants Cech, Vidal and Benzema. I know it won’t happen, but do you think this lineup could win the league next season?

    ________Sanchez Ozil Walcott________
    ___________Vidal Cazorla___________
    Monreal Koscielny Mertesacker Bellerin

    1. That looks like too much firepower doesn’t it? I think even Barca will struggle to break this team (when everyone is in form that is)

      1. The Thing is Twig, That’s three players that IF our manager had the will we COULD go and get tem, probably cost us in the region of 100million but these three would finish he team and we would have a team that almost all others would fear………………….However, Wenger would never look or three players that would Empty th war chest, nor Would He sell the deadwood Like Sanogo
        this combination wuld complete what we need but it wont happen, Wenger expects little activity in the transfer window Its that old arrogance coming to he for

    2. Dang good lineup, considering that would give you a bench of Giroud, Welbs, Jack, Rambo, Ox, Gibbs and Ospina. But I’d rather have Jackson Martinez and a healthy Jack/Rambo instead of Benzema & Vidal.

    3. @Twig
      Replace Mert with Gabe and we’re laughin all the way to the EPL/CL/FA/LC podiums…

      1. Mert could be the weakest link but where he is week his knowledge of the game makes up for it and also having Bellerin could save his bacon on receiving fast counter attacks

        1. @Tas
          Sorry to say, but thats not good enough. Gabe is equally as good in his reading of plays. He gets in front of forwards”before” they get in front of him and he’s better in the air than Per…

    4. formidable looking team but I’m not sure Benzema is worth it yet. People will say that I’m not ambitious enough but I would rather give Giroud/Walcott/Welbeck another go at the ST role behind a full fit and strong team.

      Giroud improved again this season despite being out for a long time.
      Walcott has looked impressive as ST and I can see him making a massive breakthrough
      Welbeck is good backup and can play the wings for now as well
      We already have plenty of goals coming from the midfield as well so goals isn’t really as much of an issue as people are making out.

      If we bring in a big signing DMF our midfield will be the best in the league.

      1. I aint Going to say it…ahh I must Wellbeck is never going to be good enough ….Walcott is good but not as a centre Forward and OG is integral to the team but still NOT good enough to win us the EPL.
        Its a sad fact that if they were we would have finished above Man Sh!tty and went further in the CL than we did.
        Sorry but the results don’t lie.

        1. what a load of nonsense;

          I put Welbeck behind both Giroud and Walcott.
          Giroud has scored just as many as Benzema in a more difficult league with a worse team this season so is he really worth the 30 mil+.
          Walcott is not good as a CF? How do you know? He has only played in two games as CF and scored 4 goals. After a summer full committed to that position I don’t see why he can’t make the move smoothly

          1. I agree, I think this Giroud/Benzema debate/discussion is a bit confused. It would appear to be more about aesthetics and style with a sprinkling of people getting drawn by the hype and glamour of a South American striker.

            They are a year different age and contest the same position in the French national team. KB scores at 0.32 goals/game for France, OG at 0.26.

            The last 6 seasons KB has scored 87 league goals, or an average of 14.5 per season at a rate of 0.46 goals/game.

            And the last 6 seasons OG has scored 95 league goals, or an average of 16.3 per season at a rate of 0.46 goals/game.

            So bottom line, when it comes to end product, in what universe are these 2 guys SO, SO different. Do Real Madrid goals count double or something? KB would definitely be competition for OG and may sneak it on goals – but there is no evidence he is the missing piece of the puzzle. More of the same more like.

    5. Vidal is very similar to Ramsey. Ramsey more creative. I would prefer Ramsey. where is Coquelin? best DM in the premiership. Team needs an out and DM most needed thing we need.

      Cech better then Ospini but if Ospini strengthens his left hand he could be just as good.

      Benzema is class. very under rated.

    6. Walcott mert and Monreal stand out as average players … But even with Gabriel in there I would like to see left side of defence strengthened … And ox for Walcott as minimum upgrade on right side of attack

    7. Looks neat but PM not renowned for his imagination. Personally for me Benzema is plum last on every striker wish-list I see. I understand the allure of getting a Real Madrid centre forward but last 3 seasons he has a league return of 11, 17, 15. Do those numbers look vaguely familiar? They should do – almost identical to Giroud’s PL return. Not getting where this quantum leap in goal return would come from. 3 seasons before that 8, 15 and 21. More of the same. To top it off – he notoriously doesn’t do competition or rotation. If we got him and off-loaded OG there may be a few more goals to be had but not sure it is worth a £30M punt. I’d take Martinez or Higuain over him all day and every day.

      One more thing – somehow for me, no Rambo looks odd in any best Arsenal X1 line-up. Whilst Santi is the main man at the moment and rightly so – “Vidal/Ramsey” has a special aura, especially in the massive games.

  7. the news about cech deal could just just around the corner this is good news indeed.
    lord shez will most likely go to Southampton for the season on loan just to keep him fresh, and ospina and cech will battle it out next season for number one.
    this would be a great start to the transfer window. you never know we might even see vidal turn up before end of july maybe, and the c/f might be a case of waiting to see what events at real madrid transpire maybe aguero going there and us getting benz we will have to see.

  8. Have to say a bit fed up with Arsene not getting the credit he deserves for sticking by Coq for such a long time. Artetas injury is how Coq gained the opportunity yeah fair enough but if another manager had of been here there is no doubt in my mind that Coq would have been gone long ago. Bellerin grabbed his opportunity the same way that Coq did only difference is the time period, this is how football works you have to grab your chance.

    Wenger is the one who signed him knowing full well the boy to be a talent. Im glad Coq proved him right.

    1. YingYang69
      Mate we’ve done this over and over Wenger WAS going to let Coq go if it had not been for the Arteta injury now Im not an AOB I think the man has done wonders for the club , BUT he was going to let him go, That’s not good judgement in my opinion and you know as well as I do that we DO need a Kondogbia Or a Shneiderlin to work alongside Le Coq or to cover him in case of injury or suspension.

    2. BullSh*t Coq was never given a chance at Arsenal, and if the team did not suck as bad as it did, and if Arteta who is NOT a DM did not have a long term injury, Coq would never have been called back.
      Arsene preferred a non DM 33 year old Arteta in the DM position than Le coq who is a 24 year old DM.

      That is the reality of Le Coq. Bellerin is a different story. Arsene believed in him, he never believed in Coquelin until he had no options left but to believe in him.

    3. YingYang69: I am not overly interested in Wenger getting any credit for Coquelin, it is all part of his job – I would just wish the ones who want to construct a negative spin on it would stfu. Whilst Wenger’s obvious crimes and mismanagement follies includes a few unassailable facts; he bought him, kept him, loaned him and brought him back to cover an injury (it would appear the greatest crime was having the mere thought to possibly release him). But lets just agree with them and say everything about it was pure, undiluted luck – most normal fans would just be happy for their manager getting lucky, not using is a stick to beat up on him. Imagine the s**te on here if he sold him and then bought him back for 10x the cost (Matic) or released him on a free only for him to turn up in a CL final playing for the Italian champions a few years later (Pogba).

  9. I’m worried about what happens if Coquelin is injured.

    Arteta, Flamini are okay for the odd game but not for a long period. Bielik hasn’t got much experience

    We need two top players in each position

    Gk: Ospina and Cech/Szczesny
    RB: Debuchy and Bellerin
    LB: Monreal and Gibbs
    cb: Koscielny/Mertsacker and Gabriel/Chambers
    DM: Coquelin ????
    B2B: Ramsey, Wilshere, Cazorla
    CAM: Ozil, Cazorla, Rosicky
    Wings: Alexis, Walcott, Oxlade, Ozil, Welbeck
    CF: Giroud and ?????

    1. I’m hoping that Bielik and Chambers will be like Coquelin in the future if not right now

      1. right on bielik is going to be wengers wildcard player next season the coaches are raving about him in the reserves(saying how he is technically excellent and clean in the tackle and is powerful in midfield) and wenger did say he would bring him in to the first team set up straight away because he rates him very very highly he will be fighting it out with le coq for the first team d/m spot while chambers will be beck up c/h.
        new kit looks ace

  10. Pls wat mr wenger problem,is he sleeping.we need 2 to3 players.get kondogbia,higuain,vidal…then we are good to go.

    1. Don’t know why the comment got submitted halfway. Anyway, what I was going to say was, Every other season, Wenger says we first need to qualify to UCL to attract good players, meaning waiting unitl 2 weeks are left of summer window. Last year was a lucky exception with Sanchez.. This year we are already in but he is not close to signing anyone it seems.

  11. Whatever side of the Arsene Wenger Fence you may sit on or if like me you sit on the fence itself there can be little doubt that we need three or perhaps even two real world class players in two or three Key positions, Yes there are those that say we don’t need a striker but I have to oppose that and say that we do!!! Walcott is a great player but is unproven at the tip of the spear and may never be able to take up that cudgel due to either injury or ability, Giroud is a wonderful player but is far too inconsistent to do the clinical job we require and Im really sorry but Wellbeck will Never ever be that player in my opinion. We don’t have any more time to waste waiting and hoping that these players may come good, we need an out and out proven striker, opinions may differ as to who this should be but we do need one, Same with a DM as Coquellin will NOT be able to go the whole season in all competitions without either suspension or injury, Arteta is over the hill for his back up and so is Flamini so these are the absolute must have position we need to fill.
    Sadly I sense neither will be filled this summer which is sad cos we’ve waited so long to get so close and but for a little push we’ll bomb out again without these players.

  12. Guys I keep reading that Biyelik could be the sub of Coq or Theo could be our striker this year. If these are the facts then we really dont need anybody. I mean the England game showed that Jack can also play in that deep midfield position so why buy anyone for the midfield right?

    And Theo has everything needed to become a striker according to Wenger so we are good to go.

    I think buying Cech would stop the development of Scez and Martinez, and Ospina looks good enough so I agree with Wenger, there is no need for a lot of activity in the transfer market. Maybe a couple of French youngsters for free like Sanogo, who will prove to be very astute transfers in a year or two.

  13. While Chelsea, City and United go for big players like Pogba, Benzema, Hummels, Bale etc, we look for players like Batra, Krychowiak, Fekir etc
    We will always be 3rd with that mentality
    Wenger needs to sign just these 5 players and we have a chance to fight for 1st. Maybe not Champions League but maybe PL.
    1. Lloris
    2. Hummels
    3. Pogba
    4. Reus or Bale
    5. Cavani
    That’s it! Not many, only 5 players

  14. new signing for DM & ST only happens in january after we slip a few point behind chelsea

  15. Do Arsenal really need to sign a player….
    Yes we would all like to see a couple new faces who will add to the squad but look at our own squad before thinking this player or that player will improve our squad.

    Ospina and Szcz are 2 experienced GK, they may not be the best but you can not forget the involvement of the def for the work that the GK has to do. Szcz shared the golden glove a couple seasons ago, he has had a bad season and dropped… he done well in the FA cup final and looks to have matured from that.
    Cech would be nice… needed? Not as much as the media claim.

    Bartra like this article talks about… why do we need him?
    Personally I don’t think so, is he better than Kos or Gabriel? Per is slated but he does well alongside a CB with a bit of pace, we also have Chambers who is a very good player.

    I can go through the whole squads posistions and the 3 positions I can think of improving is the Right sided AM due to Theo being a CF now and Ox/Gnabry havn’t shown to be reliable YET… Welbz could play that role though to help him develop. Holding CM but does Wenger want to eventually get 2 B2B players who can rotate the holding role between them?

    Lastly is GK, we have 2 experienced GKs but we could send 1 out on loan to help development…

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