Arsenal have Wembley edge but why can’t we win away from home? (opinion)

We are able to beat our main rivals at Wembley, but why canโ€™t Arsenal do it away from home in the league?

One big difference I see from our away games against the top sides and Wembley, is that the latter gives us the wins and the away games do not!

If only we could play all the top teams at Wembley every season instead!

Beating Manchester City in the semi-final and Chelsea in the final back in 2017 and repeating that feat again this season with the same opponents at the national stadium, albeit in the FA Cup, just shows that we can beat the top teams, but only at Wembley.

Having failed to yet again win at the Etihad for the second time in the space of four months, shows that clearly there is a mental issue with the players believing that they just cannot win away there, or away at any big side really.

We managed to beat Liverpool 2-1 at the Emirates near the end of the season but when it came to playing at Anfield in our third game of the season, again we fell to a defeat. Forward on three days and we managed to finally beat them at Anfield, but it was in the Carabao Cup and on penalties. In addition to that one win at Anfield in the cup we also beat them on penalties after a 1-1 draw in the Community Shield final, AT WEMBLEY back at the beginning of the season in August.

It seems as though we perform much better in the iconic stadium against the top teams but in the Premier League, away to the top teams, we just cannot find a way to beat them and get all three points.

Playing them at home, when the time comes will show us if we can beat them or not, but one thing that can be said is clear. When we get to Wembley, we have the edge, and the mentality seems to be that we can beat anyone, as we have already seen in recent years.

Now I think we should propose to the Premier League that from now on we will play all our away games against the so called top six at Wembley, and then, well maybe then, will we achieve a successful performance and come away with all three points that we have come so near and yet so far in gaining in recent games. I guess we can always dream canโ€™t we Gooners?

Shenel Osman

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  1. To see Arsenal look scared of playing must come from Arteta. If every game is a big tactical affair by Arteta that is silly. Let our team express themselves from the first whistle. Some may think we played OK, although to give the first 30 mins away tactically was pathetic. Just IMHO. To be scared is not the way to win football matches. I rate Arteta but to over instruct and control the players like he does, is not the best way. There was no spontaneity whatsoever.

  2. There is a big difference playing a cup game and leagues games, a lot of factors to be considered. We lost to Liverpool at Anfied and at the same Anfied, in less than a week we dump Liverpool out of the carabao cup, so it’s not Wembley factor.

    OT: I noticed in this our new system (formations + tactics), MA seems to focus his attack power on lwb more than RWB, that’s why whoever plays there always perform well and are significant to our creativity and goal scoring.
    I think if same thing (I. e the synergy between Saka, Xhaka, KT and sometimes AUBA) is achieve with Holding, Bellerin and pepe/willian , we could solve our creativity problems.
    Just my opinion

    1. Agree Adajim. It’s mental. Cup games and league games are not the same. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I feel like Arsenal think they can win a cup, and get one over on a side in a one-off match, but when it comes to winning a big trophy like the EPL the belief isn’t there and we buy too much into who is favorites to win the league, our previous records in stadiums and so on. This team still does not believe in themselves, and I hope Arteta can get them to believe they CAN do incredible things.

  3. Everyone in the league trying to score except Arsenal, Sheffield and Fulham.

    Even West ham now scored more goals than Arsenal. We were lucky to win against them ourselves.

    Our away woes will continue and even at home there are other better attacking sides lower down the league than us who will make it tough at Emirates.

  4. I think arsernal focus is mostly on defensive when they play big teams and i think aterta should go away with that tactics and focus on attacking games that tactics is not working again especially in English top leaugue or else arsernal will not top six

  5. I am in love with LANZINI of West HAM! Last minute of injury time equalizer at WHL. 3-3 AFTER SPUDS WERE 3-0 UP WITH TEN MINUTES TO GO !

    1. I think some should start having a rethink about what the wish for or say against the manager. This is EPL every team has developed and no push over, every point gain should be cherished, I doubt we can loose 3goals advantage with MA

    2. Jon fox, I was worried after 15 minutes when spurs went 3- 0 up.
      How wrong I was,….. up the hammers๐Ÿคฃ

    1. Loved David Moyes’ reaction…. then seeing that smacked arse look on Maureen’s face – priceless!!
      Come on you Irons!!!! ๐Ÿ”ฅ

      Ooh VVD requires surgery… Pickford really did a job on him!!

      1. Sue I will celebrate Spurs down fall everyday of the week had we show grit and determination like Westham. We need to play to our strength which is attacking football.

        1. Trust me I’m still frustrated over yesterday, Mobella. We could’ve got something from it if only we’d had a go! Fair play to the hammers, they certainly did have a go and it paid off!! And I loved it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. The 3-3 at Spurs once again shows how empty stadiums have changed the landscape of the league this season. So many bizarre results. Every game is like a practise session like an endless series of pre season friendlies. Any one can beat any one. There is no home ground advantage. An asterisk season. But covid will have the final say.

  7. If anyone dares to question the impact of home advantage and fans show them this season. 5 games in and the league already went crazy.

  8. With RESPOECT sHENEL, YOUR ARTICLE IS CLASIC CASE OF TRYING TO MAKE THRFACTS FOR THR THEORY. yES WE HAVE DONE BETTER AT wEMBLEY BUT THAT IS JUST COINCIDENCE imo To make out that Wembley has some magic properties forus is daft abd just wroing. I am never into conspiracy theories and leave those to those who want to promote fictional drama over reality,




  9. Arsenal beat City and Liverpool in empty stadiums after the 17 week break when the sting had gone out of the season. Empty stadiums favour the normally fragile Arsenal player mentality

  10. All those fans complaining about arteta playing it safe,have you seen the Spurs result,they played pure attacking football and somehow ended up drawing the match, I for one would not complain if we played poorly and still get 3point then playing exceptionally and we end up drawing or losing the match,back to the Man City match I thought it was a very tactical game and most tactical games are very boring,just watch atletico matches and you would know what am talking about,we were really good defensively we just lacked a little bit extra on our offensive game right now but am positive with time we will get it right, just trust the process and arteta..

    1. We last beat Man City at home in Dec 2015 โ€“ 2:1, Ozil provided 2 assists and was MOTM.

      We last beat them away 0:2 in Jan 2015 with Cazorla contributed 1 goal and 1 assist.

      See anything common?

      Since then, Ozil declined and Cazorla was sidelined. We lost our creative core and our cutting edge.

      There was no succession plan for our creative core and it is really bad management.

      Look at the team sheet. A declined Ozil is still heading our list of creative players, all others are just pretenders or up-and-coming. Ozil is not even among the top 10 creative player in the EPL yet he is our best creative player.

      Until we get our new creative core, the best we can be is a difficult opponent but not a fearsome title contender.

      I hope Arteta is different from Emery, and so have a balanced view of graft and craft.

      1. We’ve played some beautiful football over the few years and lost heavily to man city,so what’s also your point?

  11. Build from the back.
    Tighten up defense.
    Lower shots conceded.
    Score more than the opposition.
    AFC 1- 0
    Until Mikel gets the players he requires, he will adapt to the opposition.
    Win Europa
    League Cup
    FA Cup
    Top 4
    A great season.
    We shall see.
    Are you ready?

  12. 1.6 goals scored for per game in league
    1.2 goals conceded per game in league with 2 games at pool and $hiTy
    5th place
    2 Trophies on our way to more.
    Mikel’s pragmatism will do this clubs confidence over the entire season well.
    The team will shift to more aggressive tactics as Partey becomes integrated into the team.
    Each game is enjoyable to watch, no matter how defensive we play, as we are a squad that is under construction and development.

    1. HA559 don’t forget Martinez cannot play build from the back and Leno is the king at it๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  13. It’s simple.
    We only win when the game doesn’t matter to the opposition.
    It’s only the cup, they say.
    We already won the league, they say.
    So when they have something to play for, the result is a foregone conclusion.

  14. I don’t think we are doing a bad job so far, but MA should be able to understand that defence won’t win PL matches all the time when you can’t score. We have good strikers that needs a good playmakers, I’m not sure if we have someone who can create something in the midfield but this what we should be expecting now with Partey taking care of the back side and Gabriels being in his best shape, it’s time for the forward players to step in and be more efficient, again, I think MA can build this mentality in the next matches.

    1. yes, draw every match and we will get 38 points for the season. Win 50% and lose 50% and we will get 57 points.

      We need to sort out our defence because we want to win. it is a mean to an end, but should not the vision itself.

      1. By the way, if we loose the 5 away matches to the other teams in the top 6 group but win all other matches, we will get 99 points.

        So please build a team to win matches. Defending well alone wonโ€™t win matches.

      2. Arsenal fans can be amazing. This team has lost to the best two teams in the past three years and everybody is screaming about Artetas tactics. How come Man City themselves are not above Arsenal on the table?

  15. Saka and Abua each had as good as chance a one can get, if either had finished we would be having a much better weekend!

  16. I want the team to really have a go in tge europa game.Atleast 5 goals cuz we need some momentum to bounce back.
    Aston Villa is sure having a good time and that goal from barkley is superb and thats an area where i think we should also work on,having shots outside the box.
    WestHam OMG!.They shouldve won and that wouldve been a great comeback for bale๐Ÿ˜‚.But i must say kane will be having tge most assists this season if he is to go on this rate….๐Ÿ˜

  17. Well our next away game is at OT… and we haven’t won there – in the league – since 2006!!! ๐Ÿ˜ณ

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