Arsenal have World class players – So whose fault is it we are rubbish??

The season can’t end soon enough for us, but this summer is massive. by Konstantin Mitov

Forget the Europa League. Arsenal will be out as soon as the first leg against Milan is over. Think about the future for once. I’ve been here on this site for a few years and I saw so many people curse me, calling me names and whatever because I kept saying Wenger’s the problem, and as much as I don’t like sounding like a broken record, it’s necessary.

The performances on the pitch speak volumes. The emptiness, the lack of desire, the pure agony on the players faces. They just want to get games over with. They fear the opposition. We’re afraid to tackle, afraid to shoot, afraid to control the ball. Every time we make a mistake, heads drop.

We looked dead after we conceded yesterday and on Thursday if Aguero finds the net again, imagine the atmosphere. I bet the stadium would be half-empty. I wonder when is the next protest coming or is it coming at all? It’s beyond embarrassing how this football club is all about one man and nothing else.

We’ve changed probably over a hundred players since he is here, assistant-managers have changed, we’ve added a few new coaches, we’ve changed the head scout and we’ve bought two good strikers, yet we struggle for goals, we cannot defend, we don’t have any confidence and it’s always somebody else’s fault.

We don’t deserve this. The prices for this game were ridiculous again and we were sold out and what for? I want Welbeck, Mustafi, Cech, Bellerin, Koscielny, Xhaka, Wilshere and Ramsey all out of this football club. Those players, just like Walcott, Giroud and the Ox who were sold before them, have failed this football club.

Players like those, have supported this manager and are always “thankful” for what the french disaster has done for them, then guess what? Go with him to another club. If I honestly say what I think about Wenger, I’d go to prison. I hate this man more than anything else.

This summer is make or break for me. I’m done with this circus joke. I’ve spent 15 years of my life (which is more than half of it) following this football club throughout good and bad and I cannot believe I keep wearing an Arsenal hat and scarf everywhere I go and I waste my weekends seeing such excrement left out on the pitch.

Once we lose to Milan the joke season will officially be over and I hope the board take a serious look at the situation and pull the trigger. Everyone abandoned Wenger, even his wife, and if he doesn’t leave this summer, I’m done. I’ve had enough. I endured a lot of pain only because of Arsene, but if we’re going to sacrifice a 130 year old club for a French garbage manager that’s not for me.

This is a squad containing world cup winners, a ton of internationals and if you tell me they are that bad and it’s not the managers fault, you are blind and deluded and you are part of the reason this man is still here. I can’t wait for this season to just end and get to the important decisions.

Conte will be available, Tuchel, Ancelotti and a lot of others would surely love to take over Arsenal for less than the incredible money the joker earns for these pathetic performances. We pay the highest ticket prices in the world! Protests, booing, and critique is the only thing this manager and these set of players deserve.

And if they think different, they can stop being cowards and face the fans after the game to see exactly what we think of them. When I remember the players who wore those shirt numbers I wanna puke. Those people are a disgrace for Arsenal football and it’s high time they and their Captain Failure all leave for good so we can start fresh.



  1. Mobella says:

    Are you seriously asking that question Konstantin.

  2. Grandad says:

    Let’s focus on the facts. Our goalkeepers and all our defenders are not remotely World Class.We do not have one top quality central/defensive midfielder.The only players who are World Class are Ozil and Auba but they are unable to influence matches when they meet top quality teams because of the bang average players around them.Ramsay on occasion can be top class but with goals flying in at the other end 2/3 players cannot turn Arsenal into a top side.A team is only as good as it’s weakest player and sadly in the case of Arsenal we have too many challenging for that “honour”

    1. jperiod says:

      agree, that Arsenal does not have enough world class players. If they can bring in 5-6 world class players next season and offload 5-7 average to below average players, AND with a new top quality Manager , they could probably get up to 4th place next season and then bring in another 5 top quality players the following offseason and then challenge for the league title in 2019-2020.

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        5 or 6 world class players that would cost at least 300m in spending or more

        1. John0711 says:

          Oh no !!! Hang ion we have 300m in the bank and have just signed a deal for 200m

          You may be the last wenger supporter even though your not big enough to openly admit it

          1. John Ibrahim says:

            exactly lets spend every single cent of it……200m can only get 1 mbappe these days

          2. John0711 says:

            No lest keep it in the bank dumb *^%#
            Man City spend 35-50 mil
            So technically we have enough for 10 players

            Yet fans like you are happy with money in the bank
            At least you don’t deny still being a AKB

            You are th problem

          3. John Ibrahim says:

            gosh personal attack again?

          4. John0711 says:

            It’s not personal there’s a group of you who are sheep baaaa

          5. Ken 1945 says:

            You are a moronic idiot with nothing informative to discuss.
            All you do is throw insults about and make pathetic claims that have no substance with reality.
            Try and be a little more adult in your posts and give us something to talk about or are you so thick you cannot say something sensible?
            I’m annoyed that I’ve taken the bait, but fools like you would try the patience of a saint.

          6. Guneal says:

            Best ignored like my stinking shit!

          7. jakseth says:

            I don’t agree about the players. although we have a completely unbalanced squad we do have great players in most position. we lack a clear system and leadership. I bet a good kick in the nest with a new talented manager should revive the team and the sleeping talents.

        2. nosa says:

          is it your money, are u taking the money to heaven, I want to tell my children what arsenal is to me, I want to tell them I witness 11epl titles and champions league not how much we spent on players or how much we have saved. looked at city, nobody remembers that they but a right back called walker for 52m ones the EPL is wraped up next month all we will hear of is that they one the EPL and lost only one game, u gives a damn about money, just give us world class players and trophy moreover arsenal is d 3rd richest club now, will asensl give u a dine for helping them save their money? we need glory

          1. Ken 1945 says:

            John Ibrahim,
            If you have a difference of opinion out come the personal insults.
            Someone on this site told me that Arsenal only beat Chelsea in last years cup final because they were celebrating the night before after winning the league title.
            We may be the third/fourth richest club (depends on what you read), but that doesn’t mean we can go out and spend it all on one player.
            Chelsea and City have owners who could do that at a blink of an eyelid and £200million is just pocket money to them.
            The owner of our club is Stan Kronke, so the money is his, not ours.
            Once we realise this, the demands for buying glory might be seen for what it is, a pipedream (unless he sanctions it).
            I have just arrived home from a 1,000 mile roundtrip to see my team totally destroyed, but, weather permitting, will be at the Emirates this Thursday supporting my club. There are different ways to show ones support, who is to say which is right?
            However, what I saw on Sunday was a disgrace. After Mustafi’s unbelievable mistake we just gave up.
            There was no passion, no fight, no pride in the shirt and no one can blame anyone but the manager and players out there on Sunday.
            The owner and board must also take the blame for what went on and I can see no way back for certain players and of course, Wenger.
            I have been called a AKB (childish stupidity) because I have maintained that, under Wenger, our club has moved forward under his managment.
            I won’t list his successes in trophies, players bought and sold, the new stadium etc. because he has also made some awful mistakes.
            I believe his biggest error was in not backing David Dein and from that moment the errors began.
            Those who think I am a blind supporter of Wenger totally missed the points I was making against the personal attacks and blind hatred of this man and they should have no place within our club.
            Of course we are all passionate regarding Arsenal otherwise we wouldn’t be posting on this site.
            I have tried not to become involved with individuals who insult my views (hard to do sometimes), but believe it or not, there are differing views on every subject and they should be respected and discussed in a mature and friendly way.
            Wenger should have gone after our fantastic semi final and final wins in the cup last year. It would have given him the perfect swansong to bow out.
            But he didn’t and it is now time for the greatest manager we have ever had to call it a day.
            I really hope we can win the Europa cup and I hope we can win every game we play this season.
            Let’s remember the greatest season in our history with the Invincibles managed by Wenger and hope that he sees the time is right to end his time as Arsenal manager.

          2. jon fox says:

            Miracle of miracles, reality has finally dawned upon you and now you actually want Wenger out. However despite almost total disagreement with all your Wenger love in posts in recent times, I do fully agree that losing David Dein was a calamitous day in our history. Had his good “friend” Wenger put his job on the line for him , back in 2007, when he was still universally adored by all Gooners, the traitorous board would surely have relented and we would not be in this mess now. Dein was Wengers dynamism , which died when Dein was forced out. Since that awful day the club has drifted remorselessly. Pre 2007-8 Wenger was superb; since then he has become a tedious and arrogant man, without Dein to shield Wenger from his own natural inclination to avoid making a quick decision and to be pro-active, as all top managers must be. Dein was sacked in early 2007. QED!

          3. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

            Jon, not only was the loss of David Dein catastrophic, but Wenger started to openly dislike any confrontation or dissenting views within the team. Players selected by Wenger post Dein tended to be physically small, prone to injury and lacking determination when things went against them. Name the last hard determined captain Arsenal had following on from Viera? Past players from early in Wenger’s management reigh comment on how the Arsenal players such as Adams, Lehmann, Viera, Henri etc would let each other know where things were going wrong and what was required. Now Wenger has surrounded himself with “yes men”.

  3. Skipp3r says:

    Until we change the manager, you will always get results and league campaigns like this season and so many before.
    Wenger has tarnished his reputation by staying at least 5 years too long. Yes, we won three FA Cups but the rot started before those wins, they merely bought Wenger more time and contracts to continue his tenure.
    Sell all the players, get a load of new ones in, it won’t change a thing.
    Its the manager, and he’s personally responsible for dragging the club down to mediocrity.

  4. Wolf says:

    The Ox has improved under Klopp

  5. Phil says:

    Wenger.Full stop.Next topic please.

    1. Yossarian says:


      We don’t have a team of world-class players, but arguably neither does anybody apart from Man City. And they didn’t either, until Pep started coaching them.

      The problem is Wenger.

  6. miker says:

    It high time the admin reinstate that thumbs button. That’s all the football left in me until Wenger steps down.

    1. Yossarian says:

      Yeah… Thumbs-up to that 🙂

  7. DANDY GUNNER says:

    The Arsenal Board , Mr Wenger and the girls I mean the team.

  8. Craig says:

    Wenger is to blame. I think you would be surprised how well these players would do under a passionate manager driven 100% to win and be the best. Wenger and bould don’t even get involved on the side pitch. Their lame attitude resonates through the player. They don’t believe and so neither do the players . They play with fear of losing. Change anyone you like it won’t make any difference. You need to cut the head off the beast. There is no other way forward. What could be worse than this anyway?

  9. jamdownyouth says:

    The fans are bashing Wenger and rightly so but the bigger picture is that AFC have turned into a business since Kronke took over and so the number one priority for him is making money. One just have to look at his other sport franchises here in the USA and realize that this man view teams only as an investment and his primary concern is getting a ROI. The management of any other football team in the world would have replaced Wenger already. Can anyone see Barca, Real or even Chelsea sticking with an underachiever like Wenger for so long? Arsene is obsessed with doing this his way and sticks to his philosophy regardless even when its evident that change is needed, but because he has always gotten Arsenal champions league money and does not believe in spending huge money on transfer (except when he is forced) so Kronke and his mercenaries have no problem sticking with him. My fear is that we will have to hit rock bottom before we see change and by that time it might take eons for us to get back to being top level.

  10. John Ibrahim says:

    once wenger leave things will quiet down…arsenal fan tv will lose their viewerships….70% of the peope in this site will be gone after hiting their target….

    that is the ultimate goal of the media and fans….

    1. John0711 says:

      Sorry admin I can’t help this one ?

      1. Admin says:

        Strangely enough I agree he’s an idiot, but no personal abuse please!

        1. John0711 says:


        2. Guneal says:

          I think all Ibrahims are!

        3. jon fox says:

          Admin, I note then that this post is your admission that calling someone an idiot is therefore not personal abuse in your book. On this , I agree with you and I have often called people idiots too and do not regard that as personal abuse. It is good to know that on this , you have clearly changed your mind, for the better, from previous correspondence.

      2. Ken 1945 says:

        So ere’s another of your highly intelligent posts for discussion.
        Your IQ has just risen 100% versus your sheep post.
        Now stands at 0.01%
        Keep it going and you might be able to persuade others that you views are so sound and sensible, they might be worth looking at.

  11. Dave says:

    Got off the TV set when I saw the lineup…You could tell from the line up we were Going to loose…
    Like seriously….Who plays a city side with a line up of players who can’t match City’s pacy game…
    Belerin should have been at Chamber’s position, bringing on Iwobi in his position…
    Belerin+Iwobi = pace….Even if both are not at city’s quality, our opponents would’ve thought twice anytime they tried to go forward on the right…
    Again Elneny should have been the guy shielding the defence instead of Xhaka…
    The coach also needed to decide between Ramsey and Wishere in terms of who plays a deeper or a more advanced role and Failed….
    It’s obvious that Wilshere thrives in both roles but Ramsey is so good playing in an advanced role compared to the defensive role he was handed in this game….
    We had no proper winger in our side yesterday…..All those on the left and right side of our attack were all defenders….Ozil and Wilshere who were right behind the striker are not also known for pace: reason why Aubameyang was completely out of the game…No supply
    So if its not a Wenger problem, can someone tell me what it is then….It was clear from the beginning….

    I thought I would wake up to see a headline stating “Arsenal sacks Wenger” today…. but…..
    The only Arsenal story am interested in….Really

  12. Pubgooner says:

    Somebody, anybody please tell me that Mugabe the Wenker has left !!!

  13. GoonAR says:

    Wembley= Wenger’s last stand

  14. World class players?. Are they really so definitive in a squad?. Sevilla played a great game against man utd. How many world class players are there in sevilla? Navas, banega, lenglet, correa, Muriel?. How many in man utd? Sánchez, mata, pogba, de gea, lukaku?.

    Yesterday atletico netted 5 against sevilla. How many world class players in atletico?vrsaliko, saul, thomas, filipe, correa, vitolo and gameiro would never be considered as world class and they all played in an amazing display of pace, marking, coordinated attack, through passes, anger guts and passion. One answer: Simeone. One answer: passion for the game. One answer: die fighting. One answer: will to endure. One answer: create history. One answer: anger and courage. One answer: give Simeone a group of average players and hell show you world class players. Give him teenagers and hell turn them into men. Give him men and hell turn them into legends. Give wenger world class players and hell turn them into frightened teens

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Spanish league are known to be stronger….

      during Fergie’s era, if Fergie’s Utd have played in the Spanish league, there was a saying they wouldn’t finish in top 10

      1. Ken 1945 says:

        John Ibrahim,
        Can’t agree with you on that one .
        Look at who Fergies team beat in his era and you will find Spanish, German, French etc
        In fact nearly everybody except the Invincibles of course.
        Until, that is, they kicked us of the park oin game number49!!

    2. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

      Boliviangunner, totally agree – Simeone and Athletico Madrid are the prime example of everything that Wenger and Arsenal aren’t!

  15. V.uren says:

    Ox -35mil
    Walcott -25 mil
    Giroud -18 mil
    Coquelin -12 mil
    Szchezny -13 mil
    Gibbs -7 mil
    Sanchez – 0
    Debuchy -0
    Gabriel -10 mil

    Total income = 120 million

    Lacazette – 53 mil
    Aubameyang – 55 mil
    Mkhitaryan – 0
    Kolasinac – 0
    Mavropanos – 3 mil

    Total outgoings – 111 million

    Please feel free to correct me if any of that above is incorrect , Pretty sure that is very close to our transfer activity over the last two windows …. not taking into account wages etc.

    And we couldn’t afford johnny Evans … JOHNNY EVANS !!!???

    ” our aim as a club is to win top honours !”

    What a joke we are , they don’t deserve our loyalty or our money and I certainly won’t be sat watching, pulling my hair out over a shambles that just don’t seem to care anymore.

    Boycott games , march’s , protests , banners … whatever it takes , just bring back the arsenal ive grown up loving please !!!

  16. Bakri says:

    Yeas , the Arsenal board are rubbish for keeping a non-footballer for more than 21 years as Arsenal manager and paying him over £6m /a year. Wenger has never played football in any well known club and has never managed a top club before Arsenal . Wenger only Managed Monoco when it was a new small club and them went to Japan where the football game was just starting.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      wow nice…

      so only footballers that play for top clubs and managers that manager top clubs can manage Arsenal??

      very high standards indeed….

      1. Ken 1945 says:

        John Ibrahim,
        Bakri is another John0711.
        Thinks his opinions are facts.
        Try looking at the facts behind two of our most successful managers Bakri:
        Herbert Chapman and Bertie Mee then come back and we can discuss further.
        By the way, what about the Neville Bros? They covered themselves in managerial glory didn’t they? Alan Shearer? Got Newcastle relegated didnt he?
        They are FACTS!!!

        1. John Ibrahim says:

          Gary Neville was just lucky that in his era there weren’t many good RB and hes playing for a top club that is winning….hes not talented but very hard working and determined….

          Phil was worst….just riding on his brother’s glory

  17. Phil says:

    George Graham came to my mind yesterday.I don’t think of the THIEVING B•••ARD too often because I despise him for what he did.Stole money.Got found out.Gave it back.Got sacked.It seemed he was beginning to lose his way a bit and it was not to be too long before before he either walked or he was pushed.But the memory of him coming to us as a manager(from his first job at Millwall)when the majority of fans wanted Venebles(despite his obvious Spud past)was of a keen enthusiastic young manager who wanted the opportunity to manage this club.What happened over the following years would have earned him his own Bronze Statue if he had not got caught with his hands in the clubs till.But what an impact he made.
    Before his first season in charge he told everyone who would listen he would COACH the players that were here.He would give EVERY player EVERY opportunity to prove themselves and would use his youth players if he thought they deserved the chance over the established players.
    Are you beginning to see something here?
    That first season he had COACHED a TEAM of young and experienced players to PLAY HIS FOOTBALL HIS WAY.He had no interest in reputations.You were out if you crossed him.He run a strict regime.But for the first time in years the fans were encouraged and optimistic.His ONLY sighting that season was Perry Groves for £60k.He gave everyone a chance and they all responded.We WON the League Cup that season.Semi final against the old dustbin lifs from down the road.Lost first leg 2-0 at Highbury.Was 1-0 down at half time in second leg.We needed CHARACTER.We needed BELIEF.We needed plasters who would run through a brick wall.We won the game 2-1.We TURNED THE GAME AROUND.We won a game we were losing.Why?We had a MANAGER WHO KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING,The PLAYERS TRUSTED THE MANAGER.They together would not accept losing.See where this is going?The replay was away.We were 1-0 down at half time.We needed something to happen.We needed the players to dig deep and respond.We did.We equalised in the 78th minute and scored the winner with minutes to go.Why did we win that Semi- Final trilogy.Because we had a manager who COACHED his players and the players BELIEVED IN THEIR MANAGER. See where this is going? The Final.Liverpool at Wembley.Massive underdogs.1-0 down.Needed something.What happened?The players responded.We equalised before half time.We got the winner late in the game .How did we do this?A manager who trusted his players and players who would never let their manager down.
    Fast forward 31 years to THAT performance on Sunday by THOSE players coached by THIS manager.
    No more to be said

  18. Vlad says:

    I’d like to say that it’s been a nice ride for me here at JustArsenal but sadly it’s not the same without thumbs up/down anymore, and the site is clearly deteriorating. So regretfully this will be my last post. I’m off to Arseblog. So long, everyone!

    P.S. Enjoy the quiet time, Konstantin, as I won’t be bugging you anymore.

    1. Admin says:

      LOL Vlad, deteriorating?
      The site is getting more comments than ever since the thumbs down destroyed my server.
      Isn’t it better to talk than just see what the trolls decide to tick!
      I prefer it anyway.
      You will be missed….

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