“Arsenal haven’t learned their lesson” Agbonlahor reacts to Arsenal’s move for Havertz

Gabby Agbonlahor has expressed his opinion regarding Arsenal’s move for Kai Havertz in the current transfer window, suggesting that the Gunners have not learned from their previous mistakes. Agbonlahor questions the decision to pursue Havertz, who has faced difficulties during his time in England.

While Arsenal fans, including figures like Piers Morgan and Darren Bent, are puzzled by the potential transfer, the Gunners are reportedly continuing with their efforts to secure Havertz’s signature and are nearing a deal.

However, Agbonlahor disagrees with the notion that Havertz fits into Arsenal’s vision and plans for the future. His comments reflect a difference of opinion regarding the suitability of the player for Arsenal’s squad and style of play.

The former Aston Villa man tells Football Insider:

“He is not an out and out number nine, which what Arsenal need as they currently have Gabriel Jesus and Eddie Nketiah but require an upgrade on them.

“Havertz hasn’t got that finishing instinct, so it is very strange from Arsenal if they are going to give £50-£60million to Chelsea, so they can then sign a player that the Gunners want in Moises Caicedo.

“It would be a wrong deal for the Gunners, and I am sure that their fans would agree.”

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Havertz is not a remarkable player and most of us cannot understand why the club wants to add him to the group.

However, they still need our support and we have to be patient and trust the manager’s judgement on his move for the German.

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  1. Willian, Runnarrson, Mari, Soares, Vieira, Lakonga, Tavares and soon-to-be Kai Havertz – all deadwood created by Arteta. No other manager in the history of the club has wasted – unnecessarily – so much money on useless players.

    1. Arteta on a panic buy. He never thought of Harvetz at the first place. Now that chelsea are caught up by the fair play rule after the Mydryk debacle against arsenal, now arteta is here to bail them out…. it’s a shame. I doubt if Arteta will be at the helm in November. He’s spent a lot already on deadwood, I agree.

      1. seriously you need to learn how FFP Works how they structured their player contracts is how they’ve got around it. Yes no european football will hurt them but thats what the saudis are there for.
        But please take time to gain knowledge of the loop holes that have allowed chelsea to do what they have done, but know even though they are selling they can essentially make their FFP worse due to inflated fee and contract length

        1. Speaking of knowledge,your claim that the Saudi are helping Chelsea is incorrect,the clubs helping are Arsenal / City by agreeing to pay £87million ($110.9m) combined for Havertz and Kovacic, while the Saudi deals Koulibaly (£17m), Ziyech (£8m) and Mendy (£17m) .also,when it comes to FFP rules only the deals made before the 30th of June will count for this footballing year and Saudi can only register players from the 1st of July.

    2. can i just clarify as clearly you didnt know the situation Arteta came into.
      he was limited as to what he could invest in.
      He very quickly worked out the good, bad, eager and want away eggs. something arsene wenger couldnt do and emery had no control over. Also Vieira is Artetas only signing from that bunch, the rest were stop gaps because we were spread so thin. Gabriel (both) Partay, White, Zinchenko, Salibas loan and return, Odegaard, Trossard, Tomiyasu and Ramsdale!! do you rate any of what you listed better than what he brought in?? because to me it looks like nothing but upgrades tenfold to me……. or maybe you consider tavares one of the best in the world. odegaard seemed dead given his hype and now everyone is in awe of his ability and that took a year and a half.

    3. Except for Vieira (who could still come good, although that doesn’t seem likely) and perhaps Lokonga the others you mentioned were relatively small ticket signings, probably don’t even add up to the single signing of Pepe.

  2. I agree with the first sentence The second is laughably wrong though.

    Look back no further than Wenger with his hugely long and depressing list of totally dud centre backs going right back to his start with SENDEROS and ending with MUSTAFI and SOKRATIS , the Greek wrestler. UGH!
    AW could not recognise a top class CB if one broke into his house and bit him on the bum!.

    Inherited ones and Campbell apart, plus one or two useful only ones. Not much in 22 years of tedious defensive duds


      1. 50% approval from you is quite an achievement @ jonfox. Let me rephrase my statement to get the full 100%: No other manager in the history of the club has wasted so much money on useless players in such a short period of time.

        1. Willian – Free transfer
          Runnarson – £2M
          Mari – £6M
          Soares – Free Transfer
          Vieira – £35M
          Lokonga – £17.5M
          Tavares – £8M
          Total = £68.5M over 3 seasons

          Unai Emery brought in Pepe for £80M, David Luiz for £8.7M and paid £8M just to loan Mari in a single window.

          Lets also not forget during Arteta’s time we got rid of:
          Mustafi, Ozil, Sokratis, Kolasinac, Bellerin, Chambers, Aubameyang, Daid Luiz, Willian, Mari, Mavrapanos, Mkhitaryan, and he’s brought in:
          Partey, Gabriel, Tomiyasu, Ramsdale, Odegaard, White, Zinchenko & Jesus.

          Worth entioning too how much transfer figures have inflated over the last 5 years by clubs hoping to purchase the title in the transfer window and how many of them have worked out successfully…

          All in all, I have to disagree with your evaluation.

          As to the original post I personally am excited about Havertz joining as I think Arteta will get the best out of him which we’ve yet to see in a leaderless struggling chelsea side. He will also add much needed squad depth for the upcoming season. Hopefully can add Rice, Lavia, and Timber and sort Saliba’s contract (as we have with Saka and Martinelli.

          Each to their own I guess, but I just don’t see enough to get depressed about yet

          1. MA may have got rid of what some of you call “duds” but how much did it cost the club??the club had to pay/buy them off to leave.

        2. I still find it incredible that, with so called dud keepers, full backs and centre backs, we still managed to finish no lower than 6th in two decades, along with eighteen years of CL football, fa cup wins and Community Shield success.

          Perhaps we should appreciate what those (so called) “duds” achieved, rather than keep going back in time to denegrate them if that was the case?

          After all, wasn’t that said when Sanchez enquired if there was any chance of returning to The Arsenal by JF himself.

        3. Still only the original 50% agreement. Wenger wasted far more, though pro rata, as fees were then lower than now.

    1. Yeah and till managed to get top 4 every season. Quite remarkable. Oh and Arsene only wished that the football club was spending for him what they’re spending now.When you don’t have money to spend you need to go bargain shopping. It’s not like he had 200 mil every season.Besides I think Kolo also wasn’t a bad buy.Even Vermaelen was great until injuries started taking over.Koscielny was great as well.So I’m sure one of the best managers of all time knows more than you about CBs.

      1. In your odd version of English ” useful or merely decent” seems to be elevated to mean”great”, which in truth is nonsense.

    2. Senderos was signed as a youth player, I thought, and was actually a superb CB in many ways (if I remember, we didn’t concede for his first several matches) – his only problem was handling the pressure in big matches and particularly against very strong cfs (Drogba and torres). It’s an unusual example where it clearly didn’t work out, but i can see why senderos played so many matches.
      Have to agree with your point though. Campbell, you mentioned, toure was excellent, koscielny was very good, and that’s about it for me (was never a fan of vermaelen – very good footballer but a poor CB imo).
      A couple he got wrong for unusual reasons: Gallas was a superb CB but a disaster overall because wenger made him captain (and he clearly wasn’t made to be a captain) and mertesacker was also a very good CB that just couldn’t play in our high line system due to his complete lack of any pace whatsoever.

  3. Some just never learn their lesson, laughing and ‘puzzled’ on Ramsdale’s signing. ‘This guy’s been relegated twice! ‘ LOL

  4. I totally disagree, with the notion of calling young players dead wood before they reach their pick.The same comments were made when we signed our captain, just because he played for Chelsea he is labelled deadwood lol

  5. Gabriel Agbonalahor and all those jumping on Arteta’s back for moving quickly to sign Havertz are simply naive!
    Mikel Arteta and Edu simply know what they’re doing. I have no doubts about that. Arsenal are not buying Kai Havertz to play as their number #9. They’re buying him to play deeper in the left-sided #8. How is that a problem?
    Chelsea bought one of the best young players in the world and misused him. He’s almost entirely played as a #9 for them, which has taken a lot away from the world beater we all saw at Leverkusen. Arteta, just as he did with Martin Ødegaard, knows exactly what to do to get the best out of the German international.
    I saw the same nonsense said about Ødegaard when he signed permanently from Real Madrid. Those were silenced beyond resurrection and I’m sure those naysayers about Havertz will be!

    1. SP sir as RFrancis noted above i quote Willian, Runnarrson, Mari, Soares, Vieira, Lakonga, Tavares and soon-to-be Kai Havertz – edu and arteta dont know what their doing ,either we are big club or not if we are we should get our main targets which we failed badly messing other clubs about probably not getting caicedo in january cost us big ,and we are not big club then we are westham everton level which thats what edu and arteta are making us to be with dithering and messing out in transfers and wasting money on duds the ones rfrancis mentioned,rice as an example dither dither dither ,they know westham wants to sell why dont they meet westham owner and strike up a deal there and then after all hes oir main target ,what do they do ? They throw bids our like fools, as the saying goes throw zh….t around see what sticks ,we are terrible we will be back midtable next season with this mindset mark my words

  6. Who cares what Gabby has to say, of all the pundits he is the worst. He is as dumb as rocks. That said, the Havartz deal has me scratching my head.

  7. Hes spot on we actually giving chelsea our money so they buy caicedo our nr 1 target in january which of course we failed badly to get him ended up with jorginho, so now we buy another chelsea dud for 60m,jesus i give up,its like the board are sabotaging their own team, i wonder does edu get paid by boehly?
    I know ill get lots of hate but next season we will end up 7th or max 6th straight out of cl group stages the way we conduct or transfer business ,whoever thinks otherwise ill remember this day and ill get back to you.

  8. Judging from his records at Chelsea, I do not see what value he is coming to add to Arsenal. I agree with Piers and Agbonlahor. Caicedo would’ve been a better a better buy.

    1. Guys let the coach do his things he knows better then all of us besides he knows xhaka is leaving so kai will fill the void but im not sure about the money we pay lets hope for the best

  9. Agbonlahor is making an assumption that Havertz is being bought as a striker. How does he know Arsenal’s recruitment intentions? Most of the smart people here have the opinion that he’s being brought in as a replacement for Xhaka, and if he scores goals…great, so fcuk off Gabby.🤐

    1. Some of the replies are so unnecessarily reactionary. Jax made the most obvious and reasonable remark as we don’t know Arsenal’s recruitment intentions.

      1. Reactionary to bad decisions made in transfer windows but our board/transfer handling team ,us that disagree with some of these atrocious decisions thats what we think . Or shall we have no opinions at all and agree with everything board edu arteta does clap like seals and nod like good dogs .
        Mid table next season with these mindsets

        1. Of course you have the right to your opinion – I just don’t happen to agree with it so far. I repeat, so far.
          My point being that neither you, me or the gate post truly know what is going on behind the scenes. Rumours suddenly become facts in our minds because the pundits and journalists need to have a story to tell and experience has shown me that a lot of it is a load of fanciful rubbish

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