Wenger heading for crisis with TWO Arsenal stars?

I will be frustrated but not at all surprised on Saturday afternoon, when Arsene Wenger announces his Arsenal starting line up for the Premier League home game against Stoke City and the names of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Theo Walcott are missing once again.

Hopefully the boss will prove me wrong and select at least one of the pacy England internationals on the other side of Olivier Giroud to Alexis Sanchez, but I am not holding my breath. So many games that seemed perfect for the pacy players have come and gone and the boss has stuck with his trusted starting XI, putting a player like Ramsey, Ozil, Cazorla or Wilshere out wide where they can do a job but are not really comfortable.

Theo and the Ox are not perfect, I grant you. They sometimes take on too much and they do lose the ball more than the likes of Ramsey. but they offer the Gunners something that none of our other players do. On their day, the two Englishmen can terrorise any team and can be almost unplayable. On an average day they give the opposition a problem as there is always that chance of us getting in behind with a long ball.

If Wenger continues to ignore these two players that would probably get in almost any other team in the league, I think that there will soon be serious ructions in the dressing room. So why does Wenger insist on keeping them on the bench? Anyone?

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    1. Ox is not defending properly on the flank. He can do that only in the middle. Ramsey will be out of position but at least he can defend there. This is a 6 points game judging by our immediate schedule so please, don’t take any gamble.

  1. If Wenger selects Walcott and Oxlade – Chamberlain for the starting 11 then I think they should both play against Stoke on Saturday.

    If they don’t then we’ll only have 9 players which would not be advisable. It’s a no brainer.

  2. I think with Giroud being our only goal scorer so far, he should Start up front. He will also be eager to respond to the boos by scoring

    Walcott or Oxlade should be on the right with the other on the bench

    If Giroud doesn’t perform change him for Walcott

  3. Time for Wenger to dump “hold up play” crap and revert back to pace and movement upfront. Stick with Ox Wally & Sanchez axis upfront for few games! We are a passing team and with Ozil Santi in the middle, we are more than capable of bringing the ball out from the back instead of lumping upfront to a ponderous target man!

    1. What are you talking about!?!? We nearly always play the ball through midfield, when do we ever just ‘lump the ball up front?’ have you been watching another team?
      ‘Hold-up play crap’ is relevant when you have supporting runners, which we have loads of and haven’t been shy in committing numbers to attack. Our chance creation has been fine though our finishing has let us down. Stoke coming to the Emirates it’s a pretty safe bet that they’ll be defending pretty deep. Giroud will be far more effective than Theo this coming game.

  4. Why?
    Because Wenger knows Less! Thats why!
    The stubborn indenial old ####! ??

    Once upon a time. . I used to very much like and respect Wenger… but now I hate the ####! ???

  5. it doesn’t matter if y’all want the Ox or walcott on the wings………….there’s a new candidate now…..his name’s RAMSEY…..and he’s a wenger Favourite too!

  6. Ramsey plays because
    Theo and Ox are
    one trick koala bears.
    They run hard and if the ball
    is perfectly placed for them can
    throw a boot at it and sometimes it goes in.
    They can’t pass properly and either
    don’t or can’t tackle.
    Ramsey is multi skilled he can run,
    pass, shoot and tackle, he also has a football brain.
    Theo and Ox are way over rated
    and live off the odd piece of good play
    or goal usually against Andorra or Reading.
    Theo and Ox are also badly injury prone.
    8 years and 4 years of potential unfulfilled.
    Wilshere (still injured) Wellbeck injured Theo and Ox
    are part of the English “cor” Crap Overated Rubbish.

    1. The saddest thing, Is I think you actually believe this stuff you seemingly make up on the spot…
      Ox and Theo are completely different players. In a david-esque way, putting aside your dramatic nonsense, I can sort of see how your simplified description may be relevant to Theo…
      But the majority of work Ox does is with the ball at his feet.. Delivery isn’t really relevant to his impact on a game in the slightest.

    2. i think the reason wenger dropped ox for ramsey is because of the reluctance he showed defensively. besides ramsey offers quite a different playing style which is roaming around the pitch which wenger likes. i would’t mind ramsey on the right until the right ox is complete.

  7. We have three games this week, with Chelsea and our CL game just two days apart so I’m very keen to see how Wenger rotates. The Chelsea game is simply put, massive, and we have a huge opportunity to put another contender even further off the pace.
    City have Juve mid-week, in between Palace away and West Ham with two big scalps already. Big-time pressure for them with two teams very capable of causing an upset.

    Personally, I don’t think we’ll see Ramsey on the wing vs stoke. He’s our third best midfielder who has experience playing beside Arteta in the deeper two which I think Wenger will opt for in our CL game to keep Cazorla and Coquelin fresh for Chelsea. I think it’ll be Sanchez, Giroud and Ox vs Stoke to give Theo a run up front mid-week.

  8. This would never happen in a million years but Theo and Alexis would play the wings and the Ox at Centre forward with Carzola and Ozil feeding. Pace plus class.

    1. that is an intersting idea. the ox has better strength than walcott and pacy and much better technical than girud. i wish we saw 1 game of that line up

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