Arsenal hesitation allows more clubs to join race to sign major target

It was always going to happen, the more Arsenal hesitated the more the door was opened for other clubs to join the race to sign William Saliba.

First, Tottenham laid down their interest to sign the St Etienne defender and you can now add Wolves and Roma to the list.

Arsenal has been linked with the 18-year-old all summer but they have been unable to get any deal over the line despite reportedly agreeing to personal terms with the teenager.

St Etienne wants their full valuation met and for the player to be loaned back to them next season and they are in a very strong position because the player himself wants to remain in France for one more year.

Arsenal have hesitated plain and simple, they could have just agreed to St Etienne’s demands or pulled out, they have done neither and tried to negotiate a better deal for themselves even though the Ligue 1 outfit have made it clear they will not budge.

Now, according to the latest reports, Wolves and Italian giants, Roma has joined the race to sign the talented centre back.

Arsenal may yet win the battle to seal a deal but the more clubs that enter the race the more it becomes likely that they will miss out.

They either have to bite the bullet and meet St Etienne demands or look elsewhere because if they hesitate much longer they will miss out.


  1. Kev please tell us the Vasquez rumours are false!

    Is Ozil also a chance to Fenerbahce?

    1. Vasquez rumours are false and I’m shocked as to how admin could’ve fallen for such cheap agent originated rumours just like many fans did with Torreira.

      Ozil to Fenebarche has as much chance as happening as me becoming admin of this site

  2. If they want the player get it done, if not move on. Haggling over a couple million is the Arsenal (Kronke) way. Hopefully we won’t add this young man to the list of would have, could have, should have.

    Thank goodness we changed management personnel, otherwise we still would be hesitating, dragging our feet, and haggling over a couple million.

    1. Oh yes he is and I’m only waiting for the deal to be announced which is very soon.After I shall prove how a very reliable and renowned French journalist said on June 25th that Saliba will join us and stated the amount clearly and I will compare this with an ITK take on the Saliba deal and you will see for yourself if he guessed.

  3. Hesitation has apparently not left with Wenger ?

    Not exactly a complaint because the transfer window isn’t closed yet. So who knows what’s happening behind closed doors

    All I know is that we have a lot of gaps to fill and players to upgrade

    It’s basically a rebuilding year

  4. We should all know by now that we never get the players whose transfer sagas drag on all summer. Longer this goes on, the less likely it is happening. same with Tierney. Be resigned to largely having the same terrible defense next season. This is what Kroenke allows.

  5. Admin you are late once again but I don’t blame you as you choose to follow media.Its not really your fault.

    Saliba is a done deal and he will go back on loan.
    Vasquez rumours are nothing but agent originated
    Ozil to Fenebarche isn’t happening at the moment and I don’t see it happening come end of window

    1. How about a winger or CM? Anything on Fraser or the Chilean CM Pulgar?

      Hope you’re right on Saliba and Tierney, that would be good business.

      1. Saliba and Tierney are already done.Agent and manger talk means nothing as has been shown in many past deals for e.g Lacazette.Its money which does the talking

        I have not seen anything concrete about a CM.Zaha bid will go in probably this coming week and is likely to include players + cash

  6. For many years Arsenal have missed players for many reasons, particularly during Wenger’s reign. Dick Laws was poor at multitasking the signing of players. At least Sven Mislitat was pro-actively on the ball last year. Now that Sven has escaped the Arsenal strait-jacket we are left with Vinai Venkatesham. How is he going to sign anyone. Does he know what he is doing? Lots of ‘talk the talk’, very little ‘walk the walk’. What can we expect from a management and board who are not real football people, real Arsenal people. What is there in it for the board when Satan Kroenke is sole owner? We are in a little trouble I think.

    1. It’s lacking a sense of urgency and ambition. Hope Vasquez rumor is garbage. He did little on a great team, where Fraser did great at a smaller club. Not to mention Fraser is younger, cheaper, more productive, and PL proven.

      Other guy is Spanish and cast off from Real Madrid, what do I know.

  7. Shame, we are about to start our pre-season and all we have signed is a kid from Brazil. Absolute shambles. Tierney…what’s happening? Anybody else what’s happening? Last year we were a bit pro-active this year we are back to groundhog day. I’m sure Mustafi, Elneny, Xhaka, Ozil and Mkhitaryan will have a nice tour of America and the coming season will be groundhog day too. Same old, same old.

    Satan Kroenke (his name in America) out!

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