Arsenal hierarchy still trust Mikel Arteta despite their awful start to the season

For a club that has already spent £130million on new signings, Arsenal has made a worrying start to this Premier League season.

The Gunners have lost their opening two matches against Brentford and Chelsea and some of the club’s fans have called for Mikel Arteta to be sacked.

A group of disgruntled fans even confronted him after their match against Chelsea as he drove home.

The former midfielder knows he has to deliver in this campaign if he wants to keep his job and must feel under pressure now that things have started badly.

After missing out on European football last season, the last thing the Gunners needed was a mediocre start to this one.

Unfortunately, two losses from their opening two league games of the campaign is beyond mediocre.

However, The Daily Mail claims that Arteta still has the trust of the Arsenal board who believe that the Spaniard has been unlucky.

They feel that his preparation for the start of this season has been affected by the covid outbreak that has hit the club’s squad.

They were without Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette for their opening game of the season and Lacazette was still unavailable for their match against Chelsea, with Ben White also missing the visit of the Blues after testing positive as well.

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  1. The Carabao is a welcome distraction.
    Players are returning Auba Laca Pepe scoring.
    Tavarez playing.
    Ramsdale and Odegaard first games.
    White due back after the break.
    A point at City is possible?
    Then the 2 week break.
    Afer that 3 defining games.
    Norwich Burnley Tottenham.
    9 points would take us into the top 10.
    Turning the corner.

  2. Not surprised, Same thing was said bout Emery and was later sacked, Don’t let us get carried away with this winning, Beating West Brom in that style doesn’t Worth rejoicing on, Arteta is still clueless as far as I’m concerned, we need to take a bold step before it’s too late.

  3. The call for Arteta to be sacked after two games of the season considering the circumstances is completely unreasonable. The behaviour and comments from some fans has been downright disgraceful. The ranting from some fans has been bewildering and absurd. This has not been helped by a string of negative articles on various platforms including this one which has fed into the negative frenzy based largely on two games of the season.
    There is a clear lack of balance in many comments. For example, much is made of the amount Arsenal have spent without consideration for the fact that several players have been unavailable. In addition, some of these players have just joined and will need time. There is clearly a plan but it will take time to work.

    1. Well said. I feel I might be called deluded for even thinking like you. That said, Arteta needs to hurry up. Any euphoria from last night if performances don’t improve will quickly evaporate.

    2. Agree, David. Once Mikel Arteta was retained for the new season, calling for his dismissal after two EPL games is ridiculous.

    3. As a serious minded and mature myself thinker, as you are, and a number of other mature minded Gooners also, I COULD NOT BE MORE DELIGHTED AT YOUR FAIR MINDED AND SENSIBLE POST DAVID.

      I say this as a fan who at the time Arteta was offered the job would have far preferred an established dworld class name. But I knew, being a realist, that no such name would ever accept the job, while Kroenke owns us, even in the unlikely scenario that such a name would be offered the job.
      Kroenke knows that ANY such name would demand a huge war chest to transform the squad and that such a war chest would not be forthcoming.

      REALISTIC Goonersalso knew that at the time and so, being SUPPORTERS, WE SUPPORTED THE CHOSEN MAN. I STILL SUPPORT HIM.
      But then I would, wouldnt I, as I AM A TRUE SUPPORTER, not a child throwing his toys out of his pram in a tantrum, simply because he could not get ALL he wants, WHEN he wants it.

      MATURE SUPPORTERS know that life does not work that way!

  4. Arteta could be given time by the hierarchy, but there should be tangible progress shown on the pitch in terms of style of play, positive football and the willingness to play hard. All this will come from proper motivation and encouragement apart from the necessary technical skills. The win yesterday was certainly a great morale booster and hopefully this is the beginning of a good long run. I was clearly impressed by Kola and AMN and am sure that Kola would have done a better job than Mari against Chelsea, he cannot be bullied easily and defends stoically. AMN can also be cajoled into playing the RB position since I feel Chambers is a bit slow on that front and AMN is more agile and technically gifted.

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