Arsenal hit a roadblock in their quest to sign Thomas Partey

Arsenal might have ended their pursuit of Thomas Partey if the latest update on that is to be believed.

The Gunners have been looking to sign the Ghanaian midfielder for a long time now, with Mikel Arteta targeting him as a fine addition to his midfield.

Atletico Madrid wants to keep hold of the midfielder, but he has a release clause like all players in Spain and it can be triggered by any team that can afford it.

The Gunners will struggle to pay the 50 million euros that is written into his current deal with the Spanish side and they have been looking at how to land him without paying all that money.

Some reports have claimed that the Gunners will sign him in a swap deal that might see the likes of Alexandre Lacazette and Matteo Guendouzi go the other way.

However, the latest update on his future from journalist David Vinuesa Malbac, who covers Atletico-based news for the likes of Libertad Digital and Eurosport, the Gunners have told the Spaniards that they will not pay his release clause.

In return, the Spaniards have informed them that they will not negotiate his transfer fee either, so at the moment it is deadlocked.

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  1. If this is true, it will be the biggest stuff up by Arsenal, since they bought no outfield players and only Petr Cech for the 2015/16 season. One could also say that it might be the biggest missed opportunity for a player in living memory, even bigger than Saurez from Liverpool, given that unlike in England, in Spain buy out clauses are enforceable.
    What is going on at Arsenal with recruitment, when they are being linked to Wilfred Zaha, when Arsenal need a quality box to box midfielder like Thomas Partey, a quality DM and quality CB?
    They remind me of the Australian Lyre Bird that loves shiny things and similarly no nothing about football.

    1. Just a point of fact ozziegunner, buy out clauses are enforceable in England. Suarez did not have a buy out clause in his contract. His clause stated he had to be informed if an offer was made of over £40 million, hence the plus £1 stupid offer just so he had to be informed we had bid on him.

      1. Thanks Declan for the clarification, my mistake.
        As for Arsenal management just offer the buy out clause and don’t insult Atletico Madrid with stupid low offers.

        1. 100% Ozzie no point beating around the bush here the 50 million is going to have to paid if we want him. To me it still looks like a deal that represents good value for the quality of player we are getting, the closest thing to Viera on paper. Complete wishful thinking (because it never seems to happen) but if we can free up transfer funds quicky we might be able to make some moves. The last thing we need is transfer sagas such as Aubas contract, Laca out, etc…

  2. Also linked to 17yo winger Joelson Fernandez for £40 miliion, yet the wing and forwards in general, are not the problem at Arsenal.
    Obviously Raul and Ravi don’t have a clue regarding the composition of a good football team; however what is Edu doing if he doesn’t recognise where the deficiencies are: midfield and defense?

  3. Get Partey, or die. Thomas Partey is the man that can bring greatness to Ashburton. Maybe a feeling of the old days, of Highbury. And there are no alternative players. It’s this the man. This is top class. If you go cheaper, you will end up cheaper. Second rate, 8th or less in EPL.
    Arteta say he have such a good relation to the Kroenkes. Talk to them then, Mikel. Tell them how important this signing would be. The most important signing in twenty XXX years. Even if you have to crawl all the way to California and beg on your bare knees. DO IT!!! Or resign.

    1. Correction: I get so upset that I lose the little English I’ve learned. It is this man. Thomas Partey – or no one. And he will make the other players so much better. Even Ceballos, Xhaka, David Luiz will look good when TP is around. This is our new skipper.

  4. I wrote this last night at 7pm, we offered 20M and and unknown player. A ridiculous rejected by Atlthletico who wants 45M.

    Same old Arsenal non sense.

    Everyone here asked Laca out all season long until last 3 games, now we must keep him.

    Very simple, swap Laca who is wanted by atletico for years; close deal, end it.

    1. I agree with you on Laca. He is average at best, but he runs around a lot. It doesn’t matter if his real job is to score goals.

  5. Why do we keep talking about this??get over it and move on, he is not coming to Arsenal!!!

  6. Why do we always make silly offers for quality players knowing they will be rejected? If a player who is valued @ £40/ 50million why do we under value them how must the player feel when he hears such a silly offer has been made would he feel valued enough to sign for such a tight fisted club? I know i would not sign if it were me in their position
    Other clubs buy in Harrods we buy in Pound Land!!!!!.

  7. Aubameyang has agreed to a new 3 year contract worth £250k a week. He’s expected to sign unless Barca or Real Madrid make a concrete bumper offer.

  8. This is what we need to do…

    Sell either Aubameyang or Lacazette, Kolasinac, Guendouzi, Sokratis, Luiz, Mhikitaryian, Niles, Elneny…
    Loan Willock.
    Bring back ESR…
    Now go after these guys aggressively Doucoure , Deloufeu, Emile Buendia, Max Aarons and GET THE FREE DEFENDER SARR by all means…
    These guys above would save cost seriously….
    Doucoure will come 10-20m cheaper than Partey of the same age(22 goal contribution in the past two seasons for a DM) he can be our 2nd Patrick Viera.
    Deulofeu? Dude can play both wings across the front, very fast and tricky. You need no reminding what he showed us in the first leg. Coming cheap as well, though currently injured.
    Buendia is young and very creative. Admit it he’ll be an upgrade to whatever we have presently.
    Max Aarons is a good backup for Tierney.

    Perhaps we call loan Coutinho too. But these guys would definitely improve our squad.

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