Arsenal hit by transfer snub from brilliant midfield target

When I say that Arsenal have been hit by this transfer snub, I mean of course if the Arsenal transfer rumours connecting the Gunners with a January bid for the Porto and Portugal international star Ruben Neves was close to the mark in the first place.

It was a rumour that has been doing the rounds and it was not just Arsenal, but our Premier League rivals Chelsea and Liverpool that were said to be keen on the talented young defe3nsive midfield star. The latest on the 18-year old though, reported by The Mirror, is that he has no intention of leaving his current club, at least not yet.

Neves was recently praised highly by the Porto president Pinto Da Costa, a man who has apparently played a significant part in the youngster’s development and it is clear that the midfielder is keen to repay that faith.

He said, “To hear the president say that he wants to make me a symbol of the club? It’s fantastic. This made me feel very proud.

“I am under contract until June 2019 and, at the moment, I am only thinking about the club achieving its goals.”

He has been with the Portuguese club since he was eight years old and has only really started to break through, so you can hardly blame him for wanting to stay where he is for now. The question for Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, however, is who to go for now. What do you think Gooners?

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    1. Any fan who dearly loves and cares about Arsenal knows that Wenger has past his sell by date, hope he calls it a a day end of the season. Time for younger modern manager like Guardiola to take over and take Ars forward.

  1. while we are stucked with mediocrity ……..the Likes of KLopp is doing wonders with Liverpool!


    Isn’t that ridiculous?

    1. i wouldnt judge klopp by his performances in the league cup alone. But you are right liverpool have found themselves a brilliant manager he may do liverpool wonders in years to come he may be the new ferguson.We have so much to worry about now since it seems foreign managers in the prem are all great.
      I hope wenger is seeing this

  2. this ruben neves transfer rumour ought to make it into the guiness book….. No sooner had an article been posted bout his link up with arsenal than it was squashed!


    Hahahaha @ Arsenal

  3. I think it’s time for the “So when do we move on from Theo, Jack, Ramsey, Gibbs, Oxlade-Chamberlain” article and discussion. Every year we are well aware of the potential of this group, every year we count on them, every year Arsene refuses to purchase players in their position for fear of stunting their growth, and every year they get hurt at critical periods and put us in this position. If Monreal hadn’t beat out Gibbs, then Gibbs would’ve found a way to be hurt right now as well.
    We were unbelievably dynamic with a pacy 9, and then a plan B coming off the bench in a hungry Giroud. Now we’re back to the same static gunners, even more so now with Electrical Sanchez hurt. I fear Ramsey is going to try to do too much with Santi out, but hopefully he’ll just play within himself.
    Arsene needs to purchase players that can bench the ones that are always hurt, not just provide cover: CF, winger, CM, CDM. For me I feel we need all of these. You saw what we could do when everyone is healthy, but we never have everyone healthy, and it’s the same players every year that pick up lengthy knocks.

    2 steps forward, 1 and a half steps back every year. It’s the small progress that excites us and frustrates us at the same time.

  4. can’t watch the pool game any more….
    it saddens me to think that we could have easily got Klopp had our old stubborn manager retired graciously at the end of the last season

  5. Makes me sad to think that i dont just think its the players we need but just as much the right tactics from the right manager. Klopp has come in at liverfool with the same players and yet now they are flying beating chelsea away, city away, southampton away…… Yet we cant beat west brom nor norwich away! We could of had klopp and theres a good chance we could miss out on pep if our fossil doesnt decicde to quit and wants to stay and destroy his legacy instead! They way liverpool are playing we might loose our 4th spot at this rate with our injury list

  6. Well, if Arsenal happen to sign the Porto’s 18 year old yougster, he must be for the under 21 academy squad for now. Right? If he’s a great talent as being reported by some sources, and the Boss is keen to have him to develop him further for Arsenal like Bellerin was signed for the academy squad and developed. And he later break-in into the 1st team squad and becomes a regular stater, I think the Boss should give FC Porto want they want and go ahead to sign the lad for Arsenal. It’s all a gamble, isn’t it? It may pay good dividend for Arsenal from next season on.

  7. Cazorla out for 3 month’s!! ?

    It’s a shame that the deluded one didn’t sub him off as soon as he got injured at the start of the second half.

    Cazorla at 30 won’t be the same player, when and if he returns from this injury.

  8. Just came back to this site after a long lay-off. After reading through the intelligence level of the comments, I soon remembered why I stopped coming here.

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