Arsenal hit by Triple injury setback

Just when we were beginning to thing that the terrible luck that has beset Arsenal on the injury front for years was not going to carry on in the present season, Arsene Wenger has given an injury update that consitutes a triple whammy for us.

All three of the players involved, Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere and David Ospina, were already known to be carrying problems that would keep them out of the team, but it was hoped that all three would be back soon and the update on the Arsenal website has knocked back those hopes.

Just the other day we heard from the manager that Wilshere was about a month away and would be back sooner than Danny Welbeck and Tomas Rosicky but now it appears that we will not see any of them before the turn of the year. Ramsey´s prognosis is not good and even if his recovery goes well he is due to miss quite a few big games, while we must hope that nothing happens to Petr Cech because our reserve keeper is at least a month away from being available.

Wenger said, “[Ramsey] had a scan today but he’s out. I believe he will be out until after the next international break. With the [last] international break, the fact that he played against Andorra certainly cost Bale and him as well.

“David Ospina is out for our next game and certainly until the next international break.

“For them [Wilshere, Welbeck and Rosicky], you can say around the New Year.”

While this is not good news for the Gunners, it is not our usual crisis, at least not yet, and the likes of Man City have been hit harder. But how worried should we be that the injury problems have started up again?

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  1. Wilshere MAYBE was a month away (Wenger said always both Welbeck and Wilshere will not play this year) and even so he could not play this year. Same was for Rosicky. With Ramsey I think we are lucky if he has to stay on the side for only one month. These hamstring injuries are a pain in the ar$e. As for Ospina I think it came at the right time. Saves Wenger tough decisions. Macey will play Sheffield.

      1. Two things : if Sanchez wants to play, Wenger can’t say anything. Secondly, Walcott will have to start and run off Everton defence. Then we can bring in Giroud. Or the other way around. We did not tried this season a duo Giroud + Walcott with Walcott on the wing. Why f$ck it up now?

          1. Why do you think I am not calm? You think whatever you say can make me nervous? BTW, Everton is the next game. Thought I inform you now just so you don’t get caught by surprise.

  2. With Ramsey,Wilshere and Rosicky out i would hate for an injury to Ozil or Santi…Lets hope we have a clean game at Everton..

  3. Hopefully we are not effected too much, Rambo will be a big miss but I’m hoping Ox will fill that role nicely. I’m slightly worried about the depth in midfeild with Rambo, Jack and Rosicky out at the same time, hopefully players like Campbell, Iwobi, Aderlaine can hold there own if called upon, fingers crossed we see the rest of this year through with no other injuries! COYG

            1. No, it just pi$$es me off people don’t know the name of their players but they bash them when they to not rise to their expectations. You are no exception. Learn to spell. Go to school.

              1. ‘they bash them when they to not rise to their expectations’ … and I need to go to school? ok lad. Cheer up, weekends nearly here

  4. No worries yet as one or two of these guys would not even be sitting on the bench now. The only concern I may have is if someone like Alexis, Coq, Ozil or O Santi Cazorla, O Santi Cazorla picks up an injury! I hope Arsene could get another quality CM as we have only Coq in that position at the minute!

  5. Ramsey strain is all because we have no options but our best x1. Wilshire rosicky welbeck arteta flamini have all been injured at the dame time, there is a whole midfield 5 there, so we have pretty much only had the first choice 5 and chamberlain as the viable options. Perhaps wenger should have used campbell more or even kamara and iwobi. But form and injury dictates who should play so now the ox has the opportunity to grab some form, if not Walcott switches right and allows the inform striker giroud back into the side.

  6. I’ve got more old news. A world class player (Messi) is rumoured to want to come to the premiership and Man.u, Man c and Chelski are interested and where not.Now that is old news.

    1. haha alleast don’t insult him by calling a world class player he is way ahead of the chasing bunch of world class players along with ronaldo he is the epitome of football.

  7. This injury crisis that have now sidelined 5 of our senior Gunners will stop where it has reached whether it likes it or not. The absence of Ramsey has caused a problem is the balance 1st team Gunners starting XI. And I’ve been thinking who will adequately filled the gap left behind by Ramsey’s absent. Oxlade is naturally tourted will be a good replacement for Ramsey. And that means there will be no rest for the jaded Alexis if Oxlade starts at right wing. But if the Boss rested Alexis, Oxlade will start at left wing while the youth teammer Alex Iwobi or Joel Campbell starts at right wing. But would the Boss agree to rest Alexis? If he didn’t, I wouldn’t blame him. As it stands, anymore injury to any senior 1st team starting and bench Gunners will almost become an injury crisis at Arsenal as our depth at some key positions is not fat. My touted Boss starts for Everton: Cech. BellerinRhino’KoscielnyMonreal. CazorlaCoquelin. CampbellOzilOxlade. Walcott. My Boss’ touted bench: MaceyDebuchyChambersGibbsAlexisArtetaGiroud. The goals difference of Man City on top of the table is too big. Therefore, the Gunners MUST cut that Man City big goals difference to size by walloping the onrushing Everton team testing the Gunners tiredness resolve by AFC 5-0 EFC at full time plus added time.

    1. Actually that’s not correct. We experimented with Ox at left replacing Sanchez against Leicester and also with Campbell on the right. In fact Campbell is more of a winger than Ramsey so he would be able to help and cover Bellerin. Both of them have pace. One thing I am not convinced yet is if Campbel can run as much and cover as much ground like Ramsey.
      Obviously you have no clue about football when you give that score line. We should get the 3 points and be done with it. Luckily Wenger don’t listen to such drivel.

      1. @Budd
        Campbell is, beside Theo the best natural winger we have. As far as him running and covering more ground than Aaron. Joel is a very conservative player and seems to do what is needed, just.

        1. We may need just that to beat Everton, discipline. I think the flamboyant displays from our Arsenal will have to be substituted by some very disciplined performances during the next month. Don’t forget Bayern is wounded and they will most probably love to thrash us.

  8. It’s not a sudden triple injury setback since we all knew a while back that Welbeck and Wilshere were going to be out for a long time. In other news, some forgotten Man Utd hero of decades gone by, Johnny Giles, has got onto Ozil’s case. It appears he expects Ozil to do more, found his performance against Bayern ” OK “, and finds fault in his consistency.
    1) Giles, it appears is grudgingly envious that Arsenal have a player like Ozil, and we at Arsenal are are more than happy with Ozil’s performances. We have won 2 F.A. Cups since his arrival, and he has been in the top 20 player performance stats since his arrival. So how much more is expected of him?
    2) An OK performance as he saw it, only because Ozil destroyed his Man Utd team. He needs to be criticising Rooney, playing in the same position as Ozil for his ‘ BRILLIANT PERFORMANCE’.
    3) Ozil is more consistent than the entire Man Utd midfield put together, MR GILES!


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