Arsenal hitting hard with Mbappe bid and Alexis transfer block

Are we looking at a whole new Arsenal here Gooners? The sort of Arsenal that we all wanted when even those Arsene Wenger knows besters among us felt that we had reached a stale place and real change was needed?

Only time will tell, of course, as all the things that are suggesting this to me are just Arsenal transfer rumours so far. It could be that a month from now the Gunners will have sold our star striker Alexis Sanchez and to a direct Premier League rival such as Man City to boot.

We might also still be waiting for the boss to sign any more new players and have seen our transfer targets like Kylian Mbappe and Alexandre Lacazette sign for other clubs or declare their intentions to stay where they are. Let’s be a little bit optimistic though, shall we?

Two stories going around the football rumour mill today give us good reasons to feel that way as well, with The Mirror reporting that Wenger is about to strike a significant blow in the transfer pursuit of Monaco striker Mbappe, with a huge bid of around £125 million.

We also have the Daily mail saying that Wenger is taking a tough stance with Alexis Sanchez, despite the fact that the Chilean could leave on a free transfer next summer.

Apparently the Frenchman is adamant that Arsenal will only sell to a clum from another league, so cross your fingers that both of these rumours are true and we may just have a hard hitting Arsenal on our hands again.



  1. Sunnick says:

    With the arsenal I knw ain’t happing

    1. kenyanfan says:

      reliable sources, Lemar deal almost done. walcot to join west ham on a fee of £25m

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Don’t ever want to hear that word again.

    2. neil says:

      The media are having a great time with Arsenal fans… and happens every year! Wait until its confirmed on Sky (lacazette deal highlighted today) or better still on Arsenal. com..
      Rest is ‘Fake news’ trying to get people to click through to their website… !

      I think Lacazette (if confirmed) and Sead are two great additions.

      Probably need one more player – a good winger who tracks back / works hard – is that Lemar? Or alternatively a great defensive midfielder as we dont really have one and if so then I would also prefer Ox to be right back a la Danni Alves .. lets sell Bellerin for a shed load to Barcelona which would free up more budget

  2. lube says:

    Never going to happen in this Arsene era
    £125m for one player.

  3. frustrated gunner says:

    Rumours keeps us happy.
    Reality,we wont sign lacazatte
    we dont have the ability to complete with madrid for mbbape
    alexis will leave for man city
    we will sign a low price winger who will play just behind giroud’s ass in new formation
    ozil will see this n will disapear in every game

    1. Taiwo says:

      Hmmmm! Comment indeed from “frustrated gunner”. Need I say more? Many Arsenal fans share your pain bro, but numerous do not share your pessimism

  4. Twig says:


    Not a bad summer

    1. Alex juma says:

      sunchez wat is rong with you just stay home is best dont go

    2. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

      Apparently Plan D has been activated, Mahrez is coming to Arsenal, he is in the Mediterranean at the moment, playing barefoot footy ?⚽️
      I just hope that he isn’t traveling back by ?? ??

      1. Muffdiver wants change...not for arsenal...for.the vending machine, I'm thirsty as f### says:

        Don’t want mahrez
        Like ozil he doesn’t track back

        Lemar is 5 years younger an already better

        Don’t get it
        Unless wenger is getting mbappe an promised to leave off lemar

    3. David Rusa says:

      That would be excellent summer. However on a realistic note it is not possible to get both Mbappe and Lemar at the same time because it is very difficult to get two players from the same club at once.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        I’d say 170m would get them. 50m on Lemar and 120 on Mbappe. Or if you wanted you could say it’s 130 on Mbappe. Mention that you only want Mbappe if Lemar is in the deal, mention how it will help him settle with the team quicker. And that you wouldn’t pay that astronomical fee on one player, without trying to lessen the danger of him not fitting in.

        1. Break-on-through says:

          Just shows us how unlikely these reports are.

  5. Uzi Ozil says:

    Sign some quality players, release or sell the deadwoods..

    Ox, Sanchez and Bellerin. Time will tell on who is staying or leaving. Ozil is staying.

  6. MLK says:

    I think what could be happening is if we can get mbappe then wenger will use giroud as a bargaining chip for lacazette which would be smart tbh.. but i also see mbappe as abit of a luxury, does a good half season warrent him being worth 125m? Im not sure

  7. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    That ass-O ?Lyon president is at it again, his squashing the rumours of done deal for Lacazette. His Claiming that an improved offer hasn’t come in… Yet! ?? like wtf is going on here then? ?

    1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

      Anyone want a go at translating this ?

      Jean-Michel AULAS @JM_Aulas
      @OL @Le_Progres Fausses ls informations du Progrès:l’éventuel transfert d’Alex L celui ci n’est pas à Londres la1 ère offre était de 45 m€ !
      12:51 PM · Jul 2, 2017

      From what I gathered, he is stating that Lacazette hasn’t traveled to London yet because Arsenal still need to cough up some more doughnuts ????

    2. SynthiagoCazorla_Hvman_Machine says:

      Lacazette and Mahrez it is.

      EFF Aulas!!!!!

  8. John Legend says:

    I really can’t believe the rumours. Arsenal will never pay £125m for anybody! We could get Lacazette and another attacker though. As for Alexis, I really don’t know what to think

  9. tobby1983 says:

    Wenger can’t pay 125m for Messi, even if Messi clocks 18 this year. Some media guys smoke too much grass.

  10. JPS_AFC1 says:

    I really hope so, but I ain’t confident. The last 6 summers have really proved to me that I should never get my hopes up. Never believe anything you here when it comes to Arsenal transfer rumors cause even when we really are trying to get a player 9 out 10 time Wenger and the board will stuff it up and piss off the selling club (Suarez/Higuain 2 examples). So my heart believes they have turned the corner and my head says relax nothing has been confirmed other that a free transfer , still a quality player I must add. So yeah I’ll believe it when I see it on until then it’s all bullshit to me.

  11. ojay says:

    Lacazette,Mahrez,Mbappe,Lemar .I don’t know what to believe anymore.lets just sit tight and it me or the media love to pick up on Arsenal transfer confusion

  12. hotgunner says:

    Seeing is believing.

  13. Muffdiver wants change...not for arsenal...for.the vending machine, I'm thirsty as f### says:

    Hahaha carnage
    Aulas says laca no
    Mbappe is.coming he isn’t
    Bid for.mahrez
    Ox says no
    Lemar is trying

    Wtf lol this is funny

    1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

      Nah mate, ?? 37 year old Leeds Utd keeper Rob Green being linked with Arsenal is Funny! … It’s soo hilariously funny, I forgot to laugh ?

  14. andydale says:

    The problem is no one knows whats happening media makes up everything to sell papers, There is more than a good chance we have not offered the price they want and are probably haggling over a couple of mill, Dont rate mahrez,Would rather pay more for lemar.

  15. ThirdManJW says:

    Why are people still talking about Mbappe in relation to Arsenal?

    1. Simon says:

      Hope (beyond reason).

      But all we have is hope

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Yeah it’s weird. Liverpool and Arsenal they reckon were in with a shout. After Madrid supposedly dropped out it was us and them left. We get bullied in the transfer market by Che Manc Manu but some Ars and Liv have a shout. Then what of PSG!!! or Barcelona with Messi beginning to age, Bayern!!! Juventus who paid a record breaking number on a player in very late twenties. The media treat of fan base like societies drain.

  16. john says:

    I think.mpabbe would be a good signing as well as Lemar, Mahrez and lazarette. It be a good summer i also hope we sign a goalkeeper too

  17. Valentine says:

    Are Arsenal fans getting themselves worked up with all this media crap? The Lacazette deal is more likely, may be one other, nothing more…except there is a silent revolution in the Arsenal, I hope so….

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