Arsenal honour Mesut Ozil with Birthday Tweet

Arteta may forget Mesut Ozil, but ARSENAL never will!

Mikel Arteta has quite clearly forgotten that he has a player of Mesut Ozilโ€™s talent and ability in his ranks, isolating him for a number of months now, for whatever reason that may be.

As Mesut turned 32 yesterday, it is clear to see that his loyal fans and teammates have not forgotten him and a lot of them were quick to wish him a happy birthday. But one special wishes message stood out the most for many of his fans, the one from the official Arsenal Twitter account:

Of course, it could be said that it is a mark of respect for our current players no matter their situation, but I know there have been previous players and occasions that havenโ€™t been recognised on social media in the past, so the fact that he has been remembered and celebrated can surely be a positive thing.

I would hope that this gesture from Arsenal will provide Mesut and his fans some sense of confidence, and happiness to see that not all is lost where the club is concerned. If this is going to be his last few months at the club, then I hope that this post from Arsenal can push Arteta to see that Ozil is a special player and is very loved by his teammates and his loyal fans. It can never be said that he has been disrespectful to the club in which he absolutely loves, no matter how they have treated him.

There will be people saying โ€œwhy does he care if he is not being played, he is getting paid enoughโ€ and yes that may be the case, but to be pushed out of doing what you love at a club you see as family, after working so hard to get there, can be rather disheartening for anyone not just Mesut.

I hope for his sake and for those fans that have stuck by him, me included, that if it is going to be his final moments at the club, that we get to see him bow out on a high producing some more quality moments along the way in an Arsenal shirt, because it is the least he deserves. Gooners?

Shenel Osman

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    1. You are right, bro! Someone has instructed Arteta not to play Ozil. I don`t how benching Ozil
      is benefitting the club. Very sad, no class at all.

    2. What do you mean with ‘It is the least he deserves’?

      If Ozil deserves to play football, Zidane (his football idol) would had Ozil in Real Madrid. But unfortunately, there are no football coaches/managers from big European Club wanted Ozil in their team. Simply he just not that good, although he is a good playmaker. It’s not about the salary, if Ozil is so good then there would be many big clubs offer to loan him out.

      Enough is enough.

      There were only one man who can tame Ozil, and it was Arsene Wenger. So, unless Wenger the coach, Arsenal don’t need Ozil.

      Anyway, Mesut Ozil happy ‘last’ birthday at Arsenal. Wish you all the best, you’re gonna need it.

      If someone want to see an artistry football just watch Jeremy Lynch.

      1. Did you watch Arsenal vs City, Mesut is wat was missing, he is a brilliant player, person. Don’t let internal problems deny Mesut being one of the best offensive midfielders in recent years.

  1. Great article! However much some fans may hate Ozil, his loyal fan base will never forget his contribution to the Arsenal cause, the moments of delight he gave us all in the Arsenal shirt and his artistry and talent. So sad that some fans are short sighted and call him names, use indecent language not fit for a gentleman debate and also criticise his fans for loving him. Class is permanent. Heres to hoping that we may see him again in an Arsenal shirt along with Partey, one to shield the defence and one to feed the forwards. after all a real Gunner will always have the best interests of Arsenal at heart. Up the Gunners!

    1. Ozil has been exposed as an overrated and overhyped player in the EPL.
      Now he is just showing his scrounger attitude.
      Glad Emery, Ljumberg and Arteta have exposed his poor attitide.
      A few more months and we can see the back of him from our club.
      Canโ€™t wait.

  2. Sublime response, Gunner for life…. perhaps it might just shame a few of those who have used abusive and hate language, to realize one can be critical, without demeaning oneself.
    Like your thoughts regarding Ozil and Partey, as it makes complete sense to me.

  3. We Arsenal were trophy drought, Ozil came and help ignite the spark despite the depth of the squad. Ozil will still be remember for this. Happy Birthday Mesut.

    1. Ozil did not ignite anything.
      He was the poorest player during our 2014 FA cup final.
      Itโ€™s like we were playing with 10 men in that final with princes Ozil jogging about, stinking out the place and being invisible like always.

      1. So invisible, you saw him jogging about and stinking the place out?
        What are you talking about for goodness sake?
        Please get a grip and try to make sense.

  4. I don’t understand what you mean by Ozil loyal fan.

    Are you saying you’re more loyal to Ozil than Arsenal cos I’ve never see you criticise Ozil before.

    You can go to any length to criticise your club as long as the fight is between Ozil and Arsenal and not other players.
    Now I get it.
    Ozil is a saint and so pure that everything he does is perfect and everything Arsenal does concerning Ozil is wrong.

    Happy Birthday Ozil.

  5. YES HAPPY BIRTHDAY OZIL AND I AM SO GLAD , since it is the last one you will celebrate as an Arsenal scrounger,oops I meant player of course!

    Remind me again how many assists you have NOT made in the last three seasons?

  6. Are you sure Ozil won’t get contract extension?
    What if Arteta is fired by Dec ! And there are many who wishes so because it’s believed that he is high headed and target certain players and does not play enough youngsters….Ozil, Guendouzi, Saliba.

    New coach will start by giving clean slate, Ozil get chance in starting 11, performs well for 2-3 months, show how valuable he is to team with right coach and gets 3year contract extension as fans going gaga over him……..
    That will be dram come true for Ozil fans !

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