Arsenal hopes of Aubameyang staying given a boost with latest comments

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang reveals his delight at playing for Arsenal.

Arsenal fans will be delighted when they hear what Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has to say about them and the team.

The club captain is entering into the final year of his current deal at the Emirates and several reports are claiming that he could be on his way out.

Barcelona and Inter Milan are two teams who keep coming up on the rumour mill as teams that could get him on their side.

The Gabonese attacker hasn’t signed a new deal yet and reports claim that he wants a move to another team that he can win trophies with.

However, Aubameyang has had to constantly assure the club’s fans that his heart is at the Emirates Stadium.

He recently reiterated his commitment to the team when he assured fans that he had been following the Gunners for a long time even before he became their player.

He went on to admit that he was happy to be a part of the setup at the Emirates and that would have delighted the club’s fans.

He said as quoted by Football London: “I try to always be ready, whatever happens. I am a guy who tries to be always ready,

“I love the fans here and when I was younger I used to watch Arsenal because they had always great players, and yeah they won trophies as well.

“So I think it’s really a pleasure to be here, I’m really happy. I think that’s the feeling.”


  1. I wonder if players prefer to be club legends for life or move around to win trophies and that’s what Auba at his age has to decide where likes of RVP went wrong all do he contributed huge in his last two season then left to our rival club and we all hated him for doing so just when we needed him most, if he had stayed he could of been even greater playing in front of that great man Santi Cazorla and if he could of been legend and future manager or having a part in our great club

    If I had to make the choice I would choose to be a part of a life long family that your always welcome with fans cheering your name for the rest of your life beats any medals

  2. At this stage of his career, Auba just needs one last big contract; and he would go to anybody who gives it to him. Effectively, that’s what he is saying; and I like his frankness.
    If Arsenal will fork out the three hundred grand a week he demands, he will stay. And you can’t really blame him for demanding that much seeing the likes of Ozil earning the much they are earning.
    Question is: will the motivation to play still be there after giving him his wish?

  3. What he saying exactly? Arsneal once was a winner club he was watching as a youngster? Many of us did too, many players even not at Arsenal would say so in Europe, Africa, Asia even in Oceania. Fans love him and he loves fan’s love; okay, which player does not anywhere? He got to be ready always, meaning what, ready to get da heck out? I guess he meant ready to score!

    indeed a deadly stricker,but he has not said; I love this club and will fight for fans and be there next year.

    Anyway, can’t blame, not so young anymore, he stayed this season,. He stays respectful, polite but living and we can’t blame nor be mad for him but wish him to win Trophies with Barca or Juve…

    He deserves it, nding his carreer, Arsenal is in a new phase, we have great young talent to fill up and grow back to fight for title. Cash can be use to reifforce!

  4. The situation of Auba and that of Ozil few years of ago is very different. We should not have offered Ozil that big contract because Ozil had just one good season and had divided opinion among fans. He was lazy and surely a luxury player. It was Sanchez who was at his best when he left. Ozil was good but not world class.
    Where as Auba is world class. He has proved that he is not only Arsenal best players but according to some Pundits a Premier league great. Only Sala has scored more goals than him after Auba’s arrival in PL. He is true world class. Our captain, on course of winning second Golden boot in an average Arsenal team , paying at wing back:)
    No doubt we must give him the contract and keep him. I have no doubt if we can keep him. He will give us 20 plus PL goals for the next 2 to 3 season

  5. Lots of playes who perform better than Ozil, want to be paid more wages than what Ozil gets. The issue is gonna complicate Arsenal.

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