Arsenal hopes of signing Bellerin replacement looking more fragile

Arsenal has been linked with a move for Takehiro Tomiyasu with the Japanese full-back emerging as a possible replacement for Hector Bellerin at the Emirates.

Tottenham appeared to be the most serious competition that Arsenal had for his signature before now, but more clubs have joined his chase.

Calciomercato says Atalanta is looking to sign him alongside the English clubs.

Arsenal could cash in on Hector Bellerin, who has been tipped to join Inter Milan before this transfer window closes.

Tomiyasu has been seen as a potential replacement for him even though Tottenham looks more serious than the Gunners.

Atalanta now presents more stiff competition considering that they play in Serie A and would guarantee he doesn’t have to leave the competition to play in the Champions League.

La Dea is also reputed for helping players develop into better ones and that could tempt him to choose to join them instead of Arsenal.

Arsenal would need to offload Bellerin before they can sign a new full-back and they are struggling to sell him at the moment.

If he continues to remain on their books, they would likely lose out on the signature of Tomiyasu and it could be to their London rivals, Spurs.

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    1. It is already in Rome. Those girls who show their tits jinxed England chance before the ball was kicked. England tried but Italy deserves with their brand of football. I hope it won’t be another over 50+ years for them to make final again.

      1. Southgate is an idiot, why would you remove Henderson who is a good penalty taker and Luke Shaw and put your hopes on rashford Sancho and Saka who has never taken me penalty before. Th truth is England didn’t deserve to win the cup all they did throughout the competition was defend and counter. Congratulations to Italy.

        1. @Lenohappy
          They sat back after the 2min goal and allowed Italy to set the pace. Imagine defending a 1 goal lead 4 mins into a match…

        2. Ouch Leno. If we had won on penalities our first tournament in 55 years would you still be calling Southgate an idiot? Half of the teams that have won the Euros did so playing defensively.
          I’m not a huge fan of the style but it got us where we haven’t been for a long time, so credit where it’s due – Southgate has been excellent overall in making this team one of the top nations in world football.
          Say he made the wrong call but don’t call the man an idiot, because he isn’t.

  1. Amateur hour managerial maneuverings by Mikel Southgate…if you constantly set-up to play negative football, you better win, especially if you have this sort of offensive firepower at your disposal…then to bring on players so late, during a defensive zone corner no less, and expect them to kick a penalty when they haven’t functionally kicked a ball, is so counter-intuitive…the only thing more nonsensical than this boner move, was having our budding superstar in the 5 hole…Southgate, more than just about anyone, should understand the long-term psychological implications of such an undertaking, which is why you have a veteran presence on your team…I can’t even remember ever seeing Saka take a penalty kick…furthermore, much like we saw on numerous occasions this season, if you put 10-11 men behind the ball, like the 4-5-1 Southgate opted for far too early, it’s incredibly difficult to turn the tap back on if you concede at some point later in the match…for the love of God, I hope we dramatically change our tactical approach for the upcoming season…of course, we would never know if this was the case, as no manager has ever talked more yet said less

    1. I forgot to add, too bad about our increasingly fragile hopes of signing this particular Bellerin replacement

    2. 4-5-1 with Sterling,Saka,Kane and Grealish was defensive? With Shaw at fullback? I wonder what you’d call attacking.

      Pegoning Saka in the 5 hole shows how much trust the Coach had in him. The 5th penalty is usually the winner. If he’d scored it, that would have been the icing on the top of an amazing season.

      1. The 5th penalty wasn’t a winner for England tho,it was supposed to be an equaliser a d you dont give that to a 19year old who doesn’t play penalty for his club when you have sterling and grealish

    3. Apparently Saka hasn’t taken a penalty for Arsenal so for him to have to step up for that crucial moment was short sighted by Southgate, as was expecting another young player to do the same. I’m glad GS has taken responsibility for that, but Saka, unfortunately for him, will be remembered for that miss as was Southgate himself as a much younger man

      To then read that all 3 got racially abused online is sickening beyond words

    4. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ has you hatred for Arteta made you forget he’s not England’s manager??😁😁😁😁 Who is Mikel Southgate??πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

      1. Really? if you couldn’t understand what I was implying by combining their two names, you simply haven’t got a clue…maybe just stick to emoji-based responses in the future, as that appears to be more your speed

        1. I knew you’d respond to that!
          Deserved put down but I’m not anti MA or GS. Well not yet anyway

          1. I’m surprised it actually survived the new censoring protocols, SueP, as my earlier response to Joe A. above vanished almost immediately, even though it had absolutely no vulgar language whatsoever

            as for your stance towards MA or GS, it makes sense, in that they’re two pees in a pod, so if you like one, you just might find it relatively easy to have a similar infinity for the other…for me, both are way too negative in their respective approaches, which just doesn’t jive with the make-up of each of their individual squads…you can’t have your cake and eat it too

          2. last comment was directed towards the two managers in question, not you, of course

          3. I’m still giving Arteta some leeway due in no small part that this is his first senior role.
            Southgate has had a crack at several jobs and in my mind didn’t finish Italy off when it was there to be done after the goal. He then threw Saka and Sancho in at the deep end at the last. To his credit he took responsibility for that , but my fear being that 2 young and inexperienced internationals probably buckled under the pressure & have suffered the consequences and poor Saka will have it on his CV that he missed, not Sancho and Rashford

          4. as you’re clearly aware, due to my first posting above, I agree with you’re assessment of the whole penalty kick debacle…it’s clear that all 3 were out of their depth, especially Sancho and Saka, as neither attempt would have likely achieved their intended objective against even much lesser light Keepers…Southgate, of all people, should have known better

  2. We can sell Soares, give bellerin a new contract so not to run his contract down and possible increase his sale value next year, loan chambers after giving same contract to preserve his value and get takehiru.
    Next season: bellerin sold off and chambers back to compete with the Japanese guy for the right back spot.

  3. Bit odd how rumors say we have to sell Xhaka before we can buy another midfielder, yet we can buy ANOTHER CB without even blinking.

    Have a feeling we may be stuck with a defenseless Bellerin for another year.

    1. I thought yesterday it was we have to buy another midfielder before we sell Xhaka. Which honestly, is a better plan in my view.

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