Arsenal hopes of striker transfer ended by Lacazette and Lyon

The main reason given by Arsene Wenger for the failure of Arsenal to sign the players that would calm the fans’ growing frustration is the difficulty in finding the right men to improve our team. So with only about a week to go we had better hope that something comes up because the striker that most people thought was the main transfer target now seems to be definitely not signing for Arsenal this summer.

Just after the Evening Standard reported that the France international Alexandre Lacazette, who failed to make the cut for Euro 2016 despite a prolific season in the French top division, suggested that he was happy at his current club and would not be leaving, the president of Lyon made his own comments that have all but ended Arsenal hopes of getting a new striker.

With the Evening Standard reporting the president of the French Ligue 1 club stating that Lacazette would be staying with them, I am struggling to see how Wenger is going to find a striker of the quality he deems good enough for the Gunners in the next week, when he has failed to do so in the previous three months.

Jean-Michel Aulas said, “Lacazette will stay with us.”

In a way I have to agree with Wenger for not being forced to pay a king’s ransom for a forward that is not guaranteed to be any better, or even as good, as the ones we already have, but on the other hand it is just the latest in a series of frustrating transfer failures and the manager cannot be surprised that the fans are not happy.

Can you see any chance now of Arsenal adding to the strike force?


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  1. Well, there are 3 possible outcomes:

    1) We sign a very good (at least nearly world class) CB and striker. Its the best poosible outcome, but the most unlikely

    2) We dont sign anyone. Then its intresting, im eager to see how the fans, and media reacts. It will cause a poor team morale, poor fans morale, a bad mood around the club. It will lead us to 6-10 places. It will be a disater season, maybe ozil nad sanchez both go, but we’ll get fresh air, as Wenger will step aside.


    We will sign players, but average, or below average. That will guarantee the blind fans wont protest, everything will be OK according to Wenger. If we sign average players, most of fans will search stats, to prove they are good. They will be satisfied, so Wenger can continue, we catch the 4th place, and we will say next season is our season.

    Outcome 3) is the most likely. Then the delusion will continue…

    Of course 1) will be the best, but I for one, would be happier if we sign nobody and fail this season. Yes I’am a true Gunner, but in this case, definately something will happen.

    I would be happier if we sign no one, and every single fan would know our problems. Rather than sign mediocre players, then:

    fans happy,
    Wenger happy,
    4th place trohpy

    and it will contiune till 2089, till Wenger resigns…..

    1. I’ll repeat again… Martin Caceres the former Juventus Defender is currently a free agent, has a CV that includes Seville, Barcelona, Villarreal and Juventus and despite some stellar performances was only kept out of the starting line-up because of people like Bonucci and Chielini and Liechtenier can play anywhere across the back line… If we sign Johnny Evans or someone equally as crap I will loose it, if I can find that out in less than a day using the internet I don’t want to hear any excuse about there is not any available talent… And did I mention he’s free..

        1. Let’s just go deep in and get Manolas and Lukaku! Show them we can spend the money on quality players!

    2. There is no use in expressing your views through these sites. Wenger or the Board would never view your feelings expressed here. The only solution to correct Wenger and the Board is to start a “Quit Emirates” campaign. Act fast and propagate the “Quit Emirates” campaign.

  2. lacazette is probably waiting for a Liverpool/manure/Chelsea offer.
    Or he has been probably told that he will be backup to giroud.
    Every one is rejecting arsenal lol?
    We rarely win against mourinho koeman Southampton Swansea Chelsea and still Wenger is gambling with our success.
    Let me sit back enjoy the popcorn and watch the drama unfold

  3. Just sign anyone! We don’t need a superstar striker!

    Torres (yes him)
    Shane Long
    Andrew Carroll

    Just get the checkbook out and sign someone WENGER!

  4. We will sign no one. The moment we signed Xhaka so early the writing was on the wall.

    Even Asono can’t get a work permit and wouldn’t play for us this season.

    It’s all a bit of a mess really isn’t it.

    1. Did we not start with the bottom of the barrel?, Vardy, could have sworn I remembered Holding scraping him off the bottom of his boots.

  5. Well the headless chickens at Emirates Tower can console themselves with a glass of Lucozade instead and run around again until the next transfer window.


    1. Don’t be that guy who types everything in capitals… Your opinion is no more important than everyone else’s.

  7. It’s interesting though that he would basically point out to Arsene that Lacazette is the best option, or you wont get anyone to part with a better player than him.

    I was thinking about teams that might have two strikers, not many jump to mind to be honest. But I was thinking we should see if one of those clubs is short in a certain area and try using a player or two along with money. Like Watford for instance, we take Ighalo and offer them Theo or/and Gnabry maybe CC on loan along with some money. Bournemouths Calum Wilson, they went with the second striker last season and done alright, maybe offer them players in an area where they are light. Juventus, we’d need to give them a good player to part with P Dybala, we could just buy Manzukic but for the Argentinian we’d have to part with someone we don’t want to lose. Do you reckon it would be worth it, we know which player it might be.

  8. Watch Benteke find his old form, at Palace.
    27 million for this Beast is a drop in the ocean, compared to some of the valuations out there.

    I reckon that this striker will become good again, after being slapped down to earth from his big headed egoistic day’s!
    And sure enough the serving of humble pie will help him to kick start his career again.

    No doubt that a few of you, will be talking about this Striker, in the coming weeks and months! ?

      1. Hahaha … I’m desperate mate,
        But Lets Wait and see, I’m pretty sure that the Lemmings will all come out ( including yourself) and moan about why we didn’t attempt to sign Benteke, in the very near future! ?

  9. We should sign a good striker if we can’t find a centre back it’s what we most need if Holding is good enough to play. Personally I don’t think we’ll sign anyone and it’s going to be a pretty average season. It demoralises the fans and I’m sure it must have similar effect on the players which is why they won’t sign new contracts. Its so short sighted it beggars belief that Wenger gets away with it year after year.

  10. This window has been an absolute shambles! It isn’t long until it closes, and given Arsenal take an eternity to sign anyone, it looks increasingly likely that there will be no new signings or the classic “panic buys”!

    If there isn’t any ambition shown in the transfer market, this will have a direct impact on our results, as our squad is packed full of average/rubbish players, we need a major injection of quality. But looking further ahead, this will lead to MORE problems. If Ozil, and Alexis don’t sign extensions, then they will leave sometime within the next year, either this summer or next, as the club won’t let them run their contracts down, and miss out on a big transfer fee. That will weaken us, and make it even harder to sign top quality players when they see the likes of Ozil and Alexis jumping ship.

    We need to show ambition to keep our star players, and to attract the best, but we also need to win, and at the very least, be competitive. Sadly that isn’t happening either, and will not happen again under Wenger. Even if one tries to defend Wenger by saying he’s not been given enough financial support in the market, then what Wenger has proved to us, is that he cannot perform within these financial restrictions (if there is any restrictions). Why not get someone in like Simeone, who works within a tighter budget, and constantly loses his best players, yet still wins, and keeps Atletico competitive.

  11. It’s all about showing intent and ambition for success! The feel good factor that a new quality signing brings, The motivation and inspiration, The Competition for a starting role that brings out the best in player’s!
    (S-C-R-A-A-A-T-C-H-H-H!!! ) …. Oh… wait!
    * Drops the Mic!
    * Footsteps
    * Door slams
    * Photo of Wenger, lofting the premier league trophy,
    falls off the wall.

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