Arsenal hoping Chelsea start ‘liability’ Luiz this weekend

We do not yet know if the Arsenal and France international forward Olivier Giroud will be fit enough to start the Premier League clash with Chelsea this weekend, if you even believe that it is this mystery toe problem keeping him out of the side in the first place.

If he is fit to play, though, I do not think Arsene Wenger will star4t the big centre forward because it would be letting Chelsea, Antonio Conte and, more importantly, David Luiz off the hook. There is a chance that the Chelsea captain could be back from his injury lay-off but everyone connected with Arsenal should be praying that this does not happen because the Brazil international has been nothing short of a liability since he was re-signed from PSG in the transfer window.

Luiz does have his qualities but being a disciplined defender is not one of them and if the Gunners go with the pace and movement up front of Alexis Sanchez, Theo Walcott and our new Spanish striker Lucas Perez I can see Luiz getting in such a mess that he will look even more of a clown than his cartoon lookalike ‘sideshow’ bob from The Simpsons.

Chelsea may have comeback from two goals down to beat Leicester in the cup on Tuesday but they would not have been in that position but for Luiz and his erratic positioning and lack of defensive awareness and the Foxes would have been out of sight but for some poor finishing.

To be fair though, even though I would much prefer it to be Luiz, the lack of pace that John Terry has could also make it a great day for the fast and mobile Arsenal attack, so will this be the year we start to put the recent Chelsea hoodoo behind us?


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  1. We can “sleep” on “Sideshow Bob” if we want to. Dude is a solid defender as well as being good in the air…

    1. you know when u disagree with someone so much that words just evade u….


  2. Who ever starts, (Terry, Luis, cahill etc) we have to bring our A game. Luis can be careless at times but he takes good FK and he can pass the ball very well. Moreover, he can have a great game against us.. .so it’s not about Luis, it’s about us putting in a good shift no matter who starts….

  3. who ever starts for Chelsea is not a problem. if we play 11 against 11 we can beat them. pls whoever plays do not be intimidated by costa – goner for ever

  4. Is this a joke? Liability Luiz,really? A great combative defender, confident on the ball,good in the air, and trust me he knows this is not the kind of game to bomb forward, if I had to pick a Chelsea CB to switch to arsenal,it ll definitely be him, i don’t care what the media label him, he is a great CB in my eyes and better than Cahill.

  5. If out of 6 points, we get 4 against:
    Chelsea, Man U, Man City (We lost to Liverpool already)…I’m sure we could be on a good path to winning the title.

    I dearly hope we break the Chelsea voodoo.

  6. The Chelsea game will show us if anything has really changed for the better or not!
    I’m not bothered who starts for Chelsea, our only concerns should be with the team that Wenger puts out.Hopefully Mustafi, Xhaka and Perez will all start and the day’s of the Bottler’s are well and truly gone…. Time will tell.

  7. doesn’t matter who they start. Arsenal go braindead against Chelsea. Maybe it’s time we get over that, or will it be same old, same old?

  8. Luiz might not be too disciplined but under Conte he is turning a new leaf and I watched the Leicester game, he gives those long Xhaka-Iike passes to Costa, also a good freekicker,
    We on the other hand have conceded 2 freekicks this season.
    one of the reason we cnt start with all of Mustafi,Monreal,Bellerin,Coquelin,Cazorla,Ox.
    ..Xhaka’s height is very helpful here also Lucas’.

    Chelsea will start with her best team, Cesc included.
    we also should start with our best team, Lucas and Xhaka included.

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