Arsenal hoping for BIG favour from Spain tonight

Arsenal are in dire need of a bit of good fortune, or even a bit of a break from the bad luck would do. As usual, Arsene Wenger is having to cope with an Arsenal squad riddled with injured players and now, before the latest round of international games have even started, we have lost the services of the club record signing Mesut Ozil.

Now whatever you think of the Germany international, it is clear that Ozil is a key part of Wenger’s plans. His technical skill and passing ability are essential to the Arsenal way of playing, but we are going to have to without him for about three months. And those weeks are hugely important ones, with midweek Champions League fixtures along with the usual Premier League fixtures.

So the Gunners are already up against it and losing any more key players would be a disaster. That is why I am hoping for a big favour from the Spain national team and their manager Vicente Del Bosque tonight and on Sunday, because Santi Cazorla is the natural and best replacement for Ozil in the Arsenal side. Del Bosque will hopefully use our midfielder very sparingly, if at all.

They have away games with Slovakia and Luxembourg, both of whom will feel that an aggressive approach might be the only way to get anything from the games. Spain have plenty of options as well, with Silva, Mata, Isco, Fabregas, Xavi and Iniesta.

So I am hoping that the Arsenal man will not be risked, while a knock to Diego Costa or another of our rivals’ players would not go amiss either. Knowing our luck, however, it will work the opposite way round. Could we cope with an injury to Cazorla?

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  1. Cazorla is not an automatic starter for Spain I hope he’ll avoid injury and come back sharp from the internationals

  2. ha we have enough problems already ,,
    we dont need to start worrying about anymore !!!
    it would be great if costa collided with fabo though and put them out for a few months !!!
    you think with all that money costa would do somthing about his face
    he looks like lou ferrigno after a car crash

    1. Ha ha ha. Right on the money. Costa looks like a 40 year old dad playing with his 15 year old son Oscar.

      They are the closest you will see any resemblence of dad-son in a club team.

      1. @Save Arsenal
        You will be calling for Will Smith soon to help us out against the alien called Costa πŸ™‚

  3. Be careful Cazorla.

    There is only one no. 10 at Arsenal – Jack Wilshere. Wenger loves him and has decided to build his team around Jack.

    Get in his way and Wenger will destroy you. Look what they did to Ozil πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

    1. These Ozil fan boys are a joke.. They will bash each and every Arsenal player as long as he is giving it his all for the team compared to their prince Ozil. You just don’t see where the Wilshere criticism is coming from, Jack was a bit part player last season and their Prince was played in his so called prefered position but did fxck all in it for the whole season. Stop trying hiding the fact the Ozil has been found wanting in the EPL so far, all that anger being directed towards players trying their best for the team, you should be angry at Ozil for being the biggest liability in the team.

        1. @Vanpayslip.. But us Cesc fan boys are justified. We have got the stats to back it up. But have you lot got any? Cesc is just continuing from where he stopped. The only stat Ozil can come close to Cesc is in Assists, that’s all. Any more stats to compare? πŸ™‚

            1. Just because Giroud is an Arsenal player it does not mean I have to be blind when comparing him to the likes of Costa, Suarez, Falcao, Zlatan. I would say he is a good striker, but the others are much better than him. That’s all. We have to be truthful and honest. πŸ™‚

              1. Are you sure you are actually a gooner. You spend all your time talking about Chelsea players.

                1. Make sure ur patriotic sentiments don’t make u sound stupid !

                  If it is a comparison he can do it with any fu**king player he wants- why don’t u just stick to the facts instead of taking ozil’s down ur throat?

  4. Gibbs and chambers starting! Also jack n danny. Excited but worried! It is always our fate!

    1. I love seeing our players play for England, lets hope they all come back fit and have good games.

  5. Pls think Positive. No more injuries to any of our players. I hope kos will be fit for Hull city game since its just a knock. Are there really Medical staffs in Arsenal FC?

  6. Tonights injury prediction.

    Alexis – both legs broken
    Chambers – decapitated
    Welbeck- ligaments, out for at least 2 years
    Cazolra – again ligaments out for the same 2 years
    Everone else that plays will get injured too, were cursed.

    Take that with a pinch of salt gooners, it’s a joke, i’m laughing on the outside , crying on the inside.

  7. @captinweestain
    I can go one better the whole of the Chelsea squad injured πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ That would cheer you up πŸ™‚

      1. Because I always get thumbs down when I support England from our overseas fans. I can’t blame them but I will always cheer our national team on. GO ON ENGLAND THRASH THEM.

  8. Wenger needs to leave at the end if this year. Our club has stagnated and we aren’t getting better or worse. We are stuck in 4th place and will be while Wenger is here.

    1. @Ted Drake
      We aren’t getting any better or worse, it’s called a marriage file for a divorce πŸ™‚

      1. Wilshere needs to go down to the gym and build some muscle up, so he doesn’t fall over all the time.

        1. He has already to much muscels. He needs to ask himself do i want to be more of a immobile hardman, or more of a fragile dribbler.

          We need to chill he is doing good. As soon he will start to bang more goals people will start to like him more.

          1. @Ks-Gunner
            How many more seasons does he need. Sorry if I am getting payed millions per season, I would step up to the plate.

            PS he needs to learn from Rambo.

  9. I am having a sexth sense than Diego Costa might just get an injury today.

    Skrtel is planning on killing him.

  10. The BBC have just said Rooney is chasing down Charlton’s record. That’s a laugh how many goals has he scored in the world cup

    1. 49: Sir Bobby Charlton (106 matches between 1958 and 1970)
      48: Gary Lineker (80; 1984-92)
      44: Jimmy Greaves (57; 1959-67)
      41: Wayne Rooney (97; 2003-present)
      40: Michael Owen (89; 1998-2008)
      30: Nat Lofthouse (33; 1950-58), Alan Shearer (63; 1992-2000), Tom Finney (76; 1946-1958)
      29: Vivian Woodward (23; 1903-1911), Frank Lampard (106; 1999-2014)

      This is the record.

  11. What are Mert and Koscielny doing in the 1988 Mercantile Cup Final.

    In case you don’t know what I’m talking about check out image of the day.

  12. I don’t get why are wingers and Fullbacks just don’t drive a low cross shot in opposition area sometimes, especially when our only plan doesn’t work, like at the weekend. We didn’t see any low cross shot. There very hard to deal with sometimes.

    1. Can’t stand up and can’t pass the ball. I would have thought that is a prerequisite to being a footballer but not according to Wenger.

  13. The OX is playing out of he’s skin. Keep it up and our manager might pick you more often. SARCASM.

  14. I hope a press guy can ask Wenger if he regrets now, not signing Fabregas and another defender this summer. And also letting go of Vermaelen and then Jenkison on loan.

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