Arsenal hoping to make ground in Maddison chase by offering former Leicester target

Arsenal are hoping an offer including Calum Chambers will see them make ground in their pursuit of Leicester’s James Maddison.

We recently appear to have made the English midfielder a top priority signing, but the Foxes valuation has so far been a sticking point.

Rumour has it, we are working on offsetting part of the transfer with the offer of extras, with Leicester claimed to have turned down certain players in a cash-plus-player deal, but we are now believed to have an idea which may get their attention.

Brendan Rodgers side have just lost key defender Wesley Fofana to injury, which could well play into Arsenal’s hands as they consider the offering of Calum Chambers.

The defender was the subject of a deadline day move in 2017, and we are now said to be set to give them an opportunity to land their former target.

While I think Leicester would be interested, I really don’t want to see Chambers leave. Personally, his intelligence, passing, crossing, and all-round game boosts our first-team when he is involved, and his departure will leave us weaker at right-back, although Chambers would likely prefer to be playing a centre-back also.

The only negative on Chambers is his injury record, but at 26 years-old, he still has plenty of football still to play, and I wouldn’t be all that happy to see him go…

Does Chambers deserve a move so he can play in his preferred central role? Would losing Chambers weaken us in other areas?


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  1. Weeble says:

    If AMN stays to play RB, he is the starter

  2. @TosJ14 says:

    Lets exhibit the habit of buying at higher prices so we could also be selling at such prices too. This issue of Xhaka £17m and Laca £15m is worrisome really.

  3. Atid says:

    Just so you know

    Arsenal bid for Locatelli, we signed Lokonga.

    We was interested in a decent left back, we signed Tavares.

    A new right back was mentioned, the fella from Barca, Aarons, Dumfries. But Cedric and Chambers will be the result.

    We have blown our budget on England’s 7th choice centre back. With Maguire, Stones, Gomez, Walker, Ming’s, Coady being ahead of him. When we had already spent over £60m on 3 centre backs.

    We were interested in Buendia and Madison, instead we will stay with Smith-Rowe.

    Lautauro Martinez is of interest, but Nketiah and Balogun will be the answer.

    We have looked at Ramsdale, Onana and Johnstone. But Runarsson and Okonkwo will fill those spots.

    Meanwhile did you renew your season ticket? Otherwise you will lose it!!!

    1. Dacoster says:

      This is my 16th year with arsenal,to say the truth we are not ambitious.chelsea spent 200m and won the champions league ,man city has the likes of Kelvin debrun,ikey gundagan,bernado silver,mehrez,Phil foden and they still went ahead and sign jack grealish.

      1. Kedar says:

        It’s Oil Money… You can’t compete with Oil Money

        1. Ozziegunner says:

          Arsenal will be lucky to compete with Leicester City, Aston Villa, West Ham United, Everton and Southampton let alone Manchester City (oil money), Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea (oil money) and heaven help us, Tottenham Hotspurs. Management has told us we are leaving Highbury for The Emirates to compete against the best of Europe. Recently the comment was made that Willian was going to take us to the Champions League in three seasons. In honesty these people should pursue careers as stand up comedians in Yorkshire Workers Club’s.
          Look at how much Arsenal has spent in transfers and wages to finish eighth two seasons in a row, yet the midfield is still to be addressed except for backup Lokonga. The available funding is not being spent wisely
          How the mighty Arsenal has fallen and the mediocrity accepted by the fan base. Craig Burnley hits the nail on the head, you get what you are prepared to accept.
          By the way under the Kroenke ownership and current management, Arsenal are heading towards another record, the longest dry spell between League titles.

          1. Dan kit says:

            Hit the nail on the head Ozzie
            “The mediocrity accepted by the fan base “
            Fans thinking it’s acceptable to have players like Xhaka signing a new contract .
            How the mighty having fallen indeed

          2. NY_Gunner says:

            What exactly can the fan base do, but complain. What will that accomplish, the sacking of another manager? The owner remains the same. A new manager is installed. And this process repeats itself. So bring your banners to the stadium and protest against the owners and pretend once again, that you’ll make a difference…

          3. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

            So true OG…I’ve spoken at considerable length about the great stadium “ruse” and it’s continued financial and psychological ramifications, but until the most ardent Wenger loyalists come to recognize the pertinent role he played in this deception and/or Kroenke sells the club to someone who cares about competing at the highest levels, I fear that real change will likely never come to the Emirates…btw let’s hope that the Ozil debacle doesn’t lead to another disastrous period of positional recruitment failure, much like in the years following Vieira’s departure

    2. Grandad says:

      Negativity personified.

  4. VasC says:

    Let’s send Chambers to LCFC, Cedric to Fener and start the season with Bellerin at RB in the starting XI and a very obliging and motivated AMN as backup to Bellerin.

  5. Arsenal2win says:

    Chambers as part of a swap deal? No Arsenal don’t do this! Chambers has succeeded in bringing the best outta Pepe, can’t u see?

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      How about Arsenal wake up to the fact that Leicester City do not want to sell James Maddison, unless the buying club pays a massive premium.
      Time is running out, so Arsenal should move on, as there are plenty of excellent midfielders available for less money.

    2. Mambo says:

      Personally I like Chambers and if he remains injury free will really kick off.

      last season he was play really well at RB and I would keep him as a very good back up.

      Cedric and Bellrin can go.

      AMN can go as well if a decent offer comes in, otherwise he stays as 3rd choice RB.

  6. Atid says:

    Well for me chambers, Bellerin or Cedric are not good enough at Right back.. Then again unless we play Maddison alongside ESR I am not interested.

    Who is gonna be our right back? Are we going to leave ESR out? Is Saka going to be swapped out for Pepe, Laca and Auba up front?

    If we end up with
    Cedric white Gabriel Tierney
    Partey xhaka
    Pepe Madison auba

    Elneny when Partey is injured, runarsson in the cups, with holding and mari?

    Then I honestly believe we are looking at top 10 instead of top 8.

  7. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

    in a heartbeat, especially if this would substantially lower their initial asking price

  8. Landam says:

    All the comments I see here are something else. You think other clubs are doing better than us in terms of transfer?, there are variables that are not open to any of us,we just assume things.

    1. SueP says:

      Interesting point
      Grealish and Sancho apart, I’m not hearing a lot about incomings into other clubs
      Difficult times for the vast majority

    2. Ozziegunner says:

      Landam, Aston Villa wanted another striker, so they contacted Southampton and bought Danny Ings. Southampton said, with this money we earned from selling Danny Ings, we need to buy a replacement. Tammy Abraham is available, let’s contact player agent and Chelsea FC. Transfer under way, no fuss, no bother, while Arsenal procrastinate.
      There are players out there who will greatly improve Arsenal’s midfield, without trying to pay over the odds for James Maddison, because Leicester City don’t want to sell. What are Arteta, Edu and Garlick being paid to do? As with Matheus Pereira, Renato Sanchez and Ruben Neves, the list of options for Arsenal are fast diminishing.

      1. Sue says:

        👍 Really refreshing seeing a deal go through without a saga, pity it was Ings to Villa though..
        We’ve become accustomed to ours being dragged out through the whole summer!

  9. Kit says:

    Seeing as Edu likes free transfers this must be his wetdream – Messi is free so have at it Edu get it done! Obviously we aint getting him but it would be awsome getting that fakker :p

  10. Longbenark says:

    Except Arteta is planning to play Smith-Rowe and Maddison together,

    If not, please let’s drop the Maddison chase,





    I believe Tavares could also play as right back, he’s also an Ariel threat, fast and confident.

    1. jon fox says:

      “Ariel” is a Shakespeare character from The Tempest!

      I believe you mean aeriel! I would not have picked you up on that minor error but for your odd use of a capital “A”on such a word.

      1. NY_Gunner says:

        @jon fox

      2. VasC says:

        Don’t want to ruffle your feathers, jon fox.

        I guess he meant “aerial” and not aeriel as you’ve suggested. Correct me if I’ve mistaken.

        1. Mambo says:

          lol I needes that today

          1. Mambo says:


        2. Declan says:

          Ariel is not only from the Tempest but also Disney’s little mermaid and also a well known washing powder😊. And yes of course Longbenark meant aerial.

      3. SueP says:

        I remember taking my son to see that at the Almeida theatre. All in the name of getting him through an exam

  11. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

    What a bizarre yet quite humorous series of posts surrounding the word “aerial”…this must be what it’s like in our the boardroom when it comes time to get deals over the line…no wonder it takes us so long and we rarely get it right

  12. gerry burke says:

    all this doom and gloom on here is becoming so tiring. when we kick off our campaign next friday night, before a ball is even kicked, the arsenal are on top of the premier league. can you show me another premier league club that can boast that fact.come on guys, we are known for our pre season belief and dreaming. never mind what is happening on the transfer scene, lets just enjoy kick off, then we can vent our anger on hhere, as usual, hahaha.

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