Arsenal hoping to ship out four deadwood players before the transfer window closes

Arsenal is still hopeful of shipping out a number of their current players before this transfer window closes.

The Gunners have been busy in this transfer window, but most of their activities have been centred on new acquisitions.

They have added the likes of Ben White and Albert Sambi Lokonga to their squad and they could still bring in the likes of Aaron Ramsdale and Martin Odegaard before the window closes.

However, these new players will give them a bigger than required squad and that means some players have to go.

Mikel Arteta knows this and The Sun has named four players the Gunners hope will find new clubs before the end of the transfer market.

The report claims that Arsenal is looking to offload Lucas Torreira, Alexandre Lacazette, Willian and Hector Bellerin before the transfer window closes.

Torreira spent last season on loan at Atletico Madrid where he won La Liga, but he didn’t impress enough to earn a permanent transfer to the club.

Lacazette has entered the last year of his current deal and Arsenal prefers to sell him rather than to offer him a new contract.

Bellerin wants out and has been linked with transfers to the likes of Inter Milan and Barcelona before now.

Willian has been a flop and the Gunners want to cut their losses and allow him to leave.

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    1. Totally. The team won a number of games with him at the 9. They were much better with Laca up top than with Auba.

    2. I don’t like the term, “deadwood”. It’s a bit degrading. After all, they are but human.

      Anyhoo, Lacazette is the one forward I wouldn’t want to leave. Auba on the other hand I would love to see leave with Martinez coming in. Auba’s silly wage alone would make it a better option!

      1. Forget all the hype about Martinelli he’s not the answer he’s too lightweight and injury prone at present Arsensl need a top class striker and a new right back and then the team will be set to go Arteta is making moves in right direction and fans need to stop calling for his head at the early stage of the season Aouar would still be a good fit too especially on loan with option to buy

    3. Exactly my thoughts,, he’s the best we’ve got right now – what did that make the other forwards?!

    4. Im so shocked that ppl are referring to Lacazette as deadwood, he is clearly one of our best players. when we play against tougher opponents, he come through for us. This is another Giroud situation and Arsenal never learns from their mistakes.

    5. Agree Voyageur, to call the Club’s highest scorer “deadwood” must mean the players to be retained are superstars. Arsenal wish!

  1. I’ve always rated Laca higher than Auba because he is more a complete player all round. Arteta should have let Auba go when he had the chance so that he could sign Laca to an extended stay. Calling him a deadwood means the writer does not watch football or watches just goals.

  2. Lavazette not what you eould call deadwood.Underperforming yes.And Simon.Bellend is definitely deadwood.Trust me.

  3. Arteta decisions are poor,I always said we have saliba, guendozie, we want and bought white and lokonga who are not better and saliba and guendozie, instead of investing the 50m he used in signing white on aouar and odegard and sign max my opinion arteta should be sack.

  4. The term deadwood comes from fans who take a dislike to players.

    For me lacazette, Bellerin and Torreira are not deadwood all three could probably fetch reasonable transfer fee in excess of £15m

    Deadwood for me is more likely to apply to Kolasinac, Willian, Cedric and Elneny who collectively would not fetch £10m yet earn over £400k per week

  5. Politics is everywhere. Artetha and the crew are not after result or success.believe it or not.guedouzi is far better than xhaka with the ball.xhaka is a defender? When Emery was sacked he was sacked based on politics.

  6. To think at one point people thought Laca was an improvement over Giroud. I would not categorize him as deadwood though..Bellerin either.. I think that these are players that can still contribute to AFC but need to move on..

  7. Laca is a true no. 9. He would be much more efficient, if we were creating real goal scoring opportunities for him.
    As long as we don’t really create, almost any forward is “deadwood”

  8. Yes @Atid the real deadwood we should be getting rid off is Arteta 🤗 Torreira did ok under Emery not sure if Arteta gave him a chance at all, as for Lacazette he was our top goal scorer, and Willian don’t get me started 🙄 and Bellerin can leave if he’s unhappy wouldn’t wanna keep an unhappy player

  9. I would keep Torreira ahead of Elneny who will be gone for free next summer AND gone for AFCON too.

    I also prefer Laca to Auba.

  10. @SueP heard that Odergaard was having his medical, but I’m not really excited,he just didn’t blow wind up my skirt last season, maybe should’ve gone for Aouar

    1. Aouar so far didn’t do much last season, means he’s been a one season click,

      I’m not a fan of odegaard either but he seems to be okay,

      I would prefer Arteta changes his formation 4-3-3/4-1-4-1 to accommodate odegaard and smith-Rowe,

      Smith-Rowe a deeper CM with Lokonga/Partey, Azeez/Xhaka

  11. I wonder how our top scorer can be classified as dead wood then who can we rely on to score this season knowing clearly that Auba is still in dry spell failing to score in the whole preseason…

  12. We should;
    Keep Laca & Bolugun – Sell Auba & Eddie
    Keep Torr – Sell Elneny

    We should of;
    Kept Saliba – Saved £50m White
    Kept Matteo – Sold Xhaka
    Used that 50m on Attacking Winger –
    Sell or let Willian go.

    Lokonga is here as is Partey, Ødegarrd on his way, Teirney has Taveres & we should of already sold Chambers & Bellerin and brought in a starting RB with Soares back up.

    Gabriel, Holding then Mari for back up.

    I dont know about Ramsdale but Leno being our no1 for Martinez is the biggest blunder we have made in years.

    Few weeks left of the window let’s see what happens

  13. More startling revelations by the Sun, who would of thought we were trying to get rid of these players.

  14. I agree with GunneRay that we should not, in an ideal and saintly world, use the term deadwood. It is not a nice word.

    However, we are fans who care passionately and so we use what I call “fan language”.

    We are not, mostly, Oxford English graduates and we must be allowed to speakand write freely, though without “hate”.

    The term “deadwood ” is not in my considered opinion a hate word though it is certainly not nice.

    But being “not nice” should be and IS allowed. Were ANY FOOTBALL FANS TO BE SAINTS(no Southampton puns please), I for one would never be allowed on this site or in a ground.

    I stand firmly and implacable against the tyrrany of wokism and being told how to speak and to write. I stand for freedom of the individual, though always within the law.

    And until the law outlaws “deadwood,” I for one will continue to use it. Even if that makes me NOT NICE!

    1. I agree with many Goonerson JA that LACAZETTE is not deadwood, though he is alone on that list in not being so IMO.

      I would far rather , in fact I CRAVE, that Auba is moved out instead. Anyway, anyhow we can! As I simply cannot abide non tryers, who cheat their profession and all who follow it

    2. jon, “freedom of the individual” is the same argument used by anti vaxers, anti mask wearers and their fellow travellers against the common weal.

      1. OZZIE yes and mistakenly too! Those who believe in conspiracy theories , such as vaccine being government controlled and containing a micro chip which will alter our brains, are, simply put, thick and not intelligent.

        All true thinkers, which includes natural libertarians such as I, will always have the intelligence and brain to reaise that in a civilised free society under the rule of a just legal system and a democratically freely elected government , that TOTAL freedom of the individual is never possible, nor wise and sensible.

        We ALL need to live by societies rules and within the bounds of civilised society and by considering the welfare of our fellow humans, as well as ourselves.
        And it is civilised and decent to be double vacced as ASAP and to wear masks in busy indoor places.
        THAT IS SIMPLY WISE AND NOT STUPID, as those you listed ARE.
        TOTAL freedom of the individual believers versus we libertarians are very different in wisdom, decency and morality.

        I stand for the common welfare of all and as much liberty as we are able, BUT given the precious things I mention above.

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