Arsenal HOT favourites for Cavani transfer after Wenger’s words!!

This latest Arsenal transfer rumour is guaranteed to get the excitement levels among the Arsenal fans on the increase, as the PSG and Uruguay international striker Edinson Cavani is the type of centre forward that could turn an average team into a good one or a good one into a great one.

So after reading a report in the Daily Star which revealed that the Gunners were strong favourites to sign the 27-year old forward in the next summer transfer window, I really hope that there is some truth behind this rumour. With Paddy Power offering 17/10 on Arsenal and the next best prive being 11/2 for Real Madrid, the bookies certainly seem to think so.

The reason is, Arsene Wenger spoke in praise of Cavani to French TV at the weekend and suggested that the player might not be happy playing second fiddle to Zlatan Ibrahimovich at the French champions. The Arsenal boss also suggested that Cavani could soon be moving on, so with us having been linked with the big striker before, people have put two and two together. But have they come up with four?

With the signing of Danny Welbeck from Man United and the return of Olivier Giroud in a few months, I am not sure that Wenger will be looking to sign another centre forward, but if the two current Gunners do not do the business this season, perhaps one of them could be heading for the exit. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. Matt says:

    My money is on Giroud to make the exit if one does to be honest.

    1. Mick The Gooner says:

      If any of our attacking players are to leave, I think it will be Podolski. I don’t want him to go, but he just isn’t getting played enough. Looked like he wanted to move on in the summer, but Giroud’s injury stopped him. At the moment I expect him to leave in January. Shame, he’s got such a good strike on him and is a top guy.

    2. Uche Edochie says:

      Wow. So we we are favourites to sign Cavani three weeks after the transfer window closed? Is it just me or does everyone feel equally tired of these kinds of bull?

  2. Mick The Gooner says:

    With the addition of Welbeck, we have too many strikers to buy another, unless someone else is moved on. I don’t think we lack strikers, I think we lack too quality strikers. That aside, we need to focus on a DM as top priority.

  3. Sumo says:

    Now we have,
    And Akpom coming up the ranks.

    You really think so after that we will get Cavani for 250 a week when the highest paid is 130 k a week?

    1. Matt says:

      Forget Sanogo, Akpom looks the real deal to me.

  4. let’s talk about real football not about this .scrap

  5. Skandalouz says:

    Cavani will not be allowed to leave PSG because Zlatan will likely play 1 year after this season. Provided the financial rules won’t force PSG to sell him, in that case Arsenal are indeed hot favorites.

    The summer transfer window has only been done 3 weeks ago and already we’re linked to the same players again, these papers today are really desperate to sell their units.

  6. butters says:

    depends on his price, doubt its gonna far! anyway,i thought wenger got fired as commentator?

  7. Pythagoras( but you can call me pi) says:

    did someone finally invent the time machine?? and did all except me get into it???
    I thought the transfer window was faaaaaaarrrrrrr away yet here I am ready articles on transfer!!!!!
    #these are sad and confusing times
    #sack admin

  8. arselonia says:

    If you sack admin will u manage just arsenal ? If yes I bet you you will be worse than this current admin I can feel that from you comment on all the thread on this just arsenal.

    1. Pythagoras( but you can call me pi) says:

      well, for starters, seeing as arsenal has no good freekick taker, I would write an article on fluid hyper physics, where using Bernoulli’s principle, Newton’s 3rd law and Kutta-joukowski theorem I would show how one can make a ball curve with just a little extra effort.
      Do you know that for an airfoil lift, the air across the top of a conventional airfoil
      experiences constricted flow lines and increased
      air speed relative to the wing. This causes a
      decrease in pressure on the top according to
      the Bernoulli equation and provides a lift force. Using this concept, one can make a ball curve to a direction by kicking it in such a way that the bal spins toward the desired direction of curve 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. muffdiver says:

        hahaha- what a complicated way to saw up-yours arselonia

      2. Twig says:

        Bug off! 🙁

      3. Gunner Gyzinermouth says:

        Lol…well played Pi

  9. InWengerImlosingTrust says:

    Wenger compliments everyone.

    During World Cup he gave a lot of praise to Vidal, but didn’t get him.

    Doesn’t mean anything. Anyway, before Giroud got injured Wenger said twice that we didn’t need more forwards. He will not get rid of Giroud to get Cavani. Wenger is loyal to his players

  10. CraigZWE says:

    unfortunately Poldolski will go.

    Cash in on him while we can, but we have young players who can fill the void and just need a chance.

    Akpom and Campbell.

    1. muffdiver says:

      wont get much for poldi now.

      some haribo if we’re lucky

  11. supertuur says:

    I was thinking if we could buy the right players I would like to see:
    * Cavani (CF)- 50M
    * Carvalho (CDM) – 25M
    * De Sciglio (Left Back) – 15M
    * Hummels (CD) – 25M
    * Rabiot (CDM Backup) – 8M

    Yes that is 123 Million – we can buy over the winter and next summer transfer these 5 additions.

    * Akpom

    The selling list would be huge:
    * Podolski (Get some money while we can, he has huge wage and hardly plays)
    * Campbell (Manager does not want to play him and he has resale value)
    * Flamini (Free to go)
    * Diaby (free to go – will he ever play)
    * Monreal ( get some money, we have upgraded the LB)
    * Coquelin (free to go)
    * Jenkinson (Get some money, Bellerin has more promise)
    * Ryo (free to go)
    * Wellington (Free to go)
    * Afobe (free to go)
    * Rosicky (some value left in his contract)

    We can sell already a few during the winter transfer

    Loan out:
    * Sanogo
    * Gnabry
    * Hayden

    I would keep Arteta as we have 2 new CDMs and we need the handover.

    1. Gunner_Bolivia says:

      you were on the fringe but i think you lost everyone at “keep arteta” lol

  12. ger burke says:

    september 22nd and here you are talking about next summers transfer market already !!. the transfer market that will open on july 1st 2015 , would i be right .how typical of arsenal fans right now , we always have to look ahead to comfort ourselves because if we look at the present then it is depressing . but this post sets out a new record i think , july 1st 2015 and we talking about it as it it were tomorrow . omg , thank goodness rugby is back yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

    1. supertuur says:

      There is winter transfer which is in 3 months time. We can speculate who to sell and who to buy. Arsenal is work in progress. I do think Podolski will be sold this winter.

  13. MDOwn says:

    Nope, sorry but I can’t see it happening. Unless he is planning to offload Giroud, but why would he show so much faith in him for so long to then buy Welbeck and then Cavani if he was planning to keep him? I would be amazed if we make a bid for Cavani, let alone sign him.

    I would like to see how Welbeck does before we even considered signing a different option up front. Priorities are a CDM/CB.

    1. supertuur says:

      I agree with Welbeck and see how he does. He is versatile and can also play on the left, once Giroud returns giving us more options up front. Hence why I see Podolski as surplus.

      Cavani is mega expensive so doubt that that will happen. Hummels would be dream defender signing. Upgrade on Mertesacker.

  14. ger burke says:

    arsenal is a work in progress, . how long do you think people can actually get away with saying that . what nonsense hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.we are a work in progress since clown wenger took over , for all the good that is doing us . can you please tell me when we will be the complete team , aw , thanks .

    1. supertuur says:

      Madrid is still work in progress. Every year the sell some of their players for insane amounts and the buy some for insane amounts. I think Arsenal is 2-3 years away from replicating that. To buy and sell like Madrid & Chelsea do.

  15. Andrew U says:

    Arsenal need to get bigger and tougher in the midfield and defense. The team is too small and soft in the middle. Compare the center of Chelsea and Man City to Arsenal. Those two top teams have big rugged central defenders and strong defensive midfielders. Arsenal have definite needs in these areas. All the talk about strikers is a distraction from what the team really needs!

  16. Trudeau says:

    Is Wenger being paid as an expert pundit by French tv. If so, I would be a short stint if he offered a straight “no comment” when asked about his expert view on a particular player. Don’t think there is anything here.

  17. ger burke says:

    we have been saying that arsenal are a work in progress since we stopped winning the premier league . it is the biggest excuse ever and i wish some people on here would cop on to that fact . we are never ready to win something , we are always only two or three years away from having a winning team . but for some reason this never ever happens , iwonder why ?.

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