Arsenal humiliate Chelsea 5-0 with a stunning display of superiority

Arsenal destroyed Chelsea 5-0 at the Emirates this evening thanks to a scintillating second-half performance.

Arsenal made a strong start to the game thanks to a Leandro Trossard goal, assisted by Declan Rice. Initially, it seemed like Arsenal might dominate the first half, but things didn’t quite turn out that way.

Shortly after Trossard’s goal, Nicolas Jackson could easily have been shown a red card for a reckless foul on Takehiro Tomiyasu, but both the referee and, presumably, VAR decided otherwise.

Although Arsenal had opportunities to extend their lead in the first 45 minutes, so did Chelsea. Surprisingly, Chelsea enjoyed the majority of possession in the first half, a rare occurrence at the Emirates in recent seasons.

Both teams squandered clear chances, but despite Chelsea’s possession, it was their goalkeeper, Dorde Petrovic, who was called into action more often.

The first half was much closer than many had predicted, and Arsenal going into the break 1-0 up was a lead they couldn’t afford to feel too comfortable with.

However, the second half was a different story entirely and seven minutes after the interval, Arsenal extended their lead courtesy of Ben White, and it was well deserved.

Arsenal made it 3-0 just five minutes later thanks to none other than Kai Havertz who had no hesitation in celebrating his well-taken goal against his former club. Arsenal’s goal difference was increasing beautifully.

A few minutes later, Chelsea had a chance to pull one back, but it landed at Jackson’s feet, and as often happens, he couldn’t convert.

Arsenal then stretched their lead to four goals, with Havertz netting his second. At this point, it seemed like a question of just how many more Arsenal would score.

That question did not take too long to answer and it was Ben White again though on this occasion he probably did not mean it but he won’t care that is for sure.

This was now becoming embarrassing for Maurizio Pochettino’s men and it presented Arteta the opportunity to make several substitutions.

Arsenal had chances to increase the score even further but the game petered out and the boys can now look forward to the North London derby at the weekend full of confidence.

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  1. Wonderful Night. 5-0 against Chelsea is brilliant
    I thought we would win but we played better than I thought we would
    I can’t be happier
    Love Rice and Partey together
    Special shout out to Havertz and White and defenders/Goalkeeper for Clean Sheet. Everyone did well
    Well done Boys!

  2. Great to see Havertz keep pushing and greatly improving in the 2nd half!

    We’ve done all we can for now and probably secured the best goal difference for the season so job done in the respect. Now to hope the pressure gets to City

    On to the Spuds, more of the same please. COYGs

    1. Agree with you PJ-SA, just when the voice on my head said that Havertz was giving the ball away too much, he stepped up and SHUT ME UP inside. So happy for him to get those two goals. Ode was out of this world tonight and well deserved the man of the match award. If this goes down to the wire and the league is decided on goal difference, then Rio Ferdinand’s comments post match that “defence wins you titles” will ring so true, another clean sheet to add to the many others this season. Come on Arsenal, let’s do Spurs like we did Chelsea and keep this win streak going! 💪♥️🤍

      1. Ferdinand spoke a widely recognized and long held truth, in saying that “defence wins you titles”!

        That is undoubtedly true and a trawl back through historical Prem and old DivisionOne winners will show how accurate that is!

        As we have averaged scoring close to two and a half goals per game this seaon, while conceding around 0.8 goals, it is easy to see that any game in which we score two is almost a certain win and we often keen clean sheets,which means a single goal wins us games.
        Obvious of course, but OVERLOOKED by many at their peril.
        I do NOT envsage City winning all their games still ahead , nor Liverpool. which OBVIOUSLY means that the Spuds game is for us a title decider.

        I think it inconceivable that we will not thrash ALL the other three teams we play.

        Tomorrows game for City, away to Brighton, is another virtual title decider then ,IMO.

        1. You are correct, you called it and Liverpool are out of the race now. Brighton is decisive tomorrow in the title race, as will Spurs be for us. As you know, it’s a derby, anything can happen… cue today’s footage of Pickford possessed by Neville Southall.

  3. Magnificent Arsenal broke another record by trashing Chelsea 5-0, which their biggest home win to date against the Blues

    Man City might eventually win EPL with their unbelievable consistency, but we’ll surely make them sweat till the end of this season

    Our superior goal difference alone has really made me proud of the work that Arteta, the other Arsenal coaches and the players have done so far. COYG!

  4. Everyone looked great, and the tired legs from Wolves are gone. Spurs next before they finally get some type of break. All we can do is keep winning and hope City slip up, COYG!

  5. Comprehensive and at this stage of the season what more could we ask for? Not just a win but stylish with the score to match. On to the next one, we’ve laid a market, lets keep going!

  6. What an absolute belter of a game. We were so fluent and whilst Chelsea did have a good spell, the second half performance blew them away.

    Mistake by the GK for the first goal, but still a more than decent shot by Trossard. The rest were really well taken. If Trossard says White meant to score rather than cross the ball in, then who am I to disagree?

    I am not sure anybody could be surprised by the MOTM being Odegaard who was as fired up and exciting to watch, as I have ever seen him.

    That result sends out a message to Liverpool and Man City that we are still in it.


    1. Indeed, Odegaard stepped up this year, you watch him and think sometimes the same as De Bruyne of old, no-one else in the league could do that. This year that has happened regularly.

      What a result on to the next one, we’ve got Spurs away and United away. It’s difficult but City have Spurs too (wouldn’t it be poetic if Spurs win us the league after they laughed at us going out of the CL costing them CL.)

  7. Wasteful first half. But second half blew a struggling Chelsea away. Well finished goals by Haverz, to boost our GD. Probably the best team we have put out all season and it showed. Partey was sublime, Rice solid Odergaard industrious. It has to be the team that starts against Spuds. The players who came on, especially Jesus, showed a total lack of awareness and composure. We need to end Spuds CL hopes.

    1. We all dream of a mid-field with Odegard, Partey and Rice, hope MA saw the prowess of this lineup. Havertz was too wasteful, almost careless in the first half, glad to see he pulled himself together and scored twice.

      We either keep Partey healthy or get someone like him to reinforce our midfield. A real center forward to score goals for us. I think we can be invincible next season.

      Well, a bit over my head, one game at a time and Arsenal never give up.



  9. Hope Arteta sees once again.
    Only what is workable, works.
    Havertz in midfield doesn’t work, likewise starting Zinchenko in a game like this. Same can be said of experimenting with Partey at right back.

    Glad to finally see Partey paired with Rice in midfield. That midfield performance is far better than in our recent matches.

    Kudos to the team and to Arteta for getting this one right.

      1. And probably another three points if he had just played Partey against Villa and stopped with the horrible idea of Havertz in midfield.

    1. Havartz in midfield worked well in the first half against Villa. They played a mid-block, which is always hard for us to break, and the plan was for Havartz to make runs between the defenders and create goal scoring opportunities. It worked great as Havartz got into 4-5 chances, but converted none. Yet tactically it was a masterstroke by Arteta.

      1. Good point. However, you are not going to get much traction here by providing a balanced analysis.
        Since we lost that game against AV, some people will always pile in with a know-it-all attitude. It is always easy to come up with a narrative depending on the outcome of a game whilst ignoring details.
        This was probably Partey’s best game in recent times. Even then he was sloppy on occasion and is not at his ultimate best.
        Partey has been gradually getting game time here and there which is not unreasonable given his injury problems, fitness issues and form.

  10. A great performance by the entire team!!!!

    What cheered me up was the excellent play of Thomas Partey.

    His defensive work was great, and his “first time passing” was even better.

    I wonder if he had played against Bayern, we might have won at their ground!!!

    Partey could be the difference maker in the run in, allowing Rice to move forward and join the attack.

    Still, we need to beat Spurs at the weekend, and then who knows after that…….

  11. go to sleep haters, if you have not woken up by now, then don’t wake up

    mentality proven

    monster goal difference, extra point in the bag

    perfect performance and form to take to Spurs

    pressure is on others now

  12. Chelsea are clueless without Palmer

    And they depend too much on counter-attack for their chances

    Then Partey,
    That guy is a tackling-bully, a very dominant presence he has playing our DM

    What has happened to Martinelli,
    He used to be so dependable in one-one instances – that’s 1 against Wolves & 2 against Chelsea he’s missed

    1. Palmers a player of great potential but most of his goals have been penalties, he’s not Salah (yet, hes young.) Don’t get me wrong I was happy when he wasn’t on the team sheet but the hype is real with palmer they are full on mid-table.

      1. eze, olise, mitoma, pereira and go above that paqueta, kudos, bowen, diaby, bailey. Right? Great player but hype is real.

        1. he is younger and could (i think we have a saka/foden scenario where he will) but he hasn’t and it is a bit disrespectful.

          1. I get you

            Just saying he’s been Chelsea/Pochettino “solution” else they’re just the same as last season’s Potter’s Chelsea

            Then Diaby hasn’t found his footing in the premier league yet

            Or did you mean Kudus ?

  13. Party- Rice – Odegaard. You can run out of superlatives. Job well done in an excellent team performance.

  14. That Odegard pass to kai to make it 3 was beyond fantastic. I cannot find the words to best describe it.
    We have a ballon d or winner in our ranks.

  15. That midfield of Odegaard, Rice and Partey was mint! Havertz doing the knee slides against his former team! It’s time we pay back the likes of Chelsea and Utd while they are in the mud!

  16. If those Spuds come at us with that their thoughtless all-attack football they may suffer the same faith

    COYG !

  17. WOW!!! What can I say apart from WOW???
    Superb performance from start to finish, subs made at the right time, crowd fantastic, Havertz having the time of his life, the midfield we’ve been waiting for and chelsea’s biggest defeat in their PL history!!
    Just WOW!!

    1. Great shout Ken, completely agree about Havertz, he was everywhere and didn’t stop running, (although the in-match slagging off he got from some on here before he scored was sad to see by the usual suspects). What a master passer Ødegaard is and Ben White was brilliant again too.

  18. A memorable night
    Team is spent
    Got no bottle
    Hey ..we are still in it and fighting all the way to the end
    The crowd were beautiful and loud tonight. The atmosphere was totally electric at the stadium tonight and the The players stepped up to the plate and delivered for all of us
    Also Another clean sheet
    Can’t wait for Sunday
    Onwards a d upwards

  19. That i am somewhat disappointed that “we could only score 5 goals” says it all about our performance tonight.
    If not that we were wasteful and managed to fluff our lines on a few occasions, we could easily have scored 10, 11 or 12 goals tonight & i would have loved every bit of it.

    That said, u can’t really complain after stuffing five of the best down the throats of that blue lot, so its a great victory overall & most importantly, another welcome 3 points which puts a bit of pressure back on our rivals, and some much needed confidence boost ahead of the North London Derby at the weekend.

    On to Spurs now, and hopefully another victory waiting. For now though, we savour tonight’s victory 🙌.

    One game at a time!
    Onwards and Upwards 💯
    COYG 💪

    1. Karma, Man. We do not want to drain our luck in one game. Hope we keep this form for the rest of the season, we will get all these goals back on Spurs and others.

  20. Just as we have been arguing a midfield of Odegaard Partey and Rice with havertz upfront is a killer midfield.

    But only the manager refused to see this and kept playing Havertz as 8. We should not have lost against Villa and Bayern!!!!

    let partey keep fit to end up and leave the rest of the equation to God

  21. A great performance winning 5-0 against Chelsea, who have spent over £1 billion rebuilding cf Arsenal £750k.
    Today showed what Arsenal has been missing with the injury to Thomas Partey. The midfield of Odegaard, Rice and Partey was superb. Partey cleaned up everything and progressed the ball forward quickly. Odegaard’s passing was sublime and one can only dream of how many assists he will get with a fast ruthless striker.
    Havertz was selected in his best position and rewarded Arteta with 2 goals; however he needs too many opportunities to score. Ben White must have been practising solidly after his recent misses and scored 2 goals. The defence again didn’t give Chelsea sniff.
    All we can do is keep going to the end of the season.

  22. Ollie Watkins and a good DM and we are good to go for next season. The number of chances we miss is too much. Can we get a special shooting coach for Havertz. He will be unplayable if he is more efficient in front of goal.

    1. @Edward

      wish someone could tell Arteta that Havertz needs a specialist striker coach…

      @Admin does Arteta have reach to this site please… because this will help him get it right on time with this suggestion.

  23. What a performance! And what a way to show the tide has truly changed! 1 down 4 to go. Our destiny back on our hands.

    It’s extraordinary the amount of goals we have scored without a striker.

    1. HH
      it still not totally in our own hands as city still have 2 games in hand and only 4 points behind
      what we have done is give them something to think about
      They can’t afford to drop a single point right now
      KH could have scored 4 or 5 but the chelski faces when he banged in the first…… the 63m we paid for him was worth every penny just to see how they looked
      Onwards and upwards

      1. I agree what you say Alan. If we win all our remaining games we need City to drop only two points with our superior goal difference.

        Chelsea, Man utd and Spurs are all struggling this season and having seen the calamity that has befallen their fellow struggler last night, we have already mentally defeated them.

        We have to get control from the first minute when we play them so they don’t build any sort of belief as the game goes on.

      1. Exactly right. We have a tougher run in than City plus, they have two games in hand. Given their run in and the way they can despatch teams, they’re pretty much in the driving seat. The other factor we have to also take into account is that……. we’ve always got a blip in us!

  24. It’s good we won the match. Arteta should know when to rest his players. They have tired legs and I pray it won’t affect them mentally. Their first half performance was very poor. Players should play like something is at stake from now on. If they posted their first half performance, Spurs will tear them apart. Players like Saka, Saliba and Meghales are very tired. Arteta should find out how to manage them in the run in. The important thing now is three points. Congratulations once again.

    1. HG
      Just enjoy the moment and forget about tired legs a d mental fatigue 😩
      Same players last night out there could have run and run
      Winning and you want to play
      Losing and you go missing
      We are back to Winning ways

  25. If only if, Arteta stop playing Harvertz in the midfield, stop playing Zinchenko at left back and Play Partey along side Rice and Odegaard, and make substitute at the right time then, we can begin to dream of lifting the trophy hoping manc and pool drop points.

  26. I’d still like us to enquire about the challenge Jackson made and why it wasn’t taken further from VAR. All clubs have the responsibility to keep the pressure on PGMOL to be better and that was another shocking decision.

    1. @ PJ-SA
      That tackle was a leg breaker. It was a sending off offense.
      Fortunately, Tomi was OK. He needs to be ready against Spurs away. They are not likely to be toothless especially at home with their fans pushing them on like Chelsea were last night.

      Other than that a beautiful night to enjoy.

    2. Looking ahead, St. Tottering’s day coming this Saturday when Arsenal meets Tottenham .A simple win or draw for Arsenal and Tottenham won’t catch Arsenal this season.

      1. Arsenal needs a win against Spurs and then send a few cases of champagne and slabs of beer to White Hart Lane after Spurs beat Manchester City.
        “St TotteringHAM’s Day” will look after itself.

  27. It was a great performance and frankly speaking, such was our dominance, we could have even won with a bigger margin. MOTM was clearly Odegaard, what a player. He can find players and passes in the tightest of spaces and it is wonderful to have someone so skillful. Had we had better finishers in the side, I am sure Odegaard would have had a record of assists. Rice was also great and the presence of Partey in the base of the midfield allowed Rice to occupy more forward positions and so it is important to keep Partey fit. I hope now both City and Pool slip allowing Arsenal to lift the title.

  28. Havartz in midfield worked well in the first half against Villa. They played a mid-block, which is always hard for us to break, and the plan was for Havartz to make runs between the defenders and create goal scoring opportunities. It worked great as Havartz got into 4-5 chances, but converted none. Yet tactically it was a masterstroke by Arteta.
    Party was obviously not ready to start untill yesterday, and every time he played as a sub in the last few weeks he was terrible. Even yesterday, inspite him having a good game, it was obvious he was hesitant to get physical and something passed backwards quickly to avoid pressure.
    So Arteta is not that domb, that he needs us to tell him that Party can improve us.

    1. I think you have hit the nail on the head.
      Arteta is often called stubborn but he and his back room staff wouldn’t leave Partey on the bench unnecessarily.

      1. And that Party had a good game against a weak Chealse team at home does not mean he is ready to start against Spurs away. Maybe yes and maybe no, the coaching staff knows better. So hopefully no whining from fans if Party does not start the next game.

        1. @Ox in the box
          Their defence was all over the place, but their attack was still able to put us under pressure. I wou oh don’t call that weak. Jus sayin…

    2. Party when fit, which he hasn’t been does make a big difference to us
      He gives us a different dimension but he is prone imo to mistakes or two. Gets caught or sloppy balls a d lacks pace.
      On the other side he does play forward with purpose which we lack at times.
      Something we have to accept if we want him In the team
      He got more playing minutes under his belt last night and can only be a good thing for us for the last big 4 games.
      Onwards and upwards

      1. 👍 Grandas, ommission of Thomas Partey when fit is a major selection error, as is playing him at left back!

  29. Clearly a great performance especially in the second half.
    There were actually some nervy moments in the first half but in the end Chelsea were blown away. Odegaard’s performance was one great MF performance, absolutely majestic. Partey looking more like his old self. Rice once more a dominating force.
    That was the performance of a champion team.

  30. I was amongst the group calling for Havertz to be hooked in the 2nd half 😅
    He was a different animal though, that ruthless finish for his first goal where he held off Cucurella and struck a merciless thunderbolt was pure class 🫡. It reminded me of RvP 🥹

  31. It’s taken some time to get our top midfield trio on the pitch together but it’s been worth waiting for.With Timber almost ready to go we are stronger than ever and I look forward to the battle with Spurs with confidence..Without going into details of individuals, I think Havertz has now won over most Arsenal fans with his display .One rather sad aspect of last night was the realisation that ESR does not appear to be part of our Manager’s future plans.

    1. That was something I registered after calming down Grandad, especially thinking that he brought Viera on as well.
      I can’t believe he’s going to let him go though, perhaps he’s holding him back to give Odegaard a rest after the spud game?

      1. Perharps Saka needed the sub more than Odegaard Ken,given his fitness issues.If six subs were allowed,ESR would probably have come on. I thought Vieira had a good cameo. Despite his physical deficiencies,he clearly has immense talent. Could have easily got a goal(brilliant shot with his right foot after a lovely bit of skill) and an assist( lovely pass for Martinelli I think) in the short period he was on the pitch. Both Vieira and ESR are talented.I agree that Arteta could and should have used them more.

          1. Well Vieira too. Both have played roughly the same number of minutes. ESR has played 453 minutes this season. Vieira has played 470 minutes.

  32. It’s crystal clear that Odegaard, Rice, and White were the standout performers last night. Trossard’s contribution was absolutely critical, and he definitely deserves another start against Spurs. As for Havertz, he was an absolute world-beater for 15 minutes with two top-quality goals. If he’s going to start, it has to be as a forward.

  33. And it’s Arsenal,
    Arsenal FC!
    We’re by far the greatest team
    The world has ever seen.

    And it’s Arsenal,
    Arsenal FC!
    We’re by far the greatest team
    The world has ever seen.

      1. @SueP – let’s hope, but I don’t take anything forgranted. Most important for me is progress and consistency. I’m convinced we will be successful very soon. Even winning our remaining games, and playing great football might not be enough. Let’s hope Brighton can make some problems tonight 😎

  34. just goes to show that some patience is required – I had wanted to see Kai subbed at half as I thought he was pretty sloppy. Good thing Arteta didn’t listen!

  35. Havertz saved his best performance of the season for this match and he could have scored even more! The whole team performed. Chelsea actually looked dangerous on the counter in the first half and getting to half time at 1-0 was a good result to that point. But the second half performance is very probably the best half of football I have seen Arsenal play under Arteta. Odegaard was fantastic, and having Partey sitting in front of Gabriel and Saliba just made everything tick. A shout-out to Trossard as well, who I haven’t been the biggest fan of. I thought he was excellent demonstrated his very tidy technique and work ethic for all to see.

  36. When everyone was saying Havertz was wasteful… did you guys actually count how many concrete chances he fluffed/wasted?

    There was one time he passed the ball while everyone thought he should take a shot. Okay, count one.

    The other shot he took, was a save by the keeper. Was that really wasteful? Not really. Good shot and good stop.

    He had another shot on right side from Ode’s through pass. Saved by the keeper. If you guys remember that one was on a tight angle, not in the middle; and it was on Kai’s weak foot. Wasteful? Probably, but it was not a sitter as some thought.

    Then he scored two goals afterwards. Were they clear cut chances? As least not the first one he scored.

    So, in about 5 chances, he took 4 shots and scored 2. By any means this was not a wasteful performance as a striker.
    He might had one or two questionable decisions in the box, but far from being “wasteful”.

    1. there are some that made up their mind about Havertz before he kicked a ball in an Arsenal shirt, and that is just the way it is

      what many forget, or conveniently ignore, or are only capable of measuring performance by anything but the ‘goals scored’ column, is the out-of-possession impact and off-the-ball movement he brings too, enhancing the overall performance of the team

      and you can see it in undeniable facts

      in 2024 the PL games Havertz has started central of our forward three we have won 14, drawn 1 and lost 0, for an aggregate 45 scored to 4 conceded – that is astonishingly good

      not counting Villa he was inexplicably pushed back to midfield

      regrettably the knives are always at the ready for some no matter what the performance

  37. Absolutely blown away with this performance and the corresponding result.

    I was blown mainly because we made it look so simple. Everything we should be doing during a match we done. Playing on the front foot, playing aggressively, playing fast, controlled, meaningful, calculated, confident. Whilst at the same time not allowing any one of those qualities to slip and cede momentum or control.

    We surely did put Chelsea to the sword. And I was amazed by the fact we were relentless and took control. It’s something we’ve seen this team do in fits and starts for the most part. Okay, Chelsea were without some key personnel and that may have had an impact on the outcome. Plus, they are going through a weird transition of their own at the moment, so as a result of both these things they were there to be taken and boy did we take them!

    It’s a pity we don’t have two of every one of our key personnel ie two each of Oedegard, Rice, Saka, Martinelli, Saliba et al so that we could really mount a sustained attack on the premiership and other competitions from.season to season. The new players should not only have the proficiency and technical ability but the apparent humble temperament and unnecessary ego.

    However, little short of scientific cloning, our best effort would be to carefully scout the European and world football markets for similar players of ability so that we can have better rotation within the squad without too much change to the format and method of play and still be able to produce results like the Chelsea game.

    However, this is the real world and what I’ve intimidated above is definitely not part of our clubs fortune. But it is for City, they do have an abundance of almost like for like players who can take up the mantle at a moments notice and provide almost seamless quality to the team and how it performs! And this is why despite our most thrilling match and result this season. I still think City with the run in they have, the personnel they have, they way they go about their business, their experience of winning the premier league and other major titles, will pip is to the post to lift the premiership title. It would really require a monumental collapse for them to concede now. Whereas, a monumental collapse for us can be just around the corner. I hope we don’t go to Spurs still patting ourselves on the back for the Wolves and Chelsea results and sink back into our shell or even worse, become so complacent that we put in a half hearted effort, with a naive belief that, half hearted /arsed iwas all that was needed as we are so brilliant previously!

    Not that I have to preach to the choir but we have to win our remaining fixtures, not necessarily in the manner of the Chelsea game but win them all. Whilst at the same time…..we can only imagine that City might mess up terribly to assist us in winning our first title in years.

    For the future, we can’t rely on the shortcomings of others and have to make our own fortune. This means more investment and recruitment of equally adept and suitable players to compliment the ones we have now. Improved methods, techniques and strategies that enable us to compete on multiple fronts every season.

    I would love us to be able to lift the premiership trophy this season as a results of our own efforts but I think we’ve had too many of those blips I mentioned, many of which were unforced and self inflicted but hoping if its possible, there are no more. The title is still within reach but due to past performances, our reach maybe beyond our grasp for this season.

    Looking forward to the remaining games, looking forward to the next season and looking forward to what Kroenke, Edu and Arteta have in store for us !

  38. Looks like Liverpool is no longer a threat to us – no certainties though this is the EPL. Ironically Spurs may decide the final outcome as they host both us and City. I did say if we beat Chelsea we become favourites which I still believe. Brighton can do us a big favour tonight even if they get a draw which could make Sunday a weekend to remember for us. I’m not sure I’m up for watching the LD, too stressful at my age!!!

    1. Andrew Any realist would suggest to you that merely beating , even thrashing Chelsea, UNLESS and UNTIL City drop points , will certainly NOT make us favourites. City are still odds on among bookies for the tite.

      We are around7/4 and definite SECOND only favourites.

      City would need to lose tonight at Brighton for us to become actual favourites.

      Even a draw would still make it a very close call between us and City for favouritism.
      Of course anyone can make up their own mind which side THEY deem to be favourites.

      But the bookies, who arehighly professional, ARE a far better guide as to what is the reality, than ones own personal, generally biased,opinion.

  39. No, are chances for the title are slim. The title is basically City’s to lose while we need to be perfect here on in and then hope Spurs do us a big favor on the last day. Picking up the final 12 points is a matter of pride but more than likely it could still only be a consolation prize. Dropping all four points to Villa and the earlier mini slump against West Ham and Fulham will have helped lose us the title.

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