Arsenal icon gives his opinion on Son Holding battle

Ian Wright admits that Son Heung-min got the better of Rob Holding during the North London Derby last night.

Both players were pitched against each other as they both looked to get a win and enhance their chances of finishing this season inside the top four.

Arsenal had a four points advantage over their rivals before the game, but it has now been reduced to one point after Spurs won the game 3-0.

One of the key battles on the pitch last night was the one between Holding and Son, but the Tottenham man won after getting the Arsenal defender sent off in the first half.

Wright admits the South Korean was a problem for the Arsenal defender. He said, as quoted by The Sun: “Rob Holding is terrified of Son’s pace. In each instance, we are seeing Holding trying to win the ball.

“Especially after the first couple, you say okay it’s going into him. Let him get hold of it and maybe lay it back because you can’t afford to go down to ten men.

“He has got no complaints [for the red card]. That right side has been a problem for us.

“It has been a mismatch. You can see how uncomfortable Holding was.

“In the end, the way he has been sent off, he has no defence of himself there.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Holding lost the battle to Son partly because he didn’t keep his cool. In a tense game like that, the opposition will try to get under your skin and see how you react.

The Arsenal man has been playing in the Premier League long enough to know that.

Hopefully, he would learn his lesson and do better the next time he is on the pitch.

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  1. Son didn’t get Holding sent off – Holding got himself sent off for repeatedly fouling Son and ignoring the referees warning about his play…. just as Wrighty confirms.
    Let’s stop playing the injured party and be honest with ourselves.

    1. Too right Ken. Accountability. Cedric as well. Can both be good on their day but squad players at best. Arsenal with kt and partey are a different beast

  2. It’s true that Holding was shown to be lacking in the two yellows, but the penalty was just plain wrong.

    1. If you barge into a forward who is already jumping for the ball, you always risk a penalty. A better defender would have been closer and smarter, stopping the jump or obstructing the run but it looks like he panicked when he realised he was not goalside of his man as he should have been.

      1. I agree. The referee is justified in awarding a penalty.
        One of the problems is that referees are inconsistent when it comes to such decisions. We have seen worse fouls go unpunished which leads to umbrage amongst fans when decisions go against their team.

  3. One of my many gripes about leadership of the team is how we manage in-game adjustments.

    From the very first whistle it was clear to everyone Holding was going to have a bad day. It turned out to be a disaster. And yet nobody, neither his captain nor manager, intervened to help him. Holdings red card was avoidable.

  4. I’m a spurs fan that is honest enough to say I thought the pen was soft. Whether or not that had any impact on the game is questionable, you were always gonna get battering.

    I will say I have a lot of respect for Wrighty, at least thats one Arsenal legend that can actually be objective unlike the so called Romford Pele who has claimed son should’ve been given a straight red for an elbow that never was by son as he he was being wrestled to the ground by RH.

    Anyway all things considered you guys remain in the driving seat, if you get the 6points I congratulate you.

    To be quite honest I can see us both dropping points before the final curtain so let’s enjoy the balance of the season and may the best team take 4th.

    1. That’s a reasonable post Soixy
      I would be amazed if Spurs didn’t win both their games. It just goes to show that supporters on both sides get jittery if you think that Spurs might slip up

      Arsenal cannot afford to be so naïve in their remaining fixtures.

  5. It’s of no use crying over spilt milk! We soldier on and prepare for the Newcastle game and manage a win. Holding’s chapter has been closed for the season and it’s up to the available players to take us to the promised land now and i hope against all hopes that at the blow of the last whistle that we will be playing champions league football next season.

  6. I don’t even think Son got the better of Holding, Holding got the better of himself!

    He lost the plot and let everyone down!

  7. This game was going to be intense. Players must keep their cool an play as per game plan set by ur manager. Watch your tackles to prevent cards..

  8. postponing that game in the first place now looks the stupidest idea ever. Well done Arteta.

    1. There is no way any one can be certain how the game or the season would have turned out if the game was not postponed.

  9. Do you think that arteta specifically runs his sessions telling them to try to rattle other teams?

    I say that as he’s clearly the head honcho and stewards the team with the most reds since the beginning of his tenure.

    Since taking over you’ve had 13 sendings off, that’s 5 more than the next team. It just seems to me that it’s the way he instructs you guys to play.

    Xhaka funnily enough normally get a away with that kind of shit housery (against us at least)

    The entire press conference debacle was pathetic. Spoilt petulant child stuff from a manager no way befitting to your club.

    I’d even go as far as saying he’s an embarrassment.

  10. When Holding got his first card, with the way he had been acting, I was worried that we would be one man down, as often we do, towards the end when he had to commit one of those ‘professional’ fouls.
    I didn’t have to wait long though when he committed, not a professional foul, but a out and out silly one!
    He let his team down for sure, but who was the captain and where was the manager?

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