Arsenal in a rush to find Wenger replacement?

Arsene Wenger is keeping his own counsel and playing his cards close to his chest over all the speculation about whether or not he will sign a contract extension and stay on as the Arsenal manager for at least one more year after the current season.

There are reports in the football media that even those closest to the Frenchman do not know what he will decide and if that is the case then maybe he has not even made his own mind up yet and that is not good news for the club. As the former Arsenal and England defender Martin Keown explained in a Metro report, the board really need time to look for and appoint the right manager to take his place.

He said, “I do feel if he were to go now without any succession plan management from the club it would be too soon,’ he told the BBC. ‘I don’t think the board are yet ready, or this club is ready for him to leave. There’s a lot of thinking that needs to be done at a high level.

“Yes, the end is coming. But maybe another contract of one year, or two years. And he, Wenger, should be made to be a part of the management structure that comes in. Somebody in the same mould.”

But another former Gunner Ian Wright has stood by his prediction that Wenger is going to call it a day, even though the Frenchman played down these comments. If Wrighty is right then Arsenal have a problem and that may be why all the rumours about various different possible replacements are cropping up.

Allegri of Juventus, Thomas Tuchel of Dortmund and even a combination of Benitez and Thierry Henry are being mentioned, so do you think the board has been alerted and are now rushing to find the right man in case the boss does hang up his long coat at the end of this season?



  1. Pablo Picaso says:

    My preference would be (in this order)
    1. Thomas Tuchel
    2. Diego Simeone
    3. Allegri
    4. Koeman
    5. Frank Deboea (SP) / DB / TH14

  2. proffetic says:

    I don’t think there is anything to panic about. If he should leave at the end of the season and no more notice than that,there would be no shortage of top class suitors.Arsenal are one of the very top clubs with a state of the art stadium and the finest facilities. I feel sad that he has let himseif down and cannot actually meet the demands of what has become his own legacy.I believe the board should make this decision and not leave to him to agonise over his own future. He has been a great manager and won’t be forgotten.

    1. Budd says:

      Two things. Players, this lot, let him down badly. This is how they understood to repay Wenger for the trust he put in them. They simply pi$$ed on the huge chance Wenger gave them. That includes Ozil and to a lesser extent Sanchez. Don’t get me started on the British contingent.
      Secondly, Wenger stuborness to admit that today football is played from game to game. Everyone is disecting to the smallest detail what opponents eat at lunch, let alone their system. Unfortunately, we have only one. Ironically, when we were forced to change the system we played much, much better. It was clear that opponents prepared exactly for that. And only that. Remember Wengerball? Where the fsck is that today?

  3. ny says:

    It is funny to see people predicting Ozil on the bench for the Bayern game and shortlising the names for next Arsenal manager.Both wont happen.
    Even if arsenal continue losing , Kronke wont change Wenger and Wenger will repay it with not changing Ozil.

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