Arsenal in advanced talks to sign World Cup goalkeeper?

Arsenal are claimed to be in advanced talks to sign Switzerland international goalkeeper Yann Sommer.

The shotstopper featured in all six matches for the Swiss in World Cup 2018 in Russia, impressing between the sticks for his side, and most impressively keeping the Brazilians to only one goal in their 1-1 draw in the group stages, helping his side to reach the knockout rounds.

Sommer could now find himself sealing a move to the Premier League with Arsenal said to have entered advanced talks over a move from Borussia Monchengladbach this summer. Interestingly the Gunners have already moved to bring in Bernd Leno from Bayer Leverkusen.

The duo were both playing first team football in the Bundesliga last season, while Petr Cech predominantly kept David Ospina limited to cup and Europa League outings, and the two new keepers could now have to battle it out for a first team role, with the former Czech international linked with an exit alongside the Colombian.

Arsenal have already splashed out a fee reported to be around the £19-22 Million mark on Leno, although Sommer is likely to cost in excess of that amount.

It will remain to be seen who will be expected to start the campaign between the sticks if rumours prove to be true about Cech and Ospina’s probable departures.

If rumours do prove to be true, I just hope that Emery isn’t trying too hard to rid himself of ‘Arsene Wenger’s players’, and make a costly mistake by shipping out experienced players who could be vital to the squad.

Would it be silly to allow Petr Cech to leave because of his leadership qualities and experience? What other players must be kept due to their importance in the dressing room?

Pat J

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  1. Goonerboy says:

    Cech is finished and should be allowed to leave no regrets for me.
    Sommer will start ahead of Leno as he is a better GK imo.

    1. Goonerboy says:

      As experienced as Cech is, i cant explain why he has lost so much confidence perhaps due to our shaky defence.
      That said, i think too much emphasis is placed on goal keeping these days, yes GKs save points but the defence is key

    2. Abu says:

      Cech is Still better than Leno. Yes he has lost his reflexes but that tends to happen with age but still goalkeeping is much more than that.

      1. Mickew says:

        This is another non story, it just isn’t happening, the club has other priorities.

  2. Abu says:

    Are we really selling Cech ? I don’t see that happening. Mainly because of a couple of genuine reasons :-
    1. He recently received no 1 for the club.
    2. Management would be a fool to sell him considering how error prone and inexperienced Leno is in primer league.
    Leno might be the one to replace Cech in near future but that’s some work in progress. And I don’t see unai allowing it happening. His experience might be valuable for the defensive core and Leno can excel in his study.

    1. Abu says:

      Never heard about the Sommer guy before the worldcup. And I expect none of us would have. We recently bought a keeper worth around 20m (our most expensive keeper and 7th in the world) don’t see us spending another 20-25 odds when we still are having Cech.

      1. Goonerboy says:

        I also watch him during International competitions also, been noticing him since the Euros, he is top class GK.

        1. Abu says:

          Congratulations !

      2. fluent says:

        you haven’t been watching enough football my friend….sommer is a household name in the bundesliga

  3. Trebor says:

    Cech just needs a strong defence in front of him, as does any keeper. I think we should keep cech this season, but if not then we have to move forwards, Sommer was key in world cup. Who ever it is between the sticks will need to learn fast and improve. The key this season, is having strong central midfielders breaking up attacks and giving a strong defence those vital few seconds to adjust to the danger. It’s what we have been crying out for for many seasons. Who is in goal if all those defensive problems from seasons gone by have been solved with the new additions, is less of a worry, yet keeping cech to help these new keepers not the road running may be key.

  4. Silver says:

    let him go no matter leno is not well keeping our davido is there for him. door open!

  5. Isaac says:

    No goalkeeper is going through look good without a good defensive unity infront of goal. Look at Atlentico Madrid, they have a good defence and the keeper is encouraged by that. Any goalkeeper is going to look good with a strong defenders. Sorry Cech is past his time he needs to move on. Arsenal is in a rebuilding mood now Unai Umerg should take advantage and build a team that can compete with likes of MC, Liverpool and MU and Chelsea.

  6. jon fox says:

    I have no idea whether or not this story has legs but I hope that it does. I would love to see both Cech and Ospina leave Arsenal, which would happen should we sign Sommer.

  7. iffybright says:

    Fake report…..
    Total rubbish …
    most Arsenal fans are gullible….
    They believe everything they read online…
    it’s Absurd

  8. Gifted says:

    I think goalkeepung is the least of our concerns right now….pass!!!

  9. Gifted says:


  10. goonervishrut says:

    Gazidis is going to Milan in a couple of months time

    1. Dan says:

      Hope he takes the yank owner with him!!!??

  11. RSH says:

    ornstein has said nothing, so just gonna chop this up to paper talk. Certainly we’d sell several players before we buy anyone right now

    1. Michael says:

      You mean Kev has said nothing.

      Kev had better come and authenticate is report about Sommer coming.

  12. Matthew says:

    I think we should buy sommer,sell ospina and keep cech for other competitions and sell martinez on loan

    1. Michael says:

      Sell Martinez on LOAN like We bought him on CREDIT

  13. Simon Williams says:

    1 new goalie is enough. Keep Czech for his own influence, management, consistency!

  14. Simon Williams says:

    Happy with all our signings… Except Sokratis-

    From all I hear he is over aggressive, leaves his position to quickly to try win balls exposing the defence as a result, slow, old –

    Why did we buy him?

    Hope he proves me wrong. But I don’t expect him to improve the team


  15. Declan says:

    Welcome Sommer, au revoir Cech and Ospina.

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