Arsenal in Europa League? Shut Up Arsene!

Wenger comments about Arsenal playing in the Europa League is the last straw by KM

Arsene Wenger… A man who said the league could be won without a match being lost. A man who actually did it. Can you believe how times change? There I am checking the usual sport news on the Daily Mirror and what do I see? A Wenger comment about how we should be playing Europa League as we have a better chance of winning it.

Now there’s a comment that lacks ambition. If I’m an Arsenal player I’d be gutted. I’d be like “what the hell am I doing here?”. No wonder top players won’t come to Arsenal. They know we don’t compete for trophies, and we have a manager in decline.

Ancelotti won’t last long in Madrid, Klopp’s Dortmund got destroyed by having their best players sold. Simeone is facing similar problems at Atletico. Any of these managers would be a huge improvement on Wenger.

We are cash rich. You know what? Mourinho was right. He made a comment to provoke Wenger by saying “Arsenal should be up there with us and Man City” and he was spot on. We should be. Why aren’t we there ? …….Well, there’s Arsene Wenger for you!

I’m sick of the excuses, sick of the false hope, sick of hearing about financial restrictions and how we are limited and cannot compete with the others. The only limitations in this club is the board and the managers lack of ambition. The owners of City spent probably a billion on a team that had nothing.

At Arsenal all that is required is a tactically adequate manager and a few good signings. Something one certain Frenchman cannot do. That’s it for me. It’s enough that we have to live with the shame of losing to a team with Toulalan who couldn’t run the second half and Berbatov who outran our defense. This is a joke.

Wenger needs to go. And we need to show ambition. We must finish in the top 4, then have Ivan call Wenger on the phone and tell him “Thanks for the memories Arsene, but it’s time to say goodbye”. Of course this won’t happen, because practically Wenger appointed Gazidis.

Wenger has the board in his pocket. The comments from Hill-Wood earlier this season, that we back Wenger no matter if he has a plan (good or bad) or no plan at all, says it all.

This is the reality at Arsenal. And it’s what is hurting me a lot more than the fact we are out of the Champions League…


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  1. I think we have a mental problem in the squad…..we need a motivational speaker or we should employ one of the worlds best team psychiatrist or something…….if I look at our squad on paper, we should be up there with the top 3 or 4 teams in the world…..

    1. I think that mental problem has transferred to you as well.How can you say the squad on paper should be up there with the top 3/4 teams in the world? Do you even know these teams?or even their squad?the kind of players they have at every position?

      1. Who from admin wrote that crap. Quoting mourinho and saying why arent we with che manc, well we are right there with manc if you havent noticed and we usually do better than them in Europe anyhows. We have recently only gotten our money in order but we still cant give players two to three hundred grand a week, sure our own team was getting cherry picked not all that long ago. This is the second season were funds are improving dramatically and if my memory is correct it took the billionaire clubs two full seasons to get a challenging team going, we cant overhaul in the way that they did but if we challenge next season well then we are only one season off which sounds about right seeing as we didnt have complete overhaul.

        The Wenger Europa scenario, bitch about something else its a non story as he were joking in French. He said before that it would be better to go out of cl and into Europa rather than falling at this hurdle.. get over it.

  2. Your Pea sized brain failed to understand that what he said was “in the heat of moment” after seeing his side heartbreaking loss. This has happened for 4th straight year. He obviosly don’t want Arsenal to be in Europa League.

    1. Much truth is revealed in the heat of the moment. It’s when they are calm and not under pressure that the lies flow.

    2. i think it more about that incident when chelsea were knocked out of the 2012-13 CL Group stage and went to win the europa league that season meaning chelsea were rewarded for their failure.

  3. Why can’t you stop all this negativity? We are not in crisis ffs.manshitty out,shitski out, so what?I’m sick of all this negativity. Get behind your team you little children or go support spuds.fûuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk

    1. You again?

      Eat your ass out as you so beautifully put it or feast on Wenfer’s steak tartare..

      Bon appetite!

        1. It was your phrase mate!:) that you directed at me.

          And of course the Wengerites will thumb me down. Par for the course..

  4. Whats negativity are you talking bout, the writer is just stating the obvious truth you guys have closed your eyes to ARSENAL IS IN DECLINE so is english football…its just the truth like it or not

    1. Finally a reasonable comment.. It’s just ridiculous how the mood changes at arsenal. If justarsenal posts a statistic on how much anti-wenger comments are liked when we lose a game and how much are liked when we win you’d be shocked! When things go really bad people seem to find their sense and the fact Wenger is outdated and when we win a few games in a row ( which results in going out of the Champions League and haven’t led to any trophies) everyone is all pro-wenger… This is how much Wenger has everyone in his pocket…

  5. Well, I think Wenger might just being realistic…
    As a club, we will win the CL one day, that is just a fact. But, as a manager, Wenger will NEVER win the competition, that is just another fact.

    Europa league?
    Who does he think we are, the Spurs?
    He must have been talking in the heat of the moment… I know (and has been proven season after season) the main objective is qualify for the top four every season and winning a major competition is not even in our scope (check out the squad + a clueless manager).

    Anyway there are too many games in Europa League and we won’t have the squad to cope with the schedule especially with our injury record and our penny pinching manager… NO F*CKING CHANCE.

    Wenger told the French newspaper that the players underestimate Monaco…!!!
    May be they could have find someone to “tell” them different, like “A MANAGER”, someone actually in charge of the team… I wonder who might that be??

    Anyway, it is never his fault…!!
    Fake and over rated, only recognised in this country due to the inexistance of good English manager.

    2 more years of that “bullshit”, brace yourself…

          1. @lockay, it was interesting to read that Merson blames the fans for our exit as they all started shouting attack attack attack which our players duly obliged before the third killer goal… hmm.

            To say its a fact Arsene wont win CL is just senseless. The odds are not in his favor but facts are a result of something happening, not a likelihood.

    1. The truth hurts, doesn’t it. And because people don’t like it they dislike honest comments that state the obvious, without putting any facts on the table. Because the facts speak for themselves. Wenger is a failed manager.

      If only all the fans could realize the potential we have to be a really big team rather than a fourth place squad, and the fact that the only limitations are Wenger and the squad, we might actually progress. Untill then, nothing will happen..

      1. Only reason that potential is there is because of Wenger.

        And as for this article, it’s absolute horshit…what do you expect when you read the daily mirror? that comment is completely taken out of context – get your sources right before posting an article.

  6. And arsenes comment shows he has also giving up on his ability, i love arsene dnt knw wat arsenal would be witout him, but i yhink we are appproaching that time to gamble that…once chelshit was our baby now we wanna be competing wit everton and roma and kiev? NO arsene

  7. As a Arsenal Supporter and a person loving the website, i can’t believe the amount of rubbish some of our “supporters” are posting here.

    Alot of comments made by players and especially Arsene Wenger are taken out of context and a article is written about it just to attract attention. Guess that is the problem when “supporters” have too much time and internet on their hands.

  8. I LOVE ARSENAL 1ST before a manager or players…they r onli representation of the arsenal sooner or later the will leave an arsenal remains…

  9. Those comments about Europa League could be, also just revenue streams related (since we are not good enough to go further in CL) as more games in the Europa league, so more money (“mugs” fans won’t really complain and keep paying those ridiculous prices for “very little” in return).

    Now we can win the FA Cup and qualify for the next CL. Which were the objectives (may be not the Fa Cup semis) from the start.
    So, in general, it is a f*cking good season… Well done Wenger (Once again!).

  10. The best example of Arsene’s lack of ambition was actually the 13/14 Jan transfer window. Despite all the injuries, we had a great chance of winning the league. We badly needed 2 or 3 signings, and some pace up top. Yet, we had to settle for an injured Kim Kallstrom, and look where we finished.

    1. OK. Tell us which teams, any in Europe, any league, changed the course of their season with a January signing in 2013/14. Or if you can’t do that name the player who was available that we could have got but failed to as he went somewhere else?

      1. Well I don’t need to answer the question about who could have we got, because it’s a stupid question. Are you honestly telling me that despite the fact Arsenal are one of biggest clubs in the world, with huge cash reserves, and that we pay big wages to average players, that none of the scouts and Arsene couldn’t find anyone better than Kallstrom?!

        Also, if you’d actually been watching Arsenal then you would know we badly needed some more players. Walcott did his ACL in Jan, and if Giroud got injured we would have been left Sanogo and Bendtner for the title run in.

  11. @tidan decline is a team who went a season unbeaten distroyin teams played in d champions league final n almost beat barca is now struggling to finish in the top 4 of the EPL n europe…if u still dont get it den u a fool

    1. Mate, maybe your calendar broke. The year is 2015, not 2004 which was actually 11 years ago. if you want to repeat the memories of winning the premier league, you might review your thoughts on the manager.

  12. The article talks about the club Talking about financial restrictions? What?? Yeah they did talk about financial restrictions for a long time because we had massive financial restrictions. I don’t hear that anymore I’m hearing people inside the club saying there is now money to spend backed by the fact money is finally being spent. Don’t give me $hit about we only have 50m to spend in the summer because that’s just media $hit.

    The team/ squad is moving in the right direction for me all the new signings have been really good. We’ve now got really good squad depth & some fantastic footballers. You really can’t complain about the money that has been spent since the summer. It takes time to build a team don’t want to be buying second best because the right players aren’t available then be stuck with them.

    Also the Europa league comments I don’t think he meant dropping further down the table finishing outside top 4 I think he meant we might as well finish 3rd in the group stages and then had a crack at the Europa league. It was said in frustration after the game maybe a dig at the players they let him down in the first leg.

    1. Big things can be won without loads of money:

      two examples: Ferguson/Man Utd UCL champions 1999 (with kids)

      Simone/Athletico Madrid 2013/14.

      Others inc both older Bayern and BVB teams.

      Common denominator: coach with a plan (strategy, tactics, player rotation), well drilled players playing in natural positions, more hands-on/aggressive man management..

      1. As usual you talk $hit. Let’s go through the kids in the 99 team: Irwin (34), Stam (28), Schmeichel (36), Cole (29), Sheringham (30), Keane (29), Yorke (30).
        Beckham, Scholes, Butt, Neville’s were 25 yrs old. What is a kid then? Thought Bellerin and Chambers are kids, not even Coquelin.
        Simeone will never repeat the win from 2014 in Spain, mark this on the wall and stare at it.
        Bayern are a club apart, they can afford anything.They are just Bayern and not even Real or Barcelona can compare with them financially.
        BVB is disintegrating although I see them coming back because their supporters truly love them not like some self proclaimed born and breed gooner.

        1. Once again wise words from budd , I’m glad we still have fans like yourself left to get behind our arsenal.

        2. Budd .

          They still one though didn’t they. No huge buys there was there?

          Never to be repeated eh? And how exactly do you come to know all things?

          And my stating the obvious will help Arsenal will it?

          Whose talking shit now?;) chump.

          1. (NO PERSONAL INSULTS ALLOWED! – Admin). What obvious did you ever stated? you said ferguson won UCL with kids which is fake. As for price tags you should actually check the fact that they paid the most in the league. Andy Cole was sold for back then in 1995 a shocking 7 mil pounds to United. Tell me, will Simeone win this year La Liga? Because by the looks of it even Valencia is having a crack at it. Next year as always there will be Real or Barcelona. 2014 they dropped the league title in the last 5 games, was not Atletico taking it but Barcelona losing it.

            1. The obvious: wenger is not up to it!

              Ok..Andy Cole was 7 mil! & the rest???

              As for asking me will Simone win again why are you asking me? Thought you were the oracle here.

              Sorry I called you chump bud but you did tell me I was talking shit. Please remain calm and stoic at all times like your leader;)

      2. Think you should concentrate on the norm rather than the exceptions. Bayern richest club in a one team league just about to wrap up their 7th title in 10 years. Real and Barca, richest clubs in Spain winning all other 9 titles in last 10 years, and the 3 biggest spending clubs in the PL winning all of the last 10 titles.

  13. I love Arsene and thank him for all that he has done, but reading that the away goals rule is outdated is just plain stupid. What a pleb he is. how about not losing 3:1 at home? Anyone who gets smashed at home in Europe doesnt deserve to qualify. We will never win the UCL or EPL under him now. Hes not ruthless enough, and he never changes. Sad because after all the philosophies he gives one would think that he knows that life is constant change.

  14. Whoaa Wenger,thinking like that is defeatist thinking.
    Time for you to weigh-up your own position with thoughts like that.
    Not good at all.

  15. That article definitely comes under the category of Rant… and slightly mistimed. I understand frustration of underachieving in the Champions League, but I feel this is a cultural thing. Look at Chelsea, who are arguably the best team in the league. They went out, quite disgracefully, to a 10 man PSG… Also this would have been an acceptable reaction after the first leg when we gave ourselves very little hope not after we came within 1 goal against the best defence in Europe. Yes we should have won, but you cannot fault the effort of either team.

    With regards to the comment, it’s the daily mirror… They have twisted what he said and the context in whih he said it. I would recommend watching the full press conference before getting too wound up.

    Should we just see where we are at at the end of the season before we start tearing our hair out. Top 3 and FA cup (fingers crossed) would be an improvement on last year. And we now have a CDM in Coquelin (regardless of your opinion of him we look better when he plays, and 1CDM is better than 0), and a faster stronger CB in Gabriel, who will hopefully know more english by this time next year. So our team already looks stronger for next year a couple of additions and we might well be golden. Like Wenger said 3 years to win the league (2 years remaining).

  16. im pretty sure many clubs would love to have a crisis like ours!!ok we didn,t start well but with a nearly fully fit squad we,ve got better in the last months,ours players seems to come back quicker from injuries kudos to the staff and we are only one point behind man shitty like wenger said each week is a chance to close the gap on chekski and it will happen patience my fellow gunners!!

  17. The old man should be sacked for saying this. I mean seriously?? That is the ambition he shows? Domestically he takes pride in winning the FA cups and in Europe he wants the Europa league now. Coward. Wants to take the easy route out. He has realized he cant win the glorious PL and UCL in his remaining time, so might as well win sh!t load of FA cups and Europa league to save his face while facing the press on the day of his retirement. Fu*king Disgrace! Kick him out.I dont care about showing respect anymore to this fool.

  18. 1) AW is doing his best no doubt, but is not enough, he is unable to catch up with modern football. Also deep in his core he does not want to change, he believes in himself and he is stubborn, reality check, he is there to stay, AW and only AW will decide when to leave ARSENAL; on his behalf he still manages to achieve the same feats year after year, due to an equal share of his prowess as a coach, yes we win to lesser teams, but also because of the weaknesses of his adversaries, we are closing on Man City and Chelski because they are playing like sheet and loosing points, the same for Pool, MANURE and SOTON.
    2) OZIL if he would have not been our biggest signing, you can bet your bottom dollar that he would be warming bench on a permanent basis, he is great player no doubt, but not for ARSENAL, I will always say OZIL was never the same since that defeat at ETIHAD against Man City, when BFG had to reprimand his attitude after the game. Because he does a few great passes and an assist every blue moon, does not justify keeping him on the first team, it’s time to think of selling him while we can get some money back and buying a player that will influence and adapt better to our game.
    3) ALEXIS is burned out, worries me and hope not that he might be following OZIL’s trail, a great start just to slowly but surely start declining. His dedication and hard work is still there, but hope he recovers.

  19. I do not understand some rants on this site! it will not even change the fact that you have to hope for another year that arsenal perform well. What Arsene said was a product of his frustration, that does not translate to yearning for europa league. The writer wrote this article with holy fury; as he love arsenal but there is a perceived stagnation and therefore want progress and at the same time insulting the manager, calling for his head. well, prepare for life after him or accept the available reality as wenger will see out his contract.

    Lets get behind the team though Wenger’s philosophy is not totally bought by many fans. Next year will be good I feel.

    “if horse probably grounds one, one must re-mount it”!

  20. Wenger said it might be better to win the EL then go out in the CL. THAT’S IT. For a group who are constantly on about not winning, it shocks me that talk of winning a competition is bad. This year we would not have won the CL cos we weren’t good enough. We should have gone through this round but had a bad first leg. THAT IS IT.

    As for people talking about Wenger not spending etc. he had financial restraints till last year. I think he blew his money on Ozil and couldn’t afford to go back for anyone in the winter. We do NOT have the free flowing funds of Chelsea or City. GET OVER IT. Any player we buy has to be quality now, we can’t afford high money flops.

    Note: a few years back Wenger would take risks on players and some would work, some wouldn’t. Now he is being VERY careful with buys and most (if not all) seem to be coming good.

    Yes, other managers would be sacked. BUT most other clubs have no heart and are just about winning at all costs. I’ll stick to playing football the Arsenal way thanks.

  21. “Klopp’s Dortmund got destroyed by having their best players sold. Simeone is facing similar problems at Atletico. Any of these managers would be a huge improvement on Wenger”.

    Does anyone else see the bizzare lack of logic in that statement. We had our best players sold but weren’t staring at relegation for part of the season or finishing mid table. Atletico win the league for the 1st time in 20 odd years and now on the wane and retreating to their accustomed place.

  22. It’s one thing to hate Wenger but another thing to write rubbish. Wenger is the reason top player won’t come to Arsenal did you read what you just write. Maybe the reason is that we can’t pay 200 000 a week, that we can’t afford 75 million transfer fee. Ancelloti would be improvement on Wenger. The guy is manager of o5be of the most expensive squad in the world and he is struggling . Kopp is in relegation battle, Simeone with his physical aporoach is not suited to this Arsenal squad.Inform yourself before you write an article.

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