Arsenal are in FALSE position and DESERVE better!!

Arteta is right and Arsenal have been unlucky by Sam P

Both Arsene Wenger and his Arsenal captain Mikel Arteta have claimed that Arsenal have deserved a lot more than we have got for our efforts this season, highlighted by the way we dominated Manchester United more than we have in years and still got nothing, while they scored two goals before even having two shots on target.

So I thought I would have a quick look at the evidence and see if there was support for what Mikel Arteta said to Arsenal Player about the Gunners seeming to be punished for every little mistake and not getting rewarded for the things we have done well.

He said, “As the manager said a few weeks ago, we are doing 99 per cent of the things right and every time that we make a little mistake it seems to cost us a point or a defeat. It’s always something so we need to bounce back. We have another massive game against Dortmund on Wednesday – let’s go for it.”

And a quick look at the Premier League table will give you a hint that he is right, because Arsenal have a better goal difference than every team above us bar the top three. And when you see that our north London rivals Tottenham are on the same points as us with a negative goal difference and some truly awful performances, it just does not seem right. They got all the luck that we missed at the weekend, an offside goal given to draw them level at Hull and then a harsh sending off leaving them against 10 men for most of the second half. And they still needed luck to scrape a winner.

Arsenal should already be through to the Champions League knockout stage as well and have a chance to top the group, because Anderlecht’s goal was clearly offside. Just as Jack Wilshere should have earned a penalty which would have given us the lead against United, just two examples of how small but key things have gone against us.

Stats do not tell the whole story, I know, but Arsenal have dominated almost every game this season with possession and chances but have not got the rewards. Nowhere is this more clear than on the website which compiles all sorts of stats from attacking, defending and possession and gives a Premier League table based on the total. In that table the Gunners are second behind Chelsea, with Southampton, Man City and then United behind us.

So it is clear that Arsenal are doing a lot of things right, I just hope that we can start to get the results that we deserve before the team’s confidence falls off a cliff.

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  1. way off topic…..
    athletco madrids last 3 strikers….

    radammel falcao
    sergio aguero
    diego costa


    1. Fernando Torres ( the good version of himself)
      Sergio Agüero
      Diego Forlan

      Nice legacy of strikers

  2. “You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

    Wenger should have left he club when Henry left. He’s stayed far too long and has become his own worst enemy. Bring in Klopp and get him to buy a CB, CDM, and any one else who is a bargain, deal as we need more depth. He will play players in their proper positions, and rotate the squad farely.


    1. klopp currently has dortmund in the bottom 3. it is not wengers fault our players can not finish.
      it is not wengers fault we have 5 first team players out. it is not wengers fault the ref didnt give offside on feilani nor did he see him push gibbs. wilsheres penalty? wellbecks blatant missed penalty against city, and the ox against chelsea? that is just this season, i could go on and on and i know the facts prove that we are a very unlucky side. hence why for the 3 seasons in the last nine they make those fake tables off what the league would look like if all bad refereeing decisions were reversed and we would have won 3 titles. injuries we have had double the 2nd placed team since wenger was our manager. coincidentally the second place team is utd, for total injuries.

      1. I can’t agree more. We have consistently been the most unlucky (with injuries and referee decisions) for years. Yes we can go into why we get so many injuries:- is it the style of play that gets us kicked? – is it the type of training that we do? – is it that the medical team hasn’t got a clue? – is it that we keep buying injury prone players (who only find out about that problem at our club) – or is it that we a simply just incredibly unlucky?

        The answer in truth is probably all of the above, leaning more towards the latter.

        In reality it doesn’t actually matter – its in the past. However, far too many people seem to be far too quick to lay the blame upon anyone (usually Wenger)! Yes he’s bought some s**t players over the years whilst we have been financially restricted (unsurprisingly) but he hasn’t bought anyone of the Bendtner quality for 2 seasons. Ok so we haven’t immediately won everything! Oh no! Shall we all have a cry about it!

        No we shouldn’t grow a pair all of you whiners! How many seasons did it take chelski to win anything after the sugardaddy? Citeh? Oh right yeah it was like 4 seasons of having decent financial capabilities wasn’t it? WE WON THE FA CUP STRAIGHT AWAY FFS!

        Sack Wenger my a$$, knight the man I say!

  3. Firstly of all we are not playing at our best! Results are justifing that we have been playing poorly! Anderlect drawn when 3-0 up/ swansea lost when 1-0/ and man u lost in a game we dominated! We have got to get serious on the pitch and play with more heart ,commitment and drive! Remember 3points aren’t given it has to be earned! Coyg!

  4. @ muffdiver…….. And they all strike me Like south-americans.

    Radamel falcao => CoLombia.
    Sergio Aguero => Argentina
    Diego costa => BraziL (despite his preference for spain).

    And i remember another from the £40 & 1 incident…. L()L…..he was good tho

    Luis suarez => Uruguay.

    PLus there’s.

    Edison cavani (of the napoli days) => Uruguay.

    Oh wait!…..we got a champion on our hands even.

    ALexis Sanchez => chiLe.

    Perhaps its time to scout south …… …. Just wishfuL thinking!

  5. In my view, the better a team is, the more “luck” it gets. We’re just not good enough. Welbeck has stopped scoring goals, Ramsey out of form, Ozil out of form, Cazorla out of form, Mertesacker out of form, Szczesny out of form. And nobody seems to know if Podolski and Rosicky are in form or not. Where’s our luck going to come from?

    1. The whole team just seem out of it.. Sanchez and The Ox are the only ones right now that are doing something..

  6. Hope it’s true that the board are turning up the heat on Arsene. I really respect Wenger and want him to honourably step down and move ‘upstairs’ if you like. It’s nice to see that he’s not completely untouchable from the board at all.

    1. I doubt Wenger wants to move “upstairs”.
      He has controlled a multi billion dollar company.
      Managed teams in Europe’s elite.
      Followed by millions of Arsenal fans
      and known to millions of others.
      Now he is being invited (read pushed)
      to join a bunch of geriatrics rubber stamping club policy.
      Some how I think he will be wanting an assignment
      with somewhat more challenging parameters 🙂

  7. Don’t buy into this defeatist attitude of blaming bad refs and bad luck. Yes it has played a part but, for example, there is nothing unlucky about allowing both Wayne Rooney and Angel Di Maria easy one on one chances against your keeper or having a keeper who allows himself to get taken out by his own player because he didn’t claim the ball. That is simply bad defending and no matter how much possession a team has they will lose if they defend badly. Arsenal have probably been in the bottom 3 as far as defensive performances have gone this season and that it why they struggle. I am a fan but I am also a realist.

  8. My pick is pep from bayern…why?…proven at the top level..thats whatwe need….klopp got a job arrentation tomarro….I hooe he pass…I love wenger bit he just dont change it up enough for me…weather in the game or before..he just stick with the same off form players

    1. While we’re at it we should get Messi from Barcelona. Pep has arguably the top job in football right now managing arguably the best team in the world. There is absolutely no chance of him leaving Bayern for Arsenal. I don’t think Arsene should be sacked but if he was I think Roberto Martinez is the best fit. His teams play a similar style and his record is exceptional, albeit at much smaller clubs for much of his career.

  9. Defense has been pathetic
    1. Starting off with a small defensive pool of players after selling Vermaelen and loaning off Jenkison
    2. Injuries to Koscielny and Debuchy
    3. Wenger playing Monreal at CB instead of Chambers and not playing Bellerin at RB.
    4. Gibbs has under performed recently

    Come to think of it most of the British Arsenal players have underperformed

    1. not only has TV been injured, but surely he left in commendable style for being a stand-up Gooner before he left. most other players of his caliber would’ve been moaning at not getting played. not him. Wenger asked him for one more year and likely promised him leave to move on. only by bad luck would he now be getting time, and, as you’ve noted, he wouldn’t be playing bc he’s injured. not getting another back-up, not having enough faith in bellerin, and not getting a cdm, those are things we can gripe about. but Wenger is clearly in building mode and, knowing him, he won’t leave the club until his project is complete. so you can expect that he will find depth for the defense, and a solid cdm to complement this team.

      you can also believe that gazidis, who is not on the board, is speaking up simply to calm the nerves of all the impatient and, understandably, frustrated gooner fans. the only times he’s spoken publicly was in the exact same context. recall his last public statement came before Wenger bought big.

      frustrating times at the moment, that’s for sure.

  10. @Moby dick

    Vermaelen don’t count?
    Is that why wenger wants to loan him back?
    Because he’s injured!
    The new wenger trend in January signings… fml

      1. Hahaha
        How you doing Nz?

        Why would I go under another name lol
        There’s only one annoying Fatboy,
        Why change names?

  11. Arsenal “could” get a kind
    draw through to the ECL semis.
    I “think” it’s possible we could draw
    Porto, Athletico or Bayer Leverkusen
    in successive rounds.
    I am not sure, but believe it or not we
    “could” even make the final with kind draws 🙂

  12. The table doesn’t lie you finish where you deserve to finish everything else is just revisionist nonsense. If you cant defend and don’t take your chances you aren’t unlucky you are not good enough.

  13. Yes we don’t deserve our current position. We deserve to be in 12 th position. The game is not about position. It is about winning and tatics

  14. Our effort this season? We have been terrible and should be further down the table.. I have not seen any convincing game that we have played so far this season.

    If our players and managers are trying to say that this has been the best they can get then we are in real trouble..

  15. Please gooners, stop talking about Klopp. The man has dortmund at 16th place right now in the bundesliga. He plays one style of football and when other teams have caught on he hasn’t innovated or changed his style.

    We need a manager like diego simeone who will bark marching orders and if they don’t follow he will get rid of them. He also has a great coaching staff with him that are as cholo as him but the problem here is our current board is more interested in making money than winning trophies so whoever they replace wenger with will have to be a ‘yes man’

  16. Dominating possession is not the same as dominating a game. Arsenal have been poor in most games this year. We are right where we belong based on performance.

  17. D day arsenal stated the english core tins spell doom….mixture of africans, spanish, English, south americans will giv u d best result… Look back at the Invisible..look at present day Chelsea….I. Wish the best for our beloved club Arsenal and it start with Wenger Out

  18. yeah.. and what about wilshere’s mistimed challenge in the penalty area in the second playoff with Besiktas? don’t you think we’re lucky to even be in the group stages in the UCL?

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