Arsenal in for Mahrez – but Walcott refuses to go the other way

I don’t think that are many Arsenal fans that would stand in the way of Theo Walcott moving on this summer, but for some reason the (ex) England international seems to prefer to stay until 2019 raking in his 140,000 a week for doing nothing!

But the good news is that there could be even more competition for his place in the team as it has been revealed today that Arsenal and Leicester have had a meeting to discuss the transfer of Riyad Mahrez to the Emirates.

The Algerian international took the Premiership by storm this season and was very worthy of his position as Player of the Year. He would be a brilliant addition the Arsenal team so it is great news that the Gunners are making an effort to bring him to the Emirates, according to Italian journalist Emanuele Giulianelli.

Giulianelli tweeted yesterday: “Arsenal and Leicester new meeting for Mahrez. Ranieri has asked about Walcott, but the player is not interested.”

Personally I would be over the moon if we could persuade Walcott to go the other way as part of a swap deal, but if that proves impossible then I can only hope that the reason he is not interested is because he does not want to move away from his friends and family in London.

If that is the case then we can still hold out for the hope that he would move over to West Ham instead. Maybe that is just wishful thinking too as most papers are saying he wants to see out his contract at Arsenal and fight for his place. I sincerely hope he doesn’t simply become our most expensive benchwarmer for the next three years, because if Mahrez arrives he will be relegated to our fifth choice winger if he’s lucky…

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  1. if it,s the case wenger shpould do like other manager when they want to get rid of a player,freeze him out the squad and make him train with the kids or on his own but that,s not wenger,s style i guess!do players have a say on which club they ,ll end up??

    1. this might all be a load of bull, but if there is any truth in it we shuld definitely add Ramsey to the deal and force Walcott to leceister

      1. spot on..kill two (zombie) birds with one stone … uppingh the whippets contract to a 140 grand a week was the worst piece of management in recent arsenal history and puts paid to the myth of wenger as the thinking mans (and womens) manager

    2. “do players have a say on which club they ,ll end up??”

      Yes, they can refuse to sign for the new club and as such the deal would collapse, personal terms need to be agree’d.

  2. Mahrez was indeed a top class performer in the just concluded epl season! His stats are a country mile better than theo by far!

  3. Wasn’t this the same journalist who was throwing a million false rumours out last summer?

  4. Id prefer Mihkitaryan truth be told, still cant believe he assisted that many along with his goals. Huge credit must go to Aubameyang and other finishers. He has one season left on his contract and usually that means cheaper, but I don’t think it will be as cheap as the papers are saying (25m). There will be strong opposition up against us for his signature, so it could become a bidding war. I would love to believe the story which says, we’ve spoken to the players agent on a couple of occasions now, and just a couple of days ago talks were said to have gone well, only this time the player then began to house-hunt in London. That all sounds to good to be true, and Dortmund would not give up this easy. They regularly allow players to run contracts down, and say to suitors that they have no trouble in just keeping them for another season if you do not offer what the player is worth under normal circumstances. Sometimes this works, as Reus has shown with his appreciation for how much Dortmund think of the player. Other times they do what they threatened to do, letting contract run down because of bargain-hunting clubs, but they lose the player to someone like Munich. So Dortmund will not give up easy, and Arsene should be wary of Dortmunds ways. As for Mahrez, if last season is anything to go by, he would be a very useful threat to have. The only slight mark against this player – How he is usually the first player to come off when Lei are trying to hold onto what they got. Another thing to remember is that he is 25, and this is his first season of showing any genuine quality.

  5. Wenger recently told a prophecy about Leicester going into oblivion next season. Now would Wenger say such if he was planning on approaching same Leicester for their best player? That would not be subtle, and Wenger is subtle if nothing else.

  6. Walcott might leave
    because he should
    get his endorsement
    contract back.
    Westham would pay 100k p/w
    for a marquee name (if not player)
    like Walcott and he is English too.
    Walcott’s endorsements would probably
    top up his salary close to the 140k mark.
    Westham would be buying a pup but
    if they pay up just take the money and run 🙂
    If any one is fool enough to take Wheelchair
    take the money and run 🙂
    Same with Ox get the dosh and scarper 🙂

  7. Walcott knows that if he goes anywhere else, he’ll need to take a serious drop in wages..No one apart from Wenger is stupid enough to pay him anywhere near the 140,000 per week wage he’s getting now.. So he’ll moan and groan a bit for the sake of appearance.., but laugh his socks off every week when he gets paid for sitting on the bench doing nothing.

  8. Perhaps if Wenger played Cambell more often maybe Walcott would have gotten the message earlier.

    I’m more excited to see Walcott go than new winger come into club.

    IMO Cambell >>> Walcott
    Iwobi >>> Ox.

    Sell Walcott and Ox and bring in top winger. It upgrades position, saves on wages, and creates space in squad for Jeff RA to step up and have a chance.

    1. Iwobi has been getting the game time, not Theo, think you got some players mixed up.

      1. @Midkemma

        My comment was playing Cambell instead of Walcott , because Cambell has technique and good passer. I didn’t comment on Iwobi except to say IMO I rate him higher than Ox.

        My apologies if post wasn’t clear

  9. I am quite sure that if Wenger had refused to pay Walcott his demands then and he left Arsenal, many of US will blame Wenger,and say all sorts of terrible things,likem.”We can’t keep hold of our best players”
    “We have money,Wenger should have given him what he wanted”

    That’s by the way,I do not believe the said journalist,and if it is true, Mahrez is a big gamble for us…Why don’t wenger just support and encourage Campbell the way he did to the Ox,Walcott and most of all Ramsey,giving him chances upon chances upon chances huh???

    I am willing to take that gamble on Campbell rather than Mahrez..

  10. ADMIN…..why oh why do you keep allowing any article that mention Emmanuel Guilianni on here…the guy is a monumental fraud and knows next to nothing…..have we all forgotten what this loser put us through with the Higuian and then Benzeman saga seasons ago?…….

    1. Yh! True I’d like the guy who announced Mesut’s transfer that summer. Was over the moon. We actually signed the best No.10 in the world. U ever see a blackman blush?? That was me then lol!!

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