Arsenal in line to miss out on trio that would make them contenders (opinion)

Arsenal have made waves in the transfer market this summer, but with our club seemingly needing to raise funds for their other targets, we are at risk of losing out.

Our team currently looks like one that could well challenge for a place in the top four next season, but why stop there?

I firmly believe that we would have a starting XI worthy of challenging any of our rivals with just three signings, and I also think we could fund these moves easily this summer.

We’ve already moved to bring in Gabriel Magalhaes from Lille, as well as beating off interest for Willian on a free contract, but the following three players would thrust us into contention for the Premier League title.

Odsonne Edouard, Houssem Aouar and Thomas Partey would complete our side, and give us more than enough strength, control and creativity to challenge any of our top four rivals, while our squad may lack the depth of some of our rivals.

Each of these targets are believed to be available for around £40-50 Million each, and looking at the players in our squad who are surplus to requirements, I don’t see why this shouldn’t be possible.

Alexandre Lacazette would be the man replaced by the Celtic striker, with the latter bringing an amazing goalscoring record as well as being known for his ability to find the key pass for his team-mates also, and this would no-doubt be a massive boost to our options.

Fabrizio Romano told Lee Gunner’s YouTube channel that we are asking for €50 Million, but I feel like we should drop that to around £37-40 Million to get him out at risk of missing out on Edouard, who Aston Villa are lining up for £45 Million.

Atletico Madrid have always reiterated that Partey’s release clause will need to be met before he will be allowed to leave, and I fear that another side could well come in and trigger that while we are dilly-dallying haggling over sales.

Aouar is an exceptional talent who has been linked with a number of other clubs, and while we are the only club named as having made an offer, it only seems like a matter of time before clubs make their move.

Which target looks most likely to move on whether Arsenal strike a deal or not?


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  1. We would have to shift a few more players first but with the interest shown in Bellerin and the sale of Torriera we can bring in atleast one. If we can sell Guendouzi, Sead, Elneny and get rid of Ozil we would be official much stronger. I would forgot about Aourar and go for Grealish as we could use loan deals Holding and Nelson to sweeten the deal or use Martinez if Leno is Artetas number one

  2. Would be great to get these 3 players in but haven’t had any offers for our players apart from Bellerin which personally rather keep. Of course if PSG come in with £35 mill then sell. Torriera maybe off but only on loan to start so that won’t help a lot. Geundouzi nobody seems interested

  3. You think Arsenal could fund moves “easily”
    Wow, who knew selling players for the money you need was so “easily” done?
    What a life the armchair blogging expert lives

    1. I just hate the Arsenal board because of the way they are acting . they are making things like they are the poorest team in the world because if they can’t fun two players of 80m while other clubs are spending over 200m to build their teams. This is so shameful to the club and that should stop please because we are a bigger club who are suppose spend over 300m despite of the pandemic and Mikel Arteta will soon reward you with wonders I swear

  4. The truth is, arsenal is a top for competing team with our current squad but adding with such a young and talented group of players in partey, auor and edouard would help us geting rid of our useless earners in ozil, lacazette…..

  5. Somehow I still fail to grasp the fact that you guys really believed the club has no money to sign one of their midfield targets. Even if we don’t sell Lacazette and Bellerin.
    Everything fans insinuate means Arteta only got 30M as his transfer kitty?
    Really? That all he has at his disposal is 30M? Of which after signing Gabriel there’s no money?
    Lol.. He’s only selling players to get more money to sign more players, but please stop sounding as if the club won’t sign anyone else, or like Arteta would take the job knowing he won’t get any of his main transfer targets

    1. Eddie, There are a lot of truly naive and unfinancelike fans out there who really have no idea how club finances work. It is frustrating reading some of their childlike comments. Some “wet behind the ears” fans seem to believe you get players like you buy bread or mik from a supermarket shelf and know ABSOUTELY NOTHING AT ALL, about how financial life and player in/out negotiation works. Sad but so clearly true.

      “Why don’t we buy him OR why don’t we sell him” ! I want to say to them why don’t you USE the brain you were born with, but what’s the point!

      1. Yes exactly, you can’t expect to keep adding more players on the wage bill when we have deadwoods/unwanted players who are high earners, we only need to move players to clear wage bill, no raise funds for transfer, I expect Arsenal to spend at least 100m if they are to show any signs of ambition this summer, we spent more than that for Emery so I don’t see why we won’t spend when we have a promising manager in Mikel

        1. jon, what we need to clarify the position of Arsenal’s financial situation is a qualified accountant to explain what’s in the balance sheet, assets and liabilities.
          As Tas points out, because players such as Pepe are bought on instalments, Arsenal is progressively paying for past transfers The issue with a player where Arsenal has to meet the buyout clause, Iike Thomas Partey, is that the full amount of €50 million has to be paid in full, no instalments.
          The other issue this window is the impact of a season of lost revenues due to Covid19. Clubs are not interested in player swaps, but cash money for their most saleable assets.
          Notwithstanding the above, for some seasons now Arsenal transfer negotiation and contract completion has moved at glacial pace.

          1. ozzie, the problem is that so many, esp younger fans, have no real business experience at all and have never worked in a business at high corporate level , as I and some older fans have done.

            They are so innocent of the big bad business world, that part of me doesn’t want to “rain on their parade” but another part of me wants them to learn at least a little of how the REAL business world operates. There is not a Mary Poppins culture of goodness and kindness at all and even lesser players are well advised by their agents in how to screw every last penny from their club. Some will resist this temptation while others will not, that being the spectrum of human nature.

            I would love, in one way, to take part in a site where naive, know nothing fans have to prove they have a modicum of financial knowledge before being allowed in, to give their naive views.

            BUT that would be to deny democracy and even I WOULD NOT CONSENT TO THAT, IN REALITY.

            But it is still immensely frustrating to read much of the nonsense they write, when you are hoping for serious minded proper debate.

          2. jon, I am not a quailed account, but like you from holding senior engineering management positions during my working life have had to be financially literate.
            Unfortunately others may not have had the life experiences of you and I; however there is such a thing as reading (books or internet) to educate oneself. They will probably accuse us of being arrogant for working hard, but you can’t help some people, who won’t help themselves.

  6. Zhaka is a good player. I used to condemn him until he got injured and realized how difficult we were trying to fill his position appropriately.

    Zhaka is and will always be on the team list week in week out. Not respected but good with his assigned job.

    1. That’s a fact many people don’t appreciate. I am always surprised when people rate Guendozi above Xhaka

      1. People are rating players on their last performance thank god we don’t have transfer open all year round otherwise we won’t have players left

  7. I am afraid we are up to our usual game trick. Sign a few bargain early in the transfer window, then wait to the end to announce one bumper deal and that is all. I just hope our management are not planning to use Aubameyang’s deal to mask another bad transfer window. Our midfield needs the energy of partey and the tricks of Aouar because you can’t survive a season with a midfield that hardly dominate matches

    1. What dyu mean “bad transfer window”? Who is to say those big name, big money transfers would jump in at Arsenal, adapt and continue being good? Didn’t Tottenham get Tanguy Ndombele and Lo Celso last season? Previously amazing players who all ended up quite average after their transfers. Same case with us and Pepè. Nobody really knows how Partey or Auoar would turn out if signed so no point complaining we don’t have them.

  8. While Edouard is a very promising , talented young player, scoring in the Scottish Premier League against some very average sides has to be factored in when assessing his value which is way below the 45m you suggest.Tierney is an excellent buy at 25m and I suspect Celtic would be very tempted by a bid of 25/30m for Edouard..As it is I do not believe Laca will move and we are of course well covered through the middle with young Nketiah and if necessary Auba who will hopefully sign a new contract before we play Fulham.

  9. Arsenal board must stop keeping money and start funding our transfer targets immediately in order to bring the team back to glorious time because they have the right coach now in the world

  10. Don’t b surprised some of these deals are done deals by the clubs involved. Arsenal are just playing the arsenal way wait till the end of the window. I believe the club only wants to get rid of some players to make way for the new ones. I think for every week we have our priorities. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the coming week.

  11. I only laugh when some comedians say that arsenal will challenge for premiership. How is that possible and with which squad. The best position this season is 10th or 11th and no FA cup miracle again.
    You either prepare to win or to fail. Arsenal have prepared a disastrous year ahead by not improving. Williams is not a game changer neither is Saliba or Gabriel . They have not addressed the most important and pressing areas just like they have failed in the past this year is the same as previous year and year before it.
    Arsenal Wenger did the same thing till it was obvious arsenal was gone.

    1. So we have added like 4 players, the transfer window is open for another month, and your saying the absolute best we can do is 2 positions WORSE than last season and no f.a cup!? Even though we played under 3 managers last season? And you just somehow know for a fact those 3 players arent fame changers? Willian was arguably Chelsea’s best player last season
      but you know better? Absolute troll comment.

    2. Chris okobah, Arsenal cannot challenge for the Premiership because it’s in Scotland. We play in the Premier League 😜

      1. Declan, some people don’t seem to care about such details.
        Chris, you are far to pessimistic and although Arsenal is moving at its normal glaciel pace, the transfer window doesn’t close until October. It would have been preferable to have players on board by the start of the season.
        I, like Nifty am concerned that Arsenal is manipulating announcement of Aubameyang re signing to maximise the response ftom supporters.

  12. Perhaps Chris you could enlighten us as to the “pressing areas” that need to be addressed and exactly how you would bring about the improvement we all crave for, bearing in mind the limitations on our Budget. From my viewpoint, central defence has been an area which has needed strengthening for some time.Our Manager, who has done very well in his first season with the squad he inherited has brought in two talented young centre backs who could well provide the stability we have been lacking .You obviously do not agree with my views but I await your constructive comments as to where we are currently failing.

      1. Grandad and SueP, with the signings already made, the re signing of Aubameyang and the signing of Partey and Diawara, I would be over the moon with this transfer window.
        After the upgrading of the CB positions, Arsenal’s pressing need as requested by Grandad, has been for a physical commanding DM, which the Club has missed since Gilberto Silva left. I see Diawara from AC Roma, fulfilling this role. Thomas Partey will be the physical commanding box to box midfielder in the Viera mould. Result no more being bullied in midfield.

  13. It seems there is no team willing to invest 40/45M in a striker, so moving Lacazette at this time will be difficult. I hear Depay is going to Barca and Suarez is off to Juventus, we are snookered.
    Perhaps this is the perfect opportunity for our billionaire owner to step up, take advantage of the relaxed FFP rules and think in his own self-interest by providing temporary finance for the three players listed in this article. This temporary loan can be repaid within a year by selling AL, HB and one of our keepers.

  14. With our current team and changing the mentality of some of the players, we can definitely fight for the first 4 places. Winning the PL I don’t think it’s a possible option.

    I will say let’s be realistic and win more cups, fight for a place in the CL and do something in the EL.

    Lastly, Don’t we have enough strikers?

    Do we need all these players to win the title? I can’t be sure about all of them except Partey whom I believe the only one who can add strength to our formation. While Aouar seems to have good moves but I didn’t see much of playmaking or creativity than Pepe videos when he was back in the French league.

  15. Winning the league is a no no, not yet anyway but challenging for Top4, even with this squad under Mikel, can achieve that. We have a manager making waves already and director (Edu) who is sorting out the mess Gazidas left us.

    In time I believe we will be back in business challenging again and that’s all done to Arteta if I’m honest. I dont know about the rest of you but he has made see that he knows what hes doing & wants.

    Top4 this year is the main target, 2nd target win Europa League. 3rd a good cup run again.

    Laca stays along with Bellerin. Sokratis can buy out his contract and leave… Elneny, Kolasnic, Holding and Torreira could cover the Partey deal if all sold or loaned with the obligation to buy as that’s money in the bank already coming in that Stan can loan us the money now.

    Aouer is out of our range no matter how much we like him, Messi staying at Barca could make way for Coutinho to be loaned to us instead of paying £50m for Aouer.

    Get those 2 in and we are ready to go in this rebuild.

    1. Leno
      Bellerin Saliba Gabriel Teirney
      PARTEY Cabellos
      COUTINHO (Willian?)
      Pepe Laca Auba


      Chambers, Mustafi, SmithRowe & Nelson also

  16. Let’s not forget Kroenke payed off the stadium loan from his pocket to release 35/38 million deposit from the Arsenal banks So what ever happens we have that on top to spend

    I believe we still have one or two surprise to come

    And to those who believe Willian is not a game changer your so wrong his amazing player what and see

  17. I am meant to believe that Arsenal with all the professional people at the club are buying repulsively based on what pundits, ex-players and even fans are saying.

    First they said defence was our problem… then they caused the board to reinforce an already good defence.

    Now if we buy those three players fans and pundits will still say we’re missing 1 or 2 players to challenge…..

    Or worse still, they will claim they need 2 to 3 years to settle in.


  18. This article is what it’s all about!

    If we get, Partey, Aouar, and Edouard (which I absolutely believe we can) we would be favorites for the top four and be able to challenge for the title in the next couple of years.

    Those three would bring the team to the quality level that Arteta’s management deserved.

    We get those three players and I believe the team could win many trophies in coming years.

    Partey – sale of Bellerin (25m), Balogun (8’), Sokratis (3.5m), and Elneny (8m)

    Aouar – deal structured in installments; sale of Torreira (6m) and Martinez (10m), to fund initial payment

    Edouard – deal structured in installments, sale of Lacazette (25m) to find initial payment; OR we pay in full up front with sale of Lacazette (25m) and Guendouzi (15m) funding the full payment of 40m for Edouard.

    Keep in mind, we could still do deals for Mustafi and Chambers that would provide us more cash to apply to one or more of these three deals.

    All three deals are doable…! COYG!!!

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