Arsenal in pole position to exploit Chelsea turmoil?

The last time Arsenal faced the current English Premier League champions we won convincingly and that FA cup trophy success made both Arsene Wenger and the club record holders in the famous old football tournament. Some people have suggested, however, that Chelsea were a little bit in cruise control after their title win and most expected them to be better in that Wembley showpiece final.

They were certainly expected to be one of the teams to beat in the league next season, if not the stand out favourites, but the summer is not going so well for them so far and according to a report in The Mirror their Italian coach Antonio Conte is really not happy, with the latest reports of his prime striker transfer target Romelu Lukaku said to be ready to sign for Manchester United.

Some might say that Conte only has himself to blame after all the Diego Costa tweet saga and him making it crystal clear that the Spanish international is surplus to requirememts, but it has been one negative story after another coming from Stamford Bridge of late.

Boo hoo! The most important thing for me is that Arsenal are in pole position to take advantage of all this turmoil across London and with Arsene Wenger getting some good transfer business done in good time we could well be. Also, we are set to play Chelsea in the first competitive game of the new season, the Community Shield, and that could inflict further pain on them.

Even more important for us could be the fact that we also play them in the league pretty early, on September 17th, and so getting a good start to the season while they argue amongst themselves could really give the Gunners a big boost in our hunt for the title don’t you think?

Sam P.


  1. We beat Chelsea 3-0 early on last season, and look what happened to both of the clubs after that!

  2. community shield is relevant for a total of 90 minutes. Just have the players ready to fight the moment the premier league starts.

  3. Tweet saga? He sent him a text, and trust me they will be ready by the time we play them, conte Won’t Leave not yet….

    1. Lemar and Arsenal have agreed on personal terms (contract)

      However, no word yet on whether Monaco have accepted our £40 million bid. I think it will be rejected probably

      1. Lemar news seems to be true, even if we dont get him us going after him clearly means that sanchez is leaving. This is a big setback but we have to cope with it.

  4. admin stop being soo sensitive, i congratulated that resources guy on our signings and it seems his second prediction of us signing lemar is coming to pass…and my comment was deleted…why? is this how this place will grow? FYI zukerberg get bashed daily, am not comending that, am only saying being big means taking all that comes at you good and bad, thumbs up to resource on his right predictions…may the signings shame his bashers

    1. Derpity derpity derpity, derpa derpity derp, derpa derpa derp, derpity derp.

  5. LoL
    Also, Kim, Britney, Paris, Miley, Lindsay (Lohan), Chris Brown, Rhianna and most WAGs

  6. Like I said earlier we haven’t heard Monaco reject our new bid and now we hear personal terms have been agreed Monaco probably raised the fee of 80 million so we can meet at the middle

  7. According to an exclusive report in the Daily Star, Arsenal will not sell Sanchez OR The Ox to a Premier league rival.They would rather take the Gamble on losing them for free, yet at the same time they will be hoping that a good season would convince them both to renew their contracts before they actually end.

    Mahrez is raging at Leicester for supposedly blocking a move to Arsenal, yet their manager denies that a bid has been made for the player.

    PSG have apparently given up on Mbappe since the player hasn’t got back to them and they are now turning their attention elsewhere.
    Monaco want an answer from Mbappe’s by Monday, as that’s when their pre-season starts… Imagine if he wants to come to Arsenal? ?? do you reckon Wenger would sell Sanchez to a rival then? Maybe To the Highest bidder, to recoup some of that Mbappe fee ?

  8. I agree Lacazette is the quality striker we crave I hope he can be as momumental as Ian Wright, Henry and hits the ground running stepping up like griezmann did for athletico as he wasnt that profilic for real sociedad but smashed it a AM. If sanchez does go we need a replacement such as Lorenzo insigne or reus which is unrealistic but we need it in order to up grade the team otherwise Lacazette wouldn’t be an upgrade without WC players like sanchez around him easing his transition.

  9. Ink for the sake of ink?
    Shouldn’t worry too much about Chelsea even with a little disruption they still have winners and more than an enough experienced players to hurt any side they play.
    Let’s try and focus on making ourselves stronger rather than hoping our rivals have bad luck so we can beat them. # wrong mentality. # believe

  10. Last time we hoped our rivals would do bad Leicester took the league.. focus on arsenal

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