Arsenal in talks for Barcelona star for just £15million

Many of the readers of JustArsenal think that the Barcelona winger Pedro Rodriguez could be perfect for Arsenal, especially if Theo Walcott is converted into a centre-forward next season, but since the 27 year-old signed a new contract recently with a buy-out clause of £110m, we didn’t think there was much chance of him moving to the Emirates.

This appears to be completely wrong as according to the Independent, Arsenal have already begun negotiations with the Champions League winners to persuade them to sell Pedro, who is reportedly unhappy about his usual role as supersub behind Neymar, Suarez and Messi.

Despite the new contract and incredible buy-out clause, the report states that the Spanish international will actually be moved on for around £15million, which would certainly make him much more appealing to Arsene Wenger and seems reasonable for a player with little resale value at his age.

There is no doubt that Pedro is a highly talented and unlucky to be behind three of the best players in the world, but he is definitely a winner in his career. He has won every trophy imaginable with Barcelona and also has a World Cup Winners medal with Spain where there is less competition for places!

If Arsenal really could get a player of his calibre for just £15m then Wenger should jump at the chance and secure his signature as quickly as possible!

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  1. I have no idea why we would sign Pedro Rodriguez, don’t get me wrong, he’s a good player with an incredible workrate, but aren’t we loaded with (wide) forwards already plus the midfielders that can play there? I can’t see Arsenal signing a winger if nobody gets sold, the competition is already heavy, with all the great wingers we have I can’t see him near the starting XI.

    1. with the ‘nobody gets sold’ I mean Podolski excluded as he wasn’t in our second half season squad anyway. Alexis, Theo (sure CF but still), Welbeck, Ox, Gnabry (should be loaned out though) + Ramsey, Ozil, Wilshere, Rosicky for the wings is plenty of options for the Wengerball philosophy.

    2. Who are we loaded with exactly?

      Alexis, Welbz, Theo, Ox are wide men currently – if Theo is now a ST that leaves 3 for 2 places. But go ahead and make me laugh, tell me how Pedro wouldn’t get in our first XI….

      1. You don’t think Oxlade-Chamberlain and Sanchez should start on the wings for us? Fair enough if you think Pedro is better than either of them but they would be my starting wingers, Pedro would be a squad player and what makes that any different from his situation at Barca? It just doesn’t make that much sense to me I’d rather see us signing a center forward instead, and I’m sorry to the people who don’t like my opinion about this target.

        1. Alexis starts, hands down. But how on earth can you justify Ox ahead of Pedro? I’d love to know how you can begin to explain that one, Ox has great potential but he’s scored 9 goals and had 10 assists in his 3 years here. Pedro would hands down be the first choice RW….it’s no even close on what all players currently offer.

        2. Have to agree with CC. Pedro is not a starter for Barca but all but matched Alexis’s goals/app ratio for the 3 years AS was there. Walcott could probably match his goal scoring ability but is way behind from a technical/trickery perspective. He does however seem a Barca lad through and through and has just signed a new contract (not sure what Alexis’s contract situation was when we nabbed him). He doesn’t start often but appears off the bench on a very regular basis. Strikes me as odd though for a player of that ability to be happy as a bench option when only an injury to Messi/Neymar/Suarez would put him in contention for a starting spot.

          Not gonna happen – the one sliver of hope is that we appear to have a decent relationship with Barca so at least a sensible discussion would appear likely.

    3. Still my ideal signings for this summer

      Thia Two would be enuf..

    4. We need a winger or a striker.Wenger might decide to get a winger and use Theo upfront.or he might just get a striker and use Theo on the wing. Anyways I feel we could use a natural winger with the qualities of Pedro but for 15 mil????for real???

  2. We’re a forward short IMO. Pedro could potentially be an interesting pick-up. High work-rate, never shies from defensive duties and obviously offers a lot going forward. It’s those sort of technical hard working forwards that seem to adjust relatively quickly to the premier league.
    My money’s still on Draxler (just a hunch, not claiming to have any sources or proof). But Pedro would definitely be a handy player to have.

    1. You’re looking like The Hunchback of Notre Dame at the moment. Quite the hunch you have there.

  3. Can someone please remind me what someone said when I commented that Rues or Pedro would be perfect for Arsenal. Was it, ‘do you mean the Pedro that signed a new contract 2 weeks ago, what rock have you been hiding under?’
    For the record I still think Rues or Pedro would be a perfect signing for Arsenal.

    1. Not sure what you’re after here…does this particular gossip rag link validate what you said in some way?

      He did sign a contract last month, and because the Metro and others want to run a story saying we’re interested doesn’t exactly change the most likely outcome which is Pedro paying for Barca next year.

  4. He is real class . But he should only be bought if Wenger Decides to play Walcott at the Center
    Too much of competition will only complicate things
    There shoukld not be much of change to keep up the harmony of the team.
    I believe we are due for a big season from OX and he will deliver it next season.
    Walcott may playl as ST

  5. You are a fool if think Wenger will sign any other player,stop living in false hope.Give any realistic special player available and affodable that we need!you were all singing:dybala,vieto,martinez,kondogbia,morgan,benteke and they are all almost gone continue hoping against hope!preseason has started

    1. You should list the players that haven’t “gone” – it would be far more impressive than the one you give.

  6. Arsenal already have
    16 world class wide men.
    Walcott Wellbeck
    Chamberlain Sanchez Campbell Sanogo
    Gnabry Ramsey Rosicky Wilshere Ozil Cazorla.
    Gibbs Monreal Bellerin Debuchy

  7. That means Serge Gnabry will go on loan, Walcott competes with Giroud and Welbeck for ST role, Pedro and Chambo for RW role, Sanchez and Welbeck for LW role..with competition for places, injuries and loss of form will ensure that everyone gets minutes..

  8. Didn’t pedro just sign an extension to keep him at barca till 2019? 15 million my A**

  9. You sign a new long term contract at Barca, insert a 105M release clause in it with the knowledge that you are a bench warmer at best? either this rumour is BS or Pedro is not an intelligent player at all..and in this case we don’t want this player..he could sign for us then hand in a transfer request the next week..but as far as I know this report is rubbish..

  10. Season ticket holder are you an Arsenal fan or a spy from spurs? You seem to only anticipate negative results from a club you supposedly support, do you really want the best for AFC? or is it just your brains that can’t comprehend the fact that things have taken a 180 degree turn for better at Arsenal…clearly u r still dwelling in the past..- u might wanna learn to start believing in Arsenal and unlearn your pessimistic attitude.

  11. Pedro would be a good signing… If his work rate is anything like Sanchez it would be an added boost…We would have two wingers who would die before accepting a lose and a keeper who would grill the team for mistakes

  12. @klin sorry if my harsh truths offended you but, if you are reasonable enough we need a dm and a ST however since theo scored hatrick and emmergence of,coq Wenger has excuses not to strength those areas,my position is we are still a penny pinching club

  13. 1. Why in the world are we linked to Pedro? We simply don’t need a player of his profile…we have quite a handful of players that can play on the wings already and nothing against the player who is a great player and has quality to spare but I rather spend my money elsewhere!!!2. Am I the only one who still waiting on other signings? Cech is a fantastic signing for obvious reasons but not as much of a necessity as a DM!! Hopefully that is the next signing we hear about…pre-season is here!! I would like for arsenal not to make a signing on deadline day if possible…

    1. The official windows has just opened 7 days ago give Wenger a break..We used the few weeks before to sort Cech out that wasn’t done in a day.

      We have being linked to 1 or 2 players even Sky News has reported on.

      The windows is a marathon nor a sprint we are not reveal our hand early and trying to make quality signs. Look at United/Chelsea/City 1 or 2 signings and that’s it. Liverpool have to spend like that cause Rodgers needs to reassure the board quick. (Which in my view will comeback to haunt him)

      Even Alex Ferguson said Wenger is the really Good at Poker!!!

  14. Good lord so we really have arsenal fans that believe soft no football brain Walcott is the Messiah cf we need to play upfront…..Theo Walcott does not have the dribbling skill, strength or brains to play cf. Theo Walcott is a winger. He is not a better option than crappy welbeck in the cf position. It’s not rocket science what we must do is sign a quality cf. He does not have to be world class but he has to be better than giroud. Even spurs have a better cf in harry kane than us. Why don’t we purchase benerteke? Come on arsenal let’s be real

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