Arsenal in talks to sign top striker in January?

Arsene Wenger has openly conceded that he would not have signed Danny Welbeck for Arsenal if he had been in England at the time, and it would appear that the French manager is not convinced that the ex-Man United man is yet ready to be Arsenal’s first choice hitman.

According to a report today, it has been revealed that Wenger has personally phoned the Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema to ask him if he would like to move to the Emirates, and that the hitman was also approached by Olivier Giroud when they were both playing together for France in the World Cup.

Benzema seems to have grown into the striking role at Madrid and has scored 75 goals in 165 games for the Spanish giants, but it has been reported that the supporters at the Bernabeau are not happy when he plays – and Madrid are now happy to cash in on the French international to make room for an even better replacement.

With Giroud out injured, Benzema has little competition for the centre-forward role for his country and last night scored his 26th goal (in 75 games) for his country as they beat Ronaldo’s Portugal side 2-1.

Although I am sure Benzema would do well for Arsenal, I am not convinced that Wenger would be keen on having three out-and-out centre-forwards at the club when he can only ever use one of them at a time. Or perhaps Wenger would try and convert Benzema into a winger!

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      1. Roy said that he thought both forwards were poor and that his decision to put Lambert on was made for him due to Welbecks ankle.

  1. Benezema to arsenal? the rumour mill seems to be working overtime these days! So tired of all these fabricated stories!

  2. Benzema is a good striker, but not the standard Arsenal need at d moment. must we sign French misfits? Get Cavani in, that’s d mould of what Arsenal need. His name alone scares defenders like Diego Foster dis to Kos and Mert during Chelsea game! For once Wenger, do something right!!!
    GOYG, COYG!!!!!!!

    1. Like Cavani has been doing anything for his club and country.. Even Suarez that was injured for the start of the world cup outshone him..

      I think Cavani is overrated, Giroud has done better than him for the past 2 seasons for club and country. Isn’t it?

      1. That’s because Cavani has been played on the left wing for club and because Giroud has played about 5000 games in the last 2 seasons.

        1. So what happens everytime he plays for his country as a striker? Suarez was played on the wing for Liverpool to accommodate Sturridge all last season, but how come he still scored goals and created chance after chance for team?

  3. Karim Benzema
    75 goals in 165 games?
    So that is 75/165 = 0.45

    Oliver Giroud
    39 in 91 matches
    So that is 39/91= 0.43 that too with the added responsibility of defending set pieces.

    And Giroud will lead Benzema in assists.(though i didn’t check).

    So why bother buying Benzema? And very frankly, i have never seen Benzema score a screamer.

    1. I agree. I like Benzema, but I think getting service from Modric, Bale, and Di Maria would make anybody look amazing. Benzema is still way better than anything on our bench.

  4. Nice stuff-

    Arsenal defender Kieran Gibbs has revealed that Danny Welbeck has been getting stick from his England teammates after switching from ‘the northern table to the southern table’ while on international duty.

    Gibbs revealed: ‘Danny’s made the switch from the northern table to the southern table at dinners and stuff.

    ‘He’s getting a bit of stick from the northern boys but he’s been ­properly welcomed to the south.

  5. Wenger said that “there is no quality on the market”… Or may he might have said “it is difficult to find quality on the market”…!!
    We already have the best of the best can offer (at each position) in world football… I just don’t understand why we are so worried????!!!

    The fact is incompetence is not manageable… When you have it inside a structure (does not matter how solid is the structure), you have to eliminate it and get rid of it.

    This is a club with a healthy bank balance, a massive fan base, with the most expensive price seats in football (f*cking joke!!) and cannot deliver trophies and barely passes the CL group stages…!!

    We have one of the highest paid manager in world football and the guy cannot deliver trophies in a regular basis… But still, you have serious “idiots” who will tell you “he is the man for the job”…!! What job are we talking about anyway??

    I mean what do we need to produce to show that Wenger and his staff are just over their heads, as we speak…???

  6. Breaking news (if you like), just saw it on L’Equipe and Tele Foot (France)… Ozil is ready to leave Arsenal and the German power house (we know who they are) are preparing a £30 millions offer… As soon as January!!

  7. Does not surprise me if ozil leaves he can not adapt to the pace of prem league hthe quality he has should shine in any position so no excuses about whether he was or wasn’t played in his best position he has been extremely poor and a complete waste of money!!

    1. Wenger must be fuc*ING idiot and incompetent to spend so much and he is the most money he spend on one player. What did Wenger see in him? The most experienced manager in EPL bought him so those in wenger I trust must be idiots too.

      Maybe he want to destroy him first than after that he come back stronger, Wenger will tell the world, I am alway believe in him.

      1. Most assists in European football. Technically creative. Considered by top managers to be world class. I see what you mean. What was AW thinking off.

  8. For arsenal I will like him to stay for a long time but for his own good, he shouldn’t stay cos wenger will destroy him soon.

  9. We can blame the players all we like but the source of all evil is Arsene,he plays Ozil wide and says its for balance of the team!!! What balance when you intentionally cripple one position??

  10. i am still waiting to see the best number ten in the world guys !. many people on here have assured me that we signed ozil the best ten in the world . something wrong because i have not seen ozil as the best ten in the world.the very same people are now discussing here his proposed transfer back home to grmany , fickle finger of faith award goes to you ozil lovers .

  11. I have to agree. I get so sick of watching our strikers chase down balls. We love the work rate, but for f#ck sake he should working at scoring goals. We have so many gaps in this squad. Something’s not right

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