Arsenal in talks with experienced winger available on a free transfer

Over the last 48 hours, Arsenal has been linked with at least four wingers and that does not include wide men that the club has been linked with previously.

Well, let’s add another one, Algerian winger Yacine Brahimi, a free agent following the expiration of his contract with Porto.

Arsenal is reported to be in talks with the 29-year-old who is demanding a huge £3.5 Million signing on fee and most likely a high salary.

I have actually seen Brahimi in action and I have to admit I was not overawed, he actually reminded me a bit of Andros Townsend but even greedier.

I also get the feeling he is looking towards the Premier League for a final big payday and when you get a player like that you should not be surprised if his performances do not match his earnings.

There are other clubs interested from England including Wolves, Everton and West Ham and so the chances are it will come down to whoever offers him the most lucrative personal terms.

There are a couple of French clubs keen on his services, Marseille and Nice but according to other reports, he is not interested in a move to France.

I suppose the bottom line on this one is that he would cost £3.5 Million only and to a club like Arsenal, who are desperate for a winger, especially a decent left sided one that may be very attractive. which personally I find worrying.

For the record, Brahimi has a very respectable career record of 74 goals from 367 appearances and 55 assists.

He is at his peak and cheap but I cannot get away from the feeling that he is not looking to advance his career but rather score one last big payday.


  1. Well he’s better than what we got
    And if we only have a £40-45 million transfer budget we may have no choice

    I’d prefer Ryan Fraser personally. At least he has Premier League experience

    1. I heard Fraser’s price tag is around 25 M

      We can add 10 M to that, to entice Villareal for Chukwueze or Barcelona for Malcom

        1. He had many suitors before he extended his contract

          Now they all seem to be turned off by his price tag

  2. He has good attacking stats last season, but let’s forget it if he demands 150 K weekly salary. Like you, I’m also wary of his commitment after getting a huge deal

    We already have several players that are unwilling to put in extra efforts after signing big contracts, so Arsenal have to make sure there is a performance-based clause on any freebie’s contract

    He could have better commitment/ attitude, hence Arsenal should examine him thoroughly before deciding

  3. Certainly better value for money than zaha but an average player for an average squad won’t get us back to top 4 let alone hanging out with the European elite which was the promise of the lying corporates who built a flashy stadium and jacked up prices

  4. It’s the 1st of July… bye bye Puma… hello Adidas ?
    The kits are out..
    Will our new signings be unveiled today?? I didn’t think so either ?

    1. If they cannot find anyone as Ramsey’s replacement, just sign Arsene. The man just played recently and looked fit and sharp! And wont commit blunders like Xhaka as he wont be able to catch up any attackers.
      And Yacine can be signed on a one year rolling contract, (experienced and sturdy) so that we can concentrate on the defense.Seems like Zaha may not move this season with CP playing spoil sport with his evaluation. Would not trust Malcom as he was a one season wonder, and was bang average for Barca.

      1. Great isn’t it how as bang average as he was, he’s now being linked with us!!! ?
        Yeah why not, Bob.. and I read he runs 10k daily, so he’ll be super fit!! At 69 too!! No one commits blunders like Xhaka ??

  5. Well said RKW I agree with most of that,he IS average, and Zaha is not worth the money Palace want,I think they have inflated his price to put clubs off we couldn’t afford him at half that price the best deal that I can see from a defensive point of view is Gary Cahill bags of experience a Chelsea captain and a leader.

  6. We’ve got two wingers in Nelson and Smith-Rowe, if I’m not wrong. I’d rather concentrate on defenders and a Ramsey.

  7. Ryan Fraser would be an improvement on what we have and gives both goals and assists. He is affordable

    Beggars can’t be choosers

    It’s a risk but at least he has PL experience

    What’s certain is that we desperately need a good quality winger

  8. Innit, I’m with you on Ryan Fraser and support the points you have made, plus his age is ideal with room for improvement and resale value.
    As far as Smith Rowe is concerned, I see his future as more as an AM to replace Aaron Ramsey, rather than a winger.

  9. Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal… Sometimes never change, especially when it comes to Arsenal and transfers. Chai.

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