Arsenal in the running to land £6M bargain from Real Madrid

Arsenal and Tottenham are claimed to be monitoring the situation of Alarcon Isco this summer, with him believed to be surplus to requirements in Real Madrid at present.

The Spanish international was once heralded amongst the key players at the Bernabeu, but in recent seasons he has become more of a bit-part player, and at 29 years-old he should still have plenty more to give to the beautiful game.

Arsenal have been linked with his signature for a number of years, and with us in the market for an attacking midfielder at present, it is no surprise to read that we are still being linked with his signature.

Martin Odegaard’s return to Real Madrid could well aid us in his capture, with the Norwegian international set to stay in the Spanish capital for the upcoming campaign, which could lead to his team-mate to push further for an exit, with us yet to fill the void left by Odegaard’s absence.

The Mirror reports that he could well be available for as little as £6 Million this summer, with just one year remaining on his playing deal the Real hierarchy having claimed that a new deal is not currently on their minds, with both Spurs and AC Milan also claimed to hold an interest.

I struggle to believe that Isco is past it at only 29, and his signing could bring a mixture of ability and experience to our side, although it remains to be seen whether our lack of European football would be a factor in his decision.

Would Isco’s signing be considered a risky one?


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  1. Kobin says:

    Risky. But we should try if we have £6 mil to spare. And he better not command huge wages!

  2. Declan says:

    Just had a message from a spurs friend who says Italy are training at spurs training ground and no one has ever won a trophy training there😂. So it’s coming home!

    1. VINEETH GEORGE says:

      Forza italia…

    2. Oscar says:

      What is this home thing, England have never won the euro cup, it was never theirs. But you’re right it did go home to Rome!

      1. Billy says:

        It comes from the fact that football as we know it, the rules etc was invented in England, so even though England have underperfomed for almost their entire history, it is the ‘home’ of football.

        And the phrase ‘it’s coming home’ is from an England song written for Euro 96, in which it was meant as a self deprecating refrain, the sentiment being, “We know we are crap, but at least we invented it, and we still have the hope that one day it will come home”.

  3. Sean Williams says:

    He is still at an age he can play at full pace. He is not worth a big long contract and silly wage, but he still has the ability to control the midfield. I would rather see Nabil Fekir, who is a couple of years younger, but Isco could be our creative output for a couple of years.
    My worry is the Willian Syndrome, get a lot of money and the become totally demotivated. Willian is the biggest mistake we have made could others catch it.

    1. Davi says:

      Willian syndrome, Auba syndrome, Ozil syndrome – take your pick!

      1. Gunners4life says:

        Idk what is with the fear of getting older players, especially when they come at a bargain price. We got David Luiz for 10M and he was decent. PSG probably struck gold with Ramos. Thiago Silva is decent in Chelsea. Ibra is great in Milan. Cavani performed wonderfully in Man U. Suarez is a hit in Atleti. Aguero would probably bomb in Barca.

        Sure there are risks involved. But so is our other transfers. Ben White for 50M is a much costlier flop potential and no one bats an eye. Willian flops, but at most he costs us 30M overall. For 6M, I would say go get Isco. His experience is more than justify the costs. And he is only 29 years old.

        1. Oscar says:

          I don’t think Isco is a good fit for Arsenal, he plays the same style as Ceballos, and he did not adjust well to Arsenals game.

      2. jon fox says:

        Personally, I would NEVER wish to pick and certainly would never play ANY lazy player, like all your ones listed. LAZINESS IS POISON IN ANY TEAM GAME , as I need to constantly remind less bright fans who seem to put theoretical ability above the fact of laziness being non-productive.

        God alone knows why they “think” that way. I never have , never will!

  4. Ackshay says:

    This is the kind of decision that makes you hate to be in Edu’s place. On one hand getting a player who is still only 29 at a bargain price is good especially if we get him on a good contract. His age is ideal as it doesn’t really block ESR development as he can play right now and give the place to ESR in 2-3 years when Isco will be 31/32 and ESR 22/23.

    On the other hand it can become another Willian/Ozil situation with a player past his prime and happy to get his big wage without contributing much.

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      How much would ESR, Azeez, Joe Willock and Academy midfielders learn from a player of Isco’s status? Worth £6 million just for that, provided his wages aren’t excessive.

  5. Js.tran says:

    I’ll take Isco for 6mil, ESR can learn a lot from him, then step his games up after 2-3 seasons. Maddison is alright but 60mil can buy us 2 good additions for other positions

  6. John says:

    White, Aouar, Sabiter and Locatelli

    Isco is good but I think we need some speed and mobility in the midfield

  7. O.T.S says:

    Arsenal again doing their thing. Buying players becos they aren’t expensive without taking their qualities into consideration. Bring in players that are hungry for success I beg of thee @Arsenal. Can’t forbear another season of struggle. And also I hope the new season bears us our awaited hypothetical success, our hopes won’t get dashed again.

  8. Stevenjovesther says:

    I think isco is good,just because he is experienced enough that our young midfielders can learn from him due to his presence in the camp.

    1. O.T.S says:

      Is willian not experienced? we don’t need players who have played their best years, pls!

  9. stevenjovesther says:

    I would prefrer an addition of neves in the midfield to madison at that price if its to do away with isco.

    1. O.T.S says:

      I do not even want any of them(neves, madison, isco), honestly. Getting only madison demands a whooping sum of 70m and might even be more than that. 60m will get us hosseum Aaour and locatelli together. Xhaka is better than neves but alot of Arsenal fans don’t just like him. I would rather have xhaka remain at Arsenal than bringing in a degrade to occupy his pos.

  10. Phillip says:

    Isco can bring creativity to the midfield with experience to boost the younger generation.

  11. Val says:

    6m is worth a punt aslong as wages are not silly

  12. J Krown7 says:

    Isco is good, tho but, at the same time, we shouldn’t use the price tag to judge.

  13. John says:

    I can tell you that even this year we are going to be disappointed, arsenal please wake up

  14. ahmad73 says:

    Isco is a seasoned pro. At 6M coupled with a reasonable salary he would be well worth a punt. IMO he can be like Cazorla and will be perfect for leading te transition from defense to attack.

  15. O.T.S says:

    Is willian not experienced? we don’t need players who have played their best years, pls!

  16. Felix omojuwa says:

    I don’t know why we want to continue living in the past! Isco was good but how good is he now? Zidan dropped him to the bench but don’t forget he used to be his joker but as at last season, he wasn’t anymore. Madison is not even spectacular 6m or 1 cent we can get something from a hungry player than a pensioneer or look inward at Hale end.

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