Arsenal in top form to dispatch Leicester & return to fourth

Arsenal have reclaimed fourth spot in the Premier League table with their 2-0 win over Leicester City today, with Thomas Partey and Alexandre Lacazette on the scoresheet.

The Gunners were on the front foot from the off, with Gabriel Martinelli in full speed down the left to put the visitors on the back foot right away. While we looked certain to score from open play early on, the goal actually came from a set piece when the Brazilian’s corner landed perfectly for Thomas Partey to head home unchallenged at the near-post.

The midfielder nearly doubled our lead also, when he picked up the ball on the edge of the box before trying to curl an effort on goal, only to strike the corner of the upright and bounce away.

The Foxes finally found some rhythm midway through the half, and they eventually test Aaron Ramsdale through Harvey Barnes, with the Leicester boss amazed as his save.

We came out in the second half similarly to the first and immediately took the game by the scruff of the neck again, and Kasper Schmeichel was put right to work, but he was equal to our efforts.

We then had a great chance to double our lead, but appeared to be denied when Lacazette’s header was cleared off the line, but VAR later showed that Soyuncu’s arm had interfered with the ball on route to the goal and the penalty was awarded.

Alexandre Lacazette was not to be denied from the penalty spot as he sent his effort into the top left, well out or reach of the goalkeeper.

We continued to look the better side for the final 30 minutes, but despite the introduction of Emile Smith Rowe, followed by very late subs of Nicolas Pepe and Eddie Nketiah we just couldn’t find a third, but it was a deserved win for Mikel Arteta’s side to send us back into fourth.

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    1. To be fair.. That was a really good game. The eye test showed progress and consistency. Winning or drawing against Liverpool will be the one that seals it.

      Though we’ve had advantages of playing less games which help us become match sharper and fitter than most of our opponents. The next few days will be a true test for us and where we would be season end. Odegaard, Partey and Saka are currently levels ahead of the rest of the team. Not to take anything from everyone else. They’ve all been playing really well.

      The next run of games beginning with pool will give the clearer and better guage because they games come pretty fast and hopefully our squad depth will not be exposed through injuries (hope Saka is fine).

      1. The eye test was passed a long time ago it you were paying attention, now everyone is sitting down or making up insane justifications as to how they missed they missed the obvious eye test

        1. Yes, progress has been obvious for some time now. Some have missed it. Is it over the top to suggest a real eye test? 😉

      2. Perhaps it’s time to replace the old glasses, or find a more reliable tool than an eye test.

  1. I loved the ugly win. Leicester couldn’t press us at all and we were mostly in control

    Odegaard was tireless and our main link. Partey and him were our midfield generals in the game

    1. I only saw the second half and certainly wouldn’t call it an ugly win. We played some sublime football at times.

      1. Our game control was brilliant, thanks to Odegaard’s relentless high press/ technical abilities and Partey’s skills

        Unfortunately, our goals weren’t from open play. It’s okay as long as we keep winning, but I foresee a difficulty to score against Liverpool

    2. Ya good win for Arsenal today.The clean sheet also nice. We go again on Wedsaday. The aim is “if you can’t beat Liverpool don’t lose the game”.

      1. Let’s not give up against Liverpool without even kicking the ball. We’ve been good value for our money in the last 10/11 games. Liverpool is in good form, we are in good form, we can get a win against Liverpool.

    3. I didn’t see an ugly win, I saw some great football from Arsenal, goals and an an excellent save from Ramsdale. Oh, and what a bargain Ødegaard is turning out to be, a proper midfield artist!

          1. And one touch passing Kenya if that was Pool or City people would be waxing lyrical about it 😀

      1. I was a bit disappointed, because I was expecting at least one open-play goal. The way we’ve been playing in the couple of games has made plenty of good chances

        Ødegaard’s work ethic was incredible and we wouldn’t have been in control without his high press

              1. Hitting his balls before going in is also okay by me, as long as they don’t get crushed 😜🤣🤣

        1. GAI, how could you be disappointed simply because we didn’t score from open play?

          I sometimes find it difficult to understand you.

          1. Just a bit disappointed, because we made many good chances in the last few games and we dictated the tempo today

            Open-play goals are more entertaining to me than set-pieces and penalties, but at least there was no controversy behind today’s penalty

          2. I agree with you about GAI. So basically he is saying a penalty awarded because we were unfairly denied a well deserved goal from open play isn’t of the same value. We controlled this game for most of the time he calls it ugly.

        2. @GAI Have you watched recent games of Chelsea and Liverpool how struggle to win games at time? especially Chelsea, they won won lot of games through penalties. Even today’s game was won by a hard fought 1-0. There is no easy game in the premier league. 3 points is what matters most. So congratulations to the boys. Be happy gotanidea. We did it.

  2. What a master class from Odegaard. A perfect 10, one of the best I’ve seen from an Arsenal midfielder. It is becoming fun to watch Arsenall play, once again. May it continue. I have a good feeling about the upcoming Liverpool game.

    1. Have to agree. Abso love Øde ❤️ reminds me of a mixture of Cesc and Mesut with alot more energy. Partey is starting to show what he’s about which is fantastic also as iv always wanted to see if he could be the midfield general, like Vieria, we have been missing.

      Laca deserves a new 2 year deal, what’s he on 170k a week, give him the same deal and keep the captaincy especially if we get the Top4 as he will be needed. He does more for the team than anyone thinks even behind the scenes!!

  3. Good Win Arsenal…

    A happy Fan and thanks to Ramsdele for that save at 1goal to nil…

    Ode and partey were awesome In the midfield…

  4. LC really looked like a bottom-half club today, partly due to what we did to stymie them when they actually looked like competing and partly due to the players who were unavailable for them…regardless, the 3 points were deserved and hopefully a clean sheet to boot

    I did like a few things I saw out there, like (1) the movement off the ball at times, as there appears to be a longer leash being placed upon our forward-thinking players regarding their ability to roam a bit more, (2) the fact that Ode took up some more central positions at periods throughout the match, which is crucial to keep defenses honest, and (3) that we’ve dedicated more players in and around the box, especially when it’s clear that the opposing team hasn’t got the guile to counter effectively

    it will be interesting to see if these above-mentioned tactical adjustments are on offer against Pool mid-week…looking forward to seeing us perform against an opponent who’s never satisfied with a point…on a side note, kind of wish Saka was taken off right away, following Daka’s foul, considering our fixture list this week

    1. I agree it was a good time to play Leicester without Vardey, Ndidi and Tielmans in the starting XI but I think the result was more down to the way we played. We moved through the lines so effortlessly at times – I gotta think a top striker who wants a move would be looking at our performances of late and telling his agent he wants some of that.

      1. we can only hope that would be the case, but I think it still requires us to earn a CL invite in a convincing fashion…I’m trying to imagine what we might look like if we could finally offload Xhaka, get a proper replacement, especially considering the fact that MA’s has been allowing our DMs to take more advanced positions, and secure a top-notch Striker who could come good in spite of our tactics that don’t generally provide a lot of service to that particular position

        1. @TRVL Xhaka is going nowhere. I don’t understand you guys problem with him. Recently he’s been pivotal in the team. 4 consecutive games no red card, composed and discipline. At least allow him make a mistake before you can start bashing him. Even in victory somebody got to mention replacing Xhaka.

          1. Not xhaka bashing but he will be replaced in the summer, he looks so slow in a quick midfield. He will go, hopefully to Roma.

          2. Since Wenger’s time, some fans have been taking about replacing Xhaka. Yet, he’s still here. The only time Xhaka doesn’t place, two things: Injury or suspension. Of course, if fans were coaches, Xhaka would have been gone years ago. Every coach plays him in their first 11. This means he some how indispensable for them.
            I remembered years back the majority real Madrid fans wanted Benzema gone. But if I’m counting, this year is his 11th year. Every Madrid coach has played Benz in their first team.

          3. That part “4 consecutive games no red card” … 😀😀😂😂😅😅. Xhaka’s done us a favour

    2. Talk about copy paste you literally copy pasted this everywhere. Still negative LC bad Liverpool the test (a free hit for us and our performance against City already quieted that talk.) Worth noting before the game you said this was the test, what changed? We won. If your Arsenal you have issues, if not your pretty good at your job.

  5. Another big 3 points and awesome performance from Partey and especially Odegaard, the more I see him play the more he impresses me, first class touch, vision and skill… Gonna be a top top player! And lastly hats off to Arteta I’m beginning to change my mind on him and I’m glad he’s proving me wrong, some of the football we are playing is wonderful and that’s credit to the manager. Next up Liverpool COYG.

    1. So glad we ended up with Øde and not Maddison, Kev. Such a classy player 👌
      Had fantastic seats level with the halfway line… Great result, things are looking good, Kev

      1. Oh Sue it was a great decision he’s a great player, I got it horribly wrong in my assessment of him. Happy days Sue you got a great view of the next De Bruyne 😉 massive game on Wednesday Sue I hope your confident 🤔

          1. I’m watching united stand on YouTube and I’m getting the impression they are a little jealous of our improvement 😉 give me a prediction then 😃

            1. Ha and I bet they’re not the only ones, Kev!!
              2-1 with Ramsdale pulling off a worldie right at the end to deny Platoon (Salah) 🙂

              1. Yeah they all love to laugh at us don’t they ? Haha platoon 😂😂 well he did today again didn’t he ? 🧐 Also I predicted 2-0 today and scored 9 points with pal and city to come 😀 God has it been that long Sue 😳

                1. You and Kenya have had another good week; as for me, well I’m eating your dust 🤣🤣 It was nice while it lasted 🤣🤣

              1. I was just counting your scores Sue and you have 4 is that right ? You aren’t too far off you’ll have a strong run in 😀 Auba has scored again today I think that’s 5 or 6 for him now that’s more than he scored for us all season 😂

                1. 🤣 yes, 4 🤫 you’re too kind!! Yeah I saw his goal – it’s like Dortmund all over again!

                  1. Let’s hope Man city win 2-1 tomorrow night for us to finish the weekend strongly 🤞😉 is the Spanish league now a farmer’s league or has Auba found his form ? There’s a real possibility Barca could exit Europa League next week against Galatasaray 😳 motd tonight? 🤪

                    1. Yeah come on City! Oh he’s found his form alright 😉
                      Another MOTD (after I finish Pieces of her) getting used to tuning in every week now, Kev haha!

                    2. It looks that way but you wouldn’t have him back 🤪 your on a roll now how many motd’s have you watched now in recent times 😂😂 I still haven’t watched it this year or this season I think 😂 I had to Google it Sue I see that Gil Birmingham from Yellowstone is in it haha. My sister recommended The Strain months ago and still haven’t seen it 😂

                    3. I’m also watching Bel Air 👍
                      You’re slacking, Kev 😄
                      There were some drunken chavs on the train home – talk about embarrassing!

                    4. Oh god your like my sister Sue she is watching like 20 TV shows at once 😂 there’s so many out there it’s hard to know what to watch 😂 plenty of them about Sue I bet you couldn’t wait until you got home 😳 I just don’t like being around any drunk person at all I even hate the smell of booze now 😂

      1. That’s the spirit Kenya and Partey was indeed I’m a massive fan of his anyway and he continues to get better 😀

  6. Am looking forward to our game against Aston Villa.
    Hopefully no RED CARD against Liverpool, no expectations for midweek game
    Congratulations boys top 4 is now ours

  7. It’s the first time in years I can really really say Arsenal are a consistent team. Not just in the results alone at the end of the game, but the performances just reveals a whole lot.
    Everyone knows what their job is and everyone’s doing it effectively.
    This summer will be the team to really add one or two world class players to this team to finally raise the level up another notch.
    Tough game this week against Pool coming up.
    They’re on another planet alongside Man City. With how hard I keep trying to convince myself we can come out of it victorious, I still have my doubts and guts telling me we just can’t mtch them yet.
    Their high press is too suffocating, even for viewers. We’ll not just need Partey at his absolute best and Ødegaard, but we’ll need all 11 players of ours at their best.
    Proud of Ødegaard BTW.
    Proud I stood and defended him every chance I got before we signed him.
    Have a great week you gunners.

    1. Though Liverpool seems to be tired, fatigue is setting in, however, I doubt our ability to outshine them, I doubt we can finish the game with 11men

      1. We have to finish that game with 11 men. We have to no matter the result.
        I’m saying this clearly, IDGAF if we lose(I don’t want us to lose) but if we lose and we end that game with players less than 11, I’ll be more mad about it than the actual loss.
        We are in a position that luckily for us, losing on Wednesday might just be nothing but a tiny blip. I’m saying a blip because eventually They play United next and I see them doing nothing but getting all points against United. At that point, we should fight for our lives to make sure we win against Villa.
        If we do win against Villa and they win against United, the blip will go unnoticed.
        That’s the way to go.
        We can’t afford losing any of our starters to injury or cards now

    2. It is obvious the team is well coached and everybody know his responsibility. The “process” and direction the team is headed is now clear for everyone to see. I hope the boys keep their feet on the ground and keep doing what they are doing.

  8. What a player Odegard is …..Another incredible piece of business by Arteta……Awsome Window it was in the summer hoppefully WE will Add to the jigsaw This summer to keeps This young team together….

  9. Odegaard is certainly looking like a top class player now I can safely say I would prefer him over Madison, Arsenal must build there team around Partey and Odegaard.

    Add Fabian Ruiz with Odegaard and Partey we Suddenly make that Quantom leap, One of Arteta strength is his anticipation he is a natural coach, regardless of where we go from here, both my son and daughter was at the match today both are genuine gooners , happier than them is not alive

    Not sure how am going to temper down my two kids for Wednesday, a need to find away

  10. Looking like we are starting to develop an identity and the results are following suite. Well done to the manager and the team.

    Let’s hope Saka is ok, break into a cold sweat with our squad so thin. Really need a solid 3-5 players added to deal with Europe next season.

  11. That was a controlled performance.
    Every single player did the job required of them at every point of the game.

    Next is Pool. I’m not so confident of a win, I’m just so sure we won’t lie down and let them run us over. A draw will lift the guys confidence a level further, a win will take away finally all that fear against decent teams.

    Irrespective of midweek’s result, a win over Villa by weekend is so important.

  12. My reall Arsenal is back, now I can seat and relax an watch good football from our guys, tump up lads, always a gunner

  13. Partey immense today and as come on this year ,shout out to Odegaard again and Laca .
    Great win now onto the real bread and butter and to actually see how far we have actually progressed when we face a top top team .

    1. no doubt DK, Partey is such a crucial cog if we want to turn the proverbial corner…like you stated, it’s far more imperative that we see this squad perform against those around and above us, as that will be the real measuring stick…I think the great misconception about you and I is that many seem to believe that we would slag off the manager regardless of the performances on offer, which couldn’t be farther from the truth…if we continue to progress and show-out against the top 6-7, with a sense of tactical purpose going forward, both you and I would be happier than a pig in sh**…especially if that opened the door to some real bona fide talent donning the kit again…of course, I’ll believe it when I see it, but boy would I love seeing it…Cheers

      btw this kind of layup affair is the exact reason why I hesitated to produce an article, as the merits of any such document would be largely lost on those who can’t see beyond the end of their respective noses

      1. Exactly mate ,that’s all I asked for and like you said I couldn’t be happier to progress but my handbrake is still on as we saw this last season ,I’m not one to jump
        On a bandwagon and point score as so many posters on here seem to get their Arteta juice on and forget that we have had a run of games we should be winning .
        I’m sure over the coming days we will see the “Pat my own back brigade “come out in force but for now I’ll hold me seat sniffing cringe bucket until we actually see what we can do against Liverpool and the next coming weeks so many factors why we are so high up
        In the league that as been mentioned countless times but if he gets us top 4 then fair enough he deserves another season but until then it’s still not enough for me personally.

        1. Shut up its been over 50 games your pontificating is a nonsense. Stop praying for our downfall because you were so wrong. Deal with it, move on. Honestly

          1. ADMIN COMMENT: Can we STOP these insults. This morning I had another load to delete. This is absolutely everyone’s last warning. I’m sick to the back teeth of it…

        2. “We have had a run of games we should be winning?” How many teams in the PL are doing that regularly? ManCity, Liverpool and Chelsea and they are all among the best clubs in the world. For the first time in many years do we have a team with potential to get better. It seems like you have forgotten the state of our club when Arteta got hired in December 2019. From my point of view Arsenal has reached a level I didn’t expect before next season. Arteta’s rebuilding project is fare from over, and the match against Liverpool has no influence on the further progression of this team.

      2. We are having so many leaders in the team right now which is a joy to watch. We now have an identity and a style of play. The way we controlled the last 20 mins of the game showed how far we have come. That being said, Liverpool is beatable. If the boys are up for it and the emirate fans give the atmosphere the energy required, we would win.

        With our current form, it’s Liverpool that should be wary of us. 9 wins in 11 epl matches … That’s no joke

  14. The word UGLY WIN by idea is just s poor choice of word.
    Think am seing exactly what Arteta is trying to do he quietly assembling a team like the old Barcelona.
    Look at the players he is trying to sign Dusan Vlohovic, Manuel Laccattoli now they are trying to get Fabian Ruiz and Martinez from Inter.

    Am really getting excited and base on the recent acquiring of Arsenal Jerseys by my two kids I can just imagine there must be a sudden up take in sales on Arsenal merchandise

  15. Good performance today. Despite Leicester having players out and being a bit weary from their midweek efforts, we had to do our job and give them a game whilst aiming for a win.

    I know Liverpool will be a different game on Weds but we have to up our game and moreso. We shouldn’t believe their hype. If we enter the game being awestruck by their so called brilliance and let them run riot then we’ll lose. We have to play this game as though it was the last game of the season and the three points are vital to our survival. We shouldn’t stand on ceremony and allow them the freedom to look better than they are. Tierney will have to box clever against Salah and the best way to do that is don’t stand off him and give him the half a yard he needs. Tight on him and don’t allow him inside. Easier said than done I know. But we have to be dogged and determined against the entire Liverpool side and not fold because of their reputation

    1. Agree with the Sala comment, also we must cut out ball watching and follow the runners, the real strength of Liverpool is their attackers and the wing backs. This game with Liverpool comes down to preparation, we have to be physically and mentally prepared….

  16. MA assisting a quick throw in last game(well done to him) and now VAR getting the call right for us today..

    Where are the conspiracy theorists that said the refs are taking EVERY opportunity to gun for us?


    1. That is not to say that the claim isn’t true@PJ…. It was clear even to the blind that Arsenal was unfairly treated alot of times and if we haven’t been cheated in the last few games, it doesn’t justify that the claim against the refs isn’t true.

      1. OTS, we are treated no different to anyone else. Any problems we have is or has been self produced. Get over this REFS against us s**t.

  17. But there is one thing nobody was able to talk about in this game. Arteta has to teach these boys how to press. He needs to tell Rowe, Pepe and Nketiah to always go for the ball and not to do what we call “shadow marking”. If you watched the game when these guys came in, we started being under serious pressure because they were not pressing the way Matineli, lacazett and Saka were doing. For us to compete with big teams and get results we must learn how to press effectively. We have been doing well of late, but we must be a bit more aggressive and resilient.

    1. I’ve been saying this for months, our press leaves a lot to be desired. If we can get that down then it gives us a much better chance against the bigger teams.

  18. Yes, the match had turned out to be a comfortable home win for Arsenal today. With the Gunners working tirelessly throughout the playing of the match to make sure Arsenal carry the day in the match which they did. As they spanked the Foxes by 2 goals to nil.

    There is no need for us Gooners to become anxious wanting to see Arsenal take on Liverpool next Wedsday night at the Ems. For, whether us become anxious or not in our wants to see them play against Arsenal, they will be there at the Ems to play the match as it’s being scheduled. What I think is of importance to get concerned about, is how fully ready will the Gunners be to take on the Reds when they come and successfully dispensed them in the game. To this end, and tomorrow being Monday. I think Arteta should declare it a rest training day for all the Gunners who fully played the Leicester game today. So that they will recover from fatigue sufficiently before they take on the Reds.

  19. Another win for the Gunners. Even if we lose against Liverpool we xan still go on a winning streak till we play Manure. A draw will be welcomed and for sure home fans will cheer them on which is good. We hace to keep the belief and come end of season we will finish 4th. COYG.

  20. Just finished watching a recording of the match and it doesn’t matter how many players Leicester had out, it was a fantastic performance and probably one of the best this season. We have upped a gear since xmas, fresh legs and a small squad are reaping dividends. Partey, Lacca,Odergaard, Saka, Martinelli, Tierney, Gabriel were standout today but everyone involved was involved in a very good team performance. The last five games have given us a free hit against Liverpool and whatever happens, it shouldn’t matter much, unless we go out and beat them. Then that would be a whole new level of expectation. Lets see how we get on against Liverpool and hopefully enjoy it. No pressure, its a free hit we have earned. Im not going to get too far ahead of myself but 4th is a stick on certainty.

    1. Lol Reggie.
      Agree about the Liverpool game – tough one to know how to play it though. Free hit or not do we play full throttle and full 1st team to win? If we do and we lose a) we are demoralised at trying all out and losing and b) we are maybe too mentally and physically spent for Villa 2 1/2 days later
      do we play a League cup type team and play easy, expecting to lose to retain morale and energy for Villa?
      I know the answer is the first one but can’t help wondering what a loss that way may take out of us…

      1. They should go for it Guy, Can only get something out of the Liverpool game if they go in with a positive attitude. Even if they lose it will give them confidence knowing they took the game to Liverpool. Klopp’ team are only human and can only take so many pressure games. There has to be a breaking point.

          1. We go for it Guy, with no trepidation because we have a cushion. Liverpool arguably have more pressure, away from home and chasing City for the title.

            1. Liverpool game is a free hit we get something out of it will be a bonus certainly take a draw will really show how far this team has come if we push them to the limit and make them earn whatever they get from the game!

    2. Reason I felt bad for talking down to you previous, you change your opinion based on what you see. We disagreed but i could easily be in your position now. I’d do the same credit where credit is due, maybe now you understand my problem with the others, they still have that problem., results be damned…….

  21. Thank you gunners for the wonderful and beautiful performance, whether its by ugly or not the most important is the 3 points and the clean sheet….. What a day!!!!!

  22. We will beat Liverpool by a lone goal. That was a passionate professional job by team Arsenal……they wanted to win and played like that to the end………we will beat Liverpool if we play with the same organization and passion. Good job.

  23. The VAR need some more working on, its becoming very clear every week simple discussion are spoiling the game, Newcastle had a massive injustice today.

    Our pressing is not perfect yet but it will take time remember the gaffer haven’t able to bring in all his ideal players just.
    Remember you cant just press and leave yourself open it’s an art.

    We should enjoy tonight first rest and relax tomorrow no football on Monday, Tuesday we gather our marbles, light work and organize.
    There is a thing name the Law of average so I won’t be suprise we Nick a goal or two..

    Am thinking of three changes we could make for this one,
    Smith Rowe for Martinelli
    Eleney for Xhaka
    Tomi come in at right back(if fit)

    Am not the gaffer but just throwing it out, trying to freshen up things a little

  24. We are never going to beat Liverpool with cedric at right back, Liverpool forwards will have a free day against him. Getting TOMIYASU fit for Wednesday is vital if we can have any chance of getting a result against an inform Liverpool.

    1. Not a fan of Cedric, but there’s no need to rush Tomyasu. Liverpool will be just as tired as us, their players carrying any number of niggling minor injuries so please no excuses. It’s important for Arsenal to go out with the same mindset as they did today. Win, lose or draw. Nothing worse than a negative game plan, playing with fear and losing 0-3.

  25. Good win for The Arsenal today with some lovely football. Couldn’t careless how the goals were scored, a goal is a goal. Nor do I care about Leicester being without some first team players, as we’ve suffered defeats this season due to the very same reason.

    Onwards and upwards. UTA.

  26. Just want to say when Arteta was captain we never dropped out the top 4, We did the year he left and havent got back, inconvenient fact for most. but yeah.

  27. another three great points en route to top 4 finish. congratulations boys. congratulations arteta. at least, one point from Liverpool will seal it…we move

  28. What a performance, surely worth of a win. Partey was excellent and Ramsdale made some very crucial saves off Barns and Odegaard just keeps getting better. Point is, finally we are being consistent and the acid test will come on Wednesday but I am feeling very confident about the team and I think Arsenal need not fear anyone. We have to play our natural game and be compact in defence. Top 4 is for the taking.

  29. A big and deserved win with some eye catching moves almost always involving odegaard .. the worry for Wednesday is the periods where we drop off allowing Leicester to get settled and threaten .. a better attack will punish … will need 90 minutes of effort against pool it’s what they do … and I can’t for the life of me understand why we don’t play smith Rowe down the left and push martineli in to middle .. lacazette doesn’t provide any target for wide men and is not a threat on his own ..

  30. morning all
    love the feeling of winning no matter if it is a boring win, ugly win or a dominant win like we had yesterday.
    winning breeds confidence and all wins make us have the feel good factor.
    i said 8 win, 3 draws and 2 loses give us top 4 at the least.
    1 down and 7 wins to go
    Pool to come this week and hopefully we can give good account of ourselves.
    not a believer like some here where we will be measured on how far we have come when we play the top teams. thats for next season. for this season its about points on the board and seeing this season out so we secure top 4 or even 3rd spot.

  31. This was a good performance all round. The team is showing great balance and good attacking play. The team just need better efficiency up front now.

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