Arsenal in Tottenham’s shadow – give me a break

The media are going crazy because Tottenham is about to make a big money signing and all of a sudden they start screaming Arsenal are in their shadow.

They point to them getting to the Champions League final, finishing top four, having a fantastic stadium and all without signing a player in two transfer windows.

Of course, they are right, they finished miles ahead of us in the league, our stadium is dilapidated and we can only dream of reaching a European final.

I mean, if we were to have only finished one point behind them in the league, had an awesome stadium of our own and reached a European final as well then it would have been simply ridiculous to say we are in their shadow, so sure, it makes perfect sense to now say they are miles ahead of us on every level.

And let’s not forget that they have a lower debt than us, are worth $600 Million more than us, have four times as many followers on social media and a sponsorship deal worth twice as much.

OK, OK, I will stop now, I am obviously being flippant here.

It is Arsenal that has the lower debt, are worth $600 Million more have four times more social media followers and have the sponsorship deal twice that of Tottenham and yes, we both reached our respective European finals, we both have great stadiums and there were just one point separating the teams at the end of the season.

Is Tottenham in better shape right now? yes but that can easily change, let’s wait and see how their signings pan out first or how they will cope if they end up losing Christian Eriksen.

Is their team better right now? it was for sure, but barely and they were hardly world-beaters in the two games we played against them last season in the Premier League.

To say we are in their shadow because of one single signing is absolutely ridiculous, now, if we are talking Man City or Liverpool then that would be a different conversation.


  1. Spurs are much better than Us.
    They have players that would easily walk in to our starting lineup

    None of our players would walk into their starting lineup

    It will take time and money to be better then them again

      1. Well, I guess Aubameyang and Lacazette if Kane isn’t playing
        Aubameyang and Lacazette are two of the best strikers in the PL
        Aubameyang or Lacazette would walk into United and Liverpool because they ate better than Lukaku and Firminho

        But I can’t think of any other Arsenal players who are better than their Spurs counterparts

        Spurs defence is better
        Spurs Goalkeeper is better
        Spurs central midfielders are better
        Spurs Wingers are better

        1. Torreiro would have. We needed a central midfielder like him last year.

          Daniel Levy is the difference. A sharp, dedicated chairman, who by the way owns 30% of the team, and who knows how to buy and sell players. Also, he picked the right manager. He had a clear vision and almost exclusively bought young players with potential in order to fund our growth.

          All it takes is a few good signings and the right manager and everything changes. This is to be expected after one manager being in charge so long though

    1. We won against them at home and should have won away last season so your argument is clearly false.

    2. I think until we start winning trophies and won the double more recently than the 1960’s win the premiership a few times then we can say Arsenal are in our shadow as they are playing now. Yes we are finishing higher in the league and reached the CL final. But that doesn’t win you trophies and as a Spurs fan that’s what I want a premiership title. I think Arsenal do need some more decent players especially in defence and maybe a midfielder who makes them tick but they have a good front line if they can stay consistent. I think Spurs are still looking over their shoulder.

      1. Every year we get the he’s going to sign and that player will. We have been linked with more players than the whole of the footballing world put together and we end up with egg on our face by putting in embarrassing least other clubs including spurs do the business and stop all the crap talk

      2. Exactly tottenham has catch up to us despite arsenal being ahead in every department which shows to you how much of a disaster was the last decade of Wenger, gazidis regime.

        If we don’t rise from the slump quickly and they start to win trophies then things are gonna get ugly. One big trophy can quickly change the dynamic, had they won the CL then they would clearly be ahead of us.

      3. Great to hear a comment froma rational reasonable fan, Nicola.
        Levy is an out and out football man as well as being a very good businessman.
        The big issues for Spurs will be servicing the debt for a stadium, which cost more than the Emirates, retaining the services of Ponchitino when the major Spanish and Italian clubs, plus PSG offer big money and keeping the players Spurs developed given the comparative low wage structure.

  2. Miles better is a bit strong. What I would say is Spurs are gaining momentum and that is a worry not just for Arsenal. It’s the speed of the progression that is the concern. It’s not the past or the now. It’s what it looks like it’s becomming

  3. When you settle for top 4 and happy participating in CL it has consequences.

    Ownership had complacency instead of ambition, and we are where we deserve to be.

    We are far from awful if I’m honest, but also far from challenging for the PL or CL trophy.

    Maddening being close but never quite getting there. At least we’re top 10 richest in the world, Stan knows there’s no trophy for that, right?

  4. Only a tosser supporter would think they are a superior club.Their trophy cabinet must be the size of a shoebox.

  5. It is because of Pochettino that works well with the youngsters and is willing to give them chances at the expense of their superstars. For instance, he trusted Kane to start over Soldado and Kane seized that opportunity very well

    Wenger used to be that good in youth development, but probably Arsenal academy’s quality has worsened and it forced him to resort to ready-made stars like Ozil/ Sanchez

    Pochettino didn’t achieve it in one or two seasons only and he has been collecting his own players since taking over the management. I hope Emery can also start giving our youngsters more chances in EPL and prioritize them over the underperforming stars

  6. Just goes to show you what a sorry state we are in battling with 4th spot spuds shadow rather than tring to win the CL

    Years of neglect not buying deacent players soner or later it catches up with you

    I realy don’t belive we are broke, if someone with a crazy offers to buy Arsenal comes along I think Stan will sell and I realy belive that could happen within couple of seasons if we don’t make top four

    1. Tas, so all those teams (including spuuds, pool, city and utd) who finished below us during the years of neglect…why did they finish below us?

      If we didn’t have decent players, how did we manage to outperform year after year after year?

      I agree that it caught up with us in the last three years, but what did spuds actually WIN in those three years? ZERO – NOTHING – ZILCH.

      They qualified for the CL and got to the final (we’ve done that of course) but in your mind that means diddley squat.
      Didn’t challenge for the premier league title though did they, finishing one point above us?

      It’s alright having the best spud team ever, but if they don’t actually win anything what’s the point?

      1. ken, although I agree with your synopsis, I would argue that the Spurs double winning squad of 1960/62 achieved more than the current “best spud team ever”.

  7. We should have beaten them home & away last season! We were robbed! Our home game against them was our best performance of the season!
    Yes I was gutted finishing a point behind them.. but we’ll have to wait & see what next season brings..
    Let them have their moment.. they’ve not had a great deal to celebrate over the years! COYG

  8. Sorry Martin I have to disagree. We are miles behind them because of how we are now, they have a better team better stadium and will spend more They are the important factors

    To talk about the past is just like Utd fans do

    We need to man up get rid of kronie and start competing
    until that happens I won’t set foot in our ground again

  9. Yes they are better at present but we are hardly in their shadow as that rag the Daily Mirror suggests. It is of course their click bait headline, that’s all. Whilst the shadow may be a little blurred at present the real question is what have they won? Just compare their trophy haul over the past 50+ years to ours and the answer is clear! As the song goes;
    What do you think of Tottenham? Shit.
    What do you think of shit? Tottenham.

    The Phoenix will rise from the ashes, whilst the cock dies in its flames.

  10. Overall we are still a bigger club, and our history is so much greater than theirs.
    But the fact is they have moved steadily forward for 5-6 years. Not because they have an owner, that is pouring money into the club/team, but because they have had shrewd management both around the team and in the business end of things.
    In the same period, we have moved steadily backwards. Not because our owner has been different, but because our business operation has not been good enough and because we let a manager, who had lost his touch and desire, stay on for too long.
    So Tottenham are right now better, than we are. But hopefully, we are now moving forward again.

  11. They have a good manager that they will have a struggle hanging onto unless they win something,They are not that far ahead of us at the moment, they are crowing about nothing better than finishing 1 point in front courtesy of our own poorly executed run in.
    who gives a toss about their stadium.
    with the right signings we will overhaul them next season.

  12. The rate at which we are recovering from our ‘worst seasons’ shows how great we are. I bet in less than two season we shall not only leap-frog spurs but out class them. We are raising back to where we belong.

  13. Am afraid we are not being honest with ourselves. If we were in Tottenham’s position right now and them in ours, we would be gleefully bashing them debating how many tens of light years they are behind us. They made it to the Champions League Final for heaven’s sake! I don’t see us ever doing that for the next 5 or even 10 years. Now they are also proving to have the financial might to go for the very best players while we juggle how to share £40M on several players. We are firmly in their shadow.

  14. Us being in their shadow is the daftest thing I`ve ever heard.
    They are not known as the dark side of the moon club for nothing, children born there have evolved to the point that they are born with night vision goggles.
    I`ve just made up my version of the old how many people does it take to change a light bulb, although it`s probably too intelligent for some of the Transfer Window Lickers on here !

    How many Totnumb supporters does it take to change a light bulb ?…………….It`s totally irrelevant !.
    Arsenals shadow is more dense than a black hole !.
    Arsenal`s shadow is a place where ordinary shadows have become so extreme that it overwhelms all other forces in the universe.
    Once inside, nothing can escape Arsenal`s shadow – not even light !.
    Yes , I know a bit Stephen Hawkingish , but although I deliver pies and cakes around Cornwall I have a Nobelland Piece Prize for Bullshit.
    We`re a bit slow down here and have only just come across The Mannequin Challenge, well not for me as my wife has been doing the Mannequin Challenge in bed for years !

    1. Best comment Le Coq XD
      I’d gladly print that comment of yours and send it to every Spud fans, but it’s so dark there it’s pointless

  15. It doesn’t matter what the spuds do or have. The crime is what we as a club have been and continue to do.

    Our self sustaining model under an owner who does not care about football let alone AFC unless it’s from a ‘safe’ business perspective has and will continue to be our downfall.

    It is not the spuds rise that is a concern but Arsenals decline.

  16. Well, the way to prove we are the better club/team/supporters is to do what became so monontenous and that’s to win trophies, finish above them and qualify for the CL.

    Hell, we did all of that for twenty odd years and we are still moaning about it!!!

    IF WE ARE IN THEIR SHADOW, it’s because success bred contempt and some of our fans certainly display that when talking about the past.

    I bet the spud fans would like to boast about our past though.

  17. Love a post about them knuckledraggers, I f##king hate them.
    The perfect day would be for some Spud Jehovah Witnesses wearing Garth Crooks rosettes to knock on my door, the way I would deal with them would be simple, just kill them !, but obviously make sure there were no witnesses !

    1. Hahahahaha.. Not a bit strong though?

      Maybe pour tar and feathers over them and glue them on a miniature replica Spurs stadium (a loo)?

  18. As Arsenal fans, we all love to “hate” Spurs. However, there comes a point that realism has to win the day.

    Seen through the eye of players, who covet showing their skills in the CL and the possibility of winning major trophies Spurs are a better destination than Arsenal. This is the reality of missing out on CL football and for being known to have an owner with little ambition.

    For the moment, and seen through the eyes of players looking to come to the PL, we are in the shadows of Spurs.

    This can change if they struggle with the loss of key players like Eriksson or the loss of their manager or if our manager starts to get more of our squad than the sum of its parts but all these things remain up in the air.

    For the moment we have to hope that the manager succeeds in stabilizing the ship after last seasons collapse during the run in. And that he finally discovers his best 11 and stops playing with 3 at the back. All big “IF”s if you ask me.

    1. Actually, players looking for throphies will choose Liverpool or Man City (for the obvious reason)
      and players looking for money are more likely to join us because look at Eriksen’s wage, I pity that guy because 27 years old and decent performances but only earn 75k per week. We paid Xhaka 100k , Mikhitaryan 180k and Ozil 350k (albeit wasteful).

  19. It’s fair to say Spurs are on the up whilst Arsenal have taken a dip over the last few years.

    But here are the facts..

    Our history is still intact and is much more golden than Spurs!

    With hard work and some good spending we can start to climb again.

    Spurs also have a stadium (which is not better than ours) to pay for. We have paid for ours.

    Just one point separated us this year and also Spurs were well beaten in their final too!

    All in all, I would still rather be in Arsenal’s shoes any day. We just need to pray that Wonky Kronke will give us the money to get the team we need to put the spuds well and truly in our shadow!!

    1. Gunneray, agree with your points, except The Emirates is not paid for; however the debt servicing is manageable. We are yet to learn what financial pressure Spurs will be under to pay off their new, more costly stadium.

  20. They are a much better team than us nowadays. So we are in their shadow because we have not forgotten finished above them in the last 3-4 seasons.
    Let’s not deluded ourselves.
    These debates are a clear sign of where we are.

    The first one was about how CELTIC are as massive us Arsenal.

    Now we are in Spuds shadow.

    This is a clear sign of us becoming a joke club abf wr are still just deluding ourselves about still being a serious club.

  21. Some perspective please, if “Manchester United in Manchester City’s shadow” I’d wholeheartedly agree because City has won thophies.
    So far Spuds has won nothing, they just bottled it better than us.

  22. Crazy wages are paid when a failed system[manager] tryied to buy top players and couldn’t improve them and also tried to stop them from going to trophy ambitious clubs. when well known that these players are not going to compete for top honours due to poor coaching system and reluctance of owners to spend. The results were always going to renew contracts that ties them[the players] with good wages. That is how @AFC got its self stuck with dead woods which other clubs are not interested in.

  23. The usual parochial and short sighted vision of fans, which is common almost everywhere, means that we react to an article that makes a false and pointless comparison. WE, AND ALL OTHER TOO, CLUBS SHOULD ALWAYS BE COMPARED ONLY TO OURSELVES. In other words , to how good we should be, could be and have been. To compare any one club to other clubs is as daft and pointless as it is to compare any of us as individuals to other humans. Only WE PERSONALLY EVER KNOW HOW much potential we personally have and to compare any of us as individuals OR any club to another club – at least in a serious article,rather than with humour – is not a mature thing to do.

    I doubt that anyone at all will concur with my thinking and will not surprised one bit if none at all do so. I also freely admit that I have personally done so many times in the past and doubtless will do so again in the future. But that is merely a good example of my own hypocrisy as a human and does not alter at all the important principle I stand for.

    1. We are in a competition so it is natural to compare against another, to set benchmark, otherwise we would be too content. Just saying.

      1. Way too simplistic a comment. You totally avoided answering my proper argument, I notice!

        1. What was the proper argument? Oh wait, was it the screaming in CAPS? Don’t you think it’s natural to compare your club with rivals.. otherwise we would be champions if we have more points at the end of the season then last year.

          1. “WHAT WAS THE ARGUMENT” YOU ASK! DESPITE MY PRECISE WORDS, YOU SEEM NOT TO KNOW WHAT I SAID.So, to aid your incomprehension I will sum up thus: I say comparisons to ourselves; our possibilities of improvement from where we are and where we could and should be , plus with where we once were a while back, are the correct comparisons to make. To compare with others, whether as individuals or as clubs, is foolish and pointless. You may care to note that I also said “I doubt that anyone at all will concur(which means agree!) with my thinking” which seems to have been true, certainly with you anyway. My comments, as so often, were meant for deeper thinkers than some on here are capable of showing themselves to be. QED!

            Finally, I will explain, for the umpteenth time on here, that I use CAPITALS for EMPHASIS, as one does in face to face speech. It is a device that is well recognised among writers, though clearly not to all.

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