Arsenal increase bid to persuade Sampdoria to sell talented duo

I feel that Arsenal’s transfer targets are being brought into the open much more than when Arsene Wenger was manager, and there are some rumours that are just too strong to ignore.

One is the negotiations with Yannick Carrasco, and the other big one for me is the bids that Arsenal have put in for the Sampdoria pair Dennis Praet and Joachim Andersen, both of whom would be excelent additions to the Gunners squad. Both are young enough to have even further improvement and look like they could fit in well in the Premier League. Praet would help fill the gap created by Aaron Ramsey’s departure and Andersen would help shore up our ageing and inept defence.

There have been rumours about Arsenal targetting the pair for some time, and now the Italian footy journalist Nicolo Shira has revealed that we have now upped our bid to secure the signings…

He tweeted…..

It woud be great if we could get a few of our targets in early so they could have pre-season with their new team-mates, and I for one would be very glad to wecome them to the club.

Is this looking very likely to occur with this latest development?

Darren N



  1. I don’t know anything about them to be honest but am sure that some will still say they are average and we say give Saka Nelson a chance lol, as long as they are better than Xhaka and mustafi then am fine with them.

  2. I usually ignore rumours, mainly because there are so many of them and constantly too. But on this double swoop, my instinct tells me the club are seriously trying to make it happen.

    1. Sue, Can’t see the “point” of darts. My fault for being short sighted perhaps! I even used to play darts years ago. I even hit a double once, that’s how awful I was. Don’t know about nearest the bull; I was happy with nearest the board!

      1. Ha I like what you did there Jon – point ? it’s not for everyone, I started playing when I was 15.. so always like to watch it, whenever I can! The standard in the PDC is so much better than the BDO! The only thing that baffles me, is how it’s called a ‘sport’ ?

        1. Good point(no pun intended this time either) about it being a sport. But then it seems, so is chess , so can you imagine all those toned muscled chess players in the gym daily Sue? BETTER STOP THERE THOUGH, AS I WILL BE GIVING YOU FANTASIES. Wonder if Kolas plays chess eh!

      2. Nice comment.
        I’m sure if aimed at the Arsenal board you would have hit the target every time.

  3. I don’t know much about Praet but 5 goals and 7 in 3 years assists from the position he plays is too low. If Emery wants him I will support him when he is ours. Though I prefer the Boca kid Palacios and also Saliba William with Under and Alex. Add them to Biesik, Osei Tutu, etc. If you are good enough you are old enough. Between, I will be patient and calm if Emery fails knowing we have a team for future.

    1. Scoring goals and making assists depends, to a great extent, on the collective team efforts and the quality of players. Praet might not have performed well because of the two factors above. Thierry Henry and Robin Van Persie came to Arsenal when there wasn’t anything spectacular about any of them but each went on to become top goal scorer and even to win the EPL Golden boot on more than one occasion. Let us therefore give the two players a chance and hope they will do the job.

      1. None of our players will walk into spurs first team? Please spare me this rubbish talk, are you telling me that torrera, Leno, lacazette aubamayang Ramsey will not be in the spurs 11,I think you underate most of our players too much.

      2. RVP and Henry were young. Praet is already 25. He’s not good at scoring, assisting, creating, tackling, intercepting nor in aerial duels. So he’s just like a passer of the ball, without creativity.

        Remember Arteta? He’s very similar to him. Nothing stands out on him.

        1. Arteta would be a huge update on xhaka in the holding position next to torreira so praet would be what we need. We need a mid who can do the simple job of recycling posession and giving it to our new attacking mid or winger. xhaka is slow to react because he doesn’t think quickly.

  4. I’m not thrilled by these two but will give them a chance to prove themselves.

    Fans criticised Koscielny in his first season. In fact he had two reds first season but became one of our Best defenders ever.

    So whomever comes should be given time to Adapt and show what he’s got.

    But I wish we could fill centre midfield and centre defence with higher quality players

    1. A bit much to claim “one of the best ever” surely? Certainly the best, when at his peak, since Campbell, but he has had no competition here at all since CAMPBELL. Kos, even when at his best, was ALWAYS a good level below Campbell, Adams, Bould the young O’Leary and McLintock. “Ever” is a long time my friend and very often misused, as you did here! I don’t know your age but IF you saw all the above Arsenal greats I suspect you would think differently.

      1. I stand by that. I considered Koscielny to be World Class for a few years. I quite comfortably put Koscielny up there with other great Arsenal CBs ie Adams, Campbell, Keown. He may not have been exactly as good or better but he was of enough quality to be mentioned with those names in my opinion

        The above mentioned names also had better squad and Top defenders playing with them. And consequently More trophies. A name looks better with a Premier league title next to it. Koscielny would have been even better in the Invincibles

        Anyway, everyone has an opinion of things and people. Especially in Football

        1. So that means you saw all the greats I listed then ,presumably! And, AS YOU RIGHTLY SAY, you are fully entitled to your opinions, however much I may disagree. I do also take your point about players being better with better team mates. Sterling has just missed a sitter with England which he would surely have scored playing with City, so it is a fair point you make. You did not mention Bould and I personally thought he was even better as a pure defender than Adams when at his absolute peak. They would be my all time Arsenal best pair of CB’s. Kos would be about 7th in my own 60 plus years attending( KEOWN BEING IN 6TH, behind all my others listed). 7th is still damned good though and whatever our difference it can’t be denied Kos was a seriously good CB esp at his peak. I never much rated Gallas at all and thought him over hyped. Nor did I HUGELY rate as a CB Kolo Toure, effective though he was in the Invincibles. Good certainly but never a great IMO. There is a huge difference between good and great in general and true great players at Arsenal, in any position, have been as rare as hens teeth since our Invincibles broke up. Right now as I write, I am watching the woeful Xhaka play against England and how out of his depth he is. But it’s just my opinion, though it seems many Gooners share it.

  5. Sadly times have changed.
    Today 4 Spurs players in England starting lineup and 0 Arsenal players

    We used to have loads of players in England squad at least more than Spuds

    Also shows lack of Quality we have.
    Each of those Spuds players would walk into Arsenal starting lineup

    None of our players would walk into the Spuds starting lineup

    1. Spurs having 4 players in the English national teams means simply they have more in English players in their team than ours who deserve to be their. Look at age group squad you will see Arsenal is well represented. The only English player in our team that played regularly is AMN and he is under 21 and if you ask me that is his level

    2. My question is How many English player makes the start at Arsenal? How many do we have in question? How many starters at Arsenal are not starters in their respective national team?
      May be I need to remind you it’s Arsenal fc and not 3lions fc
      The club’s youth system offered quite a few in England’s youth grade selection

      1. What should our players nationality matter at all to us and why? I can see that to the England team it helps to have many English players playing at top club level, but why should that matter to Gooners, apart from if we care about England, which I realise many will but England is a separate topic on an Arsenal site. Top Prem football has long been a world sport with players from the virtual world over and is all the better for it. Unless you are a Little Englander I suppose. PERSONALLY I WILL NEVER BE THAT AND AM CERTAIN THAT APPLIES TO THE VAST MAJORITY OF GOONERS TOO,THANKFULLY. We could extend your argument to its logical but silly conclusion by only including players born in London N5. WE WOULD SOON BE PLAYING NON LEAGUE FOOTBALL THEN! I find it deeply depressing in the 21st century that a post such as yours still appears on this fine site. Perhaps you might like to change your name to “Sunnyside of the Finsbury Park”!

  6. Will this be real, we know Arsenal as club spots the best players but will never buy due to prise.

  7. Don’t know anything about these 2 players tbh I can only hope if we do sign them, they can become a success!

    1. Don’t you worry Sue Emmanuel Dennis will be here before you know it then we can really push on ?

          1. Oh for sure, Kev.. at least that’ll be decent!
            Darts too… I fancy Holland (I already told you that, right?) ????

          2. No you bloody didn’t you said England I said Holland ??? Ronaldo for a hat-trick? De Ligt to get on score sheet ? ??

          3. Hahaha are you sure??!! ?
            Ronaldo has yet to score against VVD… ooh it’s gonna be good!!
            De Ligt has to score!! ?

          4. Of course, the boy always does ? really ? I’m very sure, in fact it was you said they wouldn’t win ??

          5. Haha yes, it’s all coming back to me now ? I said Wattimena’s crap, and in fact he carried MVG earlier, as he lost ??
            I think I should just zip it, as whatever I say, the opposite happens ??

          6. The game is underway come on de Ligt ? I think before long he’ll be wearing red and white of Arsenal ? gosh really? Who’s left ?

          7. Haha!! You were right, Scotland it was!!
            Ronaldo still hasn’t scored against VVD then! What did you think of the game? Could you see the screen through your clouds?!! ?

          8. Yes I’m right again ? what was the score? Yeah but he didn’t need to he has the trophy ? hahahah good one Sue but no clouds haven’t used it in ages ?

          9. Haha aren’t you bored with being right all the time?!
            So will we sign anyone this week?
            They won 3-1.
            Well Kevin, I’m impressed!

          10. Champions of the world now ? how much do they get ? Oh I don’t know it feels pretty good Sue ?? how impressed? ?

          11. 70k for winning! Can’t be bad..
            Hahahaha I can imagine ? oh hugely impressed ?
            So that’s it until preseason now? Just women’s football??

          12. 70 grand for throwing a few arrows not a bad days work ? haha I think your just being sarcastic ? well Sue the internationals are over until September ? hang on Copa America ????

          13. They’re minted – all of them!! Haha maybe, maybe not ?
            Well I think I’m done with Euro qualifiers.. so Netflix it is!
            Copa America? Sanchez, meh!! Although Sergio ?ooh ?

          14. I thought dart players get like 50 60 quid a match ? was Sanchez even selected? ? Haha you and thighs ?


    1. What a diabolical and frankly racist attitude you have . You should be deeply ashamed for writing or even thinking such tripe I can’t be bothered to say any more, since I despise all you stand for deep in my soul. Grow up and Goodbye!

  9. Football doesn’t have a passport it’s just two things, whether you are good or not so we shouldn’t sign Messi or Ronald because is not British??

  10. We need to fix our soft center so the players I pick out from the roamers
    Kessie and Joachim Andersen Kieran Tierney would love to see a right winger too The line up would be
    belerin mavropanos andersen tierney
    torreira Emile kessi
    newwinger auba iwobi

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