Arsenal increase offer for Euro 2020 star with European giants dragging their feet on deal

Arsenal are claimed to have made a new offer of €40 Million for Sassuolo’s Manuel Locatelli, while Juventus drag their feet on their end.

The midfielder has long-been said to be favouring the move to the Old Lady, and a whole two weeks after the Gunners were said to be the only club to have made a ‘concrete offer’ for his signature, he still remains with the Neroverdi.

The 23 year-old will be on holiday at present, although you would imagine he would have no issue travelling to sort out his future, while Juventus have seemingly remained nonchalant in their comments when quizzed about their attempts to sign him.

The Gunners now look to be upping the tempo as they look to beat the Italian giants to Locatelli signature, with Tancredi Palmer claiming that Arsenal have lodged an offer of €40 Million.

If this is a straight cash offer, this could well pile pressure on Max Allegri’s side, who are believed to have financial difficulties at present, and were probably hoping to work on a deal which would include future payments, much like they have done in recent deals to sign Federico Chiesa, Weston McKennie and Alvaro Morata, who all arrived on loan with an option/obligation to buy.

Juventus slow approach could well have been with the wish of not distracting the midfielder from his duty with Italy at the European Championships, but with the competition finished at this point, there is little excuse now.

I must admit, I didn’t have much belief that we would be able to get this deal over the line, as I believed Sassuolo were naming us simply to gain power over Juventus in negotiations, but as things stand, we look to be in a good position to get this done, although it will all boil down to Juve it seems.


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  1. ” a whole two weeks after the Gunners were said to be the only club to have made a ‘concrete offer’ for his signature, he still remains with the Neroverdi.”
    nothing t o do with the Euros taking place was it? Just Arsenal dilly dallying? Oh and now he is on holiday? Shameful! Why havent Arsenal chased him to his sun bed.
    Any more stupid articles?

    1. Lol not so silent Stan! I’m with you.
      I agree there is little or no common sense in some of these articles. Whilst there is a desire to feed our insatiable needs for ifs and maybe’s I too find too often the agenda seems to be to criticise our management, however unfairly, at every opportunity.
      As we all know, there is plenty of ammunition to blame management for things they HAVE done wrong, without also having such an agenda on rumours.

        1. Well what a surprise eh PAT! Considering there are dozens more comments than there are articles that is hardly a surprise I’d say!

  2. I don’t why we are pushing for a player that doesn’t want to come. I hope this won’t come back to haunt us.

  3. It’s tough to buy an Italian player. Like the English, they have a preference for staying at home, and it seems many are born with the sole ambition of playing for Juventus, or perhaps Milan. With the climate and lifestyle over there and in Spain, I honestly don’t blame them.
    We I am sure are enquiring about a few players, and I don’t think Locatelli is distracting us unduly. I’m pretty sure the column inches far outweigh the time Arsenal management have spent on it.

  4. Locatelli is a good player and one I’d love to see at Arsenal
    He reminds me of Gorginho, his compatriot at Chelsea.
    But once I read about Juventus’ interest in him, I lost hope
    I’m sure he’d love to join us. But that would only happen is Juve decide against signing him.
    Young Italian players(like most other players in the major European leagues) would prioritize the option of playing for a top club in their home league
    But let’s wait and see.
    I even read somewhere that Juve are interested in the aforementioned Gorginho. If they get him, then chances are they won’t be going for Locatelli as well

    1. Locatelli is the priority, and has been for Agnelli for a while now even in his last stint; Jorghino is an option only if we sell Demiral and Rabiot and we need a striker before that. Very , very unlikely to sign Jorginho because he is not a priority. Locatelliu wants Juve, Juve have the money for him contrary to fake news around the gutter press, he will stay at sassuolo til he can move to Juve if it drops through this season.

      1. Interesting!
        Good to hear from a Juve fan’s perpective. That means no hope for Arsenal concerning Locatelli

  5. this whole Locatelli gig reminds me of the way that Wenger used to feign interest in a player, like Suarez, to simply appease a restless fanbase, knowing full-well that this would never come to pass…this has happened so many times, the whole shame on me, shame on you adage couldn’t even provide the requisite answers when it came time to point the finger of blame

  6. It boggles my mind why Arsenal keeps chasing a rainbow by pursuing Locattelli who has clearly said he would prefer Juventus to Arsenal. He has his reasons. Its time for Arsenal to move on to other targets like Bissouma who is an excellent midfielder and one who knows the premier league very well. The end result is Arsenal is going to miss both.

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