Arsenal increases season ticket price despite already having the most expensive

Arsenal has announced an increase in season ticket prices from the 2022/2023 season despite already charging their fans the most in the Premier League.

The Gunners have been struggling financially because of several factors, most especially the coronavirus pandemic.

The club announced that all season and matchday tickets will be increased by 4%.

This is the first time the club has increased the prices since 2014 and they will continue to subsidise tickets for away matches.

They explain that the price hike had been necessary because of the rising cost of operation.

A club statement reads: “After holding General Admission ticket prices flat for seven consecutive seasons, all season tickets and matchday tickets will be going up by 4% for season 2022/23.  

“This is the first stadium-wide price increase we have made since 2014. Tickets to the Carabao Cup will remain at £5 and £10 for concessions and £10 and £20 for adults. We will continue to subsidise away Premier League tickets for our fans to £26.

Adding: “We recognise that no one welcomes price increases, and this decision has not been taken lightly. Ultimately in the face of continued rising costs, we need to continue to drive growth in all our revenue streams – including matchday – as part of our aim to return our finances to a break-even position in the medium term.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

It is hard to deal with a price increase, but as fans, we need to support the club and know it takes money to run it.

We have been asking for new players and one way to make that happen is to increase our revenue.

This increase will be easy to take if the club reinvests in money in the squad and help us win trophies again.

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  1. Appalling decision. Have we not cut our weekly wage bill by over 1,5 million in recent times? And also furloughed dozens of staff.

  2. I don’t want to lean into the obvious narrative on the heels of the potential financial concerns due to pandemic-related issues, but this club has relied on a more subscription-based model for far too long, which places a far too significant financial burden on the fanbase instead of aggressively pursuing the kind of marketing/corporate arrangements that would greatly ease that rather concerning and problematic dynamic…the fact that our fanbase enables this to be an easy and available option for ownership speaks volumes about our continued willingness to accept whatever scraps this club puts on our collective plates

    1. I don’t want to lean into the obvious narrative considering the potential financial concerns that arose as a result of the pandemic, but…
      (word salad brain fart—my bad)

    2. Arsenal have just released their finances for the 2020-21 season.the club made a loss of 107M,that might explain why they increased tickets prices??

      1. that’s why I made note of the fact that an increase was far more reasonable and likely at this juncture…my point was directed towards the long-term business model which has been in effect since the ribbon was cut at the Emirates

  3. Truth is everything is going up and it is the first rise for a good few years. What did people expect, when we have no CL and spend 145 mil on players during the pandemic. We can complain but we cant really and everyone has a choice.

  4. We lost a ton of revenue not being in any European games and getting knocked out of the cups pretty much as early as possible.

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