Arsenal informed of Premier League midfielder valuation

Sheffield United let Arsenal know their valuation for John Fleck.

Arsenal was left impressed by Sheffield United after the Blades secured a 1-1 draw on their visit to the Emirates last weekend.

The draw helps the visitors to maintain their push for a finish in a European place but it also means that Mikel Arteta remains with just one Premier League win since he took over as Arsenal’s manager.

Their performance as a team was impressive but one player who caught the eye was former Rangers midfielder, John Fleck.

The Scotsman impressed in midfield and scored the Blades’ equalizing goal and Arteta was reportedly impressed.

Star Sports claims that the Spaniard was so impressed that he inquired about the player’s transfer fee.

The Blades who have had the midfielder since they were in league one have apparently told the Gunners that Fleck would cost £20 million.

Fleck is contracted to the Premier League newcomers until 2021 but if he continues to be this impressive, the Blades are bound to lose him when the transfer window opens next July.

The same report claims that Arsenal will not spend as much as £20 million in this transfer window, but they will keep their eyes out on Fleck’s progress with a view to signing him next summer.

Fleck has been very good this season but his style of play suits Chris Wilder’s side, I am not sure it would do so for Arsenal.

Another factor is that Fleck is 28, would Arteta be wanting to sign a player that has had one season at the highest level who is unlikely to have a great resale value and is unlikely to improve much beyond his current standard?


  1. stevo says:

    Fleck was valued at 5m in December and now in Jan he is “worth” 20m? 🙂
    What the Fleck is that all about?
    We have to get real with transfers.
    Guendouzie 7m is a value signing..
    Luiz 7m is as good as Mustafi 43m.
    Martinell 7m is easily better than Pepe 70m and 6 years younger.
    Saka free who is not even a LB is still as good as Tierney 25m.
    Nketiah free is no worse than non scoring Lacca 50m.
    Willock is as good as 43m/350k p/w Ozil.
    AMN is a decent RB especially for free.
    Lets stop overpaying to greedy European clubs.
    Remember Emery made EL final and got within 2 points of third without
    Bellerin Pepe Luiz Ceballos Martinelli and Tierney.
    Arteta’s squad is already better than what Emery had
    yet he wants transfers after 6 games?
    I thought he was a super coach?
    We don’t need a cheque book manager buying trophies.
    We just need a coach.

    1. Rotimi says:

      Kroenke’s secret son

    2. Igot350K4doingnothingandyou? says:

      Finally someone giving credit and respect to Unai. Most people do not want to accept the truth that Unai was a very good coach but was let down by the players.Maybe he should learn man-management if he wants to be a coach at an elite club where there are some useless players with big bloated egos.The useful players normally let their efforts and skill do the talking on the pitch with their match winning performances.

      1. SueP says:

        Well i think you have answered your own question to a point
        Man management is part of the coach/manager’s job so in that respect I believe Emery failed. He wasn’t a rookie either

      2. jon fox says:

        Igot etc, Emery let himself down by his introvert personality, which does not endear him to players. Plus his inability to learn understandable English, which also alienated fans and his strange, non decipherable team selections without shape, without discernable tactics and with always far too many defensive minded players included. His obsession with really dangerous playing out from the keeper was just stupid and pig headed and he failed to learn from the many errors it caused. He also and, calamitously, failed to understand the vital importance of a compact team, with the mifield protecting our sub standard defence and with all departments working together, which Arteta immediately instilled.

        He was asking inferior players to do what they were obviously not able to achieve and that is bad manaagement, by any sober minded analysis! These were all his own personal fault and to pretend otherwise is to overlook the obvious. He clearly overstayed his welcome by many months and was a disastrous choice, with hindsight. You ought to get real and stop pretending black is white. You are attempting to defend the indefensible and all realistic Gooners know that very well. I have been coming to matches for over 60 years and I think, with the sole exception of BILLY WRIGHT 1962-66, EMERY WAS OUR WORST MANAGER OF ALL! I do not exaggerate either.

    3. David Rusa says:

      Whatever insult Stevo may get,he has some valid points. In fact he is more realistic than those who keep calling for managers and players to be sacked every time the team doesn’t perform well. Let us analyse his arguments and see where he is right or wrong and then disagree with him on the points he raises. It’s not helpful to call anyone names or hurl insults at those we disagree with. Where did civility go? I have read Stevo’s submission and I don’t think he deserves being disparaged. Instead he should be commended for airing his views in a frank manner even if I don’t agree with some of them. The problem with perception is that no two people can perceive things in the same way. This why the old adage of ‘let’s agree to disagree’ becomes very relevant. What is wrong with someone believing that a certain player is better than another? It’s all down to individual perception and appreciation. Why should anyone have a quarrel with that? The better approach is to convince the concerned individual that his belief is wrong due to the valid reasons that you give him. Anything short of this may not be very useful.

    4. Ade says:

      Transfer is a risk, sometimes it works sometimes it fails. Most time we dont pay for the value of the players, we pay as per the situation around the player. That is why cheap player may end up been better than costly player

  2. Viera Lyn says:

    We are an unmitigated disaster from an organizational standpoint…this certainly isn’t to say that I don’t recognize a noticeable difference in our play since Arteta’s arrival or that our current roster is complete garbage, they simply fail the eye test…we look and feel like a team teetering on the edge of a relegation battle yet still there are those who trying to perpetuate the ridiculous narrative that top 4 could still be in the cards…we AREN’T a top 4 club and won’t be until some radical changes come to pass…Arteta may or may not be the first step in this process, the rest lands squarely in the incapable hands of our despicable owner and the bevy of minions who have left us a mere shadow of our former selves…in every practical sense this misadventure began with the Emirates quasi-Ponzi scheme and continues to haunt this now middling club…it’s clearly time now that our absentee landlord repay the fans for our oft-times blind loyalty…this is the only way to truly sort this mess out…which doesn’t mean we need to buy a whole bunch of $70 million plus players, but we need to have a plan in place, with targets in mind, then aggressively pursue those targets with the sole purpose of obtaining their services in the shortest more nickel & dime, no more settling for third or fourth best and no more being conned by the powers that be

  3. benex says:

    Stevo is on Guyana Weed, Stop what you are smoking bro!

  4. Desmond says:

    Steve is Aguemen reincarnate or probably one of Emery goons.anyway we should expect people like you even d devil has is own fans!

  5. jon fox says:

    Another obvious filler article. My advice is do not waste your time taking it seriously but wait for the next thread, in hopes of something better. You will not need to wait long, as articles on here are becoming more frequent than TV adverts!

    1. Admin Martin says:

      There have been EIGHT articles since that. I call that a comment filler, my advice is do not waste your time taking this comment seriously but wait for the next one in the hopes of something better. You will not need to wait long as comments from Jon are becoming more frequent than articles on here.

      1. jon fox says:

        Imitation is, as people well know, the sincerest form of flattery. I do not need your flattery but thank you for trying MARTIN!

        On a serious note, my many attempts at customer feedback have fallen on wilfully deaf ears and all prescient fans know exactly WHY you post so many fillers – which neither you nor PAT HAVE EVER DENIED! I suppose it is the price we all need to pay to stay on this site in the decreasing hope of interesting articles and sensible comments from the deep thinking minority on here.

        I bear you and Pat nothing but good will though MARTIN and please do not take my comments about this site or certain articles(not all though, by any means) as personal criticism. I say my piece honestly and openly and do not confuse disenchantment with SOME of peoples work with adverse opinion of them as people. You and Pat do a fine job, overall, in keeping this diverse site together and you appear to have vastly increased its numbers of readers. I AM direct; it is how I am and I will not and cannot change. Surely honest and well meant, if emphatic, customer feedback should be heeded, at least a little more than at present? Just my take and of course I wait to see what, if anything, happens next.

        1. Admin Pat says:

          Hi my Lord. This is Admin Pat.
          I can assure you that we listen to everyone’s complaints and we actually agree with them for the most part..
          We have decided to change the theme again and there will be two clear seperate threads. One for opinions and discussion and one for the “news” articles which we can ignore if you want.
          Obviously the regulars will stick to the opinion threads to talk to each other. I imagine we will have about 5 a day for my opinion and the guest posts from our readers and the rest on the other thread.
          I am sure you will be very happy. Or at least less grumpy than usual my Lord!

          1. jon fox says:

            Good to finally hear this Pat. Good to see that my regular comments have been heard at last and better still will be acted upon,. so thanks for this reply. If you honestly think I will ever be “less grumpy than usual”, you must also think Mustafi will also soon be a world class CB. I know you DON’T think either of those things! Whatever woulD you two mortal ADMINS do without The LORD TO GUIDE YOU!

            1. Admin Pat says:

              Not just us two mortal admins but also the other 36,573 other users on justarsenal (that’s yesterday) are all beholden to the mighty LORD JON !!!!
              Please continue guiding us to our redemption sir…

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