Arsenal injuries could leave us in serious trouble against Man United

Arsenal fans are obviously over the moon that we are right at the top of the League with a 100% winning record, but with our biggest test so far coming up on Sunday at Old Trafford, we could suddenly be derailed by our incredible glut of injuries.

We all know Reiss Nelson is a long term injury, and last week we found out that Mo Elneny is going to join him for a long period on the treatment table. Thomas Partey may not be quite as bad, but as we know from previous injuries to our top midfielder, you can never tell when he will be ready to return. As Arteta said yesterday in his press conference: “With Mo it’s probably a little bit easier and we are talking months,” he said. “With Thomas, hopefully we are talking weeks or even shorter than that I hope.

“We have tried to manage [Thomas]. A lot has happened since he joined and we are trying to find the best possible way to find the reason why that happens, but unfortunately, the body and mind are two different groups so sometimes to understand that you can’t put your finger on a single thing to try to prevent something happening.

“The attitude of the player is there and he’s really disappointed to be out again as you can imagine, and the team needs him when he’s back.”

Also in midweek against Fulham, both Ramsdale and Odegaard took bad knocks and both cannot train just yet and are unlikely to be available. There was some hope that Oleks Zinchenko would be able to return to the squad and be used alongside Xhaka, but Arteta ruled that out as well although he gave us a little hope on the first two. “Those two [Ramsdale and Odegaard] are being assessed, we will see more tomorrow. Hopefully they will be able to train with the team.

“Unfortunately with Alex [Zinchenko] that’s still not the case, he missed two games and has not been able to train with the team yet.”

So that could leave us with six first team players out of the squad, and with a Europa League game coming up on Thursday as well, Arteta must be getting worried about overplaying the remaining members of the fit club.

But, right now, we just have to worry about visiting Man United at Old Trafford.

We can but hope that whoever does play can show the same confidence and mentality as we have done so far….


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  1. Arteta enjoy a little mind games at time, am confident one of Ode and Rams will start at least. We could see Viera play.
    Am expecting a win tomorrow whoever play

    1. Yes, I foresee Rams and Odegaard will be available . Also,zinchenko could make it too

      Mo cause fore worry. We will play good game and possibly win at old Trafford

      1. Worrying about Elneny not being fit and for a long time! GOOD GRIEF!!

        I am glad he is not able to be picked. He is way below the minimum standard a team of our level needs and him not being able to be picked is IMO, A BLESSING AND NOT IN DISGUISE EITHER.

  2. I’m not confident if we go to Old Trafford without Partey and Zinchenko fully fit to play

    Hopefully Sancho, Elanga and Antony won’t start the game, otherwise they could cause a lot of problems with their pace, tricks and pressures

    1. What problem could they cause? Do you underrate our defence just because we’ve conceded 4goals so far or you overestimate Utd attack just because the score 4goals so far?

      My only concern is Odegard who I think should be ok to start, Utd wingers a bunch of babies compared to our fullback and defenders. The goals we’ve conceded so far were not due to poor defending but individual errors and lack of proper communication. This can be improved on because it arose from being too complacent due to opposition quality, but now everyone knows we play Utd, a big team no one dare lose concentration

      1. Sancho/ Elanga are very pacey and quite tireless in pressing, whereas Antony plays like Neymar on the right wing

        After watching Antony’s highlights on YouTube, I wonder why we didn’t try to sign him after failing to sign Raphinha. Antony is trickiest RW I’ve ever seen

        I don’t think they’ll produce many goals and assists in the match, but they’d likely force our players to foul them

        1. Nonsense! People are fond of underestimating our players and overestimating others, if Sancho and Elanga are so good, they would have scored 5 against Leicester City. You guys should just give it a rest please.

  3. It’s disappointing about Partey, there is a sense of inevitability about him getting injured. We will miss Zinchenko too, he has brought something to the team that gives us another dimension. Regardless, of the recent turmoil at MU it’s never been an easy place for us to go and win there. However, if we can’t win, let’s not lose. Everything considered, I would settle for a draw.

    1. I wouldn’t have played Zini in this game if he were fit, KT start in big games and against low block teams Zini ball playing abilities will be needed

      1. If Zhin is not fit, let him not play. Let’s go for players that are fully fit. Yhey are equally good. It depends on the coach. If Webger were to handle this team he will comfortably win the EPL. Man U are not a better team again we are coming from a strong performance booster. Let’s go therr with confidence. If any team is under pressure, it should be man u nit arsenal

  4. You can’t underestimate man utd and not pay for it. Best Arsenal can get is a draw that’s if everyone is fully fit

  5. Honestly am a little nervous now going to Old Trafford, but we are managing the process well by dampening some of the expectations.

    Historically this is not a place to introduce young new talent, but the gaffer have us functioning more as a team and that’s a massive advantage we have over man u.

  6. 4-4-2 would kill off this Man Utd. Gabriel and Nketiah up top with Martinelli and Saka on the wings. Man Utd can’t handle it but lets see what happens. If I was Arteta thats the formation I’d use tomorrow. I just don’t see how Man Utd survive that.

    1. To fight man u and win this time around with a lot of miss player will be very tough consider their mighty defense and their equiped attacker

      1. They are still not that good under pressure and working their way into Ten Haag’s system so this has come at the right time. I’m very happy we play them now. I think we should go all guns blazing tomorrow. Odegaard if not fully fit should be allowed to sit this one out and Nketiah should be paired with Gabriel upfront. The pressing will force mistakes out of them and I feel like we match them aerially too.

  7. Man united is not easy at all. They have a strong defense and attacker who could break our defenses but nevertheless I really hope for draw

  8. It’s so intriguing how the club had been trying to solve a midfield issue since January and how they didn’t focus on this in this window. Onana was available and several others. I just don’t get it.

    About 50% of comments here were on the issue of the midfield. I don’t think they have time to go through this.

    They knew like us that Partey’s injury record is a cause for concern. Yet this was not fixed. With numerous injuries around, even hope for top 4 is slim despite our exciting start.

    1. Totally agree with you…… It was well known since January that CDM was our biggest. Problem. But we prioritized Maquinos instead.

  9. I think Ødegaard and Ramsdale would be available for the visit to Old Trafford.

    My problem is the middle, given the fact that Partey, Mo’E and Zinc are all out. Sambi is more offensive than defensive.

    I’m not Arteta though, but given the injury crisis, I’d partner White with Xhaka in the midfield since White can also play in the midfield, while Tomiyasu fills in the right-back position.

  10. Wow! All this doom and gloom! Agree with Atangana that the midfield issue was a no brainer. We all know that we needed a player for that position unless arteta has a youth/reserve player up his sleeve he’s going to pull out but right now we’re riding this wave and long May it continue. There will be some bumps in the road for sure but we’ve already seen a strong, better and more determined Arsenal this season! Manu always get up when they play us no matter how they’ve been player but the way Jesus martenilli saliba white Gabriel xhaka have been playing it’s an Arsenal win for me!!!!!!!

  11. Im watching everton vs pool and the kid Onana is clearing out everything. I would loved that guy in arsenal learning from partey.

  12. If ode not fit I would go with this team….
    Ben. Saliba. Gabby Tierney
    Esr. Looko. Xakai

    Saka. Jesus. Martinelle

  13. Arsenal will win tomorrow by either a 2:1 or 3:2.

    We need the support of the fans.

    This season, we will challenge Man city for the EPL title. We have to sign DM and RW players in January. This is our season.

  14. The one I’m most concerned about is Ramsdale, because Turner does not fill me with confidence. Apart from that we can put out a decent side even with Odegaard, Partey/Elneny, Zinchenco, missing.

  15. What if Arsenal forwards out scored Manchester United’s tomorrow?

    What if Lonkonga had a good game tomorrow?

    What if Man U couldn’t handle the pressure tomorrow?

    What if Arsenal win tomorrow?

    What would you say?

    Would you say we w’re lucky?
    Or would you admit you have a loosing mentality as a fan?

  16. Jim Wall.
    I agree with your Arsenal starts for our Man U match tomorrow. And let’s hope Arteta will also agree with it.
    But if Ramsdale can’t start. Us know that Tunner will. And Arteta should trust all his team top options and cover who should start our Man U big game to start the match and start them accordingly. But he shouldn’t start any of his team regular starters who are not at 100% match fitness and in top form to start because he likes and loves them and wants to see them start but at the expense of starting any of his team options and cover, who are at 100% match playing fitness and in-form to start.
    And I believe Arteta will not make a negative team starting XI decision for our Man U match that will jeopardize the chance of the Arsenal defeating Man United in the match.
    Whatever maybe the pace and tricks which Sancco, Elenga and Antony could bring in the game for Man U will absolutely be taken care of and delt with successfully by the Gunners defending in the game.
    To win this big game against the Red Devils at their Old Trafford Stadium backyard tomorrow. The Gunners should eschew profigacy in front of the Red Devils goalmouth and in their 18 yard. But seize the goals scoring opportunities which they cave out for themselves in the game and bury them precisely for Arsenal. And also bury the ones which accidentally falls to them in the game including the halved chances too.
    On no any accounts in the match should the Gunners give away any penalties to the Red Devils in the match. No! They shouldn’t do that at all. Nor conced any dangerous free kicks to the Red Devils in their 18 that could lead to any potential goalscoring opportunities for them they the Red Devils in the match.
    And the Gunners MUST put up impregnable defense and game playing defending in the match that will fully protects their fort from being breached by the Red Devils throughout the entire time of the match.

  17. AFC have won 1X at old toilet in 15 years,
    we are not going to even get close if 5 players are injured and are out.
    simple really….

    1. Have you seen Casemiro play? He’s slow and can’t run with the ball, pass or shoot.

      At RM he won the ball then offloaded a short pass to one of the other two. Now he’s 30 people are asking why Man Utd are buying him.

      It’s only a head to head confrontation in terms of a similar role, if they were both playing a DM role they should rarely come up against each other in the same area of the pitch, same as if they were both goalkeepers.

  18. Arsenal may nt challenge for big four because of lack of squard depth you can see now what injuries are doing to us on big fixtures like that

    1. C’mon… having 6 injuries to your starting 11 and a backup is unlucky by anyone’s standards.

      Time to cut the club some slack and realise that not everything is someone’s fault. Some things you can’t legislate for.

  19. Whatever happens, we will still be top of the league, not worried at all. This is a great chance for the reservers to show what they can do.

  20. As much as Ramsdale and Oedegard give us an edge. I still am optimistic (foolishly perhaps) that with what we’ve got, a real craving and desire. Lots of effort and fight I still think we could upset Man U. There’s still eleven guys out their that have been playing tremendously together all season so far and, between them and any others that come into the side as makeweights. With the right attitude, belief and courage for the fight, we can overcome. Despite Man U being on the ascendancy! We shouldn’t as a team or fans be overly worried, we’re getting there!

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