Arsenal injuries only highlight lack of depth in squad

Annual injury fest springs questions about the lack of summer signings.‏ by KM

Hi guys. It’s always bad when you are beaten 3:0 no matter what squad you play, but I cannot really be too surprised by what happened, nor feel too bad about it. We played our reserve squad, which name-wise looked solid, but the quality was really missing.

But before that, those first 20 minutes were the real issue for me. What’s up with this medical staff? I mean hamstrings on professional athletes seems dull to me. Why? Because their physical condition is monitored. Honestly there is something wrong in English football in general with injuries.

Look at the list – Wilshere, Welbeck, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Ramsey. There are five British players on the list. They are walking a dangerous road. No matter how good a player is, he’ll never reach a consistent level if he cannot play 30-40 games a season. Besides, those players are young. Getting so many injuries when you are young, means your body is more likely to struggle in the future too.

Look, our squad is short. It is short on quality as our squad players showed and it is short on numbers now too. We are seriously missing players. Worst thing is, Wishere and Welbeck are out ’til sometimes next year, hopefully January, but with Arsenal injuries set-backs are not rare. Ramsey is out for a month. How long Theo and Alex will be out is yet to be announced.

And this is a huge problem. We really need Theo for the away games at Swansea and Bayern. His pace against teams who might have a lot of possession was something that was really working for us. We were already missing Ramsey, the last thing we needed was Walcott to come out, especially after being in play for like 10 minutes? This means he was already on the ropes.

Last point on injuries I would like to make is that Cristiano Ronaldo plays 60+ games a year for Real, yet when was the last time he got a hamstring? What about Messi? I mean, I talked about the mentality shift that rarely occurs in those teams in previous articles and look, Real played PSG away missing Bale and Benzema but still looked more likely to win the game than not, even though the hosts had a fully armed squad sparkling of quality.

I just wish that the squad players at Arsenal could come in solid too, instead they blew a good chance to get noticed by the manager. Nobody will make a big fuzz on missing the CoC, after the success we had last week but, you cannot say this wasn’t coming. Arsenal always have a dip for a few games after a good spell and with the number of rotations you could’ve expected that.

I agree with the rotations though, but the question for me is, if we are going to sack this cup, why do we risk players like Theo and Alex in nervous positions, where we are short? Onto the game, I honestly didn’t see too much of it, but when I saw how easily we were giving away the ball and seeing their second goal I switched the game off.

We lacked quality and understanding between the team and we deservedly lost. The reserve back four we played did themselves no good, and Chambers really failed to live up to the expectations for me. Same for Debuchy who is an international right back.

Anyway though, it’s time to forget what happened and focus on Swansea. The real problem for me dates back to the summer. We always have lots of injuries and we could’ve added a player or two who can come in those positions where we always have injuries and just help us through this tough patch.

We have a favorable fixture list. Swansea away and Tottenham at home are tough games but you look at them thinking they are winnable, after that we play teams like Norwich, Sunderland and Aston Villa. It would be a massive shame if these injuries cost us in the CL and the league title.

Hopefully not though. Cheers.


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    1. err he has been on a few long injury lay offs, an not had much match time.
      care to be a little bit fairer cupcake?

    2. I would say Campbel because Montero is bada$$. If someone sticks to him the whole game (and Campbel can do that easily) we will be OK. That would give Bellerin space and support. The danger comes from left side.

    3. Debuchy is no longer the same player, but keep him for this season. I think Jenko will be back next year.

      for the next two away games, if neither Theo nor Ox can play, my pick is
      against Swansea, Bellerin as RB, only he can match Montero’s pace. and give Campbell a chance to play as right winger.
      against Bayern, Maybe Bellerin as winger and Debuchy as RB. we will defend a lot, Debuchy shall just sit back to defend Costa. certainly bellerin must help him and use his pace when we counterattack.

      1. It’s just a pity how he got injured so soon after signing, he never got to build up an understanding with the other lads and now gets one game every so often to try and make do. I’d say three months of football and you would see a totally different player. Whereas Bellerin had a clear run and took it, if it wasn’t for the injury to Debuchy who knows how things would look. The upside is easy to find here.

      2. Debuchy vs Costa? Yikes. Bellerin can play right back. Once again Wenger looks bad for not getting any players. Campbell has not played well on the right. I want him to succeed but he cannot settle into this team. I would almost think that he could use Cazorla out wide and bring in Flamini or Rosicky?

  1. Why the #### is everyone calling our fringe player’s reserve players? I know they are ? but There were only two so called reserve players in last nights starting eleven.

    1. @fatboy gooney
      But only 3 of those players play on a regular basis. The other 8 are match rusty or inexperienced at this level. They were up against a team who were used to playing with each other week in week out. If they would have pulled off a win or even a draw, then I would have been impressed. But they didn’t. So stop whining about what many of you expected from the out…
      Move on…

    2. When a player starts from bench he’s in reserve, granted some of them come on most games but they still began the game in reserve. It’s not a problem unless you want it to become a problem ..argue with your shadow much?

  2. Only One Man to blame for that

    Arsenal was the ONLY Top club in Europe NOT to sign a single outfield player

    Probably City will win the title because they signed De Bruyne and Sterling

    Big mistake by Wenger that will cost us in the end

    1. we need luck with injuries.

      but your already being pessimistic .

      like ur spirit- real CONFIDENCE booster

    2. Again, a lie repeated long enough becomes truth. AFC did signed TWO outfield players in the summer but they were not available yesterday. Granted, they are not regular players but they are there. Signed. You must love Jeff.

  3. press is disgusting.

    we get more coverage when our reserves lose to sheff wednesday in nothing cup then when we beat bayern munichs first team in huge game.

    trynna divide and conquer.
    only the weak shall be manipulated so easily

    1. Reserves???
      Really??? ?
      What? Cech, Debuchy, Mertesacker, Chambers, Gibbs, Ox, Walcott and Giroud are called reserves now?
      Even Campbell isn’t classed as a reserve,
      as he regularly starts for Costa Rica! There’s no such thing as a regular first team international player being a reserve for their club! ?
      Just accept last nights shocking defeat,
      without blaming the reserves, because only two of them started the game.

      1. Ox an walcott played a few mins before being injured. So basically they didnt play.
        Giroud had no service. Hes not ronaldinho what did u expect?
        Mert needs a dominant centre back to work with kos or gabs as he compliments them with his reading of game.
        Rest where poor.

        But u can weep if it helps u.
        Weep into ur custard covered cheescake

        1. Midfield stacked with too many boys. No decisive movement, penertration or creativity. No threat on goal. Interesting to see squad players in action, just hope not too many more injuries. Dont think last night result has much bearing on this seasons objectives even if disappointing to witness huge gap between first choice squad the rest.

        1. Hahaha ???
          oh really?
          So they got injured whilst taking a dump ?
          okay! Thanks for clearing that up ?

      2. from that list, only ox can make a stir to create something. the rest are utility players. it’s was a game for youngsters like iwobi (sad Jeff couldn’t play) to shine. AW left Ozil Carzola Sanchez home. don’t see big chance to win anyway.

      1. I hope Cazorla stays in the centre, no Aaron Ox or Theo our three right wingers ..just when we thought lady luck gave us a wink and a smile.

        I’m tired of Flamini not showing his experience, you would not have known which of our defensive mids was the academy player or which had fifteen years of experience behind him. I was worried about our back line before the game, when they are all new to one another with one or two lacking match experience is when things like this happen. I would like to see Beilik make the bench ahead of Flamini, not for particularly standing out it’s mainly because of his height and the ground he can cover ..a strong lad too.

        Back to the wing, worrying that our speedy players are all dropping. Danny would have came in handy now. For me the choice has to be Adelaide coming in and Sanchez moving to the right, unless Adelaide is decent with weaker foot. Adelaide is creative he can see a pass, for that reason I’d put him in.

  4. I usually don’t click on to an article when I see the km, so this time I just didn’t bother reading it as am guessing beyond the headline there is nothing added.

    Shame about the Walcott injury, Ox needs to listen to his body more because there is no obvious reason why he should be getting problems with muscles. I just hope that Giroud realises he needs to keep that desire from eve game and not feel he can relax for a few weeks. Our title run depends greatly on Giroud scoring as he had been doing.

    Willock I’m hoping will get a spot on bench, but Arsene saying how none of our academy players are ready for this level worries me. Unusual for Arsene to be so blunt.

    1. I agree with you articles from km are just shallow and without any content… i hate his articles
      and about the academy players i really dont know what he exactly said but maybe he meant the players who were available yesterday and not the ones who were in the u17 wc even if he meant that, our best youngsters for now are loaned away ^^

  5. A positive for players such as Iwobi, Beilek and Campbell: I think they can rise to the challenge of making the first team starting 11 if needed due to injuries. Last night they had people like debuchy and Flamini for support, with the likes of bell, coq, ozil and santi around them they should do better. Also hearing Dan Crowley has been recalled, hopefully one of the young guys can do a bell/coq in this time of need. Got to ride this wave and hope we can keep the wins in the PL going and no more injuries! COYG

  6. Arsenal recent injuries problem has highten worries for their lack of quality squad depth. Arsenal have squad depth. But the depth lack top quality as some of them if not all of the reserve players and all the academic players but Bielik are worthless. They were exposed yesterday by Sheff Wed for their lack of quality to play a qaulity game and win it. Those fringe Gunners and academic Gunners save 1, looked like grasshoppers battling giant lizards. And they were devoured to our disgust. Forget about us not bothered as we got knocked out of the COC game. That’s after thought lie to sooth our disappointments. If not, why are we talking painfully(crying) on it. The COC is a big trophy to be won and celebrated. I saw Man City and Chelsea celebrated their winning it last times out. The Boss MUST clearout expiring Gunners and fake academic Gunners from the Jan window. And embark on recruitment of some new top quality senior & academic Gunners to reinforce his squad for the 2nd half of the season campaign.

  7. Walcott. Ox. Rosicky. Ramsey. Wilshire. Welbeck. Reine-Adelaide.
    Seven first team players who can play on the wing who are either injured or unavailable. And this is used as proof that Arsenal have a lack depth?

  8. how funny,after one defeat they are straight back slamming the players&manager,where have you been in the last few weeks??

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