Arsenal injuries – Who is left to beat Chelsea on Wednesday?

The late penalty given to West Brom in yesterday’s 1-1 with Arsenal may have cost the Gunners two important points, but it has also dealt serious injury blows to the squad ahead of the even more important meeting with Chelsea on Wednesday.

Aaron Ramsey, Olivier Giroud and Nacho Monreal were already out of contention, and Arsene Wenger told us that Mesut Ozil had picked up a knee injury and missed the West Brom game and must be considered doubtful for Chelsea as well. To add insult to injury both Laurent Koscielny and Saed Kolasinac limped off the pitch to double our quota of unavailable players.

Now Wenger is going to have some real problems naming a strong team to face Antonio Conte’s team so let us look at possible line-ups Arsenal could send out…..

If the boss was looking at going with his 4-3-3 formation he has used recently I would choose

Bellerin Mustafi Chambers Maitland-Niles
Wilshere Coquelin Xhaka
Iwobi Lacazette Sanchez

Wenger reverted to three at the back yesterday with Mustafi back in the side, so if he decided to stay with that then this is the set-up I would expect…

Holding Mustafi Chambers
Bellerin Wilshere Xhaka Maitland-Niles
Iwobi Lacazette Sanchez

This would leave Walcott, Welbeck, Elneny, Ospina and Mertesacker on the bench.

What line-up would you choose from the players available? And would they be good enough to beat Chelsea?



  1. IhateArseneWenger says:

    Who cares about Arsenal V Chelsea , nothing matters until Wenger leaves.

    1. GB says:

      Thecresult matters to REAL Arsenal fans whether you hate Wenger or not!

    2. pires says:

      the last time i chek he’s still our manager you have to support him

      1. pires says:

        the amount of the hate he’s taking is incredible

        1. pires says:

          and he has won us TEN major trophies

      2. McLovin says:

        Last time I checked Kim Jong Un was the dictator of N Korea so they all must support him if the love their country.

        1. pires says:

          Wenger has not killed people, he made YOUR club a better club.

  2. Brian Chess says:

    I would give walcott a chance to redeem himself….we really need to sell sanchez and ozil so that we can bring in replacements Asap…a central defender is really needed now that the BFG is retiring and Kos is not getting any younger

    1. Ogban says:

      Give Walcott a chance, yes. Self Ozil and Sanchez, no.

  3. Uzi Ozil says:

    Arsenal games do excite me.

    This days they stress me.

    I want the Arsenal I fell in love back.

    1. Bur says:

      Alas that Arsenal set up and team have long gone. What we have now is an embarrassment.

  4. Redpaul says:

    We can’t continue to play Iwobi he was shocking at West Brom and continued to constantly come inside and refused to keep width to our attack. Put that on top of Bellerin giving us nothing going forward it led to the right side of our attack being non existent.

  5. ThirdManJW says:

    Lacazette has been benched for some our some of biggest games, and constantly subbed, whilst Xhaka, and Bellerin don’t even understand what the word ‘sub’ means! I would love to hear from Wenger, what is the criteria for picking the team?

    1. OxInTheBox says:

      have a nice smile?
      don’t play too good so you won’t outshine Wenger?
      be a Wenger favorite?

  6. rule says:

    Walcot should play behind Lacazette. He’s run might pick up some good point… Iwobi is miserable this season. So I suggest and also try elneny at the back because of aerial duel.

  7. Sue says:

    As much as I hate to say this I think we’ll lose to Chelsea

  8. Unionjack says:

    Hi guys. Heres hoping that you get a team resembling full strenth as theres no pride in beating a team at half strength.
    As I have a very good mate who is a Gooner (yes it makes for very heated ummmm chats!!) I know what you must be going thru right now. With ozil,Sanchez contracts up in the air we are feeling similar with Eden and Tibo but a team isn’t about 1 or 2 players no matter how great they are. Its always about the team. And gotta feel for ya about Wenger. Yeah he had an amazing run and I’d love to get your best team against ours from history but this is now and I know its not my business (and its in OUR best interest he stays) but you could do better! What was in my nut B4 he resigned his contract was ZZ going to you. Now that would be interesting! But with some of our ‘supporters’ havong the knives out for Conte we got our on problems lol.
    See you wednesday lads. 1st of 3 so shall be popping by if you dont mind for a looksee.
    Happy 2018. Love and Peace!

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